Move More Eat Well 2011 Wrap Up

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I decided to let my face do the talking. I apologize in advance for the length (12-ish minutes) but when I am unscripted, well, anything is possible, including the propensity to ramble.

And for those of you who don't have the time to watch, I'll sum it up: Thank you so much for being part of the past two years of Move More, Eat Well posts. If I've learned anything it's that this is a process that just keeps rolling right along with ups, downs and many inbetweens. Thanks for everything you've contributed in comments over the past 24 months.

If you'd like more information on my 2012 workshop, click here.

Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Well 2011 Wrap Up

87 Comments on “Move More Eat Well 2011 Wrap Up”

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    Dorothy F

    You are so real! Thank you. I have followed your path, lost 90 pounds 3 years ago but found 20 of them this past year. I am so anxious to start your Workshop in January and get myself back on track. Love your videos, you could go on for an hour and I would still be listening!! Have a wonderful holiday and see you in the Workshop.

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    Kendra B

    I agree with Dorothy . . . I love your videos, you could go on for an hour and I would watch!! I’ve been here through this whole process and have watched my own weight go down and then up. I have always appreciated the fact that you put yourself out there no matter if you’re doing good or bad . . . I thank you for that. Your honesty is refreshing! I’m SO excited about the Workshop. I’m all signed up and ready to go. I can’t wait for the interaction with you! But also the fact that this will make me be an active participant in my own path to wellness. Thank you for the past 2 years and here’s to a great new start!!

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    Hi Cathy, I can’t wait for your workshop. Really need to figure out how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into my life. I work from home…laptop on dining room table and way too close to my kitchen. Had a carbfest yesterday and feel sluggish and blahhhh today. Looking forward to having the community support that will come with your workshop.

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    Thanks for sharing your journey here, Cathy. Fitness has always been intimidating to me but the simple “move more, eat less/well” mantra is something I can grasp, somewhere I can start. This is the first year I’ve ever (ever!) exercised regularly (even if I kind of fell off the bandwagon in September … I guess I’d better get back on) and so I owe you for the inspiration! Though my exercise has decreased, I can tell that losing the weight during the summer and increasing my stamina is still paying off. I can now keep up with my seven-year-old on his bike (I run while pushing a stroller) as I walk him to school every day! Woo-hoo!!

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    I signed up for MMEW as soon as the class went live. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this year and am still in the education phase – learning exactly what I can and can’t get away with. My exercise and eating habits have gone to hell over the past six months and I’m really looking forward to getting back on track and spending the year with you focusing on my health!

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    Carrie OConnor

    Well you convinced me, just signed up for the class and actually looking forward to it. My saying for next year is going to be “A New Year, A New Me”. Thank you for keeping it so real and giving me so much inspiration and motivation.


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    Right there with you. And I did stay for the 12 minutes… because you are relatable (is that a word?) and real. With no real change in anything I do, I have gained 4 pounds this month. I walk up to 4-6 miles a day for fitness and am following WW and still, the big gain… putting my loss at 35 pounds, not the almost 40 pounds that I have been feeling so happy about. But you are right. It isn’t magic, that once you get to that “special number on the scale” you can be who you were before you started. Thank you for your honesty. You have been my kick in the butt and so have many of your commenters. I appreciate you and wish you nothing but MMEW happiness in the coming year.

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    Martha S.

    12 minutes – huh! I could watch for much longer than that ’cause you’re a funny gal and so down to earth. You rock in my book! Thanks for sharing your journey. πŸ˜‰

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    Michelle S.

    I can’t wait for Move More Eat Well 2012 at Big Picture Classes to start! I’ve already signed up and keep signing into the classroom even though I know there is nothing new. I’ve already started my journey but I really think doing this journey with so many, while documenting it, will help me out immensely. Thanks for sharing your journey and helping us with ours! I really appreciate the honesty when you were having a rough patch, just shows that it’s something we all go through and that’s ok. Thanks for sharing and just being you.

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    I SO can relate. Thank you for being so real & honest about this process. Wish I didn’t want to mainline sugar regularly. But it’s a process, firguring out how to manage cravings, stress, eating, excercise. Thanks for a measure of validation that others go through what I go through.
    Happy December. Hope you find a good balance.


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    michele in la

    …just the video I needed to see this morning (yes, all 12 minutes, but they flew by πŸ™‚ )

    My husband and I were just discussing what to do about the typical middle age weight gain. No difinitive answers – just a commitment to try to do better. You are so right about “what works for you”. I am *not* the person to go on the strict diet or workout plan – I **know** I will retaliate! I need to make the changes that I can live with for forever.

    Thanks for the video – so refreshing to see your honesty because I am right there with the same feelings and struggles.

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    Thanks Cathy, so real as always. One thing that I heard you say was that you feel better. Your body is most certainly in better shape, and that means all parts of your body…heart, organs, muscles and so on. You get to benefit from that every day–and that is an achievement!

    I still am struggling to find the right exercise, and so much of it is a routine. I hear that from you and know it for yourself. You also seem to know that you could round out your exercise. Have you tried Pilates? Working for me lately and good for a body as it gets older (not that that will happen, of course!).

    I celebrate you and thank you for sharing yourself openly. Will certainly be there for your class next year!

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    Annette, as a self employed person, I can totally relate. Of course, my office is upstairs, away from the kitchen, still. : )

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    Beth, good for you! Dont worry about falling off. It has happened to me countless times this year on the eating well front. Its truly all about finding something that will work for you. None of us need to be freakish hard bodies women. We just need energy and health and all of the good stuff that comes from taking care of ourselves. This is a mantra I will be really trying to internalize in the coming year!

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    Looking forward to having you Cheri, and I would imagine you will find other women with fibromyalgia as well. I see this class a place to share, inspire and learn. Theres no magic bullet and theres no single way thats going to work for everyone! Welcome!

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    Ive never tried pilates only because its an ala carte class at my gym and pricey. I cant justify it right now, you know? However, I am saving money at my new gym with a cheaper plan, so never say never! : )
    See you in class!

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    For the first 30 seconds of the video, I wondered how it was possible that you were talking straight to me & saying what I needed to hear and what I am struggling with. Then when you mentioned how hard it is to find what works and fit it in, even for someone who has THREE KIDS (which I do), I was like okay this is kind of spooky! “Having 3 kids” is such an easy excuse for me to use for LOTS of things I should be doing but just plain don’t really want to. When I use that excuse, I convince myself that I’m just a “good mom” and I’m self-sacrificing and all that, but really it’s just that I prefer the easy way out.
    And I so agree with you, in that I have been testing myself to see exactly how much junk I can consume before it makes the scale move. As if, as long as the scale stays the same or goes down, it doesn’t matter what I’m eating or if I’m exercising. And it turns out that for some reason, I can actually eat quite a bit of junk without the scale moving. Which is glorious for the part of me that wants to eat mexican food 3x a day every day of my life, but it’s also a challenge because it means I have to actually listen to my BODY to determine what and how much I should be eating. And that is a lot harder and open to interpretation than just getting on the scale and seeing “am I ok” or “am I not okay”. It’s so hard! But I loved your video and I watched all 12 minutes of it. I am so grateful for you and this blog. πŸ™‚

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    Thanks for the comment, Kristen. You know, Im at a place in life where I am extremely fortunate to be able to make time for exercise. True, as a self employed person, every hour spent working out is another chunk of money in my overall work day that cant be billed. Its a trade off. Also, my kids are older, and on the weekend, I can head out for a walk or run and no one has to be there to watch them. Its just choices and priorities. I used to hate hearing people talk about their exercise back when I wasnt doing it myself. Kind of a like how smokers hate hearing about quitting smoking when theyre not ready to do it. And Lord knows I can relate to that!
    : )

    Good luck in the coming year! And who doesnt love Mexican?

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    Thanks Cathy for always sharing the truth! It didn’t seem like 12 minutes, but I was doing laundry. Thanks for the conversation while I folded! You inspired me to lose 50 lbs in 2010 and somehow I’ve managed to keep them off. I have let myself get sidetracked on the exercise front this year. I WILL be moving more in 2012 than in 2011. I think you keep me accountable and honest with myself when you share with us.

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    katie squires

    I like the part where you said that when you blog about this topic you get the most hits..I think it goes to show how much this topic ‘weighs’ on us all…and how much we love your real, candid sharing πŸ™‚ Thank-you Cathy!

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    After watching your journey for an entire year, I too jumped in in January and made exercise and conscious eating the laser focus of my life. It lasted as long as it ever does (oh how I hate these patterns I can’t stop repeating). I lost 35 pounds and went from a size 18W to 14. Slimmer, but far from my goal size.

    In July a zumba-aggrivated knee injury, a vacation to Disneyland, and a series of other family/financial (a.k.a. Life) pressures showed up. And before I knew it, I’d exercised one time in four months and found myself back to eating one or two meals a day, with little protein, too much sodium, and 90% carbs.

    I have not changed sizes, though I have gained back 10 pounds. But more than anything I can see the change to my body composition–fluffy and sagging where it was tight just a few months ago. But with a few more months of the same, I know the story will be different. The balance between Life and self-care should be simple, but it’s ridiculously hard for me.

    Thanks for continuing the journey. Witnessing the true ups and downs over two years has helped me in more ways than I can explain.

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    It is ridiculously hard for many of us. It truly is. That is a place where you are not alone. Even people that seem to have no problem doing it may be having a much harder time than you might think. Keep it up Yolanda. Hope to see you in the workshop!

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    Cathy, Keep on keeping on – you are so inspiring to so many because you keep it all real. It’s true, there is no ONE way to do things to get healthy and lose weight. I have been blessed to have found what works for me (for the most part), but it took me almost 20 years of trial and error – losses and gains, but I’ve found the weight my body wants to be at, and found a love of running (added bonus!). It’s your honesty that will help your “followers” to eventually be successful – whatever that success lools like. Thanks for being you!

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    You had me at “Wrap-Up Extravaganza.”
    But I was really hoping you’d rage against the machine at the end.

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    madeline St onge

    Cathy I swear we are twins in this battle uggh! Up and down like a yo yo

    And FYI, the WW program is being revamped again, Points plus for 2012. If you have etools you can check it out tomorrow

    Can’t wait for this class to start

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    Love a little Cathy Z video chatting in my day! I’m signed up too and can’t wait. I’m also in Karen Grunberg’s BPC class “Reclaiming Your Time” which started today. My goal is to use her class to make time in my life to exercise which will springboard me into 2012 for your class. Looking forward to the ride…

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    Sarah Jane | beautiful dawn

    I’m not a scrapbooker, but I think I found your site via RLAM and love finding another St. Paulite! These have been my favorite posts. You started this gig just as I has my third babe and wanted my body back. You’ve been inspiring! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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    I enjoyed your video – you are so real, LOL! I’ve followed your journey and blog and said “ack, I cannot do that…don’t have the energy” I’ve put on 25 lbs in the last couple of years (never had a weight problem prior) and keep saying that I will quit smoking. So you’ve been an inspiration to me. As for your program – does that mean we have to take photos of ourselves and put them in layouts? I could just listen to you talk, ya know, lol.

  29. #37

    Lorraine, you can participate in as much as the scrapbooking portion as you like. I mean, this class will not be about scrapbooking techniques! Its very simple. Prompt based assignments, and yes, Ill ask you to take a picture here and there. But honestly? Its an album that is more of a journal about you and the process! : )

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    Just signed up. I mean, really, how could I not?? You had me at “I’m just a mom with a muffin top!”
    Cannot wait. You rock.
    Kristi (from Cropper Hopper)

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    I have already signed up for your class. The thing I like about you most is you are real! You have struggles like most of us do and yet you keep on keeping on! That is Inspirational! And I could listen to you way longer than 12 minutes, i love your sense of humor, looking forward to January but I have started walking now to prepare for then:)

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    Pudge…it just jumped me and I can’t shake it off πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the course…hope to shed a few pounds but honestly, just want to enjoy it, maybe build some good habits and have a great time.
    Thanks for doing it πŸ™‚ Heidi

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    Kathy Adams

    I am new to your blog and will be a new participant in your 2012 Move More Eat Well class. The ad for this came out just after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This was caught with a routine, annual mammo, and I had a Lumpectomy two weeks ago. Did I get cancer because of my past habits? Who knows? I’ve been that yo-yo dieter, I sit at work all day long, rarely exercise, and eat out way too much. I am short and getting shorter, so rather barrel shaped.
    When hubs and I met 9 yrs ago, we both thought it was nice to have someone to eat out with and discuss our days. Well, we haven’t stopped. Cathy, I know I have to do better eating and try to find a way to get some exercise, and I am hoping your class will inspire me and the stories of others, as well. I have a tough year ahead with chemo starting the end of Jan, but if ever there was a time I wanted to feel better and finally get it right, it’s now. God Bless you for the message you’re giving. Thank you.

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    Cathy, you hit on a lot of good points as usual. Since I got healthy and lost weight 12 years ago I have always taken the attitude that this health/fitness thing is a lifelong process. Sure I eat junk sometimes and my weight flucuates a few pounds now and then but as you know being consistent and not beating yourself up is the key. I feel so fortunate that at age 38 I found my passion in running. Some runs are great, some not so great but the way it makes me feel not just physically, but mentally and emotionally are what have kept me at it non-stop for 12 years. Celebrating turning 50 by running my 4th full marathon in 15 months in Bermuda January 2012 with my hubby running his 13th!! What could be better than that! My goal is to still be running 20 years from now. Maybe not marathons but just getting out the door with my running shoes on will still make me happy!

    Kathy Adams, I’m saying a prayer for you girl!Stay strong.

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    Nicole B

    This post couldn’t have been a more perfect fit to my day. I’ve been having a really hard self-doubting type of day and your video gave me exactly what I needed to get back on track. You reminded me that each step I’m taking towards health and fitness is worth it even though it’s a constant struggle. Thank you for being my motivation today! I can’t being to tell you how much I appreciate it.

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    Man, I love your video blogs. I think I have to sign up for your workshop just to get some more of this! I haven’t scrapbooked in for-ever, but I may have to dig my stuff out and get to work. But seriously, I’ve been on this same journey for nearly 4 years now, and I never had the guts to scrapbook about it. I barely blog about it anymore. But I love reading when you do. Strength in numbers, woman. I need this.

    Thanks, and congratulations on your two year extravaganza! It has been awesome to follow along.

  37. #48

    It’s kinda strange how when you read someone’s blog or listen to them speak frequently, you kind of feel like you get to know them on some level. Even though we’ve never met, I have that feeling about you. I really like you. I’ve loved all of your Move More Eat Less/Well posts. I began my Move More Eat Less journey in the fall of 2008 with WW. I’ve been maintaining my goal weight for a year now (having lost 120 lbs), not without ups and downs, but never too far off course. I’ve come to understand that, for me, this is a lifelong learning process. I’m always looking for new inspiration to help me on my journey. My current tactic, which is working pretty well, is a reverse tactic that I flipped from the weight loss period. When I was losing, on those weeks when it seemed like such a long, slow process…like losing .2 lbs or .4 lbs…I used to tell myself, “Hey, that’s a 1/4 or a 1/2 lb. of butter off your hips.” It was a good visual of my progress. Now when I am up 2, 3, or 5 lbs, I say, “Uh, hey, that’s a few pounds of butter you’ve added to your gut.” I swear I can see it around my middle, feel it when I’m doing my stretches, etc. It’s helping me keep under control. Always a battle, but one worth fighting. Thank you for being a part of the inspiration!

  38. #49

    LOVED the very end…. yeah – I DID hang around for 12 minutes!!

    Really got how you talk about the ups and the downs – and how 1 January is a *magic* date for refocusing. It totally is!

    I started my own personal mission of Eating Better, Moving more about 9 weeks ago (down a total of 7.6kg… – yay me!). I’m still at the “what is the least amount of exercise I can do today and get away with still gaining activity points….” stage. But I realised on my way home today, I’m thinking about this every day, I’ve worked in one regular activity each week so far, I’m watching the portions…. I’m doing this. I’m working at making this part of my new lifestyle so the changes are small, baby steps… so that these changes will stick – and it really feels like I’ve taken some control back. I also realised it felt really GOOD to have some control.

    Would still LOVE for the dress size to have changed… but will take the win of the “once-was-tight-is-now-quite-baggy” feeling – the size drop must start soon πŸ˜‰

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    Looking forward to your class. Have been on the yoyo road since 2008. I’m a runner, but love sweets…imagine that?!? Wanna, Gotta lose 20 pounds. Have done WW…hummm about 4 times since 2008. I know it works, but feeled burned out on that avenue. So welcome 2012 let’s eat well move more. Thanks for being real!

  40. #53

    Each step, Nicole! You just have to keep at it and find what is going to work. For example, yesterday was the first day in, oh, a week and a half that I ate normal and relatively healthy food. Last night, I was watching TV and kept thinking, Popcorn. Popcorn. Popcorn, and I realized, Um, HELLO Cathy, you arent hungry! So I passed. One step at a time for sure!

  41. #55

    Tirzah, hearing that youve been maintaining for a year… i KNOW that you are working hard. And good, good for you. : ) Keep it up!

  42. #57

    Well miss Cathy, being a fellow Minnesotian I have jumped on the chance to join you on a road to better health. Look out 2012, and that trip to Belize in January well I hope I will be able to feel better in mt swim suit! Thanks in advance for your support. Luv u


  43. #60

    Love your video. I can’t tell you how many times your documented life mirrors my own. As much as I know we are all unique individuals, there is a certain comfort in knowing you aren’t unique in all things. I came to your blog several years ago for scrapbooking but have continued to come back everyday for so much more. Thanks for sharing and for your honesty. Here’s to keeping it real in 2013 and making it better.

  44. #64

    Loved your video Cathy, all 12 minutes of it :). I have been procrastinating about getting started and with my 50th a year away, I need to get in focus! I plan on signing up for your class. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your journey – I am really looking forward to your workshop.

  45. #65

    When I put you on full screen and sit here w/ my cup of coffee (not zero calories) it feels like we’re chatting together in your house. πŸ™‚
    I think I’m going to look into your class. I started moving more at the same time you did, but like you this year hasn’t been as good as the year before. The new job was a big enough change to bump a few priorities down– including exercise. But you reminded me how good I felt when I was healthier. I want that again.
    Thanks for blogging. Yours is my favorite to visit. Looking forward to more of what you have in store!

  46. #66

    love your video posts, cathy! you should have your own tv show πŸ™‚
    i’ll sign up for your workshop, for sure. can’t wait for 2012 to come!

  47. #67

    You cannot “out exercise and bad diet”.
    Hard lesson — one that I, personally, am still trying to internalize. (I know the lose weight and see how much you can “get away with”!)
    Good luck on the on-going process

  48. #68

    That’s right Cathy, never ran a step in my life until 38, now at 23 days shy of 50, I’ve done 20 halfs, 3 fulls (with the next in 6 weeks), literally dozens of other races AND this year I won my provinces season Du-athlon (run/bike/run) points title for my age group!!!

    Hubby started running 4 years after I did and has since run Boston and 11 full marathons.

    I’m one of those people who never would have believed before i started this journey that I could do any of those these. Now I know there is nothing I can’t do……..and for what it’s worth, running does keep you young….I feel so much better at 50 than when I was 38 and if sharing my story can help or inspire someone else then I am happy to do it.

  49. #69

    Amen! Ive been trying to work that one all year. But its time to refocus for me, personally. Just need to remember: eating junk corresponds to also feeling like junk. : )

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    Bec Kilgore

    I had my 60th birthday in October. I am still not totally adjusted to that. A few years ago i lost a LOT of weight. Some is back on the body and I don’t feel very well. signed up for the workshop. I want to feel better in my head and my body.

  51. #71

    I don’t think I’ve commented before but I have been here…drawn in by your designs early on and lately with your realness about life and everything else that I’ve been experiencing along with you.

    I started to move more and eat better a few months ago, slowly, baby steps…but doing something very manageable in my life.

    Today, I saw a number on my scale that I haven’t seen in about 5 years.
    and I thought of you.
    and then I stepped off the scale and back on about 5 times.
    Just to make sure it was real.

    So all I really want to say is
    thank you
    (it doesn’t seem enough though.)

  52. #73

    I’ve certainly been following your blog and your journey, and probably shared many of the same ups and downs. I don’t comment often, but most days you make me smile. I checked out the class and decided it would be money well spent. So I’ll officially be joining you for Move More Eat Well in 2012!

  53. #75
    Tonja Trump

    That was great! Thank you Kathy for keeping it real and letting us into your personal life. Always inspiring you are! πŸ™‚

  54. #79
    Shannon M

    Hi Cathy, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your openess & humor on your blog. You have been a real inspiration to me over the last few years and I find myself checking in with you when I need a confidence boost or just a smack in the head–you know, on those days when you just don’t care that you ate like crap, but then you feel gross from it–lol! You have really helped me with my mental attitude towards running, eating and fitness in general. I decided to start the C25K program in September of this year, and just ran my first 5K yesterday!! Along the way, with just trying to make better choices (small changes) about what I eat I have lost about 15 pounds. You have helped me tremendously with your encouragement to stick with it even when we “fall off the wagon” so to speak. I no longer have that all or nothing mentality that used to cause me to give up after being way too strict with myself–I just get back on track and keep going. I still have a long way to go, but I don’t think I would have made it this far without your inspiration!!

  55. #80

    Go Shannon! I love to hear stories like this, especially about the getting back on the old wagon. Good for you. Seriously. Good. For. You!

  56. #81
    Jennifer Henson

    I so appreciate you. I have appreciated your blog since I found it years ago in search of your scrapbooking expertise and wonderful humor. Likewise, I have enjoyed the blog’s topics-all of them-including the move more, eat less. I have been running a long time. I do a fall race (marathon or half marathon the past few years) and then I hibernate. I take most of the winter off. I kick myself because I eat all winter as if I’m running, and I have to get in shape all over again each spring, and it’s harder and harder each year. Your honesty and posts are truly encouraging-not to sound repetitive or trite, truly-and I appreciate your posts/videos, etc. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  57. #82
    Catherine A.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to have stumbled across your blog. I think this class is exactly what I need… openly commit to a change, the feeling of being accountable for the days I know I’ll feel weak and rebellious. I am at the very beginning of my journey and let me tell you that mountain in front of me looks extremely high. Reading what you’ve gone through has given me the confidence that maybe I can do it too! Being able to document the process will add in a craft I love. fab! Should I have this scone in my hand as I’m typing this?… probably not. It’s going to be a long journey and a challenge.

  58. #83
    Yvonne G

    Cathy, holy cow….thank you for your honesty! I have to say I haven’t followed your blog, heard about this program from a friend who invited me to join her in her journey (she’s been following your blog…..does that count?! Lol), and am excited and nervous to begin this journey for 2012. I too have lost the weight……and have found it again. I was unhappy and disappointed in myself. I just liistened to your 12:00 minute ramble and have to say it made me cry… stupid is that?! Not because it was 12 minutes long, but because you were me! The constant screaming from the snacks in the cupboard beckoning me……the listening to the little voices telling me I’m not a size 6 and am therefore a failure because I couldn’t do it……the little voices telling me how horrible I am when I do cave in and listen to the snacks calling… knees telling me every time I go up and down the stairs that they need to get active again like I was last year, so they can be healthy again too. All these little voices make for a very loud and negative environment to be living in every day. So, it was so good to meet you Cathy……I’m glad you were unscriptd and rambled for 12 minutes and were just having a friend to friend chat about what’s been going on in your life. I’m excited to know I will have the opportunity to meet and get to know other wonderful women here who are also going through those same struggles. Who listen to the snicker doodle, who will miss the date with their runners one day, who will celebrate with me when I get active for a whole week straight, who will be just as happy as I am that I reached for the sugar snap peas instead of the Cheezies (did I just say that out loud?!). Let the journey begin…….

  59. #84

    Yvonne, thanks so much for your comment and Im happy you found me here! Let the journey begin indeed!
    Some days, it feels like every day is starting over. : )

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