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Digging through some old photos yesterday while searching for sporty shots of me from my youth (I found zero, for the record) I came across some old photos of Dan and specifically, this one:


This was my husband in high school, pictured with his dad, Dan Sr., and their weimeraner puppy, Mooksie 2. (Mooksie 1 met an untimely end, as it seems did many of the pets in Dan's life.) In fact, I'm not even sure how long Mooksie 2 was around, but I digress…

What struck me about this photo was not the adorable puppy, or the crazy man-stache on Dan's dad, or even the fresh, adorable youth of my high school hubby, but the sweater—the vintage sweater.

Dan scored that sweater from his moustache-sportin' father. And because Dan never throws anything away, his daughter has the tendency to do the exact same thing: score old sweaters from his collection.

I found this shot from a few years back, the last time I documented Aidan in this particular sweater, though she's worn it many times just this year.


Interestingly enough, Aidan walked into my office yesterday, glanced at that photo of Dan and told me that her first thought was, "What photo of me is that?"

And this concludes our story of clothing that spans generations, daughters that resemble fathers, and the fact that they just don't make 'em like they used to.

Cathy ZielskeWhat goes around…

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    Jeannette P

    Wow, that sweater looks like it is still in pretty good condition. Amazing that it is still around & that you noticed it in that pic. Aidan looks a lot like Dan but I must say, I can see you in her as well.

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    I am not sure what it says about me, but the absolutely first thing I noticed about the photo is what appears to be the arm of a cabbage patch doll…almost as classic as the man-stache and the sweater.

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    This is what I live most about scrapbooking!
    Making connections between the generations.
    Cathy – your grandchildren will wear that sweater!

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    Beth Rang

    Wow, I always think of her as looking like you, but this does look like her in the photo of Dan. It also looks a little bit like a pre-megamuscled version of the kid who plays Jakob in the Twilight movies (Taylor Lautner, sp?)

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    Um, almost a little creepy. (and I totally saw that doll’s arm first as well!) Ask Dan about the car in the background- beautiful detail on the window. 🙂

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    Cute picture & love the two-generations sweater. : ) I still have (though don’t wear these days) a grey orlon sweater from the 1950s that both my mother AND my uncle wore. I found it my mom’s drawer when I was about 14 & started wearing it… I considered it my “lucky” sweater & wore it for every exam I wrote through high school &b university. There are plenty of pictures of me in it; will have to look to see if there’s one of mom or my uncle!

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    I hope you are going to scrap those photos! Some of my favourite pages are those that span generations. So great…and so cute!

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    THREE generations. ONE sweater. Sweet!

    Our family passes around the furniture. A junior dining room set is on its third generation in our family. It originally came from my mother’s sister’s in-laws so it’s a four generation set already.

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    I snagged a sweater from my dad’s closet before I moved away and I still wear it every year—it’s a classic, and Minnesota-made, too : )

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    Very interesting and fun read 🙂
    I am one of those daughters who used to raid dad’s closet instead of mum’s… I am glad that I have company

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    what an awesome post – first because the pic is SO retro (who’d have thought WE’D be retro!) and second, because that sweater ROCKS! how cool that it is being passed down. and total chuckles about aidan wondering if it’s her in the pic!

    love coming to your blog each day, but i must say, after my daily dose, i feel like i want to quit my job, enroll in witness protection (so no one interrupts me!), hole up somewhere far, far away and work on dig-scrapping until my 1000’s of photos are memorialized!

    gonna be in eagan next week visiting the in-laws. we gotta meet up sometime. seriously.

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    scrapper al

    That sweater rocks! What kind of coffee pot/pitcher/box is Aidan holding? It looks like it has a latch in front or is that a decorative element? My really bad eye can’t tell, lol.

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    Shari Rohde

    Only Aidan could pull that off. She is adorable and has a way of making every vintage find look adorable as well. : )

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    Mary Kay

    Loved this post on so many levels!

    What a great picture of Dan and his Dad and the puppy. I hope Mooksie 2 was around for a while.

    Three generations wearing one sweater is just awesome.

    Aidan looks great in it and I think she looks a lot like you. Which is a compliment to both of you! 🙂

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    Mary Kay, just between you and me? Mooksie 2 wasnt long for the world either. Their family had a hard time keeping pets alive.

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