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    Totally adorable!!! And I can’t help but notice that camera strap!! Did she cover that herself?! Love the polkadots! πŸ™‚

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    lynne moore

    ahhh, so does my (teenaged) small child…. only she takes self portraints that are way-cooler than my pix of her….

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    i love seeing this – gives me hope that my 13 yr. old daughter and i might not butt heads forever!

    you can see that aidan is definitely her own person – she rocks her own style – but, man, does anyone else think she is also a chip off the ole block? seriously – you could line her up with all the great young women in the world and it would STILL be clear she is her momma’s daughter!

    and i gotta get me one of them straps, yes sir!

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    She is adorable. :)I also agree on wanting you to be my mom, however I am 44 and that would be weird right? LOL

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    She does. Stinkin’ cute. I’ve loved ‘watching’ her grow up through your pics and scrapbooks pages and books. Your kids are fab, as are their parents! πŸ˜‰

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    You know, I feel lucky with this one. She was a spitfire from age 2.5 to around 9. Then, all of a sudden, she chilled out. : ) Like I said, LUCK.

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    Sandy Ellis-Brye

    Awesome, definitely! They grow up so fast, don’t they? Thank goodness for scrapbooking to capture all the amazing moments of their growing up journey.

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    Aidan is totally her mother’s daughter in appearance! I am always amazed at the way personality shines so clearly through a photograph… she’s quite confident and amused by the world. Love her beaming life-force.

    thank you so much for sharing your family with the world.

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