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Last week, my friend Amy posted the video clip below on her Facebook page and it was one of those songs that after it was done, I knew: I have a new favorite song and possibly album for the season. Gotye (pronounced Go-tee-ay), you complete me.

Maybe it's his thin, pasty, sparsely furred frame, or his unusually large mouth, or even the fact that when he starts to belt it out he's vaguely reminiscent of Sting, but I cannot get this song out of my head. I wake up and it's there. Plus, guest singer Kimbra is one hotsie totsie who can sing. That, and it's visually cool clip. And if you need any other reason, he's technically Australian. Enjoy.


The album is available on iTunes. Good stuff.

Making Mirrors - Gotye

Cathy ZielskeMore fun with music videos

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    He’s absolutely HUGE over here Cathy – Australians like quirky and he’s about as quirky as you can get – lol. He’s extraordinarily talented so glad he’s found a new fan in you.

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    You had me at reminiscent of Sting, which imo is true, with just a touch of Peter Gabriel. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be giving this guy a listen. The chorus gets ya huh?

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    ‘Technically Australian”?! He IS Australian! And we love him. He appeals across generations – I love him and my 16yo and my 11yo dig him too! Great song! That Kimbra also has the voice of an angel! You have class CZ!

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    Hi Cathy – I don’t share your taste in music, but on a whim I clicked on video and I’m glad I did!! It’s totally stuck in my head – you’re right!! I’m kind of freaked out by the pasty, skinny bod and he does have a big mouth….but absolutely compelling nonetheless. I wanna go watch it again. I’m fascinated……..

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    Love this Cathy! He totally reminds me of Sting when he gets to the chorus. She reminds me of Jessie J – they sound awesome together πŸ™‚ Going to iTunes to check out the rest of the album. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the introduction – great to work out to while I dance/jog/read blogs! off to send the link to friends/daughters/husband…

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    Get out! I have this embedded for a sheduled post on Friday! Wally de Becker is one cool dude and yes, we are TOTALLY claiming him as our own!

    Kimbra used to live next door to my cousin so we call this ‘Kimbra’s song’ as we play it about 35 million times a day!

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    LOVE his eyes…..and yes, he has some “Sting-ishness”, mannerisms (eyebrow lifts!) and his voice has that same “sound” !! Great tune…off to check out the Itunes selections……

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    Yes my husband liked this first and has been singing around the house… luckily the music is on too and loud lol.. Yay for Aussies !

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    Rebecca Vavic

    Firstly, he’s Australian… so that goes without saying that he is one awesome dude…

    I think he is a delicious combo of Sting, Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel… he is really magic.



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    heather d

    You are such an enabler. πŸ˜€ I am downloading the album off itunes as I type. It’s so much fun to find new (to me) artists. Thank you!

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    I have some Damien Rice. Love him. Youre right. Melancholy, but good. Never heard of lior, but i will check it!
    I also love, love Josh Pyke, another adorable Aussie.

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    Thank you for posting! I listened to this first thing this morning and could not get it out of my head. I just got home from work and listened to it three more times–in a row! I think that we have similar tastes in music (as I’ve been following along) not to mention a past at Skoochies! You ROCK!

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    OH, my. That is AWESOME. I’ve listened to it twice and I can already totally see how it’s stuck in your head. Love! Is the rest of the album this good?

    My favorite line: “You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness.”


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    Lyndel Churchill

    Hey Cathy, thanks for the heads-up. I’d never heard of him before your post – I don’t get out much. Today I was looking up something on our local botanical gardens website and discovered he’s playing there on Sunday! We’re out of town so I won’t be going, but I’m really tickled by the idea that I heard this music through you on the other side of the world, when he’ll practically be in my backyard this weekend. Will definitely check out more Gotye and Kimbra.

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    Oh goodness. As of 2 seconds ago, this is my new album. You’re right, it reminds me of early Sting, but with some The The feel thrown in for good measure.

    I can’t stop getting up to dance long enough to get some Christmas crafting done!

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    jacquie d

    Thankyou for that post, Cathy. That video and song are absolutely compelling. I watched it with my 5 year old yesterday, and when she got up this morning, the first thing she asked for was to watch ‘that song’. (She was a little grossed out by his body tho!) I am on my way to the iTunes store to download.

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    Ohmygoodness, Cathy! The chorus absolutely slays me. I’ve listened to it no less than 10 times in a row and am off to buy the album from iTunes. Thank you for enabling me… this is easily my most favorite new song this year!

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    You should! You cant even buy this record in a store. Only as a digital on iTunes because I dont think he has a release in the US. I LOVE this record.

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    Clara Palacios

    I have been playing this song for the last month. I think you would like their live performance at KCRW ( my local member supported station – LOVE THEM!) Here is the you tube link –

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