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It's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the Zielske household, and I know what you're thinking, "Um, yeah… it's about time, Zielskes."

Traditionally, we get our tree in mid-December. This year, I was pushing for an earlier pick up, but the kids have been indoctrinated with the "be patient" Zielske way [read: that would be the more male Zielske influence at work here]. But I will admit to you: I don't go very mental at Christmas.

We don't have a ton of decorations and we usually try to keep the holiday a bit more low key. About four years ago, I even stopped sending Christmas cards. As my list grew to well over 100 people, it started to become such a tedious chore. I recall thinking, "Where's the joy in this?" and that was the question that helped me to be clear on what really needs to happen during the holidays. We just need to be.

That said, we did find the perfect little tree, as we do every year. I grew up with an artificial tree, so every year I've lived with Dan has always been a bit of a treat, the whole going out and getting a tree thing. This year, however, it did seem a bit like no one was that geeked to head out. Granted, it was bitterly cold that day and the kids are getting older so it's not as much fun to dart in and out of the rows of trees. I found myself wishing everyone was on the same holiday spirit page. I think I walk a fine line between wanting to keep Christmas in perspective and wanting to go mental over it.

But I'll save my issues for my therapist! Let's get to scrapbooking, shall we?


This page features a few digital products, combined with good old cardstock and a photo. (And thanks to Aidan's friend, Martha, for snapping the shot of us on our tree getting outing!)

I get emails frequently from people who would love to dabble in digital but find it intimidating or confusing. I've put together a short video showing you how to take a few digital products and create a hybrid scrapbook page.

This page is built around one of my Story Card 4 x 6 photo overlays.

Click here to see the video over at Vimeo.


Here are the steps to help you duplicate what is shown in the video.


1. Create a base document. (Mine is 8.5 x 11).

2. Open a 4 x 6 Story Card PNG file. Copy and paste into base document.

1. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, drag a selection around the portion of the small title you'd like to change the color of. Once selected, go to Layer > New > Layer via cut to cut and paste that part of the title onto a new layer.

2. To color this new layer, go to Edit > Fill Layer and under Contents choose Color…. Then use the color picker to find a color you like. Click OK, and then OK again. Your element should be recolored.

3. Repeat the Layer via Cut from the Original Layer to break apart the other elements for re-coloring.

1. Click on the Horizontal Text Tool and drag an area on your page where you want your column of text to appear.

2. Type in your journaling, then change the font, size and leading using the controls in the upper tool bar.

1. Open a PNG graphic file. Copy and paste into your base document.

2. Click on one corner handled to size down to what you'd like the image to be.

3. Re-color image as directed in Recolor Elements of the PNG.

4. Make sure the elements appear in the Layers palette below the Original Layer, so they appear to be behind the overlay outline.

5. Duplicate graphic by going to Layer > Duplicate Layer. Drag into place on the page.


SUPPLIES: Holiday Story Cards 1 (Cathy Zielske) • Graphically Scrolled No. 01 Brushes & Stamps (Katie Pertiet) • Orange Peel Texture 8.5 x 11 white cardstock (Bazzill Basics) • Mrs. Eaves font

Cathy ZielskeHoliday Hybrid Page + Step by Step Video

26 Comments on “Holiday Hybrid Page + Step by Step Video”

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    I just love this layout – simple but a little bit fancy with the curlicues (I think that’s a word!) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. #2

    Great layout and story Cathy. I have kept things pretty low key this holiday and must say it’s working. My stress level is down and the kids are really being good and not going overboard asking for everything under the sun or just wishing for the big day to come. I went low key on the decorations also and it looks great.

    Have a merry last week before Christmas!!

  3. #5
    Melanie Kiser

    You sound like me … I want to totally go overboard with Christmas events … caroling (though no one would want to hear me sing!), lighting up every window, handing tinsel from our chimney … yeah. I have three boys under the age of 8 and I work full time. Not. Gonna. Happen.
    But it is a lovely thought (and yeah, okay, I am on vacation for 3 weeks … but that is VACATION!). I think I sound like I have some issues … lol.

  4. #6

    Great page – thanks for the tutorial. I dabble in digital so a refresher course is always warranted when I tackle something digital (I’m still a paper and glue kinda girl!). Happy Holidays!

  5. #7
    Marty Ward

    Thanks Cathy for sharing this. Loved watching and I learned so many good tips and tricks. Love the look of your layout.

  6. #8
    Kathleen S.

    Another one of your absolutely perfect simple LO’s! That’s what I call the Christmas spirit.

  7. #9

    Lovely simple page, Cathy! And this was our very first year ever chopping down our own tree – kind of a lot of work, but worth it now.

    Have to ask though, is Aidan really taller than you already, or is that some weird perspective thing in the photo?

    Happy Holidays to you all!

  8. #10

    I SO agree with you on NOT going mental over Christmas. My boys are a older so it is somewhat easier to do that now but to be honest, I wished I had did it when they were younger, too.

  9. #13
    THE Megan

    Your video was just what I needed. I have renewed my commitment to scrapping this year, after a lengthly hiatus, and was shockingly out of practice with some of my photoshop skills. I worked on my MMEW page until 130 am last night, and if you had posted this yesterday, I would’ve been in bed at 11; but it was still fun…like meeting an old friend. 🙂

  10. #14
    Kary in Colorado

    Very nice layout Cathy, as always. You do know, however, that all those trees are likely cut sometime in early November (or even–yikes!–October!). It finally dawned on me that it would be far better if I bought it early and put it in water (even outside) rather than waiting until it has thoroughly dried out on the lot and then buying it. Just sayin’–in case you need some let’s-buy-the-tree-early ammunition next year. See you in MMEW & your new type class (YES!!) next year!

  11. #15

    Hi Cathy, thanks for all of your great how-to instructions and videos, they’ve been a great help over the years for me and I’m sure they will help many others out there too.

    Just wondering, do you have any plans to share a little of what you have organised/thought about/designed for your version of PL in 2012? I’m fence sitting and not sure if to go the hybrid version or fully digital … and, I’d love to see some new content, I love Becky’s concept but I’d also like to see some fresh new takes as well.
    Sorry to be so pushy just a mere five days before Christmas … I haven’t even started decorating yet, so, maybe I should be concentrating on that festivity instead!

  12. #17
    Barb in AK

    Hey, Cathy, Do you suppose it’s harder to get into the Christmas mood because we don’t have snow this year? I did some math and have figured out that it’s been 29 years since I’ve had a brown Christmas! It does seem weird that lights are shining from people’s houses, and there is no snow to reflect the glow.

  13. #18

    Hey Amy, yes! I plan to share my PL stuff beginning in January! Ive joined Beckys creative team and you will see my pages on her blog first, then I will be sharing stuff here. Im going to be doing the regular PL (in an album) but then I plan to add in my own digital touches, and design some stuff specifically for my album. : )

  14. #19

    Hello Cynthia, no, its open all year in 2012! You can always email big picture admin ( and ask them what seems to be the problem!

  15. #20

    You know, Im actually kind of happy we have no snow this year. First time since 2006. I think last year I was so tired of the snow by Christmas (all that shoveling!) that this year feels like a bit of a respite! : ) But I do miss how pretty it is!

  16. #21

    You’ve done it again – produced a fantastic, informative video and provided us with the written instructions. THANK YOU! I watch your videos over and over and it’s so helpful to have the written instructions to guide me when I’m “on my own”. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  17. #23

    Thanks so much for the great video Cathy. I learned so much. I can’t wait to try that new layer technique – I have been wanting to achieve that but had no idea how.

  18. #24

    I always learn so much from your tutorials. And of course i smile all the way through because you are so fun! I think hybrid is awesome. Merry Christmas!

  19. #25

    Cathy…We have taken our Aussie family to Canada for a white Christmas then to Disneyland. You have just solved my ” how-the-hell-am-I-going-to-document-this-holiday” question!!! Solution…1 photo book for ALL the photos. Stories that need to be told with words & a picture the overlays and a few Instagram pages to document the quirky differences between Australia, Canada and USA (I knew you drove on the opposite side of the road to us but never realised walking was the same till I ran into a few annoyed people in Vancouver!) Ops!!!
    Thanks you Merry Christmas xx

  20. #26

    I remember trying to drive in NZ. Going on a round about the opposite direction of what Im used to almost killed me. ; ) Merry Christmas to you!

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