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Egg salad, heavily filtered in still life. 2012.

Ah, twenty-twelve… here you are and here I am, moving forward here on Planet Earth full of all kinds of optimism and gusto!

It is a time of year where many people decide to make big changes. And it is also the time of year, roughly the second week, when all hell breaks loose and the hope for change seems to evaporate into the surrounding ether.

This year felt different for me, because I wasn't making any resolutions. I was simply continuing. Continuing feels so much more do-able in some respects. I will continue to take care of myself. I will continue to eat well. I will continue to find ways of moving this body of mine. I will continue to become a more evolved person and less of a selfish twit.

So much easier than starting from scratch.

Of course, starting from scratch is what many people want to do in January. God knows I know this. I can't even tell you how many Januarys came and went where my goal of quitting smoking lasted until I woke up after the previous night's New Year celebration.

I read through some of the comments from the weekend's giveaway post, where I asked about resolutions. I don't really like resolutions myself. They seem too big. Too shocking. Too sudden.

I remember when I quit smoking in March of 2006. That felt too big. Too shocking. Too sudden.

And then hour by hour, day by day, it got a little easier.

Have you picked a word for the year? I ask, because I'm not sure what mine is just yet. I'm gravitating towards "reality" but I'm not sure how that will settle in just yet.

One of my goals in 2012 is to focus on living in reality in all aspects of my life. To see what is truly needed and to respond accordingly. Now this is coming directly out of the work I've been doing with my therapist, but it's what I need to do to focus on becoming a much better version of myself.

That, of course, involves a heck of a lot more than exercising and eating well. But every little bit helps.

I know there might be some of you who feel like January's here and you haven't stepped up to the plate. You haven't committed to a change you desire and you know what? I would say, don't sweat it. Don't look at January as the sole harbinger of possible change.

Change is a really forgiving and flexible concept at the outset. It's there. And it's waiting patiently.



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24 Comments on “Resolve”

  1. #4
    Mary J

    Great post, as always Cathy! My OLW is “Do” because I don’t always make life happen. Most of the time I just sit back and watch it fly by. This year I am going to “Do”.

  2. #5
    Stephanie Howell

    no word here…not sure if i’ll choose one this year. i do make general ” i want tos” for my life. i blogged about the mom part today. i always want to improve and the dawn of a new year is a reminder for me to do so!

  3. #6
    Shari Rohde

    My word is Believe. This is more of my resolution than “this year I will…..” .
    I just want to believe in myself and believe that what I am doing will make a difference. So far it is working. Every time I want to be ‘bad’, I think of my goal and how hard I have worked so far, and I tend to put the cookie down.

  4. #7
    Beth H

    I am thinking about either STILL (as in be Still and listen more to my inner self, God, my family — and don’t feel like I have to be busy all the time) or OPEN (as in being Open to change, or to nochange, or to interesting chats with strangers, or whatever — in other words not have the mind set that I already know what today is going to be like and what will happen. I am taking your MMEW class so STILL doesn’t mean don’t move — it’s more a mindset. I could be STILL while taking a long walk. Good luck choosing your word.

  5. #8

    I don’t have a word but this year instead of making resolutions I made a simple to do list. It has everything from an exercise schedule to painting the living room. This way its not so overwhelming. When I get a free moment or mental energy I just pick something off the list and work on it. No pressure no giant changes or promises to myself. Just doing what I can when I can.

  6. #9

    love this post, cathy. specially the very last paragraph. “change” was my word for last year, and i think it will be always a word that i will keep close to my heart.
    this year my word is “dare”. because i need a push to embrace the new things that “change” is bringing into my life.

  7. #10
    lynne moore

    And I was sure your word was continue or continuing, based on the first paragraph of your post. My word is Changes. And David Bowie echos in my head – sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

  8. #11
    Jackie L

    my word is “be” for the same reasons…I just sit back and watch it go by. My quote: “To be alive is to totally and openly participate in the simplicity and elegance of here and now.”

  9. #13
    Carmel Keane

    This is my word to Mary J. I want to do all the things I think about. I want to do for others. i want to do good things to help me be my best version of myself…. good luck.

  10. #14
    Carmel Keane

    Love the idea of change happening “hour-by-hour; “day-by-day”. It is much more “doable” to wake up each day and think about what little steps we can take that day towards our goals. Am definately going to try that approach this year. Thanks Cathy!

  11. #15
    Sherry G

    What’s your recipe for egg salad? I’ve got some whole wheat mini pitas and egg salad would be good in them and healthy too I think.

  12. #16

    Oh, its very simple. I use Hain Safflower Mayo, a bit of mustard, a shake of Worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Thats it!

  13. #18
    Lee Currie

    Hey Cathy, I’ve been thinking of your “word” for this year and after taking in the content of your recent posts what about something like “harmony” or “synergy” – something along those lines? Anyway, you rock with or without a “word” for your year 🙂 Have a great evening!

  14. #19

    Is that some straight-up egg salad? Or did you tweak it to make it lower calorie? I love egg salad, but don’t really want to risk the flavor by taking out good stuff.

  15. #21

    Consistent. I am a sprinter, not a marathoner. So, I lose interest/willpower/determination very quickly. I finally realized I don’t have to do QUANTITY of anything, but quality OVER TIME. Yuck! THAT is a big ol’ bummer.

  16. #22
    Caroline Stroh

    My word is FOCUS, so I chuckled when I read your post. I chose it in December and I even ordered a necklace from Lisa Leonard to remind myself on a daily basis. I want to focus on ME…specifically what I want to do when I grow up (empty nest next year), and on some projects I have put off or started and not completed.

  17. #23
    Missus Wookie

    Very true post, my word for 2012 is focus and I am usually a super organized so by now have started on a variety of projects. But the family got hit by a bug, dh & I have a date for tomorrow – dual dr appointments going to ask for antibiotics (second set for me, first for him). I keep reminding myself I can start as soon as I am well. It won’t matter if it’s February.

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