It’s time to bring out The Sign again

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the two-week wonderfest known as the Minnesota State Fair.

When you live just six blocks from the fairgrounds, you have to deal with your more industrious neighbors who know how to make a buck when they get a chance: The Neighbors Who Sell Parking Spots in Their Front Yards.

No one really does this on my block, and the one family that does, well, they've got a fabulous corner lot to do it on. Plus, they know me, so they will never do the thing I dislike the most about living in this neighborhood during the fair: wave giant PARK HERE signs at me as I drive down the street.

The people of this Como Park neighborhood stand outside, in rain or shine, from dusk til dawn, waving their PARK HERE signs at everyone who passes by. Don't get me wrong, there is serious money to be made during the fair when you let people park on your grass. Lots of folks take time off of work to do it. It's that lucrative.

Still, I feel like every time I head out to the grocery store, I'm running the Gauntlet of Greed.

Besides, I don't NEED to PARK HERE. I LIVE here.

I know it's silly. I know I should just smile and nod, but ever since I made The Sign in 2007, I can't help but feel like I'm making my own, special, neighborhood statment:


Happy fair going, and if the wind is blowing due East, I can't wait to hear Def Leppard rocking it out from the Grandstand later this week.

Cathy ZielskeIt’s time to bring out The Sign again

53 Comments on “It’s time to bring out The Sign again”

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    I love it!! Yard parking is a HUGE money maker here in Green Bay, WI. Many people pay off their property taxes each year with this. It is quite the ‘ritual’. Personally myself? It would drive me a little batty!! That is a great sign…I’ll have to pass along the idea to a couple of friends!!

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    Heather W

    I love and hate Fair time! My in-laws live in Falcon Heights and it’s always a challenge to maneuver our way to their house, trying to find the routes with the least traffic.

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    Britta Swiderski

    Haha! I always think of your when the stair comes into town. πŸ™‚ I live in Minneapolis on the other side of campus, so I can’t imagine being in that craziness! Good luck. πŸ™‚ Any fair secrets that I shouldn’t miss this year when I go?

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    You really crack me up! I love this post and I really love that sign. I’m imagining the signs I could create that have “dumbass” in them and I’m laughing even more.

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    I usually do head in the opposite direction of the fair, regardless of where I need to go. It gets crazy here, as you know! Plus, with this amazing weather rolling in, its going to be packed tomorrow.

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    ha! due to… insanity? due to… i have better things to do than sit in my front yard all day? Although… the money would be good.

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    Tammy M.

    Love the sign…the flowers truly are a nice touch! We have the same problem here, not so much people selling spots in their yards, but more of the people just parking anywhere they can find a spot…I feel bad for those who have no driveway and other people park in front of their homes…that’s the week you see a lot of “no parking” signs go up….though I think your sign is far better πŸ˜‰

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    Briana N.

    I also enjoy the flowers and pink sign- definitely excellent choices.

    And can I park at your house when I go to the fair next week? πŸ˜‰

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    I think I might make a copy of this picture for my Project Life album. I’m a fellow neighbor who has a love/hate relationship with the Fair!

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    Beth R

    That settles it.
    Now I know without a doubt that we really are twins seperated at birth.
    That is exactly my sense of humor, so happy to see you embellished it with the flowers, kinda takes the sting out a bit.
    After all even dumbasses have feelings.
    LOVE it !

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    Susie Q

    I am going to make one tonight. I live next door to a school and blocking my driveway is the favorite pastime for the carpool line moms. I think mine will fold out nice and big so they can see it in their rear view mirror easily.

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    I can ALWAYS count on you, Cathy, to make me LOL. Seriously. My kids want to know what the heck I’m laughing about right now.

    I lived in Oshkosh, WI for a few years, and the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) happens from a Wednesday-Monday during the last week of August. We lived about 3 miles from the airport, but we had friends who made a TON letting EAA’ers park in their driveway, and then DRIVE them to the airport. I’m not kidding when I say that one of my friends’ parents made enough money for a family vacation every year! The last time they did it, the whole family went for 10 days to Hawaii…

    LOVE the wicked sign. Maybe you should consider a side business: “Zielske’s Zinger signs”.

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    Debbie j

    I’ve about finished my strawberry salt water taffy I bought Sunday t the Iowa State Fir. want to send me more?

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    that might be one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. now i’m just trying to think of some justified reason to make my own dumbass sign…

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    I have many a fond childhood memory of barking “Park Here” to folks heading to Wisconsin Badger games…. Maybe Aidan and Cole could make a little green during the Fair?
    Anyway, your sign is the dish. It reminds me of the Modern Family episode where Claire is obsessed with reckless driver and makes the sign that says “Slow Down Your Neighbors!”

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    Pam Abbott

    Cathy, I’m in Arizona at the Creative Escape and I am laughing so hard I might pee my pants…Each year we drive north to the Western Washington Fair and I am always in awe of the fair neighbors who choose to let people park in their lawns. I think it would be hilarious if there were tons of people with your sign in their car…

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    Make sure you do see Def Leppard – I was never a huge fan, never saw them in concert before, just rocked to them on MTV back in the day. But I really wanted to see Heart in concert, and they opened for Def Leppard here in St. Louis two weeks ago. We decided to stay for Def Leppard and it was an excellent show! Loved it!

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    Not sure how I missed this yesterday, but I love it! My neighbors have similar sign hanging on their door to ward off the door to door solicitors we always get…think I need to make my own, cuz according to them it actually works!

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    Ha Love that sign:) and the little flowers are classic:) All these years living in Minn. I have still not gone to the state fair?!?!? Do they really have butter sculptures?

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    The sign is awesome and the flowers set the mood just right. I can’t imagine how loud the concerts must be from your house, we live in Roseville and can hear them plain as day. Enjoy the next 12 days!

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    Love the sign! My daughter just moved to St. Paul near Hamline and she’s having her own Fair problems. She works at Target and last night her car was broken into right in the Target lot – which is also a Park and Ride location. Notice the theme here?? Fair parking seems to be a problem for everyone!

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    Lol – I love this sign. We are getting ready to head to the fair today. Thankfully we do not take advantage of those “park here” in someone’s yard. I just can’t drive on someone’s lawn. So do you hold your sign up when driving back to your home? lol – this just made me laugh today.

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