Layout share: Master of Disguise?

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JOURNALING READS: In his twelfth year, Coleman has become a bit of a master of disguise. Okay, maybe master of disguise isn’t the right term, I mean, we can clearly see that it’s him, but still… He loves his fake glasses, his fake moustaches and his ridiculously diverse collection of hats. In fact, for the month of September, Cole vowed to wear a different hat to school every day and he’s tracking his progress in his journal. Maybe it’s just more of his theatrical side coming out. Maybe it’s the Leo in him that thrives on making an entrance. Maybe it’s just good old- fashioned nutty fun. Whatever the case, I hope Cole never loses his taste for the slightly silly. It’s rather infectious, truth be told.

I have a lot of silly pictures of my son.

I'm sure none of you with 6th grade boys can relate.

The camera is not always their friend during this phase of 'tween-dom.

But I absolutely adore the goofy looks this boy offers up.

Just like allowing me to still accompany him to the bus stop, this era will one day just be a remember when you used to do that? time in his life.

Goofy pictures and expressions are some of my favorites all the same. How about you?


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P.S. When you look at the word disguise too long, you wonder if it's spelled correctly and then you Google it to double check yourself and then when you realize it is spelled correctly you feel a sense of relief and yet it still looks weird and you will never see the word quite the same way again. Then you realize you need to get a life.


Cathy ZielskeLayout share: Master of Disguise?

25 Comments on “Layout share: Master of Disguise?”

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    How awesome for you and Cole to have this bond. He is funny and I like the stories you tell us about him. My son doesn’t like the camera but he is funny. You are very lucky he lets you go to the busstop with him, my daughter won’t even do that with me. Great layout!

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    Kendra B

    I know I’ve said this many times, but you and Cole crack me up!! You are SO lucky he lets you take pics of him . . . my son not so much!

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    Alice Golden

    can totally relate… I *think* my youngest is exactly the same age… July 29? anyway, he has taken to talking in different accents – British one day, French the next… yes, gotta love those 6th grade boys 🙂

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    TOtally off subject but at first glance I though this was a mix of Cole and Dan (younger pictures)! Guess there’s not too much doubt about his genes. . .

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    Nicky Hurt

    LOL about the word disguise. 🙂
    My 6th grader doesn’t do this type of thing very often, he’s too busy drawing comic books. But you mentioned the bus stop. My son’s first day of school this year he wanted me to take him to the bus stop. Then we got just around the corner, and he saw the kids standing there, and then said “It’s okay Mom, I’ve got it from here.” 🙁

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    My son is 12 and I only wish I could get a goofy face out of him to photograph—all I ever get anymore is a Hand in front of his face

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    Christine H

    My almost 16 year old son still kisses me hello/goodbye no matter where we are….did it on Friday in front of a dozen guy friends when i dropped him off at the video arena….he says it shouldn’t embarrass sons to say/show they love their moms. so grateful for that and him as a whole. hear all the time how friends of mine really miss that from their boys. (of course, he still would prefer I stay in my room with little to say other than “want some pizza” when his buds are over at the house!)

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    I’m going to do a page like this about my son too, he’s almost 14. He loves the same things. I often look over and he’s just sitting there with a bag on his head or weird glasses or the like, acting like nothing is out of the ordinary.

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    Tammy B

    My 14 year old loves to make faces. Right now he’s big on the troll face so it’s hard to get him to look normal! He also likes to have his picture taken with mascots, Disney characters and those silver mime guys that hang out on street corners! I think I might make him an album with all his character pictures!!

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    Brigid G

    LOL! The word thing happens to me a lot with the word “does.” By that I mean the 3rd person singular present form of “do,” not the plural of a female deer. It never looks right to me for the first definition, but I never have a problem with it for the second one. I even had to do a double-take when writing this comment, because it just didn’t look right!!!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Top right photo, wrinkled nose—that IS Dan! How lucky you are. Can’t imagine a 6th grader still allowing his mom to go to the bus stop.
    Re: earlier post on carb and calorie fest…must be the shorter days or something, because my hungry meanies have been at it again lately too, especially 9 p.m. I want to stuff my face! I know I shouldn’t be hungry then, after a nice evening meal, BUT….

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    This comment is actually directed at a post you made a couple of weeks ago about asking for class ideas. I just had one and didn’t know if you’d see it if I put it on that other post. So here it is:

    Generally my scrapbook style is similar to yours – clean, graphic, very few embellies. The problem is that I belong to a kit club, which I love, but have a hard time using all the great embellies they send me. When I do try to use some on a page, it looks lame. I even took a cluster embellishment class at BPC and still 8-P. I thought that as someone who also has a minimalist style, you might be able to help with using some of these cute embellies, but still remaining true to that style. Does that make any sense?

    Also, just an aside I HAVE to add – are elementary school teachers in the US taught they must use Comic Sans on all their correspondence?! We just moved from Las Vegas to a small town in Colorado, and ALL of my daughter’s teachers at BOTH schools use it! It’s silly, but I think of you almost every time I see it!

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading this long post!

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    Comic sans rules America! LOL!.

    You know, this is a good idea, actually… how to use a kit. I have used Studio Calicos kits before, and I love them, but I certainly did find I applied a much more minimal approach, which actually makes the kit last longer! Good idea. Thanks for sharing this. Im hard at work today on my next class (A type class for scrapbookers). Stay tuned for more details on future workshops!

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    Jo E

    I love kids who want to make you laugh. My daughter likes nothing better than to make silly faces whenever I get my camera out too and when I’m looking through my pictures on i photo, the ones of her pulling faces make me smile more than all the pretty ones I have. You’ve inspired me to make a layout of all the goofy pics I have of her!

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    I’m guessing your son will continue with his silliness forever! My youngest daughter, now 22 has been known for her goofy faces & silly sense of humor from about 18 months to now! I was always amazed she allowed me to photograph a lot of that goofiness, and one year for Christmas my oldest daughter put together a photo album of her through the years collecting as many goofy pics she could. When 19 yr. old daughter opened this gift & passed it around that Christmas morning, we laughed so hard tears flowed seeing all this proof together in one album! Of course she was somewhat mortified, but also secretly pleased. I’m happy to say we have possession of this album saved for the day she gets engaged… (no… we wouldn’t share it without her permission!)

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