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Sigh. My favorite holiday of the year is now but a distant, insulin-spiked memory. But yesterday, while fueled on Halloween cheer and fun sized Reese's Peanut Butter cups, I had an idea for a page: A Carving Retrospective.

Most years, I shoot the kids carving their pumpkins. I thought it would be cool to gather photos from several years of them performing this time-honored tradition.

I designed a simple grid and then went into my digital photo library to pull out shots from all the October carvings I could find. My digital library only goes back to 2004, so I decided that would be the cutoff.

Come on. You know you want to say it with me: oh, for cute!


Oh. My. Goth. I adore this page.

And I'd like you to make one too!

If you click on the PDF link below, you'll get a two page file. On one page, there's  a printable grid with dotted lines, and on the second page, mini dates and two different trimmable squares that say "A Carving Retrospective". Everything comes with trim marks, to make cutting them out simple. All you have to do to finish the page is find and trim photos to 2 inches square.


If you're a 12 x 12 scrapbooker, design this page as is, and mount it onto a 12 x 12 piece of black cardstock, or halloween themed patterned paper. Oh, for totally cute!

Add in a few squares of Halloween themed paper and you are golden.

Here's the download:

Download CZ_FreeHalloweenies

Just a little post-Halloween hangover love from me, to you.



Patterned Paper: Apothecary Emporium Collection (Echo Park) (Skull & Bones, Striped Toad, Haunted Forest)

Word Art: Spooky Sentiments Brushes and Stamps (Cathy Zielske)

White Cardstock: Orange Peel Texture (Bazzill Basics)



Coming this weekend to the Designer Digitals store is a new Halloween word art set, if you're in need of some spooky sentiments for your Halloween pages.


Check back tomorrow for November's installment of Move More, Eat Well.


Cathy ZielskeA post-Halloween free download for you

28 Comments on “A post-Halloween free download for you”

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    You ROCK!!! You are the BEST!! I love grids and love love this one!! YES IT IS CUTE!! How simple this is and perfect to see some carvings from all the past Halloweens. All your pictures are fun and I love the little PP you used also.

    This year we didn’t even get pumpkins yet so no carving this year,it’s always my favorite part too. Going in and ripping out all the cold, squishy guts and toasting up some seeds. hhmmmm maybe we will do a after Halloween carving this year.

    Thanks sooooo much Cathy. Will give this a try!

  2. #2

    Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes! Our first Halloween ‘in Oz’ and our “American Pumpkin” cost $25. Deserves documentation. Deserves a medal. Deserves to be covered in gold leaf, quite frankly as our homesicky selves hugged that wondrous pumpkin and then carved the guts right out of it.
    Perfectly timed and perfectly fun and lovely. Thanks!

  3. #3

    Oh very very cute indeed! Thanks so much Cathy, we have only recently been able to purchase decent enough to carve pumpkins in Dubai, but I’ve certainly enough photos to make this page (and er probably about ten more, LOL!).

  4. #7
    Amanda J.

    Thank you so much for the download! I have lots of pumpkin carving pictures :). Thanks again!

  5. #11

    Thank you for the adorable download. Maybe I can distract myself with it while not thinking of the snickers lurking in my pantry.

  6. #15

    Gorgeous as always. I was thinking it’s too bad I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I clicked on your PDF. I love that grid. I can totally use it.

  7. #21
    Donna C

    Thanks for the template – I had been thinking of doing a page on the different pumpkin designs we’ve done over the years – this will be perfect!!!

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