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Did you know that if you tilt your head slightly to one side and rest it gently on your hand that it makes you look exponentially more casual and adorable?

According to my 15-year-old photog, it's totally true. I, for one, believe!

Welcome to Move Eat Well for October 2011. I'd like to start out by saying this: I love Fall in Minnesota!

The temperatures start to dip, the leaves are transforming into jaw dropping colors, and soup is around every corner! (Okay, soup is around many corners in my home.)


Mmmm. Soup. Long live meals served in bowls!

And with cooler temps, I can't be complaining about no hot muggy days to bog down my running. No, the only thing that bogs down my running is, well, my running.

September has seen a titch of athletic malaise set in. I've written about it during the past month and I've come to accept that right now, running isn't the totally awesome head trip it was a year ago. It's also not turning me into a tiny, lithe machine either. I think what's hard is that while it is still totally do-able, running never feels effortless and when you're putting that much effort in but not seeing the kind of results you once did, discouragment sets in.

However, last year at this time, I was eating just 21 Points of food a day. HELLO? I'm not here to slam Weight Watchers in the least, but people, I was really hungry last Fall. Real. Frickin'. Hungry. Today, I'm choosing balanced eating over points and crappy processed diet foods. It's all a trade off, right?

So let's turn to the positives. First, I joined a new gym with much lower fees and a pool that is to die for, mainly for its many open lanes and equally open schedule.


I've been going on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, swimming 50 minutes each time, even hitting the hour mark one day last week. Swimming is kind to my body and it's an activity that I actually enjoy.

But by "enjoy," I should add this caveat: if you told me I could be fit and thin by never working out again, I can't lie: it would be tempting. For those of you who are active, you KNOW that most of the time it's not automatic. Yes, the habit of working out becomes more so over time, but it's not without constant effort on your part.

The thing that I'm most proud of this year is that even though I've traveled through some serious Valleys of Little Mojo, I have still managed to keep moving.

True, there are things I'm not quite latching onto yet, such as lifting heavy things a.k.a. weight training, but my focus and commitment have surprised even myself. The girl who used to rely on the Phillip Morris company to keep her thin gets her move on six days a week. Hot damn!

And I'm really happy to have left this girl behind for now, the one who back in December of 2009, liked to hid behind people in photos.


And her really oily skin. Must have been all those chips.

Enough of my yakkin'! Let's look at my layout for this month:


SUPPLIES: Move More Eat Less 8.5 x 11 template (Cathy Zielske)Just Linens No. 1 Paper Pack (Michelle Martin) • a scan of kraft cardstock • Avenir font

JOURNALING READS: If I could go back in time, back to January 2010 to when this very first shot was taken, you know what I’d do? Put the toilet seat down. Like for reals. Welcome to Month 22. During September, I focused less on calorie counting and more on eating balanced meals and snacks every day. I would say I hit the target about five days out of the last 30. I don’t see this as a negative statistic, however. September has seen some good changes. I joined a new cheaper gym with a way nicer (and almost always empty) pool and I’m on week four of three swims per week. I decided to cut back to three runs, swapping the fourth for a swim day. I ain’t gettin’ any younger here people. The pool is kind to my body, even if my swim suit isn‘t.

I’m up a half of a pound from last month, so essentially I’m even steven. I’ve been struggling with running a bit this month, but I think it’s just that whole settling into the reality that it’s not new and shiny anymore; it’s just something I do. Not that my runs have been bad, they haven’t. Just not as inspired. I’m trying to really focus on the fact that I’m sitting here writing about how running 65 miles in September was uninspired. Hello? Who am I these days anyway?

This month also saw me enjoying activities and food out and about. Movies with popcorn, dinners at the Outback Steak House and Chili’s, and so on. I still want to eat well, but I don’t want to be that girl, the one who doesn’t go anywhere or do anything that involves extra calories. I am not interested in that level of black and white anymore. This very fact as a sign of true progress and peace. So I carry on…

I think I need to fess up to something, that I'm certain most of you know about these before and after pics: I always stand up really straight and suck in my gut as hard as I can.

Now, in January 2010, I couldn't suck any of it in. It was what it was. Still… I thought I should be honest. See, I've got a belly.


Even this shot is a bit more on the flattering side. When I sit down, all hell breaks loose.


Yep. Just me, my belly, a camera and a toilet.

I'm all for keeping it real, y'all.

I just like to make sure I'm presenting a fair and balanced picture to you people.

Speaking of fair and balanced pictures and you people, how are you people doing on the journey to Move More and Eat Well? Let the comment converstation begin!


Last month, I offered a free download of the new logo for Move More Eat Well. Click here to find that post and download the new logo for your templates.


Want to learn more about Move More Eat Less 2011? Click here to learn more about the concept.

I've also started a flickr group for Move More Eat Less. Feel free to start sharing your pages. You will find the group by clicking here.


INSPIRATIONAL LISTENING: I'm officially hooked on the Dishing Up Nutrition podcast, produced by the wonderful team at Nutritional Weight and Wellness. In fact, this show is a key reason why I'm changing my approach to Eating Well. These podcasts are free and you can subscribe through iTunes. Take a minute to browse some of the show topics and see if something jumps out at you. I know some of you have told me this show is really making a difference in how you view your overall dietary efforts. One warning: some of the ladies sound really Minnesotan. It's sort of charming, really.


Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Well October 2011

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    When it comes to things like movie popcorn and the occasional dinner out, I always think, “You have to live your life.” Otherwise, what’s all the hard work for?

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    You always make me smile! I’m struggling with my workouts right now. My mood is in the toilet and I know I need to workout to improve that, but my mood is winning right now. It is a challenge to keep up what is good for us, but I guess that is what makes success so sweet!! Thanks for the morning encouragement.

  3. #3

    Thank you. I have had the crappiest month ever last month and finished it off by being sick. I was sitting here, arguing with myself about why I didn’t have to go do my three miles this morning, the malaise almost won, but after I hit post comment I am getting up, putting on my workout clothes and heading out.

    You rock on so many levels Cathy!

  4. #4

    My workout funk, aka the bad month, has lasted for 90 days now! As my 14 yo daughter tells me about running Cross Country….”you have to remember to take a deep breath and reset”!!! So my goal is to shake out the arms, take a deep breath, relax, ‘reset’, and keep moving forward!! Thanks for the inspiration Cathy!! 🙂

  5. #5

    Thanks for the new pose…I shall forevermore sit with my head slightly tilted and resting in my hand. It won’t look weird if I am standing, right?

  6. #6
    Lisa Russo

    You’re doing good, my friend. You’re at the ‘finding balance’ stage where you realize starving isn’t worth it, but neither is stuffing yourself full of M&Ms daily (although we’d all love to!).

    You’re eating things you enjoy in moderation while keeping your body active and fit. Finding a balance that works for YOU and YOUR LIFE.

    You know I love the gym – I’m once again at one I love and I’m there 5 days/week (I do love lifting weights tho – you know I’m going to keep on you to keep trying!). I also love wine and pasta and butter. So I enjoy all the things I love. Am I a size 4? No. But can I hop on my bike and ride 30 miles? Yes. I’ll take the latter over the former and be happy about it. 🙂

  7. #11

    Good words, my friend. And yes, Im realizing, as I get my suit on this morning and get my gym bag ready, this IS part of my life. Its all about the balance. What gym you at now? The Y? Or a new one?

  8. #12

    I always look forward to these posts Cathy and all the comments you get on them. So many fun fans you have to support you as you support us.

    Thanks for keeping it real for us and honest is what I love about you. Aidan is right you are cute when you tilt your head!! How cute you are in your hats also, me not so much.

    Ok honestly for me this month is that I’m not that thrilled with going to the track anymore. Been too lazy this month and only gone 3/4 times I think. That’s pretty low for me who use to go everyday. Need someone to kick my butt and get me out the door. Something has to start happening since winter is coming and I’ll be stuck inside for most of it. Going to keep trying though and get myself out there and move more.
    Soup is my all time favorite food, could live on that alone forever!!
    Hope you have a good month and thanks for sharing this journey with us.

  9. #13

    I love the timing of your posts…After training for my first 5k (inspired after yours last year WRTC) and excersing so consistently it is hard not to throw your arms in the air and just give up afer not loosing anything for months and just sitting at the same weight.I just keep telling myself some day it has to change and hopefully it happens before the freezing temps of MN hits us or I may have bigger problems ;).

  10. #14
    Mary Jo

    I just wanted to say I think you look amazing and healthy! And you have been an inspiration to so many people!! I just turned 40 this year and you have shown me that it is possible to lose weight, be fit and healthy.

    My plan was to work on one healthy goal each month while trying to exercise more consistently and eat smaller portions with less sugar in my diet. And I agree, it is effort! But so worth it some days 🙂 My first healthy goal in September was to drink more water and eliminate soda. And it worked! I figure I can do anything for a month :)And by not cutting things out completely “forever” I feel I have greater chance of success!
    October’s goal is sleep! Be in bed by 11pm every school night! That may seem late to some, but for this person going to bed at 12:30-1pm most nights, I think make a huge difference! We’ll see how that goes at the end of October. 🙂

  11. #16

    First, thank you for sharing so honestly. You are impacting so many lives through your story–not to mention your own!

    Second, you are dang funny lady. Sometimes reading your blog is just what I need to get in the right frame of mind. Thank you for putting it all out there.

    I’m currently trying to figure out my workout plan. Like many, I’m not a huge fan of working out, so instead I have to be disciplined. I’m looking for what will keep me fit and engaged. Hearing your story reminds me that it is a process.

    Finally, you look so healthy and beautiful. The older photo is a good reminder of how different our whole body looks.

    Have a great day-you deserve it!

  12. #17

    I think you are looking quite svelte these days! Thanks for sharing the “real” experience….it certainly helps to keep me inspired.

  13. #18
    Mary Mitchell

    My crazy life of living in one state and driving 2 days every four to six weeks to visit my husband working in another state has really put a crimp in my workout schedule. I just keep trying to ” reset” myself when I can catch a breath and tell myself I will forever be a work in progress.

  14. #19
    Becky H

    Cathy you brightened my Monday. We are now getting the cooler temps here in Va. Beach,VA after last week still being in the 80’s. I am going out tomorrow to be fitted for good walking shoes and I am off. Thank you so much for letting me know about Dishing Up Nutrition, I have my mom listening also and it is so informative. thanks again for keeping it real and letting us come along on your journey.

  15. #20

    Ditto on the running bit. Not new and shiny, just something we do. And yay for the real shot! 🙂
    Go u!

  16. #21

    Thanks for the hat comment. I always think i look weird, with such short hair. : ) I dream of a pony tail flapping in the wind behind me.

  17. #22

    I think its called a plateau, right? Im a little worried about winter too. I always really love running outside and then November hits. Ouch! Hang in there, Kelli!

  18. #23

    Wow, Mary Jo, such a SENSIBLE approach. I agree with you. Trying one thing at a time is a great plan. And getting soda out of your repertoire is SO good for you. Keep it up!

  19. #24

    Thanks so much, and YES, it is a process, and one you kind of have to really force yourself to dive into. Ill never be one to say, OH I LOVE EXERCISE! but I do love what the side effects are, and even when its not weight loss, it has changed my entire temperament. SO much calmer thanks to exercise.

  20. #26

    I’ve read your blog for years (which in a slightly creepy way makes me feel I sorta know you). I just want to chime in and say today, “Bravo for encouraging women to be healthy and accepting of their bodies at the same time.” It seems rare that those two elements fall in line together. I fuss with the same 10 pounds…up and down…over the years, but I’ve come to realize that when I’m 10 pounds up I’m still a happy, healthy, productive, valuable person. And why in the heck did it take me 40 years to figure that out? Slow learnin’ over here.

  21. #27

    Well, I can only swim for 15 minutes at a time..then I’m really bored. I am very impressed with you! It is really the best exercise…keeps you flexible. I do need to get back to the gym…

  22. #29

    Every time I see your Twitter post about running for miles — I do an inner cheer. I am currently trying to traverse that hardest distance of all — the ten feet from the couch to the recumbant exercise bike. I know I need to get there, and often, but am still pretending to tie my shoes and find a matching scrunchie. Metaphorically, ya’ know. 🙂

  23. #31

    For some reason, repetitive stuff like lap swimming never bores me. Im too preoccupied with trying to count how many laps Im on. Keeps me busy, and sometimes, frustrated because I lose count!

  24. #32

    I started reading your blog many moons ago for the scrapbooking, but I keep coming back for the healthy-ness. Because of you, I started listening to Dishing Up Nutrition. I was shocked to hear there was a way to lose weight that didn’t involve counting points for the rest of my life! I signed up for a class and am now two weeks in. I’ve given up pop (soda for the non-Minnesotans) and am discovering the joy of real FOOD. You know, the stuff that doesn’t come out a box or from a drive-through restaurant 🙂 Thanks again for the encouragement and entertainment along the way!

  25. #33
    Kristi K.

    Thanks for sharing, Cathy! You have tremendous courage for letting us get to know you, no matter your “real” shape and size. I’m coming to grips with the fact that my 40+-year body just won’t bounce back to its twentyish shape or size. One of the previous posters said she’s been trading 10 pounds back and forth, and that’s exactly my issue, too. Here’s to all of us finding the right balance in our lives!

  26. #34

    Kelly, that is so awesome! Which class are you taking? I really want to do the 12 week one, so Im trying to save some money to do it in the spring! Good for you!

  27. #35

    Hey Cathy! I am just back from running my first 1/2 marathon (at Disney World!!!) and while it was a blast it was far from effortless:) I don’t think running is ever going to feel that way for me and I think I’m okay with that. However, I will say that I think having a goal, other than weight loss, makes my running more fun. Everyone kept telling me how I would cry when I finished the race but I have to tell you that I laughed hysterically! First, I was just laughing because I had an out-of-body experience at mile 11 and was pretty sure my thighs were NOT going to make it to the finish line with me and secondly it dawned on me during the race that I AM A RUNNER:) Now, granted it took me 2 1/2 hours to run that 1/2 marathon and I did not look like a gazelle doing it, but at the age of 47 I did it. So maybe I am on a post running/Disney high but I want to encourage you to push yourself and maybe you’ll enjoy the accomplishment more than the actual activity:)

  28. #36

    Although I don’t run, I’m with ya on the “50 miles for October” thing … one mile [walking] down today; I hope to get up to 50 in a month, but as I’ve seen written many times “baby steps start the process” and that’s what I’m doing for this month … baby steps that equal a mile every other day this week – and we’ll see what’s in store for next week. 😉

  29. #37

    “…For those of you who are active, you KNOW that most of the time it’s not automatic. Yes, the habit of working out becomes more so over time, but it’s not without constant effort on your part…”

    Thanks for saying that. I am casual friends with a group of mutant freaks who adore working out. They run together several times a week, train for half marathons, meet for classes, and talk about how when they don’t work out, they miss it. I always feel like such a loser because I NEVER seem to get that endorphin rush, and my only thought after a workout is, “how long can I go before I have to do that again?” Clearly NOT the best attitude to have, ha!

    Last spring I had a ‘mommy makeover’ …. tummy tuck, breast reduction, etc, to repair the damage done from six pregnancies. And although I have started working out (walking, for me) and feel so much better physically, it is still not the wonderful feeling I thought it would be, and I find myself, six months down the pike, getting lazy again. Thanks for the reminder that despite that minority who truly do love it, for most of us, working out requires effort and stick-to-it-ive-ness. Thanks for that!!

  30. #38

    Oh Cassie, that made me giggle… the out of body experience at mile 11! Good on YOU woman.

    I think too, maybe I need to set my sights on a half in march here in the Twin Cities. Just to have that goal.

    Congrats. A half marathon is a BIG frickin deal!

  31. #40
    Christine H

    Just passed my two year mark of eating healthy, started the moving more part 18 months ago…100 pounds down, 30 to go….but have had that 30 to go for almost a year now…but I’m ok with that because I am not going up and staying up…i gain a few, lose a few….was on retreat with my youth group this weekend…smores, pancakes, chips…back to salmon and veggies last night. It’s all good! Keep up the good work. You are certainly helping me keep perspective. Thanks!

  32. #41

    Kristie, I rarely get any endorphin high myself. Honestly. In fact, i think the only time Ive felt that was after the 2nd 5K I ran, but I also felt like i was going to pass out at Mile 2 from running too fast. : )

    I will say that if i miss a run or swim, I DO lament it. I do know that if i start letting it slip, it will slide right away before I know what happens! Ive only had two weeks this year without much exercise. Both weeks, I was pretty sick. Keep up that walking! If you have an iPod, download some podcasts you like (try Dishing Up Nutrition, my new fave!) and the time will just fly by. Sort of . ; )

    Keep it up!

  33. #43
    Jennifer Levin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping it so real!! I love this update, I always look forward to it. I’m just beginning the “action” phase of this “move more, eat well” concept (Lord knows I’ve been in the “contemplation” phase for A LONG TIME!), and I’m thinking that documenting it the way you have will help.

    I always love seeing what you’re up to. Thanks for the Monday inspiration and a good laugh, too!

  34. #44

    Cathy, I got a new iPhone. I realize it has nothing to do with this post, but I knew you would appreciate it! All I have to say is why did I wait so long for this wondrous item?

  35. #46

    I so love that you keep it real Cathy! You are still working out and staying healthy and that’s motivational. I’m guilty of not taking monthly pictures to see my progress. But I have my measurement log each month and a daily weight log. I’m just feeling a little less motivated right now…think it’s the cooler weather making me feel like hibernating:D

  36. #47

    Your honesty and humor are an inspiration to so many! Also love your love of soups! I always can’t wait for fall to make my first of many batches of your Jason’s Chililicious!! Please share any good, healthy soup recipes you come along!

  37. #48

    thank you Jesus for people like you that tell the truth and make me laugh! I, too, have perfected the sucking in turning sideways and know all too well the feeling of all hell breaking loose when I sit!! You are speaking my language! I get so frustrated when I hear “new” dieters talk about loosing weight because they simply started to walk down their street. I want to stomp my feet and yell, “but I ran 6 miles and I haven’t lost an ounce!” And then I remember that I am 47 and I CAN run 6 miles and I read your blog and have a nice little reality check. Now I am off to make some soup! xoxox

  38. #49

    I am WITH you. I was thinking about doing a post about my phone, if only for the reason that it has changed the way I wait forever. I dont mind waiting for anything now. I mean, heck, I can play Words with Friends. Congrats!

  39. #51
    Nina Christensen

    I love reading your MMEW posts. Even if I’m in complete denial about my own chub/fitness situation. Just not ready to deal with it yet.

    I have to ask one thing though: Isn’t it weird that your toilet faces a mirror? That’d freak me out. 🙂

    Anyways. You’re a great inspiration. You really give me hope that I could one day enjoy exercise too. Or at least acknowledge and enjoy the results.

  40. #53

    Nina, I have a somewhat weird old house, and the bathroom was remodeled in the 1970s. They did some wacky things, so yes, every time I answer natures call, I have to literally FACE reality. ; )

  41. #54
    katie squires

    I want to run over across the border and hug you..the pic of you sitting on the crapper 🙂 LORD LOVE YOU! You are a most real and BEAUTIFUL person! Seriously!

    Ok so for starters the ‘old’ pic…I don’t even recognize that girl! WHo is that? I bet she seems foreign to you too.

    I love that your embracing eating well, balanced, wholesome foods…21 points..yikes..that makes me hungry…you have LEARNED SO MUCH…what works for you…you have navigated these waters and even if the waves still get rough…you seem to be on the right path. You continue to inspire me to do better each week.

    Thank-you for being you, all of you 🙂

    PS…I have the same belly and I think I may be learning to love it 🙂 🙂

  42. #55

    Just sittin on the crapper. Oh Katie, that makes me laugh. : ) Right back at you, you fitness machine! You role model you! : ) xo.

  43. #56

    I’ve always been active and exercised regularly, but I still managed to put on about 12 pounds of muffintop chub between the ages of 30 and 42. Yes, I had two babies somewhere in there, but I just couldn’t change the way exercised or ate to shed that extra weight.

    And then it happened. We got a puppy. I get ip and walk her 2-3 km every morning, and sometimes the distance reaches 5 km total over the course of a Saturday or Sunday. This extra little bit on top of my regular workouts seems to be doing the trick. I’ve dropped 4 pounds since we got her in late July, and my pants fit differently. I figure that it took me about 10 years to put it on, so it ain’t gonna come off without some hard work. 🙂

    What say you? Ready for the canine exercise plan? 😉

  44. #58

    *love* this comment!
    (and Cathy, she’s even funnier in real life. My sides hurt real bad when she got me laughing at the crops we used to go to…)

  45. #59

    I know! My husband and I keep saying we really won the dog lottery when we got our sweet girl. She’s so calm and well-behaved. Now if only some of that could rub off onto my boys! 😉

  46. #60

    Reading about your journey is always a great way to start off the month. Love seeing your photo from 2009… you can see how far you’ve come just by your 2011 healthy glow.

    For weight/resistance training, why not try yoga? The trick is to find a class with an instructor you like. there is nothing like yoga for your arms and your tuchus.

  47. #61

    Thanks for Keeping It REAL!!! I so appreciate your honesty. I am struggling due to an injury that has plagued me since January. I was focused this summer, not so much now. I read alot of ‘healthy living blogs’ and it’s so frustrating to see their small portions of salads for dinner and see their ‘splurges’ of one dark chocolate square. And hear them say…Oh, look, I splurged today!! I’ll just run 47 miles tomorrow to work it off!!

    And I love the keeping it real bathroom pics. Thanks for representing real women out there.

  48. #62
    Erica Hettwer

    Honey, even when models sit down, all hell breaks loose! I mean really, when was the last time you saw a swimsuit model sitting, facing the camera head on. Yeah, that’d be never.

    I’m glad you share all the numbers and before and after photos but I’d really love to hear what your doc thinks of all this. That’s got to be some positive reinforcement right there!

  49. #63
    Debbie S.

    Ah…I was looking forward to your post this month, and you never disappoint! Love it! I am no expert, but I think you’re on the right track. Way to go, Cathy! And you look fantastic!!!

  50. #65

    Just done a thirteen hour day on top of 3 hours sleep and I swear I thought you had offered a new logo that said Eat More Move Less.

  51. #67

    Cathy, I admire your commitment to moving more and eating well! I listen to some pod-casts “Fat 2 Fit”, and they have some really interesting ideas about weight loss and healthy eating. I thought you might be interested. They are on iTunes, and free! Yay! I was skeptical at first (they promote eating MORE calories than most diets “allow”), but after two weeks, I am starting to see a downward progression on that darn scale that has been a long time coming! Keep up the good work!

  52. #68
    Susan M

    Thanks for turning me on to the ladies at Weight and Wellness, love them!!! Since listening to them, I’ve finally gone completely gluten-free. I’ve known I’ve had a sensitivity for years (I don’t have celiac), but I was very revisionist about my own intolerance. “Oh, a little cookie? I can have one little cookie, it won’t hurt me.” Well,if you have one little cookie 10 times a day every day, hmmm, that’s something else. Long story short, I’m stomach pain/GERD-free for the first time in years. I love those ladies in all of their Minnesotan accented-ness 🙂

    And I’m so glad you’re fighting the good fight, it is worth it, isn’t it?

  53. #69

    The last photo makes me laugh. That’s kind of how it is when I’m doing core work. When I’m on my back (for crunches, etc) my stomach always seems really flat and toned, then I sit up and hey, there’s the leftovers from three babies. Awesome. One of these days it’ll stay flat. 🙂 I’m impressed with your swimming. That’s one thing I don’t do. But I’ve gotten better at running, I’m up to 3.5 miles (and ran my first race, a leg in a marathon.) I think I’m finally next in line at the library for Run Like a Mother. I’m hoping it’ll inspire me to stick with running, because it is still my least favorite exercise. I love working out, but I would rather do pretty much anything else than run. Love your monthly posts, thanks for sharing it all with us.

  54. #70

    sorry this is not related to your story. I just need some help and don’t know where to get the info. I have purchased your templates and i have photo shop. was working before but now when the template comes up on the screen but i have lost the layers palette. how do i get the laters palette to reaapear. please help.thanking you in advance.

  55. #71

    Hi Cathy, are you still doing POINTS plan on ww because 21 points a day sounds like it. In January 2011 ww launched PRO-POINTS in Australia and I can only assume it is in the states. POINTS and PRO-POINTS yes very similar ie you have a certain amount of points for the week to eat but the PRO-POINTS (the new programme) is along similar lines but all foods got an over haul in points and you get a “Weekly allowance” over and above your daily points to eat/use.

    The old points programme if you needed 10 points to have the thai take-out meal you would have to save 2 points a day for 5 days (and the rest) and/or exercise to get those points. Not long term sustainable because you feel deprived. I was on 20 points per day with the old points system and now with pro-points I get 29 points per day PLUS an extra 49 points to do what I please with over the week, ie the weekend when it’s more challenging. Lets say with the points going up roughly that my old 20 = my new 29 points a day but the extra 49 points is kick ass. Also fruit is zero points which means that if you have a choice of an apple or 10 rice crackers it makes it easier to choose the zero fruit. If they both are 1 point each you choose which one you want whereas you have to think about the points. SO, that being said if you did the points plan see if you can get onto the new PRO-POINTS plan and there is an iphone app as well from ww. The old programme which I thought was great is nothing compared to the way they have worked the new programme. Regards Kathy from Brisbane, Australia

  56. #73

    Arent they great! Im currently trying out their suggestion to take magnesium glycinate before bed to aid with sleep. I think they just have a lot of common sense info!

  57. #74

    Erin, youll love the book. Thats what made me look at running totally differently, going from drudgery to being part of the tribe!

  58. #75

    Kathy, no. I was last year though! The Points Plus as its called here, for some reason, it just never seemed to work for me. I couldnt deal with all the free fruit. : )

  59. #77

    Hi Cathy

    Love love the pic – I used to hate having my photo taken, I always looked so moody until my daughter in law taught me the head tilt and also to laugh out loud, voila, great pics now. That’s not to say that I donit look like a cheshire cat in most of them but at least my grandkids will see they had a happy nana! Only problem, have to whiten the old teeth in photoshop!

    Keep on moving girl, you rock


  60. #78

    I’m doing the 12 week class and it’s great! I’ve been covering the fridge with all the handouts & the cookbook looks awesome. I think the best part is the 2 personal consultations – I have my first this week & I have lots of questions. Tamara & Kirsten are team-teaching my class and both are fabulous. I hope you get to take it in the spring!

  61. #79

    Cathy – return responder here!

    You know a bit or my story…but just wanted to chime in and mention that I went sugar free 10 days ago and have seriously had the most major food paradigm shift ever.

    it was a few days of struggle, but I had had a killer migraine and after seriously barfing all day, I decided what better time to start with a clean slate.

    i am doing a modified Paleo diet (strict Paleo would not work for me) and I am eating healthier, cleaner, and more controlled than ever before. I am serious. Ever.

    I simply cut out white sugar, refined sugar, and all processed foods especially those with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Some people might think it’s hard, but it’s actually super easy. I eat eggs and fruit for breakfast, salads, chicken, meats (including sausage and other meats), TONS of veggies, and allow myself things that I am wanting (that are not sugar) for the rest of my meals/food. It’s low carb but it’s not focused on being low carb.

    Being a catering baker for years, it’s been a bigger shift in my thinking and letting go of my love of baked goods. But, you know what, Cathy, after decades of feeling like crap and not being able to figure out how to stop feeling like crap, I think I’m getting somewhere with this. That part has been hard, because I am really good at baking, but it’s a lot like an alcoholic with alcohol. When I’m around it and tasting it, and eating the finished product, I can’t see the forest for the trees. And, once the baked goods, sugar go in, it changes at a cellular level, and then I can’t think through it because the sugar spike / nosedive / spike / nosedive starts and fogs my reasoning. It is truly a marriage between what we eat and how we process on a biological level that affects our overall well-being. I never believed it until I did this.

    I read A LOT about how carbs block the release of fat in our cells and about how a diet that involves sugar completely messes with our insulin release. That then leads to issues of cravings, metabolic stagnation, and a whole host of other health issues.Funny, we use fake sugar (yes, I WAS the queen of Splenda) and yet, I was getting fatter and feeling crappier and crappier every day.

    Everyone has to find their rhythm. Their thing. Their way to work their health. For me, eliminating sugar has changed everything. The weight is coming off, I’m not hungry anymore because I eat fruits, veggies, nuts, meats, cheese, etc. when I’m hungry instead of pretending 2 fat free cookies (or worse yet, a “nibble” of my homemade cookies which leads to 20 more “nibbles”) is going to satisfy my hunger. I have cut out grains right now, but I will be adding those back in soon. I just wanted to see how it would work if I started “clean”. So far, I’ve never felt this good before. I am not kidding. Never.

    You know what else? I’ve given up “running”. I’m no longer hooked on having to be like everyone else who “runs”. I am now walking, or doing run / walks, and I’m feeling great. The other article I read talked about how exercising changes the way your body processes foods and unless you are really educated about it, or are really a major athlete, we run the risk of actually messing up our metabolism rather than boosting it. Just take a look at the responses you’ve received today about women who run miles and see no change. That says to me that our diets are not in line with our activities, or vice versa. And that we’re exercising too much for our age / ability, and we’re feeding our exhaustion to try and make it through the day.

    Anyway, yet another soap box. Just wanted you to know that I resisted this for many, many years, and I am not going to be a sugar – natzi about it. But, I have eliminated those things from my diet and am only ‘imbibing’ once in a great while. It’s given me a clear head, a healthy body, and confidence that when I ‘treat’ myself, I am able to consider that part of my lifestyle.

    It’s taken this whole food thing, well, off my plate…

    Just wanted to share…

  62. #82

    Wow, Mary. For reals! Everyone thinking about cutting out the sugar (like me!) should read this. I too am learning a lot about insulin, fat production etc. And the idea of a modified Paleo appeals, for sure. Good for you!

    Dang. Im seriously impressed with what youre doing. Keep me posted, please!

  63. #83
    Barb in AK

    Cathy, Thanks for the real-life photo (when you sit down). Sitting, standing, lying down… it makes no difference when looking at my bod in the mirror. I look like I’m 9 months pregnant. I think I should be wearing maternity clothes. They would fit me better!
    I’m working at trying to put less junk in my mouth, but am really, I’m mean REALLY struggling with it. I try to take a walk every day, but as you say, I have to talk myself into it.
    Thanks for being out there and inspiring me. All I can do is keep trying!

  64. #84

    All you can do is to keep trying. Seriously. Every day is a new day. Thats been my approach for a while now. Hang in there, and keep checking back here for more stories from the chub front lines! : )

  65. #85

    OK I think we are similiar in age…. for a totally different reason I came across The Sexy Years by Suzanne Somers. I wonder how much hormones play a part in this struggle once you hit 40. I loved the book and plan to look more into it but I will grab some of her other books about eating and being over 40.

  66. #86

    My Dear Twin: You look beautiful: strong, fit, healthy, toned, athletic. All good. As for that belly, you grew two human beings in there! Embrace that wondrous bit of flesh. I call mine Bella the Belly, aka George’s Old House, and my son loves to poke a sticky finger in it and giggle when it does that bowl-full-of-jelly thing. No matter what my weight, that remnant of his presence is still there (we won’t discuss that when my weight is low, my post-baby belly sticks out further than my post-baby boobs), and I consider it a badge of honor. As for where you are with moving more and eating well, your description reminds me of that bit in Run Like a Mother that compares running to riding an elevator. When you started your chub fight you were on the 10th floor. When you were on 21 points, you were on the ground floor. Both places were temporary. (Much as we would like to think the ground floor could be a permanent place, hungry just isn’t always sustainable, even with free fruit.) Now you’re happily — and quite normally — moving around between the first few floors. Sometimes you’re up a bit, after a carb and sugar fest or a running slump. Sometimes you’re down a bit after a few weeks of steel cut oats and delicious fall soups and the rediscovery of swimming. And mentally, you’re coming to terms with that whole “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” thing and making great strides in learning about nutrition and what works for your body and soul. I think you’re doing very, very well and that you look terrific! Appreciate your honest and regular posts on this topic. Also appreciate the fact that you are still rocking the same pixie cut and glasses as I am!

  67. #87
    Joni Kix-Moore

    Well, Cathy… I just turned 50yrs; I run half-marathons and I finish at least in the top 5% of my age group; I’m 5’1″ tall and 95lbs…. AND I have a BELLY.
    I’m fit. I’m happy. I feel good about myself… belly and all.
    Learn to love the belly!

  68. #88

    This is awesome. I love how you document you, the real you, not the I suck it in all the time (like everyone else does for pictures) you. I keep tossing around doing the project life when it comes out-the new colors are swaying me as is the hope of an iphone on Sprint (easier picture taking, at least in my head). You are such a scrapbooking inspiration! Thanks for the reals, thanks for the ideas, thanks for making it ok to talk about the real stuff. AWESOME.

  69. #89
    Jamie Danford

    Oh I TOTALLY appreciate your Archie Bunker moment on the toilet… for that I will be eternally grateful!
    My journey is KICKING ASS these days, and I am feelin’ all sexified in my new juniors size 9 jeans. Heck, I even bought a pair of slutty boots to go with ’em. Hizzle to the yizzle baby!! 😉

  70. #90
    Pilbara Pink

    I totally second everything you said Mary – I have the same experience. Yes, it was awful initially but by persevering for a few days I found myself sleeping better (actually looking to go to bed early), thinking more clearly, being more even tempered and so on. I also cut grains and have found only more improvements. I eat the same dinner as my family most nights – minus a couple of items at most. Meat, veges and dairy are our dinner staples anyway. I think part of this change is that I don’t have to consider how much of something with sugar or grain I will eat – I don’t. I eat as much as I want of the things I do eat – meat, dairy, veges, berries, nuts, fats and eggs mostly. It is hard not to be evangelistic when you feel so much better and don’t fight cravings all the time 🙂 I also `wog’ walk and jog, alternating as the mood strikes me. Many days I feel so good I jog – for the first time in my 49 years believe it or not!!!

  71. #93

    Cathy, I just love reading these posts. Partly for your humor and realism, partly for the amazing outpouring you get from complete strangers, and partly for your enthusiastic response to those strangers! You are an amazing, honest inspiration. I loathe going to the gym, but I go every day. Your posts really help. Just wanted to thank you.

  72. #94

    OK – I’ve joined the bandwagon. I’ve finally decided I’ve had enough of the kilo-creep and weighing a lot more than I did at full term with my second, and NOT being pregnant now, is just not OK. I’ve resisted the weight-loss industry for a very long time because I didn’t want to pay someone for the pleasure of telling me what I already knew.

    Today is Day 3 of Weight Watchers for me. Just tracking the food the last few days has been a revelation – it’s quite amazing that the things I’ve thought of as healthy options just aren’t so much.

    I haven’t got a workout plan yet – that will come. I feel like I’ve taken the first step in a very long journey.

    Thanks for the inspiration you’ve provided through this “series” of yours. I’ve been watching with amazement at your transformation. I love that you are honest enough to show the “real” you – and even more impressed you know how to take the super flattering shots 😉 I hope to see some kind of similar transformation over the next few months and years.

  73. #95

    Good for you Kelly! Hang in there and remember: baby steps. Baby steps, but stick with it to the best of your ability! And dont forget: get a before shot now. You might find it to be motivating later!

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