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Last week, I was digging through boxes of old photos and found many a gem, including the photo I'm about to share with you. I was 20-ish, perhaps. And my skin was a white as the freshly fallen snow.


Good Lord.

It took me a while to place the location and the reason for this shot.

Location? Dallas, Texas.

Reason? Documentation of a hair cut for my stylist.

Earrings? Did not belong to me.

Eyebrows? Had not yet discovered the true joy of plucking and shaping.

Neutral lip color? All the rage in 1986.

Constipated lip pout? All my idea.

Sometimes, I love the vantage point from 45. That's all I'm sayin'.

Here's to old photos and blown out skin from the pre-Photoshop years.


Cathy ZielskeFile under: Folly of my youth

20 Comments on “File under: Folly of my youth”

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    Kendra B

    Love it! Let’s see some more!! I love looking thru old photos . . . I can get lost for hours doing that πŸ™‚

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    way to rock those danglers, girl! gotta say, that shot looks like one of the pro shots in those hair books that are at the salon – you know, when you’re trying to ‘splain to your stylist what you want your hair to look like when she’s done with it?!

    i’d give my right arm for great lips – mine disappear when I smile!

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    Oh my goodness… to look this gorgeous in ANY photo! My cousin tells me “you pluck chickens, you TWEEZE eyebrows.” lol! Either way, something I didn’t learn until a kind stylist one day asked me, “So, are we waxing today?” Uhhh… πŸ™‚

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    I love this post and you’ve inspired me to take some of my old photos and relive them, maybe not the ones from the Madonna neon and lace days but there is plenty of food for fodder. Thanks for sharing.

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    Jamie Danford

    Hooo..hooooo… that’s a treasure right there! Man, you’ve got some strong genes. Last week I thought for sure A was a total clone of D, but now I’m thinking she’s yours!

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    jennifer Camplin

    you look gorgeous!

    bet it’s fun to dig out old pictures..

    can see your girl are in you!

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