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I was asked to be a guest blogger in a series over at the Another Mother Runner blog. The question they've posed to a diverse group of women runners: Why Do You Run?

You can read my answer by clicking here.

And if there are any readers today visiting from the Another Mother Runner blog, you can read most of my fitness related posts by clicking here.

Or, you can just click here to see me answer a question about where my creativity comes from.

Or, if that's not working, click here to see a video of my son lip-synching and busting some sweet moves to Weird Al's "White and Nerdy."


Another Mother Runner is the online home of runners and authors Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. Their first book, Run Like a Mother, is one of the pieces that inspired me to get my run on. They are presently crafting its sequel, Train Like a Mother, due out in March 2012.

Join Sarah and Dimity and their 11,000+plus running fans on their always informative and lively Facebook page.

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Cathy ZielskeSpeaking of running…

17 Comments on “Speaking of running…”

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    I LOVE Cole’s version of White&Nerdy! The glasses with the tape are a trip and boy, does he have some moves or what? He is a true entertainer!

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    Julia Owen

    OK. This has nothing to do with your blog entry today. I have been following you for about 2 years & I think last year you got into hot tea. I was in a conversation with a friend of mine about tea & now that it is fall in MN I am wanting to try out some new flavors & such. You haven’t talked about tea lately & am wondering if you are like me & not interested in tea much during the warm weather? I am wondering if you could recommend the tea that you drank last year. If so that would be great, if not I totally understand as you don’t know me from Adam or shall I say Eve. I love your blog & thanks for always keeping it real.


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    Julia, I do drink tea year round, but last May, I got into—gasp—bagged teas! Im officially hooked on Tazo Tea, specifically the Zen and the Lotus. Love both of them. I make a cup almost every day following lunch for when I come back up to my office to work. Plus, I feel good about doing green instead of black tea, which I was kind of hooked on last year!

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    Oh thank you internet gods for connecting me to your blog 😉 I am a big fan of “Run Like a Mother” and the Another Mother Runner blog and saw your post! I’ve checked out your story and love, love, love your honesty and that I am not the only person who looks like a boiled lobster after I run! (Sorry! We’re in the club together!) I’ve only begun to scratch the surface with reading what you have here and I’ve already identified with so much! I am about at your starting weight/height and I’m really hoping to get back into my size 8 pants!! You have inspired me!

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    Hey Jenn, welcome to the blog! Im such a fan of Sarah and Dimity. They truly were the key to making me really connect with running, and to want to identify myself as one! : )

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    Jill S.

    Great blog post over at Another Mother Runner. It’s thanks to you, when you first mentioned them months ago, that I got hooked on their blog and their book. You’re an inspiration!

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    Joni Kix

    I’ve been following both your blog and AMR for a while and thought how wonderful it would be for you to get together! Lo and behold, there you are… inspiring not only scrapbook runners but all mother runners! Thank-you for being you!

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    So apparently you have a twin in my neck of the woods! I was running on Monday, not really loving it, and passed a woman on a bike who looked just like you! It actually helped me keep on keepin’ on at a moment that I didn’t really want to!!
    I enjoy your blog a great deal and am inspired by your hard work…and even by the times when you’re eating too many goldfish/cheddar bunnies. It reminds me that I’m not alone in the tough times!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

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    Cathy, read your blog on another mother runner yesterday. I also read your blog on AMR back in March and you talked a little bit about Chi Running and your Newtons. I have plantar fasciitis (ugh!) and I’m not sure if it’s from my new shoes or because I started running more and doing longer runs? Like you, I started running in my 40’s. I’ve worn Asics and they served me well but about 3 weeks ago I purchased my 1st pair of Brooks both pairs with stability because I pronate. My question is…..do they sell Newtons with stability and can you recommend a book for me on Chi Running? I saw a few on amazon but wasn’t sure which would be best.

    Later today I’ll read your blog about your daughter. I can tell you now…..I’ll be crying!! We have a 23 yr old daughter, 14 yr old daughter, and an 11 yr old son. Our 14 yr old started HS this year and our son started MS so I can relate….”Yikes!”

    It was nice to find you on AMR’s blog. I grew up in MN but on the Iron Range. We’ve been in the south for about 10 yrs now and we love it! I don’t miss the LONG MN winters and it’s chill! I know I would need a treadmill because wimpy me couldn’t handle the cold air down my throat or my constant runny nose which would be flowing faster than my feet!

    Thanks Cathy for listening to me ramble!

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    Hey Cathy, I just went to the Newton Running website and found out they do sell a pair of stability shoes. I hope I can try a pair on at our local running store. If there is any other advice you can share with me though I would really appreciate it and books….love me some running books!

    Thanks Again, Gina

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    Hey Gina, they do sell Newtons with stability. If you look at their site, itll walk you through making a selection!

    And I read Chi Running by Danny Dreyer (?) I think thats his name. I think his book is the best, but… I havent read any others! : )

    Went up to the Iron Range as part of a vacation a few years back. LOVED the area so much.

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    Gina, Im guessing you read Run Like a Mother? I also love any books by John Bingham. As in LOVE his style and his message. Hes got like three books out. Check him out on Amazon!

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    LOVE Run Like a Mother and have given the book out as gifts. Can’t wait for Train Like a Mother in March…..I pre-ordered it! I’ll check out John Bingham’s books as well. I heard he was good! Have you come across Shut Up + Run blog or fb page? Beth is hilarious!!

    As for my PF, I’m not sure if it’s my new shoes or the miles I’m putting in?? I got the shoes and added more miles to my running routine at the same time….it’s frustrating trying to figure this out. I could cry a bucket of tears but I’m trying hard to think positive and gain something from this pain in the a$$ (oops) heel experience!

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    Amy L

    Thank you Cathy Z! Once again you have inspired me to get up off my backside and run this afternoon. You are the best!

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    primigi shoes

    Your feet will tend to swell after running a few miles so bear this in mind when you try them on. To help with this try on the shoes in the afternoon or evening as you feet will normally swell during the day.

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