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So we've been wrapping up the finishing touches on a home remodeling project that began nearly a year ago. Soon enough, I hope to share the before and after photos. In the mean time, one of the last lingering projects has finally been completed: adding a rain downspout to our front gutter.

The original design called for a very stylish galvanized steel gutter, but no adjoining downspout. During every rain fall, the water came crashing down on our yard, pounding out a divet of earth that was getting progressively deeper with each storm. Subsequently, part of our yard was washing out down the street, settling no so attractively in front of our neighbor's house. We needed to figure out a solution. Enter, the Rain Chain.


The rain chain hangs off of the gutter and guides the rainwater down into a small rock garden (which we haven't really finished yet, but this is a start), and thereby reduces and possibly eliminates the soil erosion.

It's pretty and it's peaceful and hopefully, as long as no meth addicts decide to steal it (apparently they're fond of copper), we're golden.


Besides, it's rather peaceful. Don't believe me? Here, see for yourself.

Reach for the Stars? from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.



Namasté, y'all.


Thanks so much for all the ideas and comments about subjects to teach in 2012. I'm going to be putting my nose to the grindstone during the next several weeks to begin putting together classes for Big Picture's 2012 calendar.

Cathy ZielskeRain Chain

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    Jenny in Wellington, New Zealand

    Isn’t that the coolest thing! I love it 🙂 who needs an ugly gutter or down pipe when you can have a beautiful rain chain. Awesome 🙂 Thanks for sharing that with us, Cathy!

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    Looks great! But I have to wonder, what’s gonna happen in the winter with the snow and ice? I’m in WI and our
    gutters get filled with ice off and on all winter. The warm sunny days melts the snow on the roof and then it runs into the gutters. With no place to drain out like a downspout, will it plug up and wreck the gutter?? Just wondering as I’d hate to see it get damaged.

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    Kendra B

    Beautiful rain chain! But ok . . . I had to watch the video twice . . . what’s with the horse whinny? LOL

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    I’m going to tag along the next time DMD visits and ask to see that house in person. My goodness, it looks purdy!

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    I assume you were being offhanded about meth addicts and copper.
    When the price of scrap metal rises and there are problems with a local economy, things made of metal get stolen. It’s not just homeowners who are targeted. Building sites and abandoned properties are often stripped of metal. As are cemeteries and public parks.

    It’s not a recent phenomenon. Back in the late 1970s, my parents home was stripped of its 1920 era copper downspouts – while my parents were home sleeping! The police caught the criminals and asked my Dad to come down to the station to identify his gutters. When Dad arrived he found rolls and rolls of flattened downspouts which were, understandably, not recognizable!

    May you have a long and happy time with your very cool rain chain!
    – Lee

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    I have never seen such a cool alternative to a down pipe! Love it. But, I am concerned about the horse. Where will I put the caramel lovely? (Because, of course, she will be caramel …)

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    It’s not just a matter of money or even the inconvenience.
    It’s the violation of trust, privacy, safety and personal property.

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    What will they think of next? I’m in awe at all the creative ideas in this world. (I wish I could come up with something once in a while. LOL)

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    You are allowed. I am not trying to be disrespectful to the meth using community. Dan just told me they like to steal copper. ; ) And how would he know… hmmm.

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    What the bleep was with the horse whinney? That made me snort with laughter. That is a very cool rain spout btw.

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    Love the “Namasté, y’all.”–that’s the tagline of one of my favorite Asheville, NC restaurants, Chai Pani. They serve Indian street food that is incredible!

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    Ellie A.

    OHHH I super love that.. MAN too bad I live on a high ranch I would totally be on the look out for that. I would wish for rain all the time!

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    Kimberly Ann

    I didn’t comment on the class ideas post, but I’m really excited that you’ll have more classes coming out. I’d love to sign up for a nice affordable workshop with you. I would also absolutely drive to the cities to take an in person class!

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    I’ve never seen one of those before, it’s lovely – and that video made me laugh out loud, brilliant!

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    Hi Cathy,

    I have visit Japan numerous times and these rain chains can be found on houses throughout the countryside. So now you know where they come from!

    Kind regards


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    William Gulliver

    This is a very creative gutter guard and I think it’s quite feminine, too. I bet this “Rain Chain” simply turns gutters into a dynamic garden tool. It’s an ornament and some kind of therapeutic sound-maker rolled into one!

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    Maruti Ritz

    Very cool DIY.The perfect combination of great art and passion are seen on this post.Very creative and nice to know that there are people who are really into artistic designs.

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    Norbert Floth

    Well, not only does it look pretty and peaceful, it’s also very unique and attractive. The design reminds me of the peaceful gardens in Japan which also have this kind of downspouts. Anyway, with this installed, you won’t have to worry about the water flooding your house’s foundation.

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