Celebrity Sightings in St. Paul

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The one and only Bill Murray is a part owner of the St. Paul Saints baseball team. And every so often, he drops into town to catch a game.

Last week, the Saints began their run at the Championship Series against the Grand Prairie Air Hogs. Bill showed up for what was the final home game of the season, as the Saints then hit the road to finish out the series in my third favorite state in America, Texas. (Sadly, the Saints did not emerge from the series as victors.)

Cole's met Bill in past years, back in his Mini Fan days, but make no mistake, when a national treasure like Bill Murray hits town, it's still a big deal.

The thing that's cool about Bill? He is so gracious and funny to every one who comes up and wants a photo, or to shake his hand, or to just bask in his comedic presence. Aidan hung around after the game to meet him. She's a big fan of his cameo in Little Shop of Horrors. He shook her hand, asked her name, and was incredibly kind and approachable.

As a parent and a human, it made me feel good about the state of humanity.

I mean, it's Bill Frickin' Murray! (Thank you, Zombieland.)

p.s. He's taller than you'd think.


Cathy ZielskeCelebrity Sightings in St. Paul

55 Comments on “Celebrity Sightings in St. Paul”

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    THAT IS SO AWESOME!! I love that guy, he’s so funny in his movies. That’s great he’s so nice in public too and will visit with the fans and take pictures.

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    Kendra B

    That is SO COOL! I love Bill Murray! My favorite bit of trivia about him is that his part in Caddyshack was NOT a speaking part, so everything he says in that movie is ad-lib!!! What is your second favorite state???

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    I thought you were going to say Stacy Julian and Becky Higgins were in town. Bill Murray, he is pretty cool.

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    I love that you referenced Zombieland! I loved him in that … such an unexpected (and funny) part of that movie.

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    minnesota michelle

    how fun and fantastic! I was hoping he would be that nice approachable celeb! I really enjoy his humor and his cameo in zombieland so much fun!

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    Love it Cathy! (wonderful light btw)

    Now Cole can say…”Bill Murray pulled my ears!!!!” I think he can prob write a little screenplay outa that.

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    Lori N

    The only thing I could think of when I saw the picture of Cole & Bill was “How perfect!” I’m not sure why — it’s not like I actually know you or your kids — but it seemed like he knew pulling Cole’s ears would be not only ok, but appreciated for the cool photo op that it was.

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    Did you notice how Cole grew practically a whole head size since his last meeting?! WOW! So awesome that they got to meet Bill Murray…seems like a down to earth guy.

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    When I worked at the Mall of America many years ago, he was just walking around the mall by himself and came into my store. He was the coolest guy ever! Very nice, very funny, he did not have that “I’m a celebrity” air about him.

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    Leslie B

    What a cool experience – I LOVE Bill fricking Murray! He’s one of my all time favs. His part in Zombieland was a fantastic surprise:

    “Any regrets?”

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    Martha S.

    Um, Cathy. Can I just say that since I’ve been following your blog I’m a much happier person. Not that I was sad before. Not at all. Just that your random, funny (usually pretty hilarious), down-to-earth, and in this case very exciting (LOVE Bill Murray) posts make me smile. Thanks for that! Have a fabulous day your sweetheart you!

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    How awesome is that! Seeing Bill Murray with your kids just gives me the warm fuzzies! He’s a natural entertainer and so are they. – And of course, I have to bring up Groundhog Day too. It is one of my favorite movies and our tradition is the watch it on Groundhog Day. I should make a scrapbook page about that!

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    OH MY GOD! My favorite line of the whole movie. That, and when Emma Stone says he was sort of rockin the Eddie VanHalen vibe, and he says, I just saw Eddie the other day and they ask how was he, and he says, Well, hes a zombie.

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    He TOTALLY gave me the warm fuzzies too. Im way too scared of so called celebrities to go up and say anything, but i was so happy to stand back and watch him be nice to my kids. : )

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    LOL! That makes me laugh that you say that you are way too scared of celebrities because I consider you to be one! I would be so bowled over if I saw you out somewhere and I would be like, “Oh, my gosh! YOU are Cathy Zielske!” And you would have to stand there being all gracious and funny!

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    He is part owner of the Riverdogs here in Charleston sc and I so wanted to get to meet him a few weeks ago when we attended their last game but he wasn’t there. I’m glad you had a great experience. πŸ™‚ My favorite movie of his is Stipes.

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    Super cool!!! There is just something about meeting a celebrity that deserves the title that is so exciting!

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    Totally cool! Love it when they make themselves “normal”. But when there are kids involved they probably feel it’s safe…I mean fans can be irritating and some are dangerous!

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    My recent celebrity sightings with my young son haven’t been as significant as Bill Murray – but we did have a chance to meet 5 players from our local MLS team (GO TIMBERS!) and they each one were so engaging with the kids, shook hands, asked their name, asked something personal about them. It was so endearing and surprising.

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    I once met Donna Downey in the bathroom. It was a scrapbooking convention so it wasn’t totally unexpected, but I was completely tongue-tied and unable to speak!

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    Oh A Bill Murry siteing! How cool.The Man Who Knew Too Little is one of my very favorites and of course Groundhog Day. I love to hear that someone I adore from afar is really nice in person.

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    How cool is that??? Makes me feel less guilty about stalking you (a celebrity in my book) in Phoenix! πŸ˜‰ You were equally gracious.

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    Love, love, love Bill Murray. You luckies!! One of my favorite Bill films is ‘The Razor’s Edge’. Definitely worth searching out. When my BFF and I are discussing life’s difficulties, we always remind one another to be kind to ourselves with one of Bill’s memorable lines from ‘What About Bob’ …..”baby steps”. He’s such a character. Fun photos!

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    Dan loves that movie too. In fact, many years ago, when Bill was here at the game where Cole met him the first time, Dan shouted, I loved you in Razors Edge to which Bill tipped his hat to Dan.

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    Oh, this is SO cool! I’m so glad he was so gracious! HUGE fan of Groundhog Day, Stripes and What About Bob! Our family quotes from all three movies constantly! (“Don’t drive angry”!) I know it sounds REALLY cheesy Cathy, but I want to meet YOU! I agree with Rachel! In my mind, YOU are a celebrity!

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    michele in la

    …just way awesomely cool :)!!!

    And isn’t it so refreshing when you find out that someone you’ve admired from afar is truly just as nice as you hoped they would be?

    so glad your children were able to experience the better side of celebrity :).

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    OMG! How frickin’ cool is that?!!! He’s just one of my all-time favorites. He’s one of those people where you just look at him and you immediately want to laugh. It’s so refreshing to hear how “real” he is!

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    Rhonda H

    L.O.V.E. Bill Murray. Groundhog Day is my total fave, but GhostBusters is good, too.( I actually LOVED Rick Moranis in that so much, too: Gatekeeper/Keymaster! LOL!) Cannot overlook the amazing “Cinderella Story” of Caddyshack. And Stripes. Ahhh, Stripes. Another SNL success story. Oh, the days with Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and the crew. Must now go use my 30 day NetFlix trial to find Zombieland and Razor’s edge, as I have not yet been graced with those performances of which so many speak so well….

    ps. my aby g. class starts today! and not a moment too soon!

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    Amy Jacobs

    That is UBER cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have loved Bill Murray since he was giving noogies to Gilda Radner on SNL. I think he’s a genius, absolutsofreakinlutely.

    Your kids will cherish those photos forever. And you must tell them that this nearly 40 year old is totally jealous of them…way more than if they’d run into Lady GaGa or something!!

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    That is SO cool! I was a huge fan after seeing him in Stripes. Wonderful that he’s so cool with the kids.

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    I LOVE Bill Murray! I think it was seeing him in Lost in Translation that made me realise what a great actor he is, I think he’s amazing in that film. So nice to hear that he’s a genuinely lovely guy too.

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