It really pops!

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This marks the first year we get to see what our house looks like in a white, chilly, occasionally dreary Minnesota winter. The initial report? It totally pops!

(Okay, so maybe it pops courtesy of Totally Rad's Rad Lab plug in for Photoshop.)

I've actually been playing with Rad Lab a ton in the past few months. Rad Lab works with both Photoshop (CS3 or higher) and Photoshop Elements (version 7 or higher.) If you are a fan of actions or just playing with your photos, it's definitely a tool to check out. There's a ton of info at their site if you're interested in learning more. I recorded a very quick, decidedly not-too technical video to show you the Rad Lab interface in action.




Cathy ZielskeIt really pops!

20 Comments on “It really pops!”

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    Holy cow! Your home really does pop. The colours look great. What do you call that colour – lime mustard? Really digging it! No snow here – warming up at last!

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    Sandi D

    Your home looks great. Enjoy!
    We do not have snow here yet (WI/IL Border) but I know it is coming soon!

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    House looks so cool – so unique yet so fitting in the hood….

    BUT, I’m more freaked out about Aidan! That MUST be a recent pic because it’s the first one I’ve seen where she looks really different. I recognize it because it just happened to our almost 16 year old son – one day last week he looked at me, and it was there. All of a sudden, it what seems truly like an instant, they get this adult look about them. I’ve seen your shots of her lately, but this one has that ‘look’.

    Anyway, cool house. cool kids. cool life. Thanks for sharing it…

    Do you know what I’m talking about or

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    Jennifer Levin

    Loving the house and loving that I totally just learned something new today. Thank you!!

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    Jenny Meyerson

    I’ve been totally wanting to try these actions and plug-ins but have been overwhelmed at the thought considering I’m just touching the surface of photoshop. Thanks so much for the video tutorial- anxious to dig in.

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    Me too! Although one of my neighbors said to me one day, Um, you know your roofline is crooked, right? You might want to talk to the contractor and see if he can fix it. Nice. : )

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    I totally lived it up w/ the freebie of radlab I was sad when the trail ended although I wanted to purchase the full version can’t at the moment πŸ™ but I am SO radlab’s number fan! Love what you did with your house picture I had done upy house for Halloween using Radlab was ultra spooky loved it! I must say your Daughter had some Rocking hair πŸ™‚

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    What Radlab now works with Photoshop Elements? I didn’t think Elements did actions. I’ve been lusting over anything Totally Rad but always thought you needed full blown Photoshop for it. I might have to check this out.

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    Just downloaded the free trial version. I’m excited to play!!! Thanks for the quick demo. I don’t even know how/where to start with PSE, but this looks just as easy as iPhoto.

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    Thanks for the demo. I think I’m a visual girl.

    Love the house photo! That is my favorite color, and it looks so awesome with the snow. For real though? Did I just see snow?

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    I have elements 6 and Radlab works for me just fine! Just in case anyone else was thinking about it.

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    Wow. I loved the color in your earlier house photos. Well, I love how the color pops even more!

    Aidan looks fantastic with her new do. I agree with mary, above. Aidan has suddenly switched from older girl to young adult. Poof! Gorgeous – and so like her mother.

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