Blink revisited.

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Last week, I'd posted some of my favorite journaling pages and realized that I wanted to do a Blink page about my boy. To this day, the concept of this page remains one of my favorites. Whether you're documenting the passage of time for a person, a place or a thing, taking two photos separated by the passing of several years can lend itself to a very inspired layout or two.

One thing that I didn't write about on this page but I was thinking quite heavily about on this weekend was the passage of time since September 11, 2001. Cole and I watched quite a few hours of coverage and spent time talking about it. He was just two years old at the time of the attacks, and I clearly recall changing the TV channel over to Bob the Builder, because I wasn't sure how it would affect him, and I wasn't sure how to process what I was seeing myself.

Yesterday, we talked about the incredible bravery of so many men and women and I was overcome with emotion several times during the day. It felt like it was truly just a blink in time. The sadness and the rawness of it all. The inhumanity of the acts themselves, and yet the humanity that Americans responded with time and again that day and have continued to do so ever since.

I'm not sure how this page and 9|11 belong in the same blog post, other than my belief that time and memory are extremely powerful things.



Cathy ZielskeBlink revisited.

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    Kendra B

    That template would make for an interesting page . . . I had an ultrasound on September 11th. Lots of thoughts about what the heck kind of world am I bringing this baby into. I have a 4-page spread using my son’s ultrasound picture and pictures from that day. In December he will turn 10 and it does feel like I blinked and here we are.

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    great post Cathy, love love the layout of Cole!! He is so funny and cute and LOUD!! I’ve never thought to do a layout of my son and his loudness so thanks for the idea. My son was born 2 months after Sept. 11 and I always think of him during this time too. He knows a little bit about it from school and from us. It makes him sad to hear about it and see it on tv. His sisters were 4 & 3 at the time and after watching it for a short time I turned it too their cartoons and tried to only watch it when they weren’t around. I was so very sad and went thru a long dark depressed mood that lasted months. I was worried everyday after that for my safety and the kids and didn’t want my husband to leave everyday for work. I would call him constantly at work and he would try to calm my nerves. This lasted many months untill one day I woke up and decided that it was enough that if I continue this way that means that those people won and they took my love of life from me so that day it stopped. I use that day as a learning experience to live each day fully and cherish my family and time with them. Life is too precious to waste on something that was out of my control.
    Sorry for rambling but this day hits me hard every year too. Thankful that I didn’t loose anyone that day too. Thanks for sharing your story of that day too.

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    Wow! I turned on the TV that morning (we’re in CA) to put on Bob or Rolie Polie Olie for my son (also 2 at the time). Amazingly, our cable programming had changed that morning so I started flipping around looking for Disney/Nick Jr. I accidentally came upon the 9/11 coverage. I called my husband at work in disbelief. I remember calling my girlfriend and asking her if she thought it would be disrespectful if we still took the boys to the park that day. We went. The boys played, blissfully unaware, but we just kept trying to process what had happened. It is a blink for me, too, yet not really. Time is funny like that.

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    I purchased this template and LOVE it. I am wondering how to covert it to 8 1/2 by 11 and keep it looking centered. I so suck at digi stuff. But I really want to make it work. Also, what paper did you use for your background? Thanks, Cathy.

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    I used Just Linens No. 4, the white sheet in the pack, and I lightened it a tiny bit via Levels in Photoshop.

    You know, you could Shift-Click to select all of the layers minus the background and once they are ALL selected, use a corner handle to reduce the size of the core content of the page, and keep it in the center, then you could create a new doc and drag all of those layers, still selected, into a new, letter sized doc!

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    Anne T.

    Just checked the blog today and saw that I won the spot in the iShot That photography class. Thank you SO MUCH! I too had several emotional periods yesterday as I watched parts of the memorial services and some of the original footage. I was lucky that my friend in NY at that time was safe about 8 miles from the World Trade Center. It took a long time to get in touch with her, but she was safe. I am still overcome with the sacrifices people have made on that day and since to keep our country safe. Thank you again for the spot in class. I’m really looking forward to it.

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    One of my very favourites too!
    My 9/11 was spent in a pre-school with 200 3-5 year olds. The staff watched the nursery tv very quietly at lunch time away from the children and again after the children left for the day. In between times they pretended to carry on as normal – it was a surreal day for us, with none of us having loved ones missing or lost. My husband’s firm builds warships and, unbeknownst to most people I think, had an office in the Pentagon. Again he did not know anyone who was lost. Our thoughts each year are with the families who were not so fortunate as us.

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    Ironically, I journaled to myself yesterday (9/11), about a ‘THEN/NOW’ pg – was going to do a ‘REMEMBER’ – but then started thinking about changes… good and bad.

    Strangely, I watched the horrors on TV, like many others. But, I also attended a BB King outdoor concert that evening. (My all time fav performer!) It had already been postponed once due to weather, so was wondering all day how they would handle it. They did not cancel – their thinking was to not let the terrorist disrupt what Americans love to do and celebrate. Although it was a somewhat subdued concert (compared to his normal antics), it was a relief to many to be able to rejoice in great blues music. Ironically, I saw BB King live last week. The man is 85 & still rockin” with his beloved ‘Lucille’. 🙂

    The other special thing that happened on 9/11 was the birth of my beloved dog – a Brittany Spaniel – named Star Spangled Banner for the sad occasion.

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    I worked for American Airlines at the time and one of these days I will do a layout or a mini album about my memories. The whole week leading up to yesterday has been very emotional and watching all the video from that day was difficult. I told my sister that knowing how many people lost their lives that day actually made it much harder to watch the replays.

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    Sharon F. in CA

    Well said. I remember where I was that morning and how unbelievable it all was. I think too, about the rescue dogs that came in from all over the country to help find people. Many of them have passed on with time and due to the stressful conditions.
    Many people from my former company were on that plane from NJ to CA. It was considered a commuter flight at times. I know several folks that for one reason or another flight plans were changed at the last minute and they missed that flight. Its such a reminder to live and be present in every moment. Wonderful layout!!

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    This has nothing to do with today’s excellent post. Just wanted you to know I shopped the DD sale and just purchased some of your 8.5 x 11 templates and LOVE them. Are you the only one designing 8.5 x 11? Just recently started digital with PSE. I’m just not a fan of the 12 x 12 size for myself. I hope you continue to design for the 8.5 x 11 group. Thanks

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    Patricia, I will have to look into that. I think i might be the only one. And yes, I will continue! In fact, Im working on a cool album set for release in October, hopefully, and its all 8.5 x 11! : ) Thanks for shopping at DD!

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