A message for you from my basement (and technically me)

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Well people, we're winding down here for Twenty-Eleven. The holidays will soon be wrapping up and of course, the New Year is literally just around the corner of this week.

I am recovering from the gluttony of Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day. And this is a time that I'm all too familar with: the time in year's past when I'd say: Okay, on the 1st, I'm done!

Done smoking! Done overeating! Done not exercising! Done swearing! (Wait, scratch that one…some things might be a bit to hard to give up.) Done wasting time on the Internet! (Okay, clearly I need to move on from the 'done' list).

A few years back, I really did make a change in January 2010. Or at least, I started on the path toward said change. And it was the best thing I've done for myself in years.

Today, I have a short video message for you from Ye Olde Basement Studio. I know many of you are signed up for Move More, Eat Well 2012 and I'm so, so looking forward to getting the ball rolling on January 1! I've been reviewing the class materials this week so everything will be ready to go on the First.

If you're on the fence, I'm here to invite you to jump off and join in. No one expects perfection in this class, but if you're really ready to dive in and see about making changes in your life, why not join those of us in this online community who are doing just that!

Click here for more information on Move Move, Eat Well 2012. If you sign up soon, you'll be able to join in for an exclusive video chat today (Thursday) at Big Picture at Noon ET. Think of it as a sort of pep rally kick off before class actually starts.

Just so you know, registration is going to remain open for nearly all of 2012. You might not be ready to do it just yet, so you can jump in at any time. And for those of you worried that you might fall behind in this workshop, here's the deal: this is about changing your life, not about keeping up with what anyone else is doing. The assignments are totally do-able and really, they're just for you to be clear on where you are and where you are going.

You can make changes. Take if from this ex-chain-smoking, muffin-topped, former couch potato.

True, this is something that no else one but you can do for yourself—and let me tell you, I've tried six ways to Sunday to find a shortcut and there ain't none to be found—but I can promise you that taking care of you is truly one of the best ways to spend some of the hours of your truly amazing life.

Hope to see you in class.

p.s. I apologize for the poor lighing and the high beams in this video. The light? Well, not much could be done but I grabbed the towel to keep it G rated. Ahem… moving right along.

Cathy ZielskeA message for you from my basement (and technically me)

53 Comments on “A message for you from my basement (and technically me)”

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    Love this Cathy and the way you inspire us. YOU ROCK!! I plan on jumping in when I have the extra funds, gotta recover from the holidays first. Thanks so much for teaching this class and encouraging us to jump in.

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    I registered this morning and plan to work on the pre-class assignments this week. In between hitting the gym, of course. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    I have my page protectors, my album, some fun orange paper, and my pre-class work completed. Bummed that I won’t be able to make the chat tomorrow. See you on the first.

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    Juliann, there are four more chats scheduled for the rest of the year, and Im not 100% sure, but im guessing they too will be video chats!

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    Theresa S.

    Cathy, I am dumb, but do I just go over to BPS and enter the classroom to participate in the chat? I’m Pacific time so I guess it will be happening at 10 AM for me. But where specifically do I go/click to see the chat? Thanks!

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    Theresa, you are not dumb, but this is a good question because in the pre class room, the chat area isnt set up. Let me check with Kayce at bp! Ill get back to you!

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    I’ve got my shoes and a WW meeting on Jan 5th and hope to be back to my mid-December weight by then. Loving the extra kick in the pants.

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    OK Cathy, I’m in! I signed up yesterday. I wasn’t going to do it, because I’m trying to implement a moratorium on scrapbook and photography classes until I finish some projects from previous classes (of course, your Ten Tips for Better Type will be an exception to the moratorium). But since eating well and moving a lot are my main goals for the new year, I decided to join you on your journey. I’m pretty excited, I think writing about my process and keeping track of my progress will motivate me to stick with it. Can’t wait!

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    Hey Theresa, tomorrow there will a be a chat link in the pre classroom! : ) You will just log in and go to the classroom! : )

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    Go Audrey! : ) So glad to have you. Think of this less as a scrapbook class and more of a… well, a life class, I guess. Besides, the whole point is for YOU to focus on taking better care of you. And the better shape youre in mentally and physically, well, just think how good those scrapbook pages will be! ; )

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    madeline St onge

    Thank you so much. You really make me believe I can do this Cathy. Can’t wait to start

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    I’m in. This is just the class for the new ME of 2012 and beyond. I’ve already started back on the regular exercise and eating well – can’t wait for your class to start.
    I do have a question, though. I was just in the BPC classroom and it says the video chat tomorrow is at 12 ET – I thought it was at 12 Central Time. I’m in KS and if it’s at 11 central time (12 ET) then I can’t make it but if it’s at 12 CT I might be able to join. And I really want to be a part of this. Can you clarify the time, please?

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    Cheryl, I know that Scrapbook.com plans to get them back in soon! You can print out your class pieces, put them into a plain page protector for safe keeping until you can order these page protectors. This is something they will continue to carry. Its just with the surge in registrations this week, they have temporarily sold out. They have a Notify Me when they become available option. Theyll email you when they get them in!

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    Katie Scott

    Hey Cathy Zielske – I’m all signed up for your class & am looking forward to it! I also saw your family self portait on facebook & came home from a relaxing day at the office & made my family pose – I’m putting together my Clementine Project Life for 2012 right now. 🙂 Katie.

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    Your class looks like a lot of fun and definitely something on my 2012 list of getting back on track with! I’ve been having trouble accessing the BPS site to sign up. Is there something going on that will not allow access at this time? Thanks!

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    Hey Jeannie, not that I know of. Maybe something is just buggy temporarily? You can always try quitting your browser, then restarting, then trying to access the site! Keep me posted if you cant get there!

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    My six month old finds you delightful, charismatic and captivating. At least I think that’s what he meant when ‘said’ “Hold the boob juice and stop the impending sleep- I gotta watch me some Cathy Zielske” Now the clip is over we are back on track again. 🙂

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    Watching the video today was the push I needed to make this time for ME- we are in the process of moving over the next week but I will be getting stuff together ASAP! Go us!

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    You are just too funny!! Your videos crack me up. I’m going to go check out the class now…sounds like a blast!!

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    Katie Scott

    Cathy – I’m watching the chat after the fact – looks like you might want to edit out the beginning part when you don’t think you were on. I’ll post the time in if it gets there – ustream lets you edit a bit if you want to. 🙂 Katie

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    Lisa Lang

    I’m looking forward to joining you! I’ve had a weird year health wise and it’s BEYOND time to get my tushie in gear and move more and eat well. I like that…Eat well….I always said eat better…but that didn’t work, so “eat well” it is!

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    Yah! I was able to register for the class tonight. Looking forward to Moving More/Eating Well. This will tie in so well with my goals for next year. Off to start my pre-class assignments.

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    Melissa Martinez

    well I jumped off the fence. I really need this. Thank goodness my Grandma sent me $30 for Christmas:) Here is looking to a great year with lots of inspiration support. Not to mention new friends!

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    Katie Scott

    Finally got in to the MMEW video via Big Picture Link;

    AND On Soda! I quit Diet Coke 5 or 6 years ago and it was highly addictive AND I think it contributed to my migraines. I don’t drink any soda now but occasionally, if I want something fizzy, I’ll have a Polar Springs or Canada Dry Seltzer which has no sweetner & no calories.

    I’m Gung Ho. 🙂

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    I am really considering this… but I’m nervous I won’t be able to complete it or do well. I need to lose at least 30 lbs (more if I’m real) and I’m worried about how I’m going to do it with it being winter and all…

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    Hey Rachel, I hear you and I know what it feels like to not know how youre going to do it, because you definitely need to make a plan for how youre going to move more and eat well. We dont expect perfection in this class. Not by a long shot, but so far, theres so much great talk on the message boards about what people are planning and doing. Its a process that doesnt happen overnight. Registration is open all year so if you wanted to wait until Spring to jump in, you totally could. The assignments arent seasonal. Theyre purely for you and to help you explore what gets in the way to feeling stronger and healthier.
    : )

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    awwww…a bit late here. And by late I mean like 2 weeks or so. BUT, you’re crazy, Cathy. And that’s why I keep coming back here for more 😉 Love the video. Happy New Year, Heidi

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    i’ve purchased some of your digital files from dd and occasionally visited your blog. but after watching your video and reading a few posts from the new year you have me dying laughing! love the ‘move more eat well’ movement and you are a great spokesman for it! Awesome video, reeeeally great!

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