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I know. Right now you're simultaneously hypnotized and blinded by the whiteness of my outer thigh, but let me be the first to say, "Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunblock Spray SPF 100+, you're welcome."

It's the start of Month 21 of the Move More Eat Less chronicles, and we're kicking this one off with a bit of a change.

And what's the change? I'm changing the name. Welcome to the first installment of Move More, Eat Well.

Now before you panic and say, "But Cathy, my layouts and my journal have the old wording on them!" Let me get this out of the way: I've got new logos for you. One layered PSD file that can be dragged into your existing templates, one JPEG and one 125 pixel wide blog banner. Capeche?


(To download the zipped package, click on the link directly below)

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With that formality out of the way, let's talk love, chub and life, shall we?

For the past 20 months, almost without fail, I have tried to Move More and Eat Less on a daily basis.  I would say that by and large, I've had a lot of success in my efforts. I've lost a sizable chunk of weight. I've learned to enjoy anything that causes me to sweat. I've eaten things that have made my body say, "Thank you!"

But guess what? I'm still not skinny.

Maybe my monthly scrapbook page will help shed some light on this phenomena:


SUPPLIES: Move More Eat Less 8.5 x 11 template (Cathy Zielske)Just Linens No. 1 Paper Pack (Michelle Martin) • a scan of kraft cardstock • Avenir font

JOURNALING READS: I’ve been working out nearly every day and being mindful of what I eat for 20 full months, and guess what? I’m still not skinny. Now I say this not to be cheeky, but as a concrete, real-world observation. I have a big belly that I try and suck in for every single “after” shot; my inner thighs still require a liberal application of Body Glide when I head out for a run; my chin still multiplies if I’m not paying attention to the angle. So what am I really saying here?

I have Moved More and Eaten Less. Initially, Eating Less gave me the kick start I needed to drop the lion’s share of excess weight I was carrying around. Those 20 Weight Watcher’s daily points did what they were supposed to do: move the number on the dial of that scale. But as I found beginning this past winter, 20 points a day is not a lifestyle that I can easily sustain. Finding the lowest point foods didn’t necessarily translate to the healthiest of choices. And it certainly didn’t eliminate my cravings for crap. Where I am at now is a place of potential change and possible acceptance. The goal for so long, regardless of all my outward talk of being healthy, has been to kick some ass in my size 8 Lucky Jeans. I think I may finally be at a place where I can objectively look at that elusive goal of being skinny and say, “WTF?” I can continue to explore what Eating Well looks like, and how Moving More can be more than just four weekly runs and two days of cross training.  I’m not giving up the fight, but I also need to accept that this process has no finish. I need to start operating more from a place of ebb, flow, sustainability and above all, reality.

So there's that.

But the idea that has been resonating with me during the past few months is the understanding that while Eating Less does in fact result in a change in the old chub count column, it is not necessarily the end-all, be-all solution. True, when you are overweight, you do need to change the quantity of food you're eating to start seeing numbers go down. I know this. I did this.

But then late last Fall, my numbers started going up. It took me about eight months after that to catch on: living on 20 Weight Watchers points a day is not a sustainable lifestyle for me.

So I finally canceled my Weight Watchers Online membership about 6 weeks ago. Now, I'm trying to focus on eating balanced meals of whole foods. I'm trying to eliminate all overly processed items. I'm trying to avoid anything with the words "partially hydrogenated" or other things that I can't pronounce. I'm trying to make the best choices for my body; foods that will contribute to healing, immune system boosting, and generalized wellness. In short, I'm trying to Eat Well.


Let me be clear: I am a fan of Weight Watchers, and I know that it brings a lot of success to a lot of people. I'm all about keeping track and following a plan. But for now, I feel I've run my personal course with the plan and need to try something different.

And how does Eating Well differ from Eating Less? Let's just say my focus is on as much nutrition as I can get for the buck, rather than how many calories I can squeeze into a single point.

You guys know that I'll try anything once. Remember Meatless March?

For now, I'm trying to reset the balance of food in my life. I'm trying to not wig out that my Lucky Brand Jeans might have to get passed down to Aidan because they may not see my backside any time soon. I'm trying to be a healthy person with a realistic attitude about my life, my fitness and my weight.

In short, it's a serious work in progress.


How's everyone doing out there with their individual efforts? Success? Failures? Even steven? Let's get the discussion goin', ladies and gentlemen.



Want to learn more about Move More Eat Less 2011? Click here to learn more about the concept.

I've also started a flickr group for Move More Eat Less. Feel free to start sharing your pages. You will find the group by clicking here.


INSPIRATIONAL LISTENING: I'm officially hooked on the Dishing Up Nutrition podcast, produced by the wonderful team at Nutritional Weight and Wellness. In fact, this show is a key reason why I'm changing my approach to Eating Well. These podcasts are free and you can subscribe through iTunes. Take a minute to browse some of the show topics and see if something jumps out at you. I know some of you have told me this show is really making a difference in how you view your overall dietary efforts. One warning: some of the ladies sound really Minnesotan. It's sort of charming, really.





Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat WELL September 2011

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    Oh Cathy, you don’t know how happy this post makes me… it’s pretty much what I need to focus on too. I wish I enjoyed cooking a little more than I do. I don’t have much time to do it, so I find myself taking shortcuts. Often times, they are unhealthy ones. So thanks for this… for making me refocus on what’s truly important. (And if you find any fast, super-easy recipes, please do share!)

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    Great post Cathy, love your attitude and your new direction your going in. You do look awesome in your picture for this month, pretty slim looking to me. Thanks again for sharing this journey with us and inspiring us.

    What’s new for me is that the kids went back to school last week and I’m eating well again. The problem I have is the moving more part so trying to push myself out the door more often.
    Guess who besides YOU is getting me to the track more??? My daughter who just started high school and has gym first period. Her class has to go and run a mile every morning, so cool to be out there with her running with her class. I love seeing the kids out there and watching them, some great runners in that class.
    Thanks Cathy for a great post!!

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    katie squires

    A twitter from a Dr (here in Ottawa I think) said “Your best weight is whatever weight you reach, when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy“

    Your post today had me feeling slightly teary…I feel like your my fairy godmother on this journey to health. I’ve been reading your posts since day one, you inspired me to get off the couch and RUN, reading through your ventures with food you helped me realize that I needed to change the food part too (that was hard for me to let go off), and over this past month I have been reading the nutrition links you have posted and changing the kind of FUEL I using on this FINE ASS CAR OF MINE (wink).

    I think you have made one heck of a journey and have reached the top of that steep mountain, and now its time to breathe, and enjoy the view from up there. I hear they grow beautifully whole foods up there too 🙂

    Thank-you for sharing yourself with us, Cathy 🙂

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    Kendra B

    This has really given me something to think about. I’m such an emotional eater and things in my life right now have me eating . . . A LOT! So now I’m wondering what would happen if I stop beating myself up if I don’t eat less and just tried to mix some healthy stuff in there when I do grab something??? Thanks for a great post!!

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    I am the opposite…I have been eating well and now am incorporating the move more aspect. Although frustrating, as I am gaining weight as I add in all this activity I keep telling myself that it will eventually catch up and balance out. I love the MMEW plan you have going on. It helps to hear that we are all doing wonderful things, even if we are struggling at times.

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    Oh…I posted about the same thing today:)
    Love the “eat well”…I have been focusing on eliminating added sugars from the whole families diet!!

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    Joan B

    excellent post!!! I am currently on WW and have lost about 30 pounds and — to be healthy — I need to lose about 40 more. So it is necessary for me to do this. However, like you, I no longer have an unsustainable goal. Now I just want to be healthy and look reasonably ok! And stay that way. No point in being a size 8 if it only lasts for 5 hungry months.

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    I bookmarked that site, Lee, the last time you posted about it. I think i need to delve in because the recipes sound amazing.

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    Good for you Joan! And you know, I never say never again with WW. I have found great success when Ive needed it. I really have. I may be back in a a few months or a year. But I love that the idea of being an 8 and hungry is not really an enjoyable way to live!

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    I am rocking it, thank you very much! On Monday, I finally stood up and said TODAY IS THE DAY. Walked 3 miles and did lunges. Walked 3 miles on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. I’m getting ready to leave for the gym for my first Zumba class this morning. It is HAPPENING NOW. This time, I am going to WIN! I am not going to be the fattest spouse at my husband’s reunion at the end of October. (Yes, I know it’s only two months away, but lots of things can happen in two months!) And in June 2012, when we have to pick up and move again, I will be wearing a beautiful size 10 dress at my husband’s War College graduation!

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    Good Job Cathy, I love the new sentiment! I’m old enough to know I need something that will work the rest of my life, where I can find enjoyment from food and exercise, and something that is doable for the long haul with balance being the key. I’ve been learning which foods make me feel good (and which ones don’t) and am slowly taking steps to make the more nutritious choices “normal”. I like the word nutritious-it’s different than healthy, and is just a better choice for me. Eating *well* is the mantra I need to remember. Thanks!

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    Holly Denghel

    I’ve done WW a few times and came to the same realization as you: I was eating my fruits and veggies and drinking my milk, and spending the rest of my points on crap. 100 calorie packs, reduced fat junk food, skinny cow ice cream, light bread, etc. And every time,I would get so far and then plateau.

    Then I took a class called Healthy Eating Every Day and I learned about whole grains, lean meats, and trying to eat real food instead of processed junk. I did the math on what I was eating vs the number of servings of each food group my body actually needs. It was appalling. Like you, I was in a carb crap fest.

    So, instead of points, I started tracking calories. I use My Daily Plate by Livestrong. I use it to make sure I’m not eating more than my body needs. Since they have an app for my iPhone and iPad, it’s really easy. And now I focus on eating more real food and less junk food. And I feel better. I’m eating less but I have more energy because I’m eating quality, not quantity. If you still want to make ure you’re staying within your body’s caloric needs, I would recommend it, or another calorie tracker. It’s soberng when you look at. It and realize you just spent 1/3 of your daily calories on nothing. Plus it shows sodium, cholesterol, and a carb/fat/protein breakdown. Again, helpful to make me stop eating crap.

    Good luck with your new direction!!!

  13. #16

    Cathy, move more and eat well is such a perfect motivation. I started on my weight loss journey in July 2010 after seeing your success. Since that time I have lost almost 90 pounds. I have 40 more pounds to go. I feel great and and so pleased to have my life back and full of so many experiences I was unable to do before.

    I am not a runner but I do walk everyday for exercise. My current goal is to participate in the Long Beach Half Marathon on October. I am really excited, slightly scared, and incredibly pleased by how far I have come.

    Thank you again for your stories which continue to inspire me.

  14. #17
    steph h

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the eat well. And I would like to think I can incorporate that into the WW plan especially now that the points seem to be more in favor of fruits and veggies.

    The challenge for me right now is the moving more aspect. I have found something I love (Zumba) but loving it still doesn’t make me want to go when my son has decided sleeping through the night is overrated. In my head I know if I go I will feel better but by the time my husband gets home from work I just want to take a nap!

  15. #19

    I have to accept that with my recent thryroid issues my size 8 lucky jeans are a thing of the past, but I also need to eat well to fell well and to maintain where I am now. I have to get overmyself and my underactive thryroid and do the best that I can for my health, not my jean size. I find your posts very motivational – real struggle, real success and real challenges, thanks for taking the time to share with us.

  16. #20

    I so identify with your journey and appreciate your authenticity. After losing 35 pounds last year I have gained about 10 of them back. Although I have been working out (still not loving it . . . but I am doing it), the peanut butter M&Ms , and sugar in general, still have a huge hold on me. It drives me crazy that I have all the education I need regarding health and good food choices but there is still a block that keeps me from just doing what I need to do on a daily basis.

    Thanks for your honesty, and here’s to eating well.

  17. #21

    I too just canceled WW, and like you I am a fan, but have realized that it is not for me (at least at this point in my life). I am trying to just stay in a certain calorie range, keep up the 4-5 day a week workout plan and bust through this plateau/wall I seem to be stuck in. I am trying to focus more on “eating well” too. Thank you for the inspirational posts and idea to start my own scrappy journal of chub fighting. You are awesome.

  18. #22

    I’ve been on WW for over three years now. (down 78.6, but who’s counting?) I think there has been sort of an evolution in the way I eat on the plan since I started. I started out, just worrying about the points, like you said, getting as much as I can in, regardless of nutrition. I also had way more points to work with, 78 pounds heavier. As I lost weight I lost points, of course, and made my way down to 21 points a day. Yeah, it sucked. But over that time I also started changing the way I used the points, thanks to some advice from my leader. Also, when the new plan started, and all of those 100 calorie packs and processed foods went up in points, and fruit became free? Well, that was the kicker. I haven’t touched those suckers since. I eat real food and real bread and whole grains, not the cardboardy thin things that get processed until they can be as low calorie as possible. It has definitely helped. Not that I don’t grab a handful (or two) of those stinking Goldfish every now and then, and again. But I also joined a gym and have found some fun, butt-kicking classes, trying to build muscle and get past the plateau I’ve been on for like, 8 months. I feel like it’s working, slowly. But someone asked me recently if I would ever quit. And it hit me. I can’t. This is my life. If I never lose another pound I will still be doing what I am doing, because it’s good for me. It feels good, most of the time. It feels a hundred times better than what I felt before. Good for you, Cathy. You look fantastic! And way to go on the 5 miler!

  19. #23

    I am so glad to see this change from MMEL to MMEW. Witnessing this entire evolution has been so helpful to me, even when I spent the first twelve months of it on the sidelines, watching you change your body and your lifestyle. As for me, I wound up phoning it in this summer. I stopped tracking my food, rarely did any official exercise activity, but somehow I’ve manage to maintain. Weight, that is, I can feel my body composition is different (I’ve added some fat & lost muscle). It is still possible that I will meet my goal this year, but not likely. And I’m settling in to becoming okay with a slow and steady decline versus an overnight extreme makeover success story.

  20. #27

    Wow, you have come a long way Sonia! Good for you. And as you know, walking is excellent exercise! Im working at least one or two in every week!

  21. #28

    Peanut MMs had a hold on me a few weeks back when my family went up North. Sigh. A large Sprite had a hold of me the other night at dinner, even though I KNEW water would have sufficed. That sugar. Its a little devil!

  22. #29

    Thanks for sharing, Deb. : ) I have to admit, I was using Points Plus not in a good way. Eating too much of the crap low points stuff. It just never seemed to click for me (read: i just didnt choose to make good choices!). You rock.

  23. #30

    Good for you, Yolanda! I hope to one day not have to track everything, and just do what I do and stay where I stay. Thats definitely a long term goal!

  24. #31

    oh man, its hard when you have little ones and are sleep deprived! But hang in there. Go to Zumba when you can, and get out for a walk with your son when you cant. Good luck!

  25. #32

    I guess I didnt mention in the post, I am tracking calories and exercise through the Lose It app and website. Its just a way to make sure Im not overdoing to much on an average basis. : ) Great little app!

  26. #34

    It’s September 1, and in 45 minutes, I will clock my first 1.5-2.5 miles (depending on the terrible burning sun that is now a factor in my return to running in the daytime) for the CZ 50 miles challenge. I am nowhere near fit or committed daily yet, but the fact that I signed up for your challenge? That’s really quite something for me : )

  27. #35

    You are so inspiring! I began eating well about a month ago(again) and have this week decided to have the whole family do it too. No more highly processed for the people I love. I am working at the move more, it continues to be a battle but I plan to persevere.
    Thanks for sharing so deeply on so many levels.

  28. #36
    Jen K.

    I know this is going to sound strange, but where on your body exactly do you take each measurement? Where is your natural waist located…above/below belly button? How low on your thigh is the thigh measurement? etc.

  29. #37

    Love the attitude, Cathy! I’ve found life is all about rolling with the punches…adapt and move on, know you’re doing your best, and keep on keepin’ on. You go, girl. 🙂

  30. #38
    Angie U

    So I started my “get healthier” journey about 17 months ago – started with a personal trainer in a group setting…wonderful group of women by the way! I pleased to say I’ve lost 45 lbs. and feel better than I have in years! I’m also pleased to say that even though I was on a 10 day vacation at the beach, moved to another state, unpacked many boxes, rearranged much furniture, did not step foot in the gym for roughly 1 month AND no weight gain! The biggest key for me is eating better every day – sure at the beach I had a cocktail or 2 everyday, dessert far more frequently than usual, and fried food occasionally. I just didn’t go nutso with the “food amnesia”! BTW, moving furniture and unpacking boxes..great workout! Thanks for keepin’ real Cathy, you are one of the reasons I got my a$$ movin’ and stuck with it!

  31. #39

    When people say “oh you’re so white!” I say “thanks, it’s my non skin cancer look.” Kinda rude, but true.

    I too have been shifting from Weight Watchers eat less style to eating better. If you start eating healthy things like nuts and greek yogurt you can’t count that into your 29 (new program) daily points. Once you make the switch from lowest points, sugar free you need to just eat well and pure.

  32. #42

    I measure my waist at the narrowest point I can find. im not a small waisted gal, even at my thinnest. Im built a bit like a rectangle.

    On my thigh, I guess I hit it right under my bum cheek, if that makes sense!

  33. #43

    I agree. I am also coming to terms with the fact that there is osteoporosis in my family history and science is still trying to deal with that condition. Facing life, reality, and our limitations is perhaps the hardest part.

  34. #44

    I’ve been on an Eating Well diet for a couple years now and sometimes I fall off the wagon (I still want crap sometimes) but when that happens….
    Jump up
    Dust yourself off
    and Get right back on

    Good Luck to you!
    and I think you look great by the way!

  35. #46

    I actually thought of you this morning when I was running (which is odd, since I don’t actually know you). I was thinking about a previous post of yours that running and eating well, etc are so much harder then they were a year ago. Well, my two cents: last year it was all new and exciting and you were achieving “personal bests” and running longer distances… And now, sorry to say, but you are kind of in the drudgery of maintaining. Its similar to sophomore year of college. When you are a freshman it is all new and exciting. But by sophomore year, its not new (and not always exciting) and alot more hard work and yet you still can’t yet see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    So here’s to your new approach! and making things new and exciting again! And thanks for always sharing your journey with us.

  36. #48

    I love this thought: “I can objectively look at that elusive goal of being skinny and say, “WTF?” Mostly because that WTF can go so many ways. Since I’m all caught up in my own weight-loss frustrations (training for a marathon, eating ever-so-healthy, STILL not getting the scale to budge even a half pound) this resonated with me.

    One of the sad things in my life is that if you asked my mom, who is nearly seventy and beautiful and still wears a size 8, what her biggest wish is, she’d immediately answer “lose weight.” How sad is it to never get to a place of acceptance and even love of your body? I am striving to get there NOW, so that when I’m her age I can have other biggest wishes.

    I think it is all about perspective. When I look at your photos I always think “Holy cow! Cathy’s legs are soooo tiny!” so, yeah (did that sound weird?), “skinny” is sort of in the mind of the beholder!

    Sorry for the uber-long comment that may or may not make any lucid sense…

  37. #49


    the secret to not having to bathe in Body Glide (which I have done! Well, not literally, but you get my drift) is simply a longer running skirt. The Skirt Sport brand has one called the Gym Girl Ultra that is AWESOME. I need no Body Glide when I wear it, which makes me happier than you can imagine. plus, the little shorts underneath do not BUDGE when I’m running. No rolling or scootching up, which makes me nuts. Their Happy Girl skirt is also awesome. Just a titch longer. (they are spendy. but oh so worth it!)

    There you go. Now you know the secret! 😉

  38. #50
    Jamie Danford

    Holy goodness… I almost cried in the dressing room at Old Navy two days ago when I tried on a pair of sie 10 pants and they were TOO BIG!!!! Not just like a little too big, I’m talking about walking out of the dressing room and my 13 year old daughter said, “Um… those are the wrong size.” WHHhhehheHEHEHHEHEHhHHEHEHh~~hooooOOoOOhooHHO~~hhooohh~~yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw!
    I guess that’s how my progress is going. (lol)
    I’m down to 143 from 155lbs back in February, and the two things that have put me on the express track are upping my mileage (I’m training for my first half marathon) and following a LOW sugar Low bad carb diet.
    TOday is a good day. (I think I’ll blog about it… thanks!)

  39. #51
    gypsy chaos

    Remember that a pound of muscle occupies less space than a pound of fat – but a pound is always a pound.

    My trainer told me to pay attention to the inches especially when the pounds are sticking around.

  40. #52

    Cathy- this is a great post!
    First of all, I commend you on your achievements and I think you look GREAT! (screw the jeans).

    I too am trying to Move More, Eat Better.
    Growing up I never really thought about what I was eating. We generally ate a healthy diet at home but I was a skinny active kid and never really gained much weight despite my penchant for sweets.

    Through my undergrad my metabolism stuck by me and I had no reason to kick the sugar habit and smarten up.
    The last few years I have gotten into triathlon training and racing and watched as my body changed with endurance training. I gained weight but it was mostly muscle, and mostly in my lower body. Great for cycling but horrifying in a dressing room trying to get pants to fit. But, I was ok with it because I was in the best shape of my life.

    Everything changed last fall.
    In Sept 2010 I went back to school to pursue a career in medicine. As you can imagine, Moving More whilst trying to get through med school doesn’t always happen.
    Now in my late 20’s, my metabolism isn’t what it once was and everything caught up with me. Less training, more sugar cravings, long nights stuck in my desk chair and high stress. I put on weight, not in a good way.

    This fall I have made 2 big changes.
    First- I am trying to move a little bit every day. Even if it is only going for a 10 or 15 min run. I need it for my mental and physical health. By triathlon standards, this is not serious training but I need to start getting it in wherever I can.

    Second- I too am trying to eat better. I kicked juice and crackers (my afternoon snacking vice) and am eating more nuts, cheese and veggies. Salads for lunch instead of sandwiches.
    So far so good. I feel less bloated and have noticed a difference in my hips and thighs.
    My current challenge is and will always be how to fight my sugar cravings and mid afternoon hunger.

    I don’t think it matters who you are or what your size, finding the best diet + exercise plan is always a constant battle. Especially in our busy busy world.

    Kudos Cathy, I’m so happy to see your change in mindset here.
    Keep on living well!

  41. #53

    I just hit my top weight this week, so this is pretty timely (in perspective, most people consider me to be relatively thin, but I work at it constantly). I am still walking every day and doing weight training w/a trainer twice a week, but I think that Mexican takeout once a week is finally getting to me. I believe in healthy eating, but it also has to taste good – no “diet” bread for me (the high-fiber bread I used to use tasted like sawdust – probably because of the cellulose content which IS sawdust!), so I figure that 100% whole wheat bread that tastes good is fine for my morning toast. I don’t eat classical “junk” – but I fall prey to TJ’s peanut butter filled pretzels and banana chips (both high in carbs and fat). I guess I just have to stop buying them, but it is frustrating to know that you are eating a pretty healthy diet and still having to work at it ALL the time.

  42. #54

    Love this little change. Words are powerful and my reaction to “eat less” is often a rebellious grab for all. “Eat Well” doesn’t bring out that scared rebel in me that is seriously afraid I might starve her.

  43. #55

    I am using Livestrong because I am used to it, but I have friends that race about Lose It! and have had a lot of success with it.

  44. #56
    Lauren Nguyen

    Can I just say that you looks awesome?!? I can’t believe the before and after pictures from 21 months ago!! That’s soooo cool!
    Here I find myself pregnant with baby #2. I’m dreading the post-baby workouts and getting back into shape, but you’re definitely an inspiration!!

  45. #58

    Loved reading this, Amy, and I think the story about your Mom, I mean, that will resonate with a lot of people. I dont want to be older and have this still be something that matters. In other news, when is your marathon? That is very exciting!

  46. #60

    Carly, give a listen to the Dishing Up Nutrition podcasts. I think they have a whole episode about fighting cravings, and what they are really stemming from! Good stuff! : _

  47. #61

    That is one lean, skinny looking leg in the the last picture of you sitting on your porch. I’m just saying. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  48. #62
    Erin O.

    Love this. I just dug out an old binder of mine that I hadn’t looked at since I started having babies almost 4 years ago – it’s full of magazine pages that include nutritional snack ideas. I’ll scan them in and send them too you. (I mean, there’s only so much string cheese a girl can eat.)

  49. #64

    I’ve been listening to the podcasts after you recommended them. Interesting and informative, and I’ve been working at increasing protein and looking for ways to eliminate hidden sugar. We’ve been trying for quite a while to eat the healthy fats and gave up on soda a long time ago. I still love my whole grains, though and an occasional dessert will probably always be a part of my life! Thanks for continuing to keep it honest!

  50. #65

    Weight training, anyone? I haven’t read every post and don’t know Cathy’s full regimen, but muscle burns more calories than fat. And aerobics (i.e., running) isn’t enough to build those muscles – you know, the ones in your shoulders and back and arms that don’t participate much in running. So try a few weight classes and see if it helps. Just my 2 cents 😉

  51. #66
    Tammy B

    You look wonderful Cathy. I’m not a dieter and I love my cookies and cinnamon buns. I have always been thin but in the last year I have put on some weight. It wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t all accumulate from the belly button down but sometimes genetics prevails. I work out, I don’t eat too badly but I just took two pairs of jeans out of my closet that no longer fit. I’m just trying to maintain my current weight and be happy with that. Thank you for sharing your life so honestly with us!

  52. #67
    Pilbara Pink

    I totally agree Michelle – it is the same when you hit your goal and have lost a lot of weight. Once the initial excitement wears off, people stop commenting or don’t know you were fat and you really can’t buy any more clothes it becomes a whole lot less exciting to make the best choices everyday! Changing focus to being healthy, while keeping the goal of keeping at my goal weight firmly in view, and appreciating non-scale victories is what stopped me from regaining once the newness wore off! BTW my goal weight was what I reached when eating as well as I possibly could and doing as much exercise as I could sensibly fit into my life. Happily it was actually smaller than my original desired jeans size. The key was to do ONLY what I knew I could keep doing for life. As time goes on I adjust what I do as I became better informed and fitter.

  53. #68

    Lola, I know that I need to be doing this. Totally. Im even considering going to a free class at my local CrossFit gym to see if that is do-able. And, I was going to a BodyPump class, then I just stopped. I wont lie. I dont love the weights, but I know that if I got serious about it, it could replace some of the cardio.

  54. #69

    Feeling defeated. I went for a year and a half consistently working out three times a week. But three weeks ago I started a new job and now only fit in one short run a week if I can eek out the time. Scared I’m at the top of the slippery slope of lethargy and a fat ass in an office chair. Harumph.

  55. #70

    Cathy, I haven’t actually been keeping up with your blog, just stumbled upon it by accident this morning. The reason I’m stopping by with a comment is this: when i last read your blog, we were in similar places. I was moving a LOT more, but not eating less. I was eating well. So I like this post. I agree with it. By moving more and eating well, I went from a size 10 to a size 2, but I am still not skinny. 😉 And then I wanted to point you to a website:

    Fits nicely in your new theme, don’t you think? That website was my #1 go-to the past winter. check it out. and keep moving! you are inspirational!!

    And as for me, after a summer of slacking, it’s time for me start moving more again! 😀


  56. #71

    Well I’m certainly no expert, but as a lapsed WW Lifetime member and former leader, I do believe in the mantra that “weight loss comes from the kitchen not the gym”. All the great exercise in the world isn’t going to give you the results you want if you’re not eating right. Granted, while I believe it, I certainly don’t always live it, but I’m trying. I’m down 40 pounds in 2011, even though I’ve basically stayed steady during the summer (party and BBQ season, no doubt!). But without busting my ass on a regular basis, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am, so I know that the moving is important. With that, I’m off to Zumba class.

    You are doing great! This is the long haul, remember, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes. We can’t ever quit!

  57. #72

    I know that feeling. I know where you are, believe me. And it is a slippery slope. But remember, you get to choose this and you can find time eventually. Any transition is going to shake your routine up. Take a deep breath and be proud that youre getting in one short run. Add as you can. Good luck!

  58. #74

    Great Post Cathy!… as I head out for yet one more summer trip on the Harley(= crappy food & too much wine) I am fully immersed in “Why We Get Fat”. I’m quite sure you were reading it some time ago… It goes along quite well with the Dishing Up Nutrition Girls, it compliments Michael Pollan(big fan),& is not even that far off Tosca’s Eat Clean… I am trying to imagine a life without any of the bad carbs- he says all sugar & all grains & starchy veggies & dairy & beer!- that’s what is making us fat! I agree with him when I look at the science, but I don’t know how we’d actually do it… in my dream world this is how I would ultimately eat because it makes sense ,I wouldn’t have to count calories & I love vegetables! The flip side? I also love apple pie… Keep up the good work & thanks so much for sharing:o)

  59. #75

    Love the shoutout to sunblock! My friends and family make fun of me for using sunblock, but my dermatologist validated my sunblocking efforts yesterday when she said “either you’ve been inside the entire summer, or you’ve been very good about using sunblock.” After a summer in the sun, I still have my pale, ghost-like, cancer-free skin and I’m proud of it.

  60. #76
    Debbie S.

    AWESOME!!! I am so happy for you and am pulling for you! I lost a lot on WW then slowly gained it all back. And going back on WW didn’t work for me, so I feel your frustration. Since you recommended DIshing Up Nutrition, I have been listening and reading books they refer to, and it really is amazing. Have you read The Schwarzbein Principle? Some pretty thought-provoking concepts in there to say the least. Anyway, GOOD FOR YOU! 🙂

  61. #79

    Thanks for the heads-up on Dishing Up Nutrition. I’ve been listening to back podcasts when I’m cleaning and during my Sunday-night-food-prep-manias (when I spend a couple hours getting a bunch of healthy food ready to go for the week).

    Over the last few months, I’ve discovered sensitivities to dairy, corn, and gluten, so I’ve removed them from my diet along with sugar. Most of the time. It’s that constant struggle between, “What would future-Bethany want?” and the internal toddler whining, “BUT I WANT IT NOW!”

    At the State Fair yesterday, I wasn’t perfect. But I didn’t eat any deep-fried foods, so that’s an improvement over last year.

    Oh, and I really enjoy BodyPump, but if you’re not into the weights/bar, look into some programs that use light weights or only your body weight. A couple killer toning/muscle-building classes that I take are Behind Bars and Yoga Pilates Sculpt (with free classes next weekend —

  62. #80
    Jennifer O in Chicago

    Hi Cathy! I also ran into the same “plateau” with Weight Watchers and felt I needed a life change instead of just counting points. I started eating clean – lean meat, veggies, fruits, whole grains. I try to avoid anything “man made” or processed. I have since dropped some of the extra poundage and boy do I feel great from the inside out.

  63. #81
    Angie Lucas

    You’re amazing. I need to eat less AND eat well. And I’m just now starting to find the motivation again, now that the munchkin is almost a year old. Apart from that half-marathon in April and the daily stroller walks, I’ve done very little to make myself sweat this year. You’re an inspiration!

  64. #82

    For one, I think you are absolutely skinny. Your after pics are still fantastic and your legs are super thin. I’ve been using Lose it and love it. I also ate key lime pie while I read this post! Love you!

  65. #84

    Mmew? 😉 Souds Catty!! (the puns, they burn)

    I got my gastric band surgery 8 days ago, and I’m doing well. According to my scale, I’m 10 pounds lighter. Crazy, right?

  66. #85

    You know whats funny? I just said to Dan this morning that some year, we need to go to the live Prairie Home Companion show at the fair! ha!

  67. #90

    Frankly, I think you look fabulous. If you haven’t already, look at the magazine Eating Well, or is it Eat Well? It is filled with tasty, nutritious food and focuses on good healthy eating.

  68. #91
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Cathy, this is the most sense you’ve made in a long time. Seriously. Your “after” picture this month is amazing. I mean, look at yourself, closely. What a cute little tush, and, I cannot see your tummy. As for the size 8 jeans? I gave mine away a long time ago. I’d be thrilled if I could get back into my 10s and if my 12s didn’t fit as tight as they do. I’ve been a couch potato (well, chair) with my laptop this summer, thanks to the triple digit temperatures—we’ve broken the records now for hottest summer. But hallelujah! That’s supposed to change tomorrow. So, back on with the hiking boots. I have been making an effort to eat healthy, though. I did well as far as not having desserts and sugar for most of the summer, but August hit and well, it was so tempting to bake a pie, a fruit crisp, have some ice cream. My birthday was yesterday and I feel like it’s harder and harder to stick to a strict regimen of any kind. Retirement has spoiled me, but I’m enjoying life so much more. The lower stress level is worth a lot, I think! But a birthday seems like a good time to make a new effort, so I do intend to get back out there walkin and really attempt to have smaller portions and less sugar. Thanks for keeping us all on track, Cath!

  69. #92
    Jen Tapler

    YAY! I love it! You might not remember this, but I was that weirdo who e-mailed you probably about 20 or so months ago begging for a “B” graphic to add to my MMEL printouts in place of the “L” because I am one of those fortunate people who doesn’t really need to lose weight, but I’m not necessarily healthy. I didn’t need to eat LESS as that wouldn’t be contributing to my goal to get healthy. What I needed was to Move More, but Eat BETTER. (“Well” definitely sounds better than “better” though). Although I have to admit I haven’t really done much since then. I’m really good at making planners and getting all organized, but the actual DOING seems to elude me most days. I will say that I find your posts highly motivating – thank you!!

  70. #94
    Lisa Bracale

    Love your blog and your attitude. You look great girl had to laugh about the white thighs joke but they do make some great self tanners. I love sunscreen also but also love my fake bake tanner and red carpet glow or something like that when I want a little glimmer. Keep up the great work.

  71. #95
    Pilbara Pink

    I love the list of books to read or websites to check out after these posts every month – thanks everyone 🙂 We are all works in progress and as long as there is progress and not excuses we will all end up healthier!

  72. #96
    Megan Clarke

    Hi Cathy- This is my first time here at your blog- found you through another mother runner. I am also a former smoker and WW girl. I love WW and it’s actually what got me to become a runner. I loved your Why I Run post. It sounded a lot like how I got to be a runner as well.

    I also broke up with WW after having a successful go at losing the baby weight the first 3 times around (yes I had four kids in 5.5 years) when it wasn’t working after #4. Mostly it didn’t work because I read Michael Pollen’s Omnivore’s Dilemma and just couldn’t go back to eating all those low point processed foods that got rid of the baby weight. But eat whole foods, mostly plants wasn’t quite enough structure for me. So I struggled around free form without much success (isn’t ice cream a whole food?!?!)

    Finally, I found PeerTrainer which gave me a support group to follow (like WW meetings) and a points-like system to help me make sure I was eating non-processed, nutrient dense food. If you liked points I think their Cheat System is something you might like to check out- plus, it’s all free 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m not a scrapbooker (yet) but I’m sure I’ll stick around to find some more motivation.

  73. #97

    Hey Megan, welcome to my blog! Our stories do sound similar. I will totally check out PeerTrainer. Never heard of that. Currently, Im just tracking food and exercise via the Lose It app, but it doesnt really track much more than that. Be sure to stop back by. I try my best to make scrapbooker not boring to the non-scrapbooker!

  74. #98

    Thanks so much, Cathy. You’re right. It’s a choice. And I am grateful that I’ve not lost my desire to work out… I see the city path and want to be running on it. That’s a good sign! As I get more settled, I’m pretty sure I will find a little time to hit the trail.

  75. #99
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Ah the beautiful honesty I love about you!!! Wonderful post about the process and how it never truly ends. I think you are beautiful Dear Cathy Z. and what you have accomplished is more than being skinny:) (Hey I think you look fabulous!!!! You ooze health!!!! Love it!!!!)

    I have reading your journey from day 1 and the impact you have made on so many! Including myself to get moving and eating healthy. On June 3rd I began after a lot of emotional work. Using your tracker daily. Beginning slowly. having a lot of little tantrums along the first months way. Pushing through… yesterday I hit the 50lbs milestone lost. I took my first before and in process pictures! Wowsers.
    It was not easy. No quick fixes. Trying new things. The number on the scale is wonderful. But, the true gift to myself has been gaining energy, stamina, the love of exercise again. The realization that this is a new way of living for me. Yes, there are those days…. but I am learning to accept that it is O.K. to have off days.
    Cathy so proud of you!!!! Keep discovering being healthy and know I am glad you share it with us readers. What impact you are making through your example!!!

  76. #101
    amy t schubert

    just started listening to this podcast and I LOVE it … thank you.
    Although, I am a bit heartbroken to learn that watermelon has too much sugar in it for me to eat it every day.
    anyway … thank you thank you.

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