All Hail Auntie Coo

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Let me clear something up first and foremost: Auntie Coo is not related to me.

Auntie Coo is my good friend and former colleague Amy Pampusch Olson's grandmother's sister. But I feel like she has given the world a gift in the form of dumpling soup and now I wish she was my auntie.

One night a few weeks ago, Amy posted on Facebook that she was making Auntie Coo's Dumpling Soup. The picture looked so good I begged her for the recipe. I never met a dumpling that I did not like. She obliged.

I have made this on consecutive Sundays and I am not going to lie: it is the greatest soup I have ever tasted, made or been a part of in any way, shape or form.

Yes, I love it that much.

I wanted to share this recipe with you today for those chilly winter nights when you want something homey, hearty and insanely comforting.

Salut! And all hail Auntie Coo.

Download Auntiecoosdumplingsoup

ABOUT AUNTIE COO: Auntie Coo was born Cleo Gravley in Windom, Minnesota. She worked for the telephone company her whole life and traveled around the world after retirement, bringing Amy gifts such as rocks from the Black Sea. She was essentially Amy's grandma. She got her nickname because someone couldn't pronounce her given name, Cleo.

Note: Auntie Coo's original recipe does not include chicken or celery. I have added those to my version. See PDF for complete recipe instructions.

And again, all hail Auntie Coo.

Cathy ZielskeAll Hail Auntie Coo

24 Comments on “All Hail Auntie Coo”

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    Yummo – looks amazing. I think this would work well with some chopped bacon or using bacon bones. Real hearty winter food.

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    You have good soup cred with me. We all love Jason’s chililicious soup, this one looks good too!

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    This looks great Cathy, really reminds me of a dumpling soup my Grandma used to make, can’t wait to try it out.

    Thanks to you and Auntie Coo !

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    Yes! That is with the chicken. : ) The original recipe called for 6 potatoes cut up, so i rounded down to 3 cups to lower the calories a bit.

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    lynne moore

    I’ve never made dumplings… how do you do it with the ingredients? Are they just little balls of the flour mix? Like Matzo balls? Do you boil them ahead of time?

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    You mix up the mixture, and it is thick, like a thick but malleable dough, then you take a spoon, scoop a bit about the size of a walnut and drop it in the soup. It will cook up very quickly!

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    lynne moore

    Thanks. We made it lastnight and it was good, but I may leave the dumplings out next time. (Or just stick to what i know and make matzo balls…)

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    Chris H.

    Oh for the love of dumplins’…I made this last night. DELICIOUS!!!
    We kicked it up a bit at the table and dashed a bit more red pepper into our bowls.
    I also used chicken stock instead of broth..

    As it sat last night it got even more flavorful and hubby said ‘don’t mind me if I get up in the middle of the night for a snack’…

    Thanks for sharing.

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    OMG…can I just say this soup was to die for!!! Seriously, my husband and I could not saying how good it was. I’m making it again next weekend….LOL, I even had it for breakfast one morning – delish! Thank you Cathy and Auntie Coo!!!

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    Rod Wingfield


    My name is Rod Wingfield. I am Cleo’s grandson. Would love to hear all about her. Just attended the Barth Family Picnic yesterday, where I showed and handed out copies of my Dad’s birth certificate and adoption paperwork. Did she ever mention either of her two children? My email is Would love to hear from you!


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