Welcome back, winter once again

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It's almost here. Winter. When we hole up for the season. And do things inside.

With all this unseasonably warm Minnesota weather of late, it's nearly lulled me into believing it won't get cold and snowy. But it will. It's coming. It's just a matter of time.

With the temps dipping now into the 20s, my old friend the treadmill has rejoined my workout efforts. I'm not very outdoorsy in cooler temps. The last run I did outside, it was just around 30 and the skin of my belly, specifically the chubby parts, was red and chapped and numb. I'm sorry. I like to sweat, not to freeze my chub.

I look at my treadmill as an old friend, truly. When I'm down in the basement, there are several pluses:

1. Water bottle in the bottle holder as opposed to water bottles strapped to my waist.

2. iPod strapped to the treadmill arm as opposed to my arm where it tends to chafe.

3. No fear of strangers jumping out from behind bushes.

4. Climate control. 65 degrees for the entire run.

5. Kleenex everywhere. All the time.

6. Good tunes to keep my mind happy.

The way I look at it, I like to sweat. I like to move my body and feel alive. I like the clarity that settles over my brain after a 5 mile run, regardless of where it takes place.

I love that no matter how cold it is outside, I'm in compression shorts and a tank top.

Running in place.

With that, I have to share a song that always makes me smile when it comes on my shuffle mix. In fact, the songs on Owl City's Ocean Eyes are some of my all-time running faves. Mostly because of their light, airy, happy feel. It's hard to feel like you're slogging through a workout with that much light coming through your headphones.

But this one always feels right when winter is just around the corner. In fact, it's all about winter, and Adam Young should know, he lives just a hour south of me.



Cathy ZielskeWelcome back, winter once again

26 Comments on “Welcome back, winter once again”

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    What a great read for this morning, love hearing about your trusty old treadmill friend. I’m with you on running out in the cold, not for me either.

    Just have to ask what Aidan was painting, love seeing all those paints and the holder for them???

    Thanks for sharing and for the chuckle this morning.

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    Kendra B

    OMGosh that’s a cute video!! Love it!! And I hope winter eventually shows up around here . . . the high today is 78. I know most people love that, but to me that’s hot. I’m ready to cool down!!! Oh, and #5 VERY IMPORTANT!!! LOL

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    I love that someone else enjoys running to Owl City! I actually learned to run this summer by using a playlist built entirely of Owl City songs. You’re exactly right about his music! Songs are happy and light, sometimes really funny, and they don’t let you get down on yourself or take your run too seriously. I’m glad to know a fellow newbie runner enjoys the same pleasure that I do!

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    Kass Hall

    Woman, I just saw you in September and I saw no chub on you at all!! You’re smokin hawt!

    Me? I worked my ass off at the gym for 3 months, lost 3 kilos only then put it back on. To reach my goal weight I had to get freakin cancer!!! Lol however, I am now a fox like you. Be nice to your treadmill, it’s your friend!!!!

    Love ya xx

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    I almost blew past the song today – am at work and have a ton to do, but decided to “just catch a minute”. Ended up listening / watching the whole thing. What a great song!

    I have been the outdoor runner, but H.A.T.E. to be cold. Am trying to decide if I buy a treamdill for our basement or if I just try to hit the gym here at the college where I work. I know that if I don’t have one at home, there will be days where I don’t get to the rec center, but on the other hand, I’ve had problems with a few treads in my time and hate paying for someone to come fix it.

    So, hmmm… Guess I could ask Santa to bring one for me. In my book, that kind of ranks up there with asking for a vaccuum or washing machine. And based on my sweets consumption on Thanksgiving, I would probably do best to get on the schtick and just buy one!

    Can’t wait to check out more Owl City music!

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    Lindsay J

    My 10 year old daughter loves Owl City’s ‘fireflies’ and bounces around the house when she hears it. You’ve given me an excellent idea for an Xmas pressie for her in the form of ‘Ocean Eyes’ thanks Cathy!

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    Go go go, Missus Zee! πŸ™‚

    I started zumba a few weeks ago. Since my gastric band surgery on August 25th, I lost 46 pounds!

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    Man I wish I could embrace the treadmill like you. I love running outside, until it gets cold and then I do not love it. Yet I’ve never been able to run on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes, bored out of my mind. I’ve tried music and movies to no avail. Ugh!

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    Kim Colledge

    After listening, I went to Amazon and listened to samples from the whole album while on my stationary bike. I have been looking for something to help me get on that thing and thanks to you I know what purchase I am going to make. You are awesome, Cathy, and such an inspiration. Can’t wait to start Move More, Eat Well at BPC.

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    Thanks so much for introducing me to music I’ve never before heard of! (I feel a little less old, and a little more on trend – ha ha!) Love the photo of your daughter foregrounded by the sunflowers – very happy. Cheers.

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    Yup, me too. Loving my treadmill in the Minnesota basement specially beacuse I have 100 mile goal to meet before Christmas and if I want to keep up, I sometimes have to run at 9:00 at night πŸ™
    Thanks for the music link, I look forward it during my next run πŸ™‚

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    Wendy Hammer

    I love the photo! Good for you for keepin’ up your fitness at home even in the winter. I myself, have to go to the gym or it isn’t happening. Good thing I love it! πŸ™‚

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    she was painting an assignment for school. and those bins? they came from IKEA years ago. They dont make them anymore which is a bummer. They are the best!

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    Apparently I have been under a rock and have never heard of Owl City. You have opened my eyes (ears?) -time to change up the old morning playlist. I don’t look forward to bringing the runs indoors, either

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    Nicole Hoffman

    I just learned of Owl City from Stacy Julian and now you. So excited to download some of their music. I’m with you on being a fair weather exerciser, despite descending from a mother who goes out 6 days a week unless there is lightning or too much ice

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