Happy new year!

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I've nearly completed one full month in 2012 of moving more and eating well. To celebrate, last weekend I headed over to Dick's with a $10-off coupon in hand and picked up a brand new swim suit. My old Speedo was showing a little more crack than should rightly be displayed on anyone, let alone a 45-year-old woman with a little extra padding on the back side of her body.

I love my new suit. It's super tight. It's super purply. The patterned looks like Barney took an acid trip and exploded. That's my kind of workout gear.

My skin is Casper-white, dimply and about as far away from swim suit model status as you could hope for. But when I put this thing on, I feel like a badass.

Two years ago I started tracking this whole quest for better health and less chub. Back then, I posted this photo:


I remember dropping all this coin at Lucy hoping it would be part of my motivation to keep on keepin' on.

Turns out, it worked. I was really committed to putting my Lucy activewear to good use. I was really looking forward to zipping up my coat and not having my stomach be the main focus.

But back then, I had absolutely ZERO confidence in my ability to focus and achieve. I was just throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best.


Me in January 2010, wondering if the coat would ever truly zip comfortably and if that piece of hair would ever lay flat.


As I wrap up January in the Move More, Eat Well classroom, I realize after reading the stories being shared in our classroom community, that the process of self care is not an easy one. In fact, for a lot people, it's really damned hard.

I know for myself, moving more and eating well has never truly become automatic in the way that I'd hoped it would. It has, however, become something I really need to function better in the world. (Well, at least the exercise part… the eating well part, let's say that's always going to be a work in progress.)

One thing I love about all of it is that every day, or week, or month can be a complete renewal. A lot of people don't want to make bold changes on New Year's Day. And honestly, I can't blame them. The number of New Years that came and went with me still smoking like a chimney… let's just say I lost count.

But I know this: when you're ready, you're ready.

For those of you who are thinking about making changes, I invite you to join us in February, for a new year of better health and fitness. Make no mistake: you're the one who ends up doing all the work, but maybe your new year is just around the corner.

p.s. the coat zips now and I know: I really did get my money's worth.




If you're interested in making changes to your overall health and fitness, Move More, Eat Well is a 12-month online workshop at Big Picture Classes. The focus of this class is to embark on a personal journey that works with your unique lifestyle in helping you to find ways to make the changes you'd like to see on a fitness and health level. Registration is open all year and you can jump in anytime to join the more than 1,550 women and men who've made the decision to try to make changes in their own lives. Move More, Eat Well revolves around a robust community of users who are all creating a scrapbook/journal of their progress. To learn more, click here.


Cathy ZielskeHappy new year!

51 Comments on “Happy new year!”

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    Love your blog..makes me laugh in the morning. Also loving your templates for PL. Please add some more phrases –sports would be great, birthday etc.

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    Damn woman! Look at the change in your body! WOW-if that isn’t inspiration…what is? and way to rev it back up a notch in the new year. Its very inspiring.

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    Awesome? But where is the photo of you in that badass swim gear??? Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the MMEW classroom for February!

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    Tammy Eberhard

    Congrats to you Cathy! I notice yesterday you received a FitBit. What is that and how do you intend on incorporating it into your mmew plan? It looks like it tracks activity and progress…. something I know I love – especially after the nike+ challenges have encouraged me since you started them. Thinking maybe I should get one too. Why would you choose that over the nike+ fuel band that is out as well? curious minds want to know πŸ™‚

    Seriously – THANK YOU for keeping me inspired.

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    Tammy, its just another little tracker device, kind of cool.http://www.fitbit.com/home

    Nike Fuel Band is $50 more and essentially does the same thing. Plus, my Nike connections have been really buggy and to be honest, the Nike site has been less than reliable for me and been a headache at times. All the logging out, reconnecting devices etc. But this fit bit thing seems kind of cool. Time will tell!

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    Tammy Eberhard

    I agree with the Nike+ site glitches, I’m surprised they have let them go on so long.

    Thanks for the info! I am going to check it out now. Love these little tracking devices and how motivating they are for me.

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    Wow, you look great! Not just the weight, but your skin, the confidence in your smile…Keep up the good work!

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    Angela Dennison

    HOLY COW! You’re 45????? I would never have guessed that! You look like you are in your 30’s! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up it’s working for you! πŸ™‚

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    CZ-You look awesome! And it’s not just the weight, but the all over glow.
    I’ve been on the same track as you…lost 15 pretty easily and then slowly started to add it back. And I kept looking at the numbers and kind of panicking.
    Now I’m back on track and feeling good, and not looking at the scale so much. Doing Body Pump and feeling strong and lean. Not skinny, but strong and healthy. And I think it shows in more ways than the numbers. In my confidence. And my state of mind. Who knew a kick butt workout would be such a good therapist…
    And I’m all about the good workout clothes. They make a difference. And we all deserve it πŸ™‚
    Have a great day!

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    It really is about the mental rewards some times. I mean, I havent lost any more weigh since early 2011 and yet, I have spent another year exercising and you know, it just makes me feel better.

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    Becky @ Pieces of my Life

    Great picture Cathy. I am so enjoying MMEW 2012, and all the work that you put into this class is amazing. Thank you and I can’t wait for tomorrow to weight-in and put new numbers down whatever they may be.

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    Hey Cathy,
    I regularly read your blog and its a source of inspiration for me….you make me move more and eat better….I have started to do more exercise than I ever thought I would and i ENJOY!!! it……

    THANK YOU <3

    P.S I hit the big 4-0 in March and am determined to have dropped another few inches(i am not looking at scales ,just inches) I wanna be a hot momma like you for my big day xx

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    Cathy, you look wonderful… and yes, the Move More, Eat Well community is amazing. I would encourage anyone who’s thinking of joining in to go RIGHT NOW and do it! The support is invaluable, and there are women of all different levels there. People who are just starting out, people who’ve lost a lot already and are nearing their goal weight and people who aren’t trying to lose any weight but trying to maintain and are looking for support in continuing to eat well and keep active. I’m really enjoying the sense of community on the message boards. πŸ™‚

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    katie squires

    The difference in those two pics is amazing…and it isn’t just the coat zipping up…its something in the TUDE…a woman living her best life and inspiring the rest of us πŸ™‚ Thank-you

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    You look great. Big hoorahs for this side of the pond. It’s good to see your achievement and how you keep on inspiring us all.


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    Because you quit smoking and have been doing so much aerobic activity your lungs must be sending you a thank you card every single day!
    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!
    – Lee

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    I took your run 50 miles in January challenge. It had been a while since I’ve run regularly but it’s the hard challenges that get me motivated. Yesterday I hit 50 miles (some of that was walking as a warm up/cool down on the treadmill). Hoping to do a couple more today so I can feel like an over achiever. Thanks for the challenge!

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    I’m so silly. The before & after pix actually brought a tear to my eye. So VERY proud of you. Not just in all the weight that you’ve lost, but of your continuing journey to being fit and healthy.

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    I remember you posting that first photo of your Lucy gear! I also remember thinking how much more commited you were to your health than me. I’m happy to say that I have tried to follow your footsteps and am down nearly 40 lbs with 50 to go. I have also bought my own Lucy gear now and go to the gym 3-days per week. It’s definitely hard…thanks for always admitting that!! I’m loving Move More Eat Well too!!

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    Good for you, Michelle! And yes, it is hard. In fact, I just finished recording a message for my students of Move More, Eat Well, reminding them of that very fact!

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    Abby P.

    Gorgeous pictures of you, Cathy. You have a very warm smile! I’m not involved in the MMEW class, but I still get motivation from your blogs – being 51, I now have NO metabolism, and it really sucks. I’m planning to start walking…a lot…thanks for the inspiration at every corner.

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    Jamie Danford

    Hell YES, now those are some before and after pics! Wow. And guess what? I bought a new swimsuit today too… mine’s so loud and pink and purple and orange… looks like the Teletubbies orgasmed all over it. I even got matching goggles, ha! I’ve only been to the aquatic center 3 times, but I am LOVING it… can’t wait to suit up and hit that 77degree h2o on Thursday. πŸ˜‰

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    For the most part I’ve been a lurker… but I’ve been following you for several years. It’s been a privilege reading your journey to a whole-r and healthier you. I know that it’s not just about how you look, but I must say… YOU. LOOK. AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work!

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    Oh my gosh! Look at how cute you are!

    Congratulations – for keepin’ on, keepin’ on. It ain’t easy.

    I, too, am a lurker…but I just had to comment.

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    Hi Cathy. Thanks so much for the wonderful download gifts. Perfect for MMEW and Project Life. I so very much needed this post today. On the upward gain side of my weight loss and totally stressed about life and the horrible weight gain. My poor sweet mom has been in hospital since Thanksgiving and her condition is breaking my heart. I think I have been putting myself absolutely last and also trying to eat away my stress. Even as I just typed that last line I started crying. My sadness and self-esteem are plummeting as my weight is increasing. Stupid, yes; can I change this, YES! Your post was just what I needed. As I always say, everyday is a chance to begin again. I am going to put that on your lovely quote card. I also love the products you are creating for project life. I am going to purchase the checklist cards right now. TY for the instructions on how to change colors in PS. I would never have figured that one out. Thank you for being honest, real and a beautiful soul. Big hugs to you!

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    Tracy Moniz

    I have been so inspired watching you over the last couple of years – for the last few months, I have been doing more than watching! πŸ™‚

    I wanted to ask – any recommendations on plus-sized workout gear? (As in – where to find them?) I am not having much luck on sports bras, pants… so am wearing out what I do have – that really isn’t intended for running and weight lifting. πŸ™‚ I am tall and 1X – and all the cute sporty stuff is neither. πŸ™‚

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    Cindy (Junque Art)

    Cathy you are looking MARVELOUS darling! I love reading your posts. You always make me laugh and I needed that today! I am really enjoying your class and it is making such a difference in my journey. YES…it’s hard, and I have slipped a few days, but I’ve gotten back up and kept on trucking. Thank you for the encouragement to do just that! Gave your class a little plug over my way…I hope others join the journey!

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    Cathy, the change even in just your face tells how far you’ve come – you look fabulous! Keep it up, we’re all cheering for you πŸ™‚

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    Tracy, maybe someone will read this and pop in. I believe Targets C9 line may come in some plus size and their stuff is sporty and cute!

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