What would you be interested in learning about?

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Note: this photo has nothing to do with today's post.

Now that we've cleared that up, I've got a question for you today, especially those of you who like to get your scrap on in an online setting.

After teaching online in 2009 and 2010 for Big Picture Classes, I've been notably absent from teaching this year and have been brainstorming concepts to present in 2012. Presently, I'm working on a type class designed to help scrapbookers like you create layouts with awesomely executed type and to become general type masters.

And that got me thinking. What else, if anything, would you look for in an online class? I know a lot of you have some really great ideas and aren't shy about sharing them.

I'm all ears.


Cathy ZielskeWhat would you be interested in learning about?

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    I would love to see a MMEB-inspired class. Not sure exactly what it would include–maybe some community and tips/tricks around health/wellness. Projects could include learning some of the design fundamentals, documenting progress and plateaus (and finding your voice), templates for recipe mini-books, etc.

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    I would love to see a class in InDesign to create books and pages like you did with your recipe book. I have never seen a class like that offered anywhere in the scrapbooking world. The only ones I’ve ever seen are for graphic designers and, I suspect, go into more depth than I would ever need to in order to do what I want to do.

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    I’d love to take part in a workshop focussed on your wonderful simple, graphic style. Not to learn anything but to enjoy creating and chatting with others who use the same style. and of course some of your fabulous sketches/templates, overlays and wordart would be most welcome too.

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    Kim K

    Digital scrapbooking with photoshop elements. ALL the details…how to buy and store your supplies (where and how do you organize all the files). I’d love to learn how to start with pre-made templates, how to add layers (is that the right terminology) or tweak templates to make them your own, and finally, create my own pages without templates. I’ve been digi “in my head” for years, but have yet to learn how to do it!

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    I’m really interested in the process. From the idea to the finished page – how do you joy down ideas, corral artifacts, take/choose photos, layout design, etc, etc.
    I have three little boys and I would live to scrap more bit by the time they are asleep I’ve totally forgot what it was I wanted to do and just don’t know where to begin.
    I’ve taken Stacy’s Library of Memories but don’t have it done and I would like some more immediately while I’m working on this huge task.

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    Michelle S.

    I would love to learn how to create templates from scratch. I love your templates, and would continue using them if I knew how to build them myself, but I’m really interested in creating ones of my own.

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    Julie Gilbert

    I love the type class idea! Topics I would dive into-using size, mixing and matching fonts, and possibly making my own font….Can’t wait, I’m definitely signing up!

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    I like what Sarah had to say. Your process, how you choose what stories to tell, how you design a layout. What do you scrap, what do you do with the rest of your photos.

    Another option would by hybrid scrapping, how to bring together the best of digi and paper.

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    Tammy M.

    I love the idea of a Type class….sounds great! I think I’d like a class as well on the process. Being a busy mom, I would love to know how you as a busy mom do it. I have to scrapbook on my office desk which for the past 2 years has been placed in my dining room….and since I tend to be a messy scrapper, I inevitably don’t get much scrapping done because of that and my lack of good organization. I would love for someone to develop a system or concept on how to go from idea, pictures, to finished page in a quick yet beautiful way…like your pages Cathy! And yet not have to un-bury yourself in the process. I know you craft in your dining area right?? How do you do it??

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    First, ANYTHING taught by you is on my to do list! I’d really like anything PSE. I really love paper scrapping, but I’m just not getting it done. I am under the illusion that I’ll maybe actually possibly get some pages done if I can do them on the computer! Your simple style and great design are awesome – I love the way they look, and they seem to fit my time frame and philosophy of finding a picture and telling the story and getting it done!

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    Brigid G

    I’m with Stacy — an InDesign class for scrapbooking would be great. I would definitely take it, and one of my scrapping buddies said she would too.

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    I would like a long term class on photoshop/PSE where I learn different lessons in combination with learning the digital scrapbooking process. Like 52 lessons in one year. I would pay big $$ for that as would at least 10 people I know. I’ve considered taking a community college course, but it doesn’t have that “geared for scrapbooking”, blogging, or telling stories angle.

    Your video tutorials are excellent and I would squeal and write you a check today if you offered this. Can you tell I’m salivating at the thought?

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    I do craft in the dining room, always have! This is a great question, the idea of process etc. Love reading these ideas thus far!

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    I agree with Teal, any class with PSE, involving your beautiful simple design and perhaps learning more about other functions in PSE. Thanks.

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    Any class with you and I am on board. My favorites have been devoted to created a themed album (Me: The Abridged Version, Everyone Can Write a Little). I have been using your monthly templates a lot and for various types of layouts. So maybe a class about creating our own templates in your clean and simple design style and then turning them into an album.

    Also, though I use PSE all the time, I would really like to learn how to use In Design.

    I am really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

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    Jane S

    Cathy, I have taken 2 of your classes at BPC and loved them. I like the way you tell a story. The way it unravels and the way you tie in humor with heart felt emotion.

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    Me four! I love Kim’s statement, “I’ve been digi in my hear for years, but have yet to learn how to do it! I can totally relate to that! I have even bought digi supplies but don’t really know how to use them.

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    Well, since you ask… I would love to RUN with camera/tablet photographs…all these totally COOL apps… We need some cool ways (digital, non-digital…)to utilize them in a way that suits them and their unique style. They are such a trendy sign of the times and could become(we could make them become) iconic in their own way.
    What do you think?

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    Jennie Hart

    Yes, I agree with Jenny, a longer term course, so it is not so intense and can embed ideas. I love the idea of being able to build my own templates and really understand photoshop. I am in awe of it at the moment and just want to feel totally comfortable with it. To have that with a scrapping/blogging aspect with your humour would be worth my money, definitely.

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    I would be interested in a class about scrapping without photos. How to incorporate design and type without photos being the main focus as I never have many scrap-able photos.

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    Please consider a re-run of Everyone Can Write a Little. I missed it the first go round and would love to take it!! Journaling is my nemesis.

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    A lot of great suggestions so far…honestly, I would sign up for any kind of class you offer, but one area where I would love to develop better skills is in graphic design. I’ve tried to absorb what you’ve taught us over the years, but I still gravitate toward being a scraplifter rather than designing great looking pages on my own. How about offering an intermediate design class? Or maybe incorporating more advanced design principles with the type class or an InDesign class? I would purchase InDesign if you think it would better than PSE for designing great scrap pages.

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    I do mostly digital and hybrid pages, but I don’t use PSE. I’m a Creative Memories Consultant so I use Storybook software which I LOVE and find it can do anything PSE can do, except use PSE files. For that reason, I did my METAV by mimicking your PSE pages but creating them myself. I would take ANY class you offered, but would love it if JPGs and PDFs could be included instead of only PSE files. I love the idea of the Type class too…I enjoyed that part of Design Your Life very much. Anything that helps me make albums and get my thoughts down works for me…and a little Cathy Z in my day always makes me smile!

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    Christine H

    I love your style and finally came to the conclusion my own style is simple as well. How liberating it was to give away all that stuff I had purchased over the years and never stuck down on a page. My space is now 90% paper and 10% stuff. Now, I am going to be purchasing a new laptop and would love to learn to digiscrap. So, I am looking into Digiscrapping for Dummies….as my techno skills are mediocre at best. I’m one of those people that calls the help line and says “can I just pay you to take over the computer remotely and you fix it??”

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    Lynn M

    I’m with the “group” that would love a PSE class. I’ve dabbled a bit with your DD templates and love the look. But I consider myself a newbie when it comes to digital scrapbooking. I know that PSE is a powerful tool, but haven’t tried anything else but templates. And just like many posters, I’m ready for more classes with Cathy Z.

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    In keeping with the others who have suggested a year long class (totally LOVE the idea of spending a year with you) I think something that provides a monthly “project” (which could be as simple as a one or two page layout) with weekly tips/tricks on navigating PSE… I’m an “intermediate” user myself – I already understand layers and blending modes and a few of the tools… but I know there is so much untapped potential there that I would love to explore… but having it spoon-fed to me would be much easier than an intense four or six week course where I can’t keep up!

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    Kristi B

    I am a template girl and would love a themed class for vacation or recipes that had all the elements needed in one spot.

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    I agree with so many others….whne I took your all about me class it was the first time I was actually grasping teh PSE thing. Being the first tiem I had ever used it. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. So I would love to see a class(with a beginners in mind) on how to use templates and PSE and such.

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    Yes. Would love a class using InDesign to create multi-page stories and spreads. Or even a whole album like “Letter to My Girl/Son” but using InDesign.

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    So many great ideas here! I can’t wait to take the type class. That was first on my wish list. Will it be offered at BPC? I also would love to do an intermediate design class to follow up on Design Your Life. Possibly even using those same concepts you taught as sort of a practice what you learned. I also would like an album class. Doesn’t have to have a specific theme. Just a class where we can get that album of our vacation/prom/graduation done and have plenty of support from our fellow classmates and you. And a couple of templates wouldn’t hurt! I’d also love to learn more about color, both in theory and using it in layouts. Especially how to use it and design to make a cohesive album about 1 particular topic like a vacation/birthday/etc. I have to say I’m not interested in a basic PSE class or InDesign. Just sayin’.

    So glad to hear you’ll have more classes in 2012.

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    Michelle Bazeley

    I have taken two of your BPC classes and really learned alot!

    I like to do some digi stuff in my scrapbooking, but I dont have Photoshop, nor do I have the time or inclination to learn it. I have MS Word and I know a few things I can do there. It would be great to learn more!

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    Thanks, Jane. I generally feel like if its not going to be fun as well as informative, well, you know, why would anyone want that! : )

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    Dana, this is a good idea. I would have to tweak it because so much has changed in social media since this class launched. But, I like this idea a lot too.

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    I would love any CZ course that is digital and project based. I love your style because it is classic and therefore stands the test of time. I adore your 8 1/2 x 11 template format. It would not matter to me whether the projects were broken up into individual classes or one big longer-term class that covered multiple projects. Specific ideas of interest are: a recipe album, a baby album, a vacation album, etc. When I look back through my work, I can see that the only things I have been able to complete and feel really happy about are project based. It is simply too difficult for me to create albums one layout at a time. I need to focus on a topic and have the templates to get it done in a simple way. All of my completed work has been achieved through the use of your templates. They have saved me money, brain power, and time. And I am all about saving money, brain power, and time. πŸ™‚

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    Jenny S

    What about a class made for other graphic designers? I feel like a lot of the info out there is for beginners or dabblers. But what about a class that delves deeper into design? Not sure what though! Ha. Good luck with the class brainstorming!

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    I’m with Cheri. I’m past the basics, and know how to do a LOT in PSE but I’d love an intermediate/advanced class done in your style and with your tempaltes. I know Jessica Sprague does these but you are more my style and I love BPC’s way to handling classes.

    But I still have my old pre Lion CS with InDesign, and if you taught that, I’d take it! and install the program on my dh’s old MBP.

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    InDesign course sounds unique… I’ve taken Illustrator and Photoshop indepth and use them both… What does InDesign have to offer? lol

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    a type class sounds great!!!
    i’ve taken a lot of pse how to classes. now it would be good to know, design-wise, which techniques to use when. just becase i CAN do something doesn’t mean it really looks balanced when i’m finished. i’m planning to take your design class at big picture. i hope it is still self paced. would be cool if that has a part two. or someone mentioned you did a journaling class. your journaling is always so real and honest i appreciate that.

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    Hi Cathy,
    I think I’ve taken all of your classes and loved them all. I was recently thinking that I would love to take a journaling class from you. I love your style of writing. What do you think?

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    Type, good design and story telling. I’ve done all you BPC classes and loved them. They are albums we all look at (and read). My big request is not to make the class all digital. Some of us are just never going to master photoshop or find playing around on it relaxing or fun. So glad you will be doing another class. Whatever it is I’ll be enrolling.

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    I would like to see a repeat of a class where you use Facebook and Twitter etc. posts to scrapbook. I also would like to see an in-depth class teaching us to use your Designer Digital templates to scrapbook. I know you have shown us countless times on your blog how to do this but…

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    I’ve been doing Ali’s One Little Word this year and aside from the actual topic one of the things I have loved is having a project/concept to work on each month. What I love about you is your sometimes quirky yet always positive, lighthearted approach to life. I think a year long class in the vane of One Little Word but with your wonderful style and spirit would be sensational – A look at life with Cathy Z – open to digi and paper scrappers ….. I’m in.

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    How about a design class that is a step up from Design Your Life. You teach us the design principle and we create a layout based on that principle. Kind of a DYL 2!

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    Ronnie Crowley

    I want to be able to create templates from sketches I already have or from layouts I done previously. I love templates but want to be able to start from the very beginning and create my own.

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    I love your simple and clean lines. I’d like to see you teach a class, with templates, digi supplies, etc. to send right to shutterfly and have printed. I’d rather make the templates and upload as pics in a book and call it a day. Of course, I know that I could buy all your templates, do my own and send it out for printing…but I think I’d get more done if I had a class with a topic that I participate in. Sometimes I need someone to “tell” me what to do.
    With the holidays coming up, it would make a great holiday gift to make a photo book! EH!
    OK, now I’m just rambling.

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    I’ve taken all of Cathy’s classes at BPS so I know if she came up with another class – no matter what it’s about – I’d be one of the first to sign up. Her classes are so worth the money. I have a 12 x 12 album from her DYL class to prove it. Everyone loves that album as much as I do. Her classes are full of all kinds of goodness and you can’t go wrong taking them. Bring it on, Cathy!

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    How awesome Cathy!! I’ve never taken a class by you but here they are awesome which I already knew. Anything would be great, I love love your clean and simple style. The only problem is that I’m a paper scrapper and not very handy on the computer. So no digi for me.

    This was fun to read all the suggestions, you have a lot of fans here. Let us know about the type class when it’s time please.

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    This is kind of lame, but I would love a class where we put together a recipe album. Of course, I will take any class you teach and I am excited about the type class!

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    Oh Cathy – I heard the angels singing when I read that you were going to teach more classes. DYL is my all-time favorite class, and I have taken many! I like the idea of a type class, and I love the idea of a longer term class, whether it’s based on pages or a completed album. I most look forward to the prompting and encouragement to just get something done!

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    I agree with Jenny and many others. A class that digs deeper into design, both the concepts and the digital techniques in Photoshop and InDesign. Over the course of the class, we could create a themed album from scratch using our own newly-designed templates, type, etc. The projects for a class like this could be endless…even works of art beyond the scrapbook page would be possible.

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    ditto, i too would take any class you teach (you are just amazing), i would love to know more about process, journaling, hybrid scraping, anything digital.

    i would love to know more about type, i love fonts and how they can change styles, but fonts can be pricey. πŸ™‚

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    I agree with everyone who talked about the Digi for
    dummies idea…the whole process of organization, etc…I would LOVE that coming from you!

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    Petra from NL

    I would like another themed albumclass like MeTAV. Some sort of minibook. Just a short focused class that will give a nice result. If this would be something like a yearlong class that would be great too.

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    I’d love to learn how to make (simple!) templates myself too. Though not sure you can do it with PSE…? But might be willing to spring for PS if that’s what was needed.

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    Jane Simmons

    First, I would take any class you taught. I think I’ve ALREADY taken every class you taught. But also I love type, type effects, different ways of looking at which typefaces go well together, etc. I’m the person who looks at a local ad and says “OMG, I can’t believe they are still using Park Avenue.That’s so last century.” Or “Why are they using Comic Sans, for heaven’s sake, on a church audit report?” So bring it on…I prefer a class where the pages were NOT all meant to go into a themed mini-album, but one more like the DYL with different concepts every week and we have more flexibility in choosing photos, paper, journaling, etc.

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    Jane Simmons

    Oh and one other thought. I miss “Make a Page Monday” because I knew every week I would be challenged to try something and to create a page that might not have ever have been completed otherwise. But I didn’t feel rushed and falling behind and pressured to “catch up”. So something along the lines of a page a week or a spread a month for a year would be super.

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    At the risk of sounding a bit of a ‘groupie’ I would actually sign up for any course you taught Cathy. When I discovered your books ‘Clean & Simple Scrapbooking’and its sequel I felt as if I had found my spiritual home! This style of scrapbooking was what I had wanted to do but hadn’t known how. Having completed ‘MeTAV’ (twice) and ‘Design Your Life’ I am still hooked – and ready for more. As others have said, the design aspect would be great to develop further. I now scrap almost exclusively digitally but would like to develop my knowledge of design along with my digital skills. As someone said earlier, just learning the techniques without knowing how or when they are best used is only half the story. In conclusion, I know that any course that you deliver will be packed with great content and delivered with clarity and style. I’m in!
    Can’t wait to begin.

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    ohhhh as an international student ( well you know what i mean i’m in New Zealand and you SUPER scrapbook GURU’s are nearly all in the states!) i’d love to teach another online class . My vote would be for another DYL class. Lots of designs – that we could use for any kind of photos and hybrid as im not yet into all digital (tho thats my next goal). Please Cathy . cheers

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    yes, I agree, only I would like the templates to be available in pdf’s with different coloroptions!That would be for those of us that have no clue how to use, or care to learn how to use Photoshop! (even if we did purchase it thinking we could EASILY learn LOL!)

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    Stacia, you can definitely make templates using PSE! In that regards, Photohop holds no advantage! : ) Loving all of these ideas.

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    I am a wanna-be scrapbooker and would love to create a “school days” book for each of my boys. I use Adobe software all the time for my business, but don’t take the time to use it for memory-keeping. It would be great to have a class to get the books started digitally.

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    Would love a forum like Ali’s Week in the Life for MMEB. Also any class you do rocks. Was just thinking about all your classes and was hoping you had something in the works! Love the idea of using new technology- Instagram, Momento, or other apps and using them in scrapbooking. Love that you got me hooked on Twitter after ECWL. I also like the idea of another DYL class-loved the Real World Color and Design ideas there. Thanks for all you do!

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    A Vacation Album. Not many – if any – good templated holiday albums around; not even on DD in the typical tight clean and simple CZ style.

    One that can be re-used based on type of holiday (beach, skiing, mountains, etc) and themed with minimal effort (not by adding buckets, spades or sand… fading or other swirly stuff). Flexible enough so it can be adapted to feature either lots of jounaling or hardly any, a long weekend away for 2/4 pages or a 2 week holiday for 10 double page spreads. Anna Aspnes did something very simple on her blog last year I believe, but not the in an on-line course teaching design / layout / type considerations when creating such an album.

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    Christina from Sydney

    I would do any Photoshop digital scrap class with you but PLEASE make it for Photoshop CS users also as most of the classes are in Elements and there are many things that are not done the same. Jessica Sprague does her classes in both Elements and CS which is great. I have completed all your classes and love the simplicity (not much into overdone pages).

    And here I was thinking Cathy Z has given up classes/scraping for excercise. Glad to see you’re back and thinking about us.

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    Joni Kix-Moore

    I would like to know how to get my digital layouts into a photo book. How big do I make the pages, so I have to leave a border? A digital class with a finished book at the end would be great!

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    Pamela K.

    I’ll be one of the first to sign up for one of your classes regardless. I’m with the others in that a beginning PSE class with you would be great. I’ve had PSE8 installed for a year in my laptop and have yet to make a scrapbook page. :-/ I think you would make an excellent instructor for this type of class.

  67. #100

    I agree zewa – I loved Design your Life. I learned so-o-o much and still refer back to the layouts and ideas. My style is clean and simple like CZ’s. My weakness is probably journaling.

    However, I am excited to hear about the type class. Anything you do, Cathy, is bound to be good and worth every dollar and every minute I spend on it.

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    I would love a class on making some basic digi products, papers and elements etc I would love to make some products just for my own use and it would be fun to learn to how to make some products.

  69. #102
    Susan Wesley

    I would love this too!! Besides learning how to digi scrap with photoshop I would really LOVE to learn how to do it hybrid style too.

    I absolutely love your style and I have taken a couple of your amazing classes and have learned SO MUCH. Cannot wait for the next one!! πŸ™‚

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    Bonnie Lewis-Watts

    Me too! I’d really like to have a class that would “kick my butt” into making pages – like a class that uses templates, and teaches us how to make them from scratch and from other layouts. In this busy life, we need anything we can get to help us “get it done”. I love scrapbooking my life but don’t want to spend most of my life figuring out what looks good where on the page and how many photos and – you know what I mean.

  71. #107
    Bonnie Lewis-Watts

    I see you’re reading these comments as you get them, so I’m going to take a chance and just ask a question that has been on my mind for some time now. What do you do with all the pages that are about a marriage of one of your children that has ended?

  72. #109

    I’ve taken all of your classes and loved every one of them. I really loved DYL. I love the randomness of the page subjects. This way I got to scrap a lot of my favorite photos, new and old. I’d love to learn to scrap digi. The thoughts of finding papers and elements online is a bit overwhelming to me as well as keeping everything organized. Can’t wait for the type class!

  73. #110

    Everyone Can Write a Little – would be awesome.

    Themed albums like a recipe album, etc.

    PSE tips, tricks and template making. Taking a layout you see in a magazine and creating a template for it in PSE. Making your own elements, papers, borders, etc.

    Design Your Life would be awesome again. I did it last year but need a refresher. I know I can go back in to BPC and re-do the stuff, but a fresh class would be fun! Or what about a DYL “2” ???

  74. #111

    I have tried to figure out how to make my own templates but have not been too successful. I just don’t have the time to do all the experimenting it takes to figure the stuff out. And then if I do figure something out. I forget how to do it the next time I try because it is usually by fluke that I “discovered” these it in the first place. I need a class that explains the how’s and whys so that it will stick. I would definitely take that class.

  75. #112

    I also worship at the altar that is Cathy. I have taken all of your classes so far, and I’m giddy that you’re going to be doing one on type.

    I agree that a DYL class that digs deeper into design is something that would be very appealing. That class was the best online class I’ve ever taken, and I just love looking at the pages I created while in it. I felt like the original DYL was a great foundation, and I’ve wanted to go even more in-depth with the concepts ever since. Thanks, Cathy, for asking our opinions!

  76. #113

    I’ve taken all your classes and I’m glad to know there will be another one next year. Something about advertisement and scrapbooking will be great. I’ve already taken a class about inspiration at BPS, but we always need more inspiration.
    DYL, the sequel sounds good too!

  77. #114

    Wow. You know, that is a very good question, and I bet one that a lot of scrapbookers have had experience with. My inclination would be to keep them, as they are part of the history of the life of your child. Perhaps ask your son or daughter what they feel about this. Maybe they are something that gets boxed up and put away. Id love to hear anyone elses opinions on this too.

  78. #115

    I am liking the idea of a DYL 2. Not that it would be more intensive or difficult, just more of the same principles revisited. : )

  79. #116

    Well thank YOU Sandy, for your comment. I feel very inspired from all of the comments left on this post. Seriously. Lots of ideas. I need to seriously get busy and get to work!

  80. #117

    Sorry but I have never taken a class off yours – don’t know why…. But I’ve done some of your books – Halloween about our childrens Halloween throughout the years, and it’s one of our favorits. Also done a School book for our 17 year old son as hΓ© was leaving school to go to high school. And did a photobook about visiting santa once a year When lokning at these I like the theme going across years catching up and giving a good and long perspective at a theme. Love that. So a class by your hand that gives ideas to use photos from the same time a year going back many years. Does that make sense – hope so.

  81. #118

    I have taken all of your classes from Big Pictures, have your books, and follow your blog. I have purchased several of your digi kits. What ever you decide to do it would be nice if it would be hybrid. I know that digi is probably the way to go but I am still an old fashioned paper gal!

    I still faithfully create pages using facebook. It is such a great way to capture stories! I would have never joined facebook if it hadn’t been for your class!

  82. #119

    I have gone through this. I created a page just for me where I took a photo of them and tore it in half and created a page documenting the end of their relationship. I love both my son and daughter-in-law. So I have a separate album that has most of their layouts. In recent times there have been many, many, hard feelings…I still want to remember that there were some happy times. We have Grandchildren and I’m thinking someday they will want this album.

  83. #123
    Bec Kilgore

    Anything digital. I am still a novice. Liking scrapping pictures and events that are ones I want documented but not ones I want to paper scrap. Also like the whole notion of hybrid scrapping.

  84. #125
    Beth R

    I am a traditional paper scrapper and have no interest in going completely digi. I am dying to find a class in PSE for dummies. I mean from the very basics, I would love to use the photo clipping masks to make collages and maybe learn to use brushes and anything to do with type.
    I can see myself doing a hybrid page and my style is quite simple but I just hafta touch my “stuff” !
    Any class you teach will be a win-win situation.

  85. #126
    Kathy G

    I was thinking about this too! How do really busy people get any scrapping done when the stuff that keeps them busy is all over their creative space? Sometimes I just want to start doing pocket page albums just so I have something in an album. But I love your style Cathy, Clean and SImple, somehow I’ll be able to get something done!

  86. #127
    Bec Kilgore

    Ok, I have another comment. Using social media and blogging. You are so good at both why not share it? πŸ™‚

  87. #128

    I would like to see:-
    a school album class (yeah I know you have given us the templates but it would but good to be forced into action!)
    a vacation photobook class (the structure could be used again and again)
    a recipe book class (see both above)
    create your own templates class
    create a basic website class (in simple CZ style)
    create a blog class (incorporating feeds, banner, format etc)
    an organise your digi supplies class
    DYL 2 (of course)
    a Bucket List album class
    a relationship album class (pages about relationships like mother-daughter, father-son, aunt-niece, god-parent-god-child in your immediate family)
    I will be back with more..

  88. #129
    Moira Coates

    I would love it if BPC offered your social media class again as self paced. I use my FB posts to jog my memory for my project life album, but ideas on other ways to scrap my FB posts would be great!

  89. #130
    Carmel Keane

    Me too – would love to have a class taking us step by step – i try to follow the videos etc but then forget what i have already learnt.

  90. #131

    I would love something like DYL part two where you delve in deeper to design concepts. I also like the idea of a journaling class though I’m not exactly sure what the exact focus should be. I just know that I love your journaling so maybe you could share your process or do a how to, etc. I love your creative and funny spin so that would be fun to focus on.

  91. #132
    Karen F from New Zealand

    Hi Cathy
    Love the ideas here. I just started scrapping digitally this year when I bought CS5. First thing I did was go to your video tutorials and follow them – never forgotten them. I love the way you teach and talk and write. I haven’t unfortunately got to do any of your classes but was lucky tohear you speak in New Zealand when you travelled with your family. I was wondering with DYL self paced at BPC how is this different from the original one that you taught. I love the idea of creating my own templates and working out how to do that and other design ideas. Realising that that is a degree within itself, creating our own templates is a good start. Thanks for all the Cathy Z goodness!

  92. #133

    Would love an advanced Design Your Life class with further intruction on design/color/placement/typology concepts. Also, would love to learn the technical aspects of creating a blog.

  93. #139

    I would also LOVE to see a MMEB yearlong course – similar to the One Little Word Ali is doing. You have inspired SO many people and it would be wonderful to get a community together to keep us on track and support one another. We could do our monthly page as well as some type of other scrapbooky project, such as an ongoing recipe binder, motivational quotes, etc.

  94. #141

    I’d love to see a class on Photoshop (the full version) for scrapbookers. Oh how I admire the beautiful photos I see on the pages of magazines and online. I try to emulate them, but I just can’t wrap my brain around all of Photoshop’s functions. An in-depth class on how to create beautiful photos with you as the teacher would be amazing! I’m not interested in digital scrapbooking yet, but gorgeous photos are at the top of my list of must-haves for my pages.

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