Project Life—Week Three + a free download card and tutorial

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And Week 3 is on the books, people. Welcome to my Project Life post for the week. Let’s dive in, shall we?

OBSERVATIONS: I love this project. Can I just say that? It really does combine the best of what I love about scrapbooking (stories+photos+design) but breaks it down into little do-able chunks. Heck, it’s even making me realize my own handwriting is pretty acceptable.

Aside from being more attuned to pulling out my camera (or my phone) and taking more pictures, I am also finding myself listening more, both for stories and for the things people are saying. Last week, I quoted Aidan from an overheard conversation. This week, I pulled a quote from an essay Cole had written about why he feels his school should do away with their uniform policy.


That I am proud that he referenced Pink Floyd should go without saying.

I also found myself out in a scrapbook store seeking out things I could use and add to my album. Imagine that! I bought stickers and staples. Some say I was completely out of control.



I’m still using the Day One app to jot down notes four times daily. This is making it really easy to sit down and type up my Week in Review card every Sunday afternoon.


Here’s a look at the full pages:



I like the idea of quotes so much that I have a free card download for you today to start capturing some of the quotable phrases from your daily life!


This layered PSD file uses a free font called Museo Slab 500. Click here to download. Make sure to find the Museo Slab 500 font. The others cost money! Here is the file to download:

Download CZ_quotecardfreebie

This is a plain card on a white background. You could easily drag your finished quote onto any digital card file, such as my Days and Holidays 1 3 x 4 cards. Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to set the type and drag it onto a layered card file.

Quote Card Tutorial from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

To see the steps for sizing 3×4 cards down to fit into Project Life pockets, click here. Questions? Comments? Be sure to leave them and I’ll do my best to get back to you!


Cathy ZielskeProject Life—Week Three + a free download card and tutorial

78 Comments on “Project Life—Week Three + a free download card and tutorial”

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    Lee Currie

    Wonderful, as always. Love how full and uncluttered your pages look. (Had to laugh at the mini net – I’ve sent ours outside, the townhouse can’t handle the excitement :S). Hope you’re having another full and fabulous week, Cathy!

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    toni from

    Cathy, really there is no help for me. LOL. Thanks for the quote printable, I have the perfect one to use…from my eleven year old son. “Mom, cousin Susan is a judge right?” “Yes, he is, Elliot.” “So does that mean she has her own show?” hahahahahahahahah….seriously almost ran the Odyssey off the road, I was laughing so hard. Apparently neither school nor home ever properly explained the judicial process to a sixth grader, but it’s okay because Judge Judy did.

  3. #6
    Jennifer R

    I have the project life turquoise kit and some pages, but I haven’t started mine yet
    I need the A pages to start it, and they are sold out
    I can’t wait to get started though

  4. #7

    You’re totally awesome for the free downloads and the font finds. I LOVE seeing what you’re coming up with for your PL. Keep that inspiration coming!

  5. #10

    Cathy, I can’t tell you how beyond EXCITED I AM EACH TIME YOU POST YOUR PROJECT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Really it’s the perfect YOU in every way!!!!

    I can just picture you in Archiver’s strolling the aisles looking for some fun goodies to use and talking to yourself as you pick them out. That is my splurge 3 times a year for when I go, love that store!!

    How awesome for Cole to get a part and sorry to hear about Aidan. Good luck to Colt and better things to come Aidan’s way.

    Thanks for sharing and for the download, you just keep making me happier!!

  6. #11

    Thanks for the card. 🙂 I am loving collecting quotes so far. I was warming up my voice while driving to church and my daughter said, “Mom, you should be an opera singer and wear one of those bovine hats.” lol

  7. #13

    Aimee, hold down the Home button on the front and the button on the top of the phone at the same time. You should hear a shutter sound.

  8. #19
    Laura in Chicago

    Hi Cathy –
    Just wanted to say how much I love the Day One app – I’ve been using it since you first mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. So easy to use and now I have it on my desktop and iPhone. I love it as a place to record not only what’s happening on a daily basis but whenever something pops up in my mind about years past I just throw it in there and put a star by that comment to indicate something I can use in the future. Love it!!!!!
    I REALLY HOPE that you design a Project Life kit for Becky I love your understated, clean, fresh style!!!
    Happy scrapping,

  9. #20
    Jen Hart

    Oh what a fab post, love the download-thank you. I also love the video and you have taught me something so that is cool.
    Also, taking a photo of my phone with my phone, that rocks.
    I love project life 🙂 It is exactly the right kind of scrapbooking. I find I am then picking my favourite bit of the week out to do a traditional layout and I think then I will tuck them in at the end of the month.

    Thanks so much and I’m glad you are enjoying it.
    Great news that they both have a part 🙂

  10. #21

    Thank you for the download. And someday, if my child references Pink Floyd in ANY context, I may cry with pride.

  11. #22

    Thank you so much! I love the font and the card is perfect. My daughter is always saying things that I want to remember.

    I also want to thank you for the Day One recommendation. It is perfect for memorializing those little moments throughout the day.

  12. #24
    Jill S.

    Thanks so much for an another awesome free download:) The other day when I was taking some pics of my teenaged daughter and some friends, she asked me, “Are you going to do anything with these pictures or are you just taking them to annoy me?” That’s definitely going on this card in my PL album!

  13. #26
    Abby P.

    Jennifer: per Becky Higgins’ blog, they’ll be available mid-February at Amazon — I don’t have them either, but I said, “Screw it! I’m startin’ this thing!” I actually found out that I have so many mini, 6×4 and 4×6 photos that I went ahead and bought the F and B pocket pages today (Amazon) – you might be surprised how much you’ll use them while awaiting the A’s!

  14. #27
    Heather S. in VT

    Thanks so much for the free stuff Cathy!! I really appreciate it! I’m loving project life too! It’s just so exciting it makes me gitty! LOL! I hope I can keep the excitement about it all year long! Thanks for the inspiration too!

  15. #28
    Abby P.

    Thanks for the download – LOVE IT! And in reference to Pink Floyd, I came home from work one day to find my 15 & 19 yr.old boys CRANKING the Wall DVD — seriously, the windows were shaking from the bass, and I think I, too, wept a little 😀 !

  16. #29
    Abby P.

    Jennifer – I tried to reply but must have clicked a wrong button! Anyway, I don’t have the A pages yet either (Per Becky’s blog, Amazon will have them mid-Feb.), but I’m still printing everything anticipating the A pages. But ya know what?? I’m finding that I have vertical photos and lots more minis than I expected, so I went ahead and ordered the F & B protectors. If you look on Ali Edwards’ blog, I think she adds them to her weekly A pages. I still plan to get the A pages, along with the G’s. Go ahead! Get started – it’s so much fun! And CZ has a cornicopia (spelling) of stuff to play with!

  17. #31
    Chris H.

    Ditto this. I’m beyond addicted to Day One thanks to Cathy. My brain feels much less cluttered with randomness.

  18. #33
    Sherry Eckblad

    Thanks Cathy for the freebies. I am loving the little tutorials and learning so much. I basically know nothing about PSE except for what you have shown us here on your blog.

  19. #34
    Christina from Sydney

    Thanks for all your inspiration for my Project Life album, you’re the best. I have a favour to ask. I live in Australia and it’s Australia day today. I was wondering what the font you used on the Days Holidays cards (which I just purchased) and also Labour day is always spelt incorrectly (or correctly for you) so I wanted to change it. Any suggestions??? Aussies always have to be different. Love ya!! thanks

  20. #35

    YOU ROCK! You’re tutorial completely walked me through a couple road blocks I’ve been having with the cards and Photoshop. Thank you! Love that you’re doing PL and all your inspiration with it. I’m planning on signing up for your type class and look forward to learning more from you there. Thank you!

  21. #37

    The font is Archer, and its a bit pricey to buy. You could always use a free font like Museo Slab 500 and recreate the type! : )

  22. #40
    Heather V

    Love your Week Three! I think (just looking at pictures of him, of course) that Cole would have made a great Edmund! Mr. Beaver will be fun though, too 🙂

  23. #41
    Bernice J

    Cathy, did Cole have to speak with a cockney accent, or a cockney accident? Just caught the journaling, sorry…I’m a hopeless spelling addict.

  24. #43

    Thank you Cathy for the freebie this week and last week for Project Life! It feels like Christmas has been extended. 🙂 I am just starting Project Life and I love it!!!

  25. #48
    Katie Johnson

    Cathy thanks for the free downloads. You have inspired me to finally take the plunge and buy PSE…I’m headed to Best Buy after work to buy it!

    Do you have the 4s iphone? When I try to do the screen capture I hear the shutter sound, but the photo doesn’t end up in my camera roll. I think a trip to Verizon is in my future…

  26. #50

    i am absolutely loving how clean and simple (and coordinated) your pages are coming out. fantastic!!!!

  27. #51
    Laura Furgason

    Thank you so much for the download and font info! And the tutorials—I learn so much from you! Had to buy the tiny templates and then the Days & Holidays after I saw your pages. Can’t wait for your BPC text class next month! YOU make my stuff look so good!

  28. #54
    Gypsy Chaos

    I like the quote card! I was collecting lots of quotes between Sept 2010 & Sept 2011 – my first year of PL. I wanted to use them, one per week.

    I measured the blank area on each title card, took the smallest, and found that I had clear labels the correct size. So I formatted one quote per sticker – changed fonts and sizes on some. Then I stuck one per week on the title card! It looks nice, if I do say so myself. {I used the original design.}

    THANK YOU for your extras each week. Finding great free fonts [I am a font freak], a download or a tutorial each week is such a nice surprise.

  29. #55
    Jane Simmons

    Thanks for all the PL goodness — it is so much more fun than last year! (I’m still finishing December –lots of photos last month.) And so glad to see Jessica Sprague & Ali also involved, but it’s your templates I buy! Do you know what radius the corners are on the PL cards? 1/4″? 3/8″?

    And if you say “TAHNY” one more time I’m going to be rolling on the floor. I had totally forgotten “It’s HUUUGE!” came from Tiny Elvis and Nicholas Cage.
    Looking forward to the Type clas.

  30. #56
    Jane Simmons

    Oh, and my plan for the Quote cards? This is where I’ll be sticking my favorte Facebook posts from my kids’ FB pages. Both are grown and out of the house, but their posts are short and funny and often accompanied by a photo from their phones.

  31. #57

    Cathy – I read your blog faithfully and I swore you had a download available for the binder title thingey to put on the spine of the PL binders. But I have checked everywhere and can no longer find it. Am I delusional? Is it still out here? Could you possibly please post the link again? Pretty please? Trying to finish up PL 2011 and would love to use these, as I love everything you create!!

    Thank you!! Carol

  32. #61

    Hi Cathy –

    I’m a totally digital scrapper and I’d like to try project life. I’ve found the digital templates on Jessica Sprague’s site, but can I use your journaling and quote cards (and etc.) in the digital templates? Apologies for the basic question – I’m transitioning to PSE this weekend after working in another program for the last year, so I’ve some learning to do…

  33. #63

    Hot Diggity!!! [Sarah doing a happy dance]

    Downloading PSE now… and a few weekends worth of converting my current content to PSE-friendly files… but it will be worth it, baby!


  34. #64

    Hi Cathy,

    I love your blog and I love using your digital designs. I was looking at your story savers last night and trying to figure out if I could make scale them to a 4 x 6 horizontal size to use for project life. I tried and it was a big mess, so I was wondering if you would consider making a new version that would work for the 4 x 6 pockets in project life?



  35. #65

    Thats a great idea, Steph! Yes. I will create some 6 x 4 story savers! Ill put it on my list for next weekend to be in the store!

  36. #66

    Kathy, My old HP photosmart printer has conked out and I need to get a new photo printer. What do you use? Any suggestions?

    As always, love your style and your stuff!

    Sarah in Texas

  37. #67

    Sarah, I have about a 4 or 5 year old HP Photosmart! Im a huge fan of the HP printers, so Id say check those ones out again! : )

  38. #68
    Kristin T

    hello. just an fyi – the link is broken to the 7gypsies fill in the date stickers – missing the colon after http. I enjoy reading your blog, thank you.

  39. #70

    Cathy – How do you print your weather forcast pictures? I flew in to Minneapolis from Savannah on that very cold Wednesday and flew out in the snowstorm on the following Monday. It would be great to capture that. Thanks!

  40. #71

    Thanks so much! I was so excited you actually answered me–love your blog and appreciate all your creative goodness!

  41. #73

    I did a screen shot of my phone screen by holding down the Home button and the On/Off button at the same time, quickly, until I hear a shutter snap. Then I save that and open it in PS and print.

  42. #74
    Tracy Smith

    I’ve been on the fence with PL for a while, now finally decided to start it. However, I everywhere I look for page protectors, they are not available! Thi is highly disappointing. 🙁

  43. #75

    Tracy, hold tight. From what I understand, they are restocking in February. They have sold like crazy. I dont even think Becky Higgins Co anticipated the response!

  44. #77

    I’m brand new to Project Life and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your detailed posts, videos and downloads. Also, thanks for giving up NON Photoshop downloads and also for teaching us a little more about how to use our Photoshop for this project. SO thankful. Also love seeing your weekly spreads.

    Also, love your health, food and exercise posts. I’m in the same boat this year and it’s fun following along with you. 🙂

  45. #78

    Thank you so much. I want to include quotes in my PL and this card will be perfect. Thank you for the tutorial, too.

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