Me likey to bikey.

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In the past few weeks, I've rediscovered my bike.


My bike's not too fancy. It's a Fuji Crosstown, roughly 8 years or so old. It was a Christmas gift from Dan one year and up until last year, it really didn't see much daylight, truth be told.

But with the whole Moving More effort, biking seemed like yet another thing I could try out. And lo and behold, here's some of the bonus points:

1. I don't limp around on days that I bike the way that sometimes I do following a run day.

2. I can ride pretty much anywhere I like in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis because these two towns are about as bike friendly as it gets.

3. I don't get nearly as hot on a bike because hey, you create breezes on every downhill.

4. Padded bike shorts make for a much more pleasant outing.

5. Cool gadget holders make me happy.

Like this one that I picked up at Erik's Bike Shop.


I love tracking miles, whether it be walking, running, swimming or biking. I also love the idea of having a phone with me on longer rides if I break down (both mechanically or emotionally). This makes it much easier to call Mr. Dan, who can come and save me in the middle of nowhere (or just on a trail in some urban state park.)

It squeezes closed, and has an additional safety loop to keep your phone in place.


I use the GPS driven iMapMyRide app to track time, distance and speed. For a free app, this thing seems to work pretty darn well.

Add to that me with a new bike shirt, and you've got the makings for a happy, biking mama.


I'm not fast out there, but hey, I'm out there. Padded bootay and all.

How many blog readers are bike riders? Any tips you want to share or favorite bike gear you own? Please do. Me likey the bikey.

Cathy ZielskeMe likey to bikey.

69 Comments on “Me likey to bikey.”

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    I likey your bikey pictures and am happy you found another way to move more. Have to admit to not riding a bike since being 13 I think. Now I’m too afraid of falling or crashing and getting hurt. But to all those of you who do ride WAY TO GO!!

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    I love my bike! At first I was a little unstable but now that I have been riding more, I feel like a kid again!!! My son bought me clip in bike pedals and shoes – can I just say “HILARIOUS!!!” You should have seen me fall over sideways with my feet clipped into the pedals! It was like some crazy cartoon!

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    I love my bike too Cathy! in fact I just picked up my new one yesterday!!! And I’m so excited!! An Orbea ladies carbon fibre racing bike…and the best part..she is pink and white!!!

    Now I can get really serious about my tri’s next year!LOL

    FYI, just completed my 18th half marathon yesterday,,,,it wasn’t my best time by far (2:12) by hey I”m almost 50 and I just ran my 18th half….so it’s all good!!

    Happy running, biking and swimming to all!

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    Yep! I got on my bike this summer and love it. It is quite hilly around here but we have two 10 mile flat cycle paths which I love to bike on, it is super easy! I also have a free iPhone app (endomondo – it registers all sorts of activities) but no cool holder, cue a freezer bag and masking tape! I love my bike!

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    I use to bike and I have really been missing it lately. This post really makes my want to ride…if only i could find someone to watch my three little ones for a couple hours! Getting my bike ride ready is going to the top of my list now!!

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    Sandi D

    I love my bike and think the combination of running and biking is a great way
    to get/stay fit. My one suggestion would be to get clip in shoes. It takes a bit
    to get used to but you will like them.


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    Jennifer Larson

    I actually got my first bike since high school this summer–I think I was a little scared to get one earlier since I had been hit by a car when I was on my bike at 17. I don’t have any fancy gear, but my boys made sure I got a fancy pink helmet and pink water bottle holder, LOL!

    By the way, my husband and I were talking about biking yesterday and measuring mileage. Your post today was timely–we are getting that app and heading over to Maple Grove Cycle for the iPhone holder this week for sure. Thanks for writing about this.

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    Each summer when I get on my bike for the first time I always say “I forgot how much I love you!” I live close to a rail-trail. Ten miles to the west; 25 to the east. Life is good! Check out Terry Bicycles and sign up for pro deal Mondays — where they offer items at 50% off! Happy trails to you!

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    Kathy A

    I cannot bike without my padded bike gloves (especially on long distances) because my hands start hurting. And I need to get that iphone holder!

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    Jennifer Henson

    Halfway to training for my third marathon I got a stress fracture. My doctor (also a runner/biker) said instead of running six days a week, run 5 and bike one day. So, I do! πŸ™‚ That was 2009 and I still structure my training that way. Plus, it’s nice to get the hubby out with me that way-he πŸ˜‰ We like to ride before work. Gadgets… nope, just my trusty “I {heart} my bike” bell. πŸ™‚

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    Holy moly! Thats a good time! You know, im still not sure if a half is in my future. This year has seen a bit of a dive in my running confidence in terms of distances. Of course, having spent so much time glued to my treadmill, I have just in the past month returned to running outside, and it always seems to take me a while to get a groove. Ill have to google your new bike to see its coolness! : ) I hope to get a new hybrid bike next year. Something with a bit more bells and whistles! Gotta start saving now for spring!

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    Yes, I recently got a new bike too. My old one died in the crankshaft two years ago. I haven’t gone very far on my new bike because the day after DH assebled my bike, he met with a bad bike accident and it kind of shook me up… Thanks for inspiring me, I might venture out more after seeing your posts πŸ™‚

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    I started biking a few years ago and rode my first century last fall. You can do it!

    My favorite bike accessory is my black bike skirt. It goes over my padded shorts and for some reason just makes me happy. I especially like passing men and young bucks on my bike while wearing my skirt. : )

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    Judy Young

    The coolest thing I’ve found about cycling is that it’s a sport you can grow old with. When my knees got too whiny from running for 20 years and my back rebelled after too much skydiving, cycling saved me. I’m 58 now (staring down the barrel of 59–yikes!), and ride my bike anywhere between 50 and 90 miles a week. Not setting any land speed records, but it keeps me healthy and happy.

    I second the padded gloves suggestion, and want to add keeping your bike in good working order by lubricating the chain regularly. Also, check the bolt that holds the seat on the seat post–I injured my knee back in June when a broken seat bolt deposited me on the pavement before I knew what was happening. They say it’s a one in a thousand thing, but better safe than sorry.

    Also check out Team Estrogen online for biking and other sports gear.
    And keep peddling!

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    Jen Spain

    I love my bike too – and especially the new carbon fiber one my hubby just built for me! I second all the votes for padded shorts, padded gloves, and clip-in shoes. It takes a while to get used to and I did fall over (at low speed – only thing harmed was my dignity) but they do make a huge difference. The sites other people have given you are great, but I thought I’d add some for the cheapskates like myself: clearance gear can be found at,, and I also shop at and love the customer reviews. For a great all around information site, check out Happy cycling!

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    debbie McIntyre

    I picked up a new bike this spring, and appreciate having all the gears again. I live near the beach, so had purchased a beach cruiser…no gears or hand brakes… which was fine for awhile. After inviting two sisters to go on a bike ride to the beach one weekend, we felt the flood of fun memories growing up riding bikes together. Right away they were hooked and went right out and purchased bikes. Now we have bike racks as well. I do need padded gloves since my hands do hurt after about 10 minutes. Now we have sister trips planned and are trying out one Rail Trail at a time. I never knew about the Rail Trails and they are a bikers delight. I feel like I’m keeping my joints greased, burning a few calories and a bike ride always makes me happy. I’ll keep my eye out for you flying by me in your bike while I’m in Minneapolis at the end of the week.

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    Ooooh, I likey the iPhone attachment. Just a question. How easy is it to remove & reuse the mount? Just wondering if I’d find it useful for attaching to a shopping trolley. Totally off topic fo the bikey topic, but I’ve been on the lookout for a while now.

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    I LOVE to bike now, took it up this March,aged 36, having not ridden since about age 16!

    What i love is that with 5 and 2 year olds the gym, regular runs and other stuff is out from babysitting perspective. The bike, we all go together so we all get some excercise and I don’t need to rely on anyone else.

    Got the 5 yr old off his training wheels and the 2 yr old comes along on my favourite bike gear: front mounted child seat (WeeRide Kangaroo). She can see everything ahead, we chat about what we see and away we go together. We do a 10km (?6 mile?) loop on our local bike track each Saturday as a family.

    Our gear is not fancy – bought 2nd hand on ebay for $32 my bike, $50 husbands bike and now we have free entertainment and excercise and the kids love it.

    I’m loving your iphone holder, might have to look into that, though it might cost more than my bike did!!!

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    Judy Young

    Ooh ooh, one more thing. If you do decide to try clip-in pedals, Speedplay Frogs are a nice choice for the clip-in novice. Easy in, easy out, and the cleat on the bottom of the shoe is recessed so you can walk around in it easily. I actually have bicycling sandals with my Frog cleats on the bottom. A good bike shop will set you up on their indoor trainer to get the pedal/cleat setup adjusted right for you and let you practice clipping in and out. Strongly recommended: on your bike, practice in a grassy field before going out on the road for the first time. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

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    You cant remove the mount once its on your bike. It latches on with those slip ties and its there until you cut those loose!

  21. #31

    I think for this year, Im too novice to think about switching my pedals out. Maybe if I pick up a new bike next year, I might do the two sided pedals to have the option!

  22. #32

    Oh you would. I really like the skirt without the shorts attached. They can be hard to find (I see Terry Bicycles doesn’t have them in stock right now) but worth it. My sister and I will put our skirts on and cackle like crazy as we pass the guys on the bike path. It’s the little things, you know.

  23. #34

    Oh, I love my bikey. Thanks for sharing the cool gadget. You are such an enabler. πŸ™‚ I’ve read all of the comments and love the advice. The clip-ins totally freak me out. Maybe sometime when I get my courage up!

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    I like my bike, too. But it’s a big old heavy mountain bike and I would love to upgrade to something a little bit sleeker. And one I could do a triathlon with. I LOVE that phone holder on your bike, how convenient is that?? Very cool!!

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    Oh, Love, love, love biking – have been biking ever since I was a kid (I’m 52), and bike regularly to run errands since we live in an amazing bike town! I also bike for exercise occasionally, but mostly use it to zip around town. People have recommended bike shoes & clip on pedals but I love my toe clips –

    They can be worn with any type of shoe – I even wear them with my birkenstocks! You can strap in your foot if you want, or just use loose which is what I do 99% of the time. They give enough grip that you can pull up with your pedal along with pushing down, so you get twice the power for each pedal of your bike! You can also opt to not use them and just use the back side of your pedal – good when stopped at a stop light and you start across with the non-toe-clip side, learning how to flip your pedal once you’re smooth and rolling & then insert your foot easily into the toe clip. It also helps place your food correctly on the pedal, so you’re using the ball of your foot – so make sure if you do get toe clips to have them adjusted & correct for the size of your foot. A good bike shop will do that for you. I had a Mt. bike w/toe clips that were never correct—pretty funky & frustrating! They’re also easy to slip off when you come to a stop—I’m scared of clip in shoes/pedals since I don’t want to fall— ever!! My husband mt. bikes w/clip in shoes but he’s athletically gifted. Me? I’m Klutz, but on a bike I fly with the rest of them, looking like I was born to be pedaling!!

    Another tip is you might want to get a visor for your helmet if you don’t have one (can’t tell by the photo!) – if you can attach one—or when you’re in the market for a new helmet, go for the visor styles. Just a bit of comfort for those sun-in-face mornings/evenings!

    (& yes, bike shorts are booty savers!!—need to remember that when I go for longer rides!)

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    Amy B

    Switched from mtn bike to road bike this summer and the used bike I got came with clip in pedals. Two wipe outs my first ride and major fear on my part. Getting the courage to keep practicing and ride that thing is one of my major achievements of the summer!

  27. #39

    Sorry… A non bike question… Will you do a Big Picture class this year? I have a voucher which expires in Dec and I’ve been holding out for a course from your good self πŸ™‚

  28. #40
    Amy B

    OK…you swim, you run, and now you bike. WHen are you going to tri? My girlfriend and I did our first sprint (ours was 400m swim, 11 mile road bike and 2 mile trail run) less than a month ago and the finishing it was the most awesome thing!!

  29. #41

    ah, so far I dont have anything in the works. I have been very lax on developing new classes. Time gets away from me lately and so I cant tell you if Ill have anything ready for 2011. So sorry!
    : )

  30. #42

    Believe me, Im getting the pressure from a friend of mine who just did her second one. Ay yi yi. Its going to happen. Probably next summer. Just to say I did it. : )

  31. #43

    So Cathy, do the padded bike shorts really help relieve pressure on the bones of your butt? (am I alone or does anyone else have that problem?) I am constantly re-adjusting my seating or standing for awhile to help alleviate that. I have a gel seat cover but it really doesn’t help.

  32. #44

    Well, it depends. I guess I have a pretty round butt to begin with. I really do. One of my assets. Ahem. But I did notice quite a difference last ride, which was a 15-miler, about 1 hour 20 minutes.

  33. #45
    Glenda Thorne

    Count me in as a “bikey” person too. I love to walk ( can’t run, bad knees and feet)but my bike takes me places quicker. My bike is over 20 yrs old and weighs a ton, with a basket attached and a Canadian flag ( my hubby’s idea so that cars can see me coming or going). I look like Mary Poppins or Angela Lansbury ( Murder she Wrote) but I don’t care. Just wish we had bike trails and not so many hills, but I won’t complain. Enjoy your new found pleasure.

  34. #47

    How fun! Love your iphone holder! I just inherited a bike this year and love riding. Might have to get me one of those iphone holders and app….so cool!

  35. #48

    Cathy, if you want to eeeeeease into a tri, you might see if there are any indoor tris in your area. I know Lifetime gyms do them and I think even non-members can do them. It’s fun and gives you the flavor of a tri without as much of an intimidation factor. I don’t remember for sure but I think it’s a 10 minute swim, 30 minute bike, and 20 minute run…something like that and then you get points assigned by how far you go in each category. Good luck girl!

  36. #49

    Ooh! My boy (okay, at nearly 19, a young man, but still MY boy) has been looking everywhere for an iPhone bike mount for his new bike. Now I know where to get one, thanks!

    Love your blog and thanks for the inspiration!

  37. #50

    My husband just bought me a new hybrid bike (so he could have his bike back). This is an upgrade from my 1984 Raleigh Team USA bike. I love biking to the gym and then doing my water aerobics class and biking home, even in the rain today which was very welcome after a long, hot, dry summer. I recommend thumb shifters. Our local gym/community center did an indoor tri. It was lots of fun and convinced me to try a “real” tri. Planning on the Hy-Vee Tri in Des Moines in 2012. Also would recommend the book “The Grace to Race” by Sister MADONNA BUDER, 80 year-old triathlete; forget about being too old to run; at 47 I am a spring chicken.

  38. #51

    I love to bike! You simply must checkout http://www.twin! The absolute best and moat comfortable cycling clothing out there! Bonus- they are based in the twin cities and it’s pretty cool looking stuff!

  39. #52

    I fell at a streetlight my first time using the clips. A nice man got out of the car to help. I made fun of myself and he laughed. I fell twice in the first two weeks and then I got over the fear. And then… I was hooked. I likey my bikey too. Just not the Phoenix summers. I miss it right now.

  40. #54
    Margie S (Xnomads)

    I have a road bike or street bike – I suppose you could call it. It is a Giant, but made in China for the Chinese population. It is very basic but works for me! I live in Beijing and own a bike instead of a car. It’s flat here so when I can, I bike wherever I need to go. It’s another great way to get some bonus exercise and avoid the traffic.

    If it is close enough, why not ride to the super market? You get a little exercise and the earth will thank you.

    I wear no special clothing – I just have to remember to wear pants or shorts instead of a skirt! And sometimes a mask with carbon filter on really bad pollution days. But you probably don’t need one of those.

  41. #55

    I am Dutch, so I guess bike riding is part of my cultural heritage. I get around town on a vintage model ‘old ladies bike’. For me it’s not about sport but about transport, having sold my car earlier this year as it became too expensive to maintain. Getting exercise is a unintentional bonus.

  42. #59

    love that. over here, we are such a car culture in most places. I need to get a basket for my bike so I can ride it on errands while its warm enough!

  43. #60

    Im familar with Twin Six because i have a biking friend who used to hang out with the people who worked there! Will check it out again!

  44. #61

    You should take a look at Endomondo (, it tracks all your runs, biking, pretty much every type of exercise you do!

    I love it – especially when it tells me how many burgers I’ve burned off!!!

  45. #63

    I love my Kona! I mostly ride off road on the way cool trails up here on Vancouver Island. Just re-opened the Kinsol Trestle. You have to slow down as you ride over the highest trestle in BC but it’s beautiful. Wouldn’t be on those trails without my padded shorts and gloves and trusty hydration pack from

  46. #64

    oh man, it must be GORGEOUS up there. Vancouver Island is where my mom grew up. : ) We never really spent any time there though. Sadly. : (

  47. #65

    Oh my – we just visited Vancouver last week (on our way home from a Alaskan cruise) and rented a tandem bike. We had not been on bikes for 15+ years so we were a little bit unsteady at first but soon got the hang of it. We biked for 3 hours around and through Stanley Park and had the best time! We came home and immediately dug our old bikes out of the shed. I love it!! I really need to get me a pair of the padded shorts though – my bootie really felt the effects the following day πŸ™‚
    Cathy – you are such a inspiration!

  48. #66

    I so heart my bike. I commute to work and I have 2 favorite gadgets. One is the ” bar hopper” , a stainless steel cupholder that is mounted to my handlebars so I can still drink my morning chai. The other is my crank-powered radio/LED Headlight so I can listen to NPR on the rides in and have a lighted path home if I work in my classroom ’til after dark. Way diggin’ your iphone holder, CZ!

  49. #67

    Well, you’ve gotten a lot of good comments, so I’m just going to add that i love the water bottle I use when I’m cycling. πŸ™‚ I add ice, and because of the super-awesome-powers of the thermal, insulating layer, it stays cold the whole ride… with no condensation. πŸ™‚

    And I know you guys recently got a Container Store in Edina, so…. you can take advantage of my water bottle tip. πŸ˜‰

  50. #68

    Another vote for the clipless pedals. My husband gave me pedals and shoes for my birthday a couple years ago. Yes, I fell a couple times. (The first was at the top of a big hill when I was high on how much easier it was to get up the hill…until I realized I needed to stop for a light!) But you get to use the whole stroke of the pedal while you bike.

    And if you ever get panniers for running errands around town, lighter is better. (I have ones I thought were more durable for my bike commute to work/running errands, but now I wish I hadn’t gotten such a heavy set.)

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