The happiest of Labor Days

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Happy Labor Day, blog readers!

For many of us stateside, this day means back-yard barbecues and the last minute readying of school lunches, supplies, and clothes in preparation for the first day back at school.

But this Labor Day also happens to feature Game 5 of the Saint Paul Saints' divisional playoffs against the Winnipeg Goldeyes. While not appearing in the photo with my own Saints' swag, I assure you I have been cheering them right along with the three other Zielskes during this past weekend's two games.

Personally, I'm skipping today's game. I can't take the pressure. Plus, the sunburn on the back of my neck from yesterday's game is begging me not to. That, and the amount of housework awaiting me on account of spending 8-plus hours at Midway Stadium on Friday and Sunday is demanding I finally pay it some attention. Labor Day indeed.

Hope your Labor Day is a pleasant one.


Cathy ZielskeThe happiest of Labor Days

12 Comments on “The happiest of Labor Days”

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    Deb V.

    Another Manitoban here…..GO GOLDEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry Cathy)

    We were down in Minneapolis last month to catch a Twins game (vs. Boston). Great time, great city!

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    Congrats on the win – if my beloved Goldeyes had to bow out I am glad it is your family that gets to celebrate on the drive home.

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