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Well, he's one step closer to teenhood.

Cole turned 12 last Saturday. We celebrated with two baseball tournament games in the sweltering, humid Minnesota heat, then returned home for the official birthday party where the mayhem ensued.

We had a cast of characters.


We had planking.


We had owling.


We had serious kick ball.



We had zebra cakes and pizza and pop.


We had presents, mostly consisting of cash money, the new trend in 12-year-old boy gift giving.


We had the traditional brownie and votive "cake."


And we had a tired, but very happy young man.


Sometimes it truly feels like a blink in time.

For sure.

Happy birthday, Cole. How thankful I am for you.


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    awwww what cute pictures of him, love that smile. How fun he had with his friends. My youngest daughter just turned 13 two weeks ago today and I still don’t like it. She was my hip baby and always had to be near me but just recently has taken to wanting me far away from her. So hold onto that 12yr. old boy of yours while you can.

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    Happy Birthday Cole! Love the planking – I have a pic of my 18 yr old planking on the top of my refrigerator (the things they do when you’re in deep REM sleep!).

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    Mary Mitchell

    Wait till the day you wake up to realize your baby has turned 26 and is now creeping towards 30. Had that with my oldest this year. That’s an OMG where did the time go moment. Lol

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    jacquie d

    Your pics are awesome…I am always sooo envious of your talent. Never heard of ‘planking’ or ‘owling’, but love it. Must be because I am Canadian, eh?

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    Congru-no that’s not it. combra- um, comgradumations, um… Happy birthday Cole! 😀

    Cathy, I love your writing! Your posts make me smile.

    Have a great day!

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    Mary Rogers

    great capture of his fabulous day!! he seems like such a character Cathy!! Happy Birthday Cole!

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    Karen M.

    Oh man have I done the votive candle thing (and caught crap for it!!!) I thought it was a very imaginitive, thinking out of the box, creative effort (to hide the fact that I forgot candles!) Now however, it is remembered fondly (and provides a chance for my adult children to harass me!) Enjoy!

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    Happy Birthday to Cole. Looks like he had a fun birthday – baseball and buddies to hang with. It doesn’t get any better than that for a boy!

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    Happiest Birthday to Cole! It’d be fun to get those guys together when they’re all 18 and take a picture of all of them on the front steps again. When I saw your photo of the boys on your front steps it made me think of my son and all his friends who are now 19 and how much they’ve grown but I can still see in each of their faces the little boys they once were. It happens so fast.

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    Happy Birthday to Coleman! And congrats to you and Dan, Cathy.

    Looks like a great time was had by all. He sure does look like Dan, especially in that last photo!

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    Jamie Danford

    Okay, so sure you may have birthed him from your womb, but I am still completely shellshocked that your boy is TWELVE.
    Congratulations on raising him this far, and God help you on the next few years, lol!

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    Happy Birthday Cole. Taking note of the boy birthday ideas for future birthdays in our household. Had to google zebra cakes – WOW.

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    Wow…such a nice set of photos because yes, this is almost the end of an era for him. If these guys are still around in the future, it would be great to have shots each year. I can see glimpses of the men-to-be in some of them.

    But Cole? oh that lad has the charm, in spades. Cherish the time!

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