The Holidays via Instagram

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I've settled down a tiny bit since getting my phone last Spring in the Instagram department [read: I don't take photos of every lunch item on my plate anymore]. That said, I still adore the photos taken with my iPhone.

The fact that it's always with me means I always have a way to quickly snap and save a decent enough photo without having to lug the DSLR around everywhere and without having to be the scrapbook Mom who's overly worried about missing the moment.

Now I just get to live them and if I really need a shot, I pull out the phone. Imagine that!

So I gathered up a handful of Christmas-related shots to drop into my Instagram template to save a little holiday slice of life. It's a fun, quick way to get shots off the phone and into an album.

It doesn't bother me that Instagrams aren't the highest quality in the world. I generally use them small, so it's not a big deal.

Just wanted to share a holiday slice.

SUPPLIES: Layered Template No. 89 (Cathy Zielske) • Holiday Cheer Worn Solids & Stripes Paper Pack (Lynee Grieveson) • Just Linens No. 04 (Michelle Martin) • Honey Script font (free)


Cathy ZielskeThe Holidays via Instagram

20 Comments on “The Holidays via Instagram”

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    The one I use the most, I think its called Amaro? I dont have my phone next to me, but I think that is the one I use the most!

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    I LOVE LOVE THIS!! It’s always fun to get new decorations for the house. Everything is beautiful and Merry!!

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    Marty Ward

    I love this page, Cathy! I have the 12 X 12 version of this template and am sitting down to try to replicate your page……such a good idea. Do I have to have the font installed to change the word to document at the bottom (instead of the word saved?)

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    I finally caved and got an iphone this past summer, and can’t imagine how I’d live without that camera now. I recently had a bunch of my Instagram’s printed at and the quality was surprisingly good, even at a 4×4 or 5×5″ size. No idea what I’m going to do with them yet, but so far they’re fun to just look at and hold =)

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    Yes, but its a free font. In the How To PDF that comes with the template, it gives you links to the free fonts! Then you just load, and change the fonts to say whatever you like!
    : )


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    Marty Ward

    OK, I must have deleted the How To for this particular template……I’m doing some organizing on my computer. Could you give me the link for the font? Thanks Cathy!

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    Marty Ward

    Cathy: I just checked with DD, and I bought this template in July, so my download link has expired. Thanks for the help

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    Karin Van den Berg

    So cool! Love the page! When I started working on my DD for this year (read: taking photos and thinking of what to journal each day) I started out taking some pics using my phone in a more or less instagram style (I have an Android phone, so my app is called Vignette) and I thought it would be great to do all my DD shots using my phone. It’s something about the grainy quality of the pics that actually goes really well with the season 🙂

    Now if only I could find some time to get started on those pages…..

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    Jane Simmons

    OK, now that I’ve bought the template for the 6×12 photo collages — where the heck do you get photo paper that’s 12 inches long? I can’t even figure out a way to break up the collage and print on 8.5×11 without losing the label (but then, I’m spatially challenged.)

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    Jane, what I am planning to do is to upload my finished collages (I will be 2 onto a 12 x 12 sized doc) to to get them printed for me. : ) Let me know if you need help on created a new canvas to hold two of your collages!

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    Jane Simmons

    Works for me. I don’t know why I didn’t realize would print on photo paper. Now all I need is patience…

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