Announcing Ten Tips for Better Type in 2012

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I'm pleased to announce a new mini workshop, launching in early February 2012, Ten Tips for Better Type.

This class is designed to give you some solid typography basics which in turn will make the type you create on  your digital and hybrid projects more polished and refined. It'll help you to understand a few very basic approaches to choosing and using type.

In short: your stuff's gonna look better when you're done with this class.


This class isn't about making funky art with type, or doing funky anything for that matter. It's a very meat and potatoes approach to using type. But I will tell you this: the reason my pages look the way they do is that I am a very meat and potatoes type user. I believe in classic fonts and clean execution. I believe fonts should support the story and the design, but not overwhelm it.


I believe in a handful of basic guidelines to using type that revolve around font choice, size, leading and alignment. In this class, we'll touch on my top ten tips and we'll work to apply them.

I realize this class is still a ways out there, but if you're looking to get a stronger grasp of typography as it relates to scrapbooking, feel free to check out the description and if you have any questions, post away.

I'm excited to offer a workshop that lets me share with you the area I feel most competent about in scrapbooking: making type that looks dang good.

Hope to see you in that class on February 2!




Cathy ZielskeAnnouncing Ten Tips for Better Type in 2012

39 Comments on “Announcing Ten Tips for Better Type in 2012”

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    YES!!!!!! Jumping cheeseburgers, you have no idea how much I need and have needed this class!! Can’t wait!! And Thank you so much Cathy!!

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    officially signed up!! WAHOO!! πŸ™‚ And I have to add, the pricing on BPS classes is fantastic! LOVE that place! Great opportunities coming up in 2012 to grow your creative skills!! πŸ™‚

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    Julie G.

    I’m thinking about taking this for work – I’m a secretary that has to make flyers and posters for our non-profit – and this might make things look a little nicer!

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    Holly Corbett

    I saw this on BPC a couple of days ago and signed up immediately!! I am really looking forward to this! Looks like I will be spending a lot of time with you this year between MMEW, PL, and now this! Thanks for offering such a fantastic class!

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    Jenny Meyerson

    Count me in. I’ll sign up today. Now, if you will just teach a year long photoshop class… still hoping. πŸ™‚ Been following along with your weight loss/road to health journey. (Re)started last week, even in the midst of the holidays, and lost 6 pounds in a week. Thanks for your encouragement and authenticity.

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    Yay!! Design Your Life really ramped up my pages and I always struggle with font choices, so I am very excited about this class.

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    Love this post! I look at my pages and I find that Gill Sans makes the cut a lot. Maybe a little break with Trebuchet and Ariel. Long live the simple and clean.

    I’ll probably sign up for this course just for a refresher. I have no problems using these principles when doing actual “graphic design” work, but I loose it sometimes when I’m doing some scrapbooking, as I don’t use any digital stuff when scrapbooking. Somehow there’s a small disconnect when I actually cut and glue paper down.

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    This sounds like an interesting class and I like the fact that you will show how to do things in Word. I haven’t wanted to spend the $$ on photoshop yet so it would be great to know how to do some of these awesome things in Word as a good alternative.
    I will have to consider signing up for this!

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    Theresa S.

    Already signed up! I saw it when I went over to BPS to check out the “move more, eat well” workshop. Signed up for that too! Oh and Ali’s “one little word 2012” too. Thanks for offering great workshops at reasonable prices. Already ordered my supplies–which were also reasonable. Found the WRMK 8.5 x 11 binders on sale for 11.49 at & found a free shipping code too! So I got 2–one for your class and one for ali’s–for only around $25. including tax. Sweet! Can wait to start the workshops.

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    Yay!!! I’m so excited that you have two classes running in 2012. Do I hear a third? Love your work, sense of humor and that clean and simple style. This class is sure to sell well, I know I’m in!!

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    Petra from NL

    Hey Cathy,

    after reading and feeling all the excitement in earlier comments πŸ˜‰ I would like to ask you how this class relates to the lesson on type in DYL…

    A lot of new information?


  12. #20

    Petra, no. Its essentially the same content. More or less. I mean, not exactly taken from the workshop, of course, but its the same ideas!

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    Petra from NL

    Thanks for your quick answer!
    I will just rewatch that lesson then.
    Shame though that I will miss out on your video chat :-((.

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    I share your love of typography and can always use help on how to use it more effectively. Thanks for offering such a great class!

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    Nancy L

    Won’t be signing up quite yet but definitely am going to sign up soon after holiday bills are paid off. Looking forward to it!

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    Karen keiper

    this is exactly what i need. Although i need help in most areas of my scrapping!!! I am usually most disappointed with my journalling and titles. Cant wait

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    I’m signed up…it’s nice to have something to look forward to during the cold and grey month of February!!

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    louise fortune

    As a trained graphic designer ( I have to admit pre computer age) am I assuming I should be competent in the lessons you will be teaching.

    I am self taught on the mac and with photoshop CS

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    Louise, it may be too simple for you if you already work in design! Just so you know. : ) This is really geared towards basics of type size, leading, alignments, placement and font choice. Also we cover the concepts of contrast in type choices and ways to make font harmony on layouts.

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    Hey Cathy – I signed up for this class last month and got the confirmation e-mail. This is the first class I’m taking with you and since it starts tomorrow and I haven’t heard or seen anything about it I’m wondering if I’ve missed something. Where and when do we show up or am I just anxiously getting ahead of myself and should expect to see something tomorrow?


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    Oh, wait… I thought you meant the Move More Eat Well. My mistake! You will get an email announcing class tomorrow! (Or actually, i think they shoot it out late night tonight!) Thats how you will know the class is live!

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    Cathy, please consider offering this class again. I would LOVE to focus more on fonts this year and think sounds like the perfect place to start!

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