The best of 2011 as voted on by a panel of 1

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I spent the weekend taking a trip down memory lane on my blog. I compiled a handful of my favorite posts from the past year. I want to thank you for coming here and reading and commenting and simply being a part of my online world.

My Favorite Post on Boosting the Old Self Worth

My Favorite Concept for a Scrapbook Page from Last Year

My Favorite Video Post from Last Year

My Most Overtly Sentimental Scrapbook Page from Last Year

The Best Celebrity Encounter of 2011

My Favorite Free Template of 2011

A More Realistic Whine on Chub and Such

My Favorite Project of the Year



Cathy ZielskeThe best of 2011 as voted on by a panel of 1

12 Comments on “The best of 2011 as voted on by a panel of 1”

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    Jennie Hart

    Definitely the Bee Video, but really it’s all been fab, honest and humorous. Look forward to seeing a CZ post pop-up every few days πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year.

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    Sherry P

    Just started reading your blog a few days ago. You and your writing skills are solid gold. How cool is it that you make your own best of 2011 list? I thought only Rolling Stone and such did that. I love me some BNL too. Ed’s eyes are yummy. And their music isn’t half bad, ha! They put on a great live show- so funny. Speaking of live shows, I don’t get the bee costume. Is it because you are The Queen Bee? Or did you just want to be in that Blind Melon video 20 years ago? (I just aged myself!) The dance I totally get. You get a “B” for your fishing move. It’s much cuter with a partner to be your “catch”. Next year, I expect some sprinkler and a lot of lawnmower! I’ll try not to stalk you and take up all your time, but I think this could be the start of something beautiful. The only thing holding us back? your love of scissors! I can’t cut a straight line. Is their any hope for me or is that a skill you either learned in pre-k or not? Seriously, sorry to ramble but I finally had to comment today and tell you that you have a new fan!

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    Kristi K.

    Well done, Cathy! This blog entry, this year, well, just everything. I wish you the best in 2012 πŸ™‚

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    I have had that costume since I was 20. It is simply tradition.

    And I heart Ed too. Still sad they broke up and all, but I think hes adorable!

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    Nancy McM

    For various personal reasons I haven’t been reading your blog {amongst others, it’s nothing personal, I love your blog}, I’m so glad you posted these… have a GREAT 2012!

  6. #9

    woohoo! Another verbose commenter!

    Sherry – “trying to cut a straight line” means “using scissors and ‘eyeballing’ the straightness”. Um. Yea. SOOO not happening!

    It’s the 21st century! Those deadly guillotine paper cutters have changed with the times. Now there are hand held rotary cutters with BIG [65mm], MeD [45], and small [25?] blades. Straight lines? NOT me.

    There are cutting systems – don’t let the words scare you – that have the blade restrained to a straight line – wire through the blade housing! Paper goes on a measuring platform. Explore. Try – link on the right column —>

    I hope you come back and see this.

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