I’ve got a new mini workshop starting in a few weeks

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I've been so wrapped up in the Move More, Eat Well classroom that it dawned on me yesterday, "Um, Cathy… you have another class starting in a few weeks!"

Indeed I do! Ten Tips for Better Type launches on Feb. 2. 

I'm exciting to offer this mini workshop for two reasons: 1. I love good use of type, and 2. People can learn the basics to make their type look better.


So much of good type is simply font, size, leading and alignment. These are the basic constructs of using type well and that is exactly what this class is designed to teach.

You will not learn how to make crazy type art or type collages. This is a beginners guide to more sophisticated typesetting. The first week is all about the overview and presentation; the second week is a page assignment with step by step videos.

The goal is to give you some solid foundations upon which to build better type on your scrapbook pages. The cost it $14. We will have a gallery and message board, and I will be hosting a video chat for registered students. Registration closes on Feb. 8. 

Questions? Comments? Leave them here and I'm happy to answer! Hope to see some of you in the workshop!

For more information, click here.

Cathy ZielskeI’ve got a new mini workshop starting in a few weeks

35 Comments on “I’ve got a new mini workshop starting in a few weeks”

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    I’m in :)! Looking forward to this new class that starts right on my birthday wooohooo! Right now I’m doing your “Design your life” self-paced class and I’m loving it! Love your style, love your videos!
    Cathy, will there be any preclass assingnment for “Ten tips for better type”?

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    Julie Gilbert

    I just signed up! There is nothing better than an invitation or a letterpress poster with beautiful type. Can’t wait to learn more.

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    I’m in and I can’t wait! Just want to get back to the basics and learn some beautiful and simple typography that “just works”!

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    Cathy S

    I read somewhere that most of the information in this class was included in Design Your Life and may be redundant for DYL alumni. True?

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    This would be perfect for me and I like the fact your including “WORD” in it. I’ve always loved the way you write on your layouts. So do we get all this info right away or is it daily? weekly? Thanks for the reminder for this class!!

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    O. Ortiz

    I CAN’T WAIT to be one of your “formal” students… since I’m learning from you constantly. See ya on the 2nd!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

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    You get a video presentation and a hand out in week one that covers the tips. So, the first week you get the info. The second week you get the assignment and video instruction! Its a very simple structure!

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    Hey Cathy I have a question about yesterdays recipe post. I live in Canada and have never seen a product called Tomatoe Puree. Would that just be canned diced tomatoes blended up?
    Thinking about making this today and just need to know if I could make it work.


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    Cathy, I may be jumping the gun here a bit, but do you have any plans to create/teach a Type 2 class? Sort of a follow up or more in depth class on type? Just wondering (and secretly hoping). ; >

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    I hadnt thought of it just yet. If I did, I would have to do a class like that in full Photoshop. More type controls and options.: )

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    bummed, thought it would be more then what dyl was but it did make me re read ch 11. would love a more advance class on fonts. designing titles in photoshop maybe.

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    Hi Cathy –
    I just found your blog and I’ve been enjoying the archives very much. I’m wondering if it’s possible to join the MMEW class now – a bit late? I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be too behind. Also, would it be possible to combine the MMEW prompts with a Project Life Album (ie – using the becky higgins dividers) or does it require the separate supplies? Thank you!

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    Oh, absolutely. The only thing youve missed is the pre class work and the january assignment, but you can jump right in.

    The thing is, I want people to know they can jump in any time they are ready. Not everybody is ready all at once to say, Okay, I can do this.

    My class has specific supplies and different page protectors, so it will not work with beckys products! Although i did design a 3×4 MMEW card for my project life students that they could include in their albums!

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    Barb in AK

    I’ve been signed up for a while.
    But just wondering, will this mean that all the assigned layouts will be digital? Or can we use what we learn for titles/journalling, then print and paste on to the touchy-feelie layouts?

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    I am so looking forward to this class. I have always admired the type in your layouts. I can’t wait!

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    When I took your first Design Your Life class we touched on type. Is this class the same or will it be more involved? I really need to learn what fonts work well with each other and or work on a specific type of page.


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    Jane, you do not need this class if you took DYL. This is the same info. : ) Not the same class, but the same concepts. : )

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    Karen Freeman

    HI Cathy I have your DYL in my BPC list and am trying to take it alongside others. I read here that this type class is similar in contenet, but I was wondering given that i have it as the self paced version of DYL, would I still be better to take this class? Thanks for your time.

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    Amy S.

    Hey Cathy! All signed up for the type workshop, but I have a question. I have both Word and PE programs..do you recommend one over the other for ease of use? I have virtually no training in either and I’m just wondering if I’d find one to be simpler than another for the purposes of the class.

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