Potent Potables and Other Quotables

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Most people have favorite things they like to quote. Maybe it's from a movie. Or a television show. Or a book.

Are you like most people? Because in this respect, I am.

I've had pretty steady access to media throughout my life. TV, music, movies—stuff that makes up pop culture, essentially. And there have been so many memorable scenes, or lines, or catch phrases that have stuck with me, filling my brain so that when and where they are needed, they can quickly be retrieved and applied correctly to any given situation.

Take for example the clip above, from one of my favorite old movies, Airplane.

Yesterday, Dan had a long, busy day at work planned, so I decided to send him a text early in the day that said this:


He knew it was Leslie Nielson, but he kept guessing, "Police Squad?" Throughout the rest of the day, whenever he would text me, I'd simply reply with: "Good luck. We're all counting on you."

SIDE NOTE: Yesterday around mid morning, I looked out into the backyard to see two St. Paul police officers, weapons drawn and police dog at the ready, on my deck and in my garage. Turns out they were looking for 'a guy.' This was how it went down via text to Dan, keeping my quote theme in mind:


Of course this got me thinking of my favorite things to quote. Two nights ago, we were flipping channels and landed on Pulp Fiction. Now this is a movie you either loved or hated or didn't see, but we're huge fans, so we started watching. I can't quote a lot of it here on this PG-rated blog, but we decided last night we'd try to work more of Pulp Fiction into our Dan–Cathy quote habits. You okay? Nah, man… I'm pretty f-in far from okay.

One movie I will quote here is probably my most oft quoted movie of all time, Silence of the Lambs.

I know what you're thinking: Cathy, you're sick. But seriously, aside from the fact that I believe this movie to be a veritable master class for writing, directing and acting, it is also one of the richest founts of quotable material in the celluloid realm.

But not just for the great (albeit disturbing) scenes like this (which you will have to watch on YouTube, as embedding has been disabled):


I can do this scene from memory. Macabre? Perhaps. But you know what is totally awesome? When you can drop parts of this into casual conversation. Or when you can recite it via the Talking Tom Cat.


In this house, we go well beyond the 'fava beans and a nice chianti.' You get what I'm saying?

My friend and frequent contributor to The Pioneer Woman's Entertainment blog, Mark Spearman, shares my love of this movie and it's exceptionally high quotable quotient. But not just SOTL, we also love to quote Contact, Aliens, and only recently have begun to mine the sorely overlooked material from Poltergeist.

Our Facebook exchanges often will take whatever is going on in the world or our lives and will be made over to fit into borrowed dialogue from any of these movies.

Take the following scene from Silence of the Lambs—and I will not share a clip because it's a bit racy—but there's a scene when Lecter says to Clarice, "Apparently Jack Crawford likes you, and you like him too…true, he is much older than you…" and then he proceeds to get completely inappropriate. Does this ring a bell?

Mark will lift such dialog directly, clean it up and drop it right onto my Facebook page, like this:


And that just makes my day.

Go ahead, make my day!

What about you? What do you and your family quote? Have you ever thought about documenting those phrases and words you pull from the mass media that surrounds you?

Surely that's a very do-able idea.

Yes, Cathy. It is. And please, stop calling me Shirley.


Cathy ZielskePotent Potables and Other Quotables

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    Cathy I love the idea of capturing family chat… but how do you get the conversations from FB, twitter etc into a format to add to project life (digital or paper) ~ I find I spend so much time copy and pasting, and fixing low res images so I can incorporate them. there must be a quicker way?

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    Nancy McM

    My kids quote the whole bit about “Do you know the muffin man” from Shrek and it always cracks me up 🙂

  3. #3
    Kendra B

    OMG this was hilarious!! That’s a fantastic idea to write down all the quotes we use . . . we use A LOT of them!!!!!!! And just so you know “It’s not a tooma!” sorry, its the first quote that came to mind LOLLL!!!!

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    I know Ive done some screen shots of Facebook and I once taught a whole class on using Twitter to document your life. Might have to bring that class back!

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    Yes, bring back the twitter class, I didn’t take it because at the time I didn’t use twitter or FB much. yay! Our quotes in our family are Top Gun, the Sandlot, Goonies or more often what happens is someone says something that are lyrics to a song and I start singing. 9x out of 10 that’s what happens in our family. LOL fun post.

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    We quote the movie Dave ….

    “Thank you for doing this, Ellen” and “They know hats in Burundi”.

    We quote Top Gun …

    “Talk to me Goose”

    We quote Pulp Fiction …

    “Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?”

    We quote Working Girl …

    “If you want to be taken seriously, you need serious hair”

    We quote The Princess Bride …

    “Let me ‘splain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.”

    We quote Steal Magnolias …

    “Sammy Wayne Desoto, what is this in my Frigidaire?”

    The last one is funny to note, because my 13-year old son quoted that line just last week as he peered into the fridge. I about died with laughter!

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    We quote all of the same movies, and throw in some tv shows for variation. Friends, Seinfeld, The Office. That’s what she said. Classic.

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    Excellent idea! I have thought many times about making pages about our many quotes and after reading this another comes to mind. I’m definitely going start making these types of pages. Thanks for the inspiration once again.

    Also, that Twitter class sounds interesting.

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    Dawn G

    at a restaurant being seated in a corner …. “nobody puts baby in the corner” dirty dancing

    In the car… “hit the breaks and he’ll fly right by” top gun

    Those are a couple of the regulars that I can think of. We always do the “Shirley” one from airplane also!! 🙂

    We also do song lyrics a TON! There’s always lyrics for every situation….

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    We do quotes all the time, too! “Seinfeld” is a great source for our quotes as well as several movies. One of our funniest ones (yes, we do some crazy things) happens when we are in some public place that has a potted palm as part of the decor. At that point, “Jumping Jack Flash” takes over and one of us (whoever sees the palm first) gets behind a frond and quotes Terry Doolittle through the frond: “dogs barking can’t fly without umbrella.” Just love it!

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    Thanks for the laugh on a day when I sorely needed it! My son and I do this all the time. One of our favorites is ‘it’s a moo point’…

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    So LOL at this post! This is EXACTLY how our family operates. Mostly from Nacho Libre, any Monte Python movie, and Napoleon Dynamite. Even the 2 year old is picking up on it!

    BTW, did the cops find who they were looking for?

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    Lisa M.

    We’re all about Caddyshack. One fave often quoted: “So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.”

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    This is so me and my husband. We are always quoting movies. One of our favorites is “Old? No one would call you old.” from Master and Commander. Another favorite is “I have a thought, Barbosa.” And of course, there is a wealth of material from the many Monty Python movies and TV shows.

    Yes, I do believe I need to do a layout about these catch phrases…or at least include them in my PL from time-to-time (And don’t call me, Shirley!).

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    My husband is pretty much a walking talking movie quote-er. Over the weekend we were on a horseback ride that ended with my 6 year old daughter getting thrown from her horse. My husband looked at me and said ‘I’m about to go Tom Cruise on that horse and say “I’ve no wish to fight ya’ (Far and Away).
    I don’t have the quoting gene as I can barely remember the name of a movie, but he can seriously think of a quote for every situation 😉

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    Sierra A.

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is probably the most quoted in our family…followed closely by Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Princess Bride. GOLD MINES for fabulously quoteable excerpts! 🙂

  17. #17

    My all time favorite quote is from History of the World “Get on the bandwagon! Pump the s*** right out of your house!!”

  18. #18

    Good nutrition has given you some length of bone. But you know what you look like to me, with your good blog and your cheap shoes?

  19. #19

    Wow – what a great post today, Cathy. My husband and I cracked up during Biloxi Blues when Matthew Broderick said, “Man, it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.” So this is what we quote on certain summer days when the temperature rises. Among my sibs, The Princess Bride is quoted all over the place. And when my little sister, who lives out of town, must leave us after a visit, she hugs our only brother and whispers, “I’ll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.”
    And that quote always makes me cry.

  20. #20
    Leanne in CA

    Oh my gosh, this is so funny. We have quoted comedian Louie Anderson for over 20 years! We also quote the ones you do (Airplane! and Hannibal Lecter). One of my husband’s favorites is Tommy Lee Jones from The Fugitive. There are some great lines out there. Love this post!! Have a great day.

  21. #21
    Christine F.

    Oh Airplane. How I love that movie.

    “I picked the wrong day to give up [fill in the blank].” And my mother and I always use the Shirley bit.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  22. #22
    Leslie B

    You are after my heart. Not a day has gone by in the last several years that a movie quote wasn’t thrown out there in conversation, text or email.

    We were just talking about this story the other day: when my daughter (now 14) was in kindergarten, she came home with a note from the teacher. She had told a boy that ‘maybe I want to kick your a**’ after he stole her friend’s chair. Well, the deal was that we had just watched the movie ‘Superstar’ the day before and this was one of the lines. No, my daughter should not have said this to anyone. BUT, I gotta say there was a part of me that was proud that she remembered the line and used it in ‘proper context.’ Henceforth my kids were advised to use movie quotes for good, not evil.

  23. #24

    We are huge movie fans and movie quoters here. Fight Club is probably our biggest recurring theme. But we also quote many 80’s classics: Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, The Jerk…the list goes on.

  24. #26
    Barbie Schwartz

    Oh goodness, there is so much we quote repeatedly around our house! Friends, Seinfeld, Austin Powers, Fools Rush In, When Harry Met Sally, Godfather, Shrek…Facebook threads with a hundred entries quoting Friends. TV and movie quotes are a huge part of our culture!

  25. #29
    Karen P

    Our family is always using movie quotes. Here are a few of our favorites:

    “What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!” “Is it snowing in space?” (Groundhog Day)

    “Oh, right–it’s always about you!” “By Grapthar’s hammer, by the sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged!” “What I really need is a cup holder and a couple a’ Advil.” (Galaxy Quest)

    “I’m in the depths of despair.” (Anne of Green Gables)

    “Chicks dig grey briefs.” (Nottinghill)

    “Incontheivable!” “As you wish.” (Princess Bride)

    “I’m having a problem–I may be having a problem.” “Is this the fam?” “If I can fake it, then I don’t have it, right?” (What About Bob)

  26. #35

    Oh Fight Club is AWESOME! I just quoted that movie in a video message to my students in the Move More Eat Well class. Love that movie.

  27. #41

    “There are two kinds of people in the world – those who like Neil Diamond, and those who hate him. My ex-wife loved Neil Diamond.”

  28. #42
    Elizabeth J.

    Our favorite quotes come from the George Clooney movie, O Brother, How Art Thou? Caddy Shack and Ground Hog Day come next. Although these movies were not considered big box office hits, they have a pretty good cult following.

  29. #43
    Kirsten J

    Elf makes it into so many conversations. And Napoleon Dynamite….I’m always “dang quesadilla ” -ing something. And I “noooo touchy” channel David Spade all the time. Hmmmm…my husband ran a video store for 15 years, and while we can quote so many movies one for line, I guess we’re just not quite as clever as those Zielskes….

  30. #44

    too funny. Cathy you crack me up. We’ve taken to quoting Nacho Libre probably more than is healthy. Seinfeld always resides in our house.

  31. #45
    Kris Van Allen

    If you haven’t yet, read the. Book SOTL. I read it a few years before the movie….the book goes so much more into Jame’s head. Way creepy.

  32. #47

    Whenever we want to pound someone over an injustice, either real or imagined, my husband and I ask each other, “Who’s evolved?” from Night at the Museum. It tends to make us smile and calm us down, ever so slightly…..

  33. #48

    It was a job … they PAID me [Joey – Friends pilot]
    That makes an appearance about our house a lot from hubby

    My son quotes a lot of Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot comics … sometimes Baby Blues.

    BTW – while I haven’t done a page regarding the quotes, I *did* do a page on Buster Keaton’s “The General” and how much we not only love the movie, but how certain scenes could’ve been lifted from my marriage [obviously NOT taking a train to go into battle …]. [See The General – it was based upon a true story and is silent, but still a delight 50+ years later]

  34. #49

    <<< Long-time reader, first-time commenter. I just can't hold it in any more: I just love you, Cathy Zielske! No, we've never met, but this post just cemented my undying admiration. To quote the immortal Mike Myers in Wayne's World: "We're not mental or anything, so don't be afraid."

  35. #50

    I started a tradition that every year at Christmas time our family gets dressed up and goes to a nice place to eat for our Christmas gathering. Since our kids are older now and one has started her own family I thought this would be easier for them to do rather than feel pressed to make it everywhere on Christmas. I added a twist to the gathering with a game of questions that our girls answer and they are all movie quotes that their dad likes to use.I pick one movie each year and take quotes from it. And believe you me there are many!! The prize is “The gift that keeps on giving”…a collection of jellies that we pass on to the winner each year. So lines from movies are also a big part of our lives as well!

  36. #51
    Deonne Beron

    So glad others have already said Princess Bride:
    “Have fun storming the castle boys!”
    “As You Wish!”
    “My Name is Inigo Montoya, Prepare to die!”
    and of course “Inconceivable”

    Steel Magnolias “He’s so nice I’ll bet he takes the dishes out of the sink ‘fore he pees in it.” and “You are too twisted for color TV!”

    Sweet Home Alabama- “You know, I’ve never actually understood that phrase, but no, I’m not s****n you.”

    Scent of a Woman- “Hoo-ah!”

  37. #52

    We use lines from movies and TV shows all the time! I like thinking that we must be cultured (pop-cultured) and not just unable to come up with our own words!

    My husband loves Clint Eastwood quotes, “Get off my lawn!”
    I love scary movie quotes, “Oh… Oh shit, Tweety, couldn’t you have waited until a school day? ”
    and my daughters love them all! “I carried a watermelon”
    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
    “Say hello to my little friend”

  38. #53

    Oh and I forgot Monty Python! “What’s your favorite color?”, “I’m not dead yet” and “Just a wafer thin mint”

  39. #63
    rebecca keppel

    OH my too funny. My Mom and I used to watch movies repeatedly and they became our means of communication for many years 😉 We’ve quoted from Ghost Busters (“What did you DO Ray?!”), The Big Chill, Star Wars (“we dont need to see their identification…”, “these arent the droids you’re looking for..” “These aren’t the droids we’re looking for,” “Move along.” “Move along.”) Poltergeist (“This house is clean”). But I am glad I am not the only twisted soul who quotes from Silence of the Lambs. Just the other day I told my kids.. “It puts the lotion in the basket.” Now they are 6 and 5 and had absolutely no idea what I was referring to, but it sure made me cackle 😉

  40. #64

    What? No Simpsons quotes? D’oh!

    Ok, that was too obvious (and lame) but we quote The Simpsons all the time. Especially, “Booo-urns”, “who’s doing what to the chickens now?” and more recently “embiggens is a totally cromulent word.” Classic, I tells ya!

    great post and everyone’s comments are so funny!

  41. #65
    Kim K

    We quote Elf year-round – “There’s no singing at the North Pole” whenever someone is whining…”I went through the seven levels of the candy cane forest…” whenever we have to go ANYWHERE, and there’s always “He’s an angry elf!”
    We also go to Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka, after a shower, “You smell like soap…and old people.”
    How about a little Napoleon, “Gimme some of your tots!”
    Good times!

  42. #66

    “EEEEEEE-ventually!” from the Amanda show-(great for procrastinating teens to yell at their mom) “i like grapes” (in a British accent, of course, ala Willy Wonka)- “i want a golden goose, and I want it NOW” (also in the same British accent) . “SQUIRREL”!! from up- great to use while mom is driving to make her flinch…and the greatest layout quote is Ferris-“life moves pretty fast…”
    i think i am going to add some quotes to my PL!!

  43. #67

    Around here lately, it’s been “I’d like to buy an hamburger” with your best french accent on the words. Pink Panther 2 (I think).

  44. #69

    Oh thank God! I thoguht we were the only family that recited quotations from films. Between my husband and I, they often come from ’90s era Adam Sandler comedies.

    I also quite enjoy quoting The Simpsons:

    ‘My cat’s breath smells like cat food’.

  45. #70

    how did i forget-“did a dingo eat your baby?” (must use an aussie accent for this one!) good ole seinfield!

  46. #71
    Kerry G.

    Oh man, we also quote Silence of the Lambs. Whenever anyone mentions lotions, someone does the “put the lotion in the basket” line.

  47. #72

    Although certainly not that funny in its own right “We’re walking, we’re walking” from Dave is a constant anytime I’m out with my mom!

  48. #73

    Dumb and Dumber. Extremely quotable. And the classic Monty Python, of course.

    This one is especially useful here at work:
    “Help, help! I’m being repressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!”

  49. #75
    Michelle Price

    My kids answer the phone by saying, “Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?” and whwnever we go to the store it’s always “I’m singing. I’m in a store and I’m singing.” And of course any time some random kid will say to another one – “You smell like beef and cheese.” My husband is always quoting Fletch – “Love your body, Larry” “My name is Poon. It’s Comanche Indian” and “I just hit a water buffalo – Can I borrow your towel?”

  50. #76

    That was running through my head last year when we were in Washington DC on a tour with our Congressman’s aide. “And we’re stopping…And we’re walking…” LOL!

  51. #77
    Jenny B.

    Fun! Though I sorta skimmed past the SOTL parts… yuck. To each his own… Anyway, we quote The Goonies a lot. And The Wedding Singer (They were cones!). And lots of others I can’t think of right now. But, I’m going to have to start keeping track now that you issued the challenge. 🙂

  52. #78

    Ok Cathy, you are hysterical. I have a digi question for you though. How do you go about getting a screen shot of your iphone like that. That is so cool!


  53. #83

    Easy! Hold down the Home button and the button on top at the same time till you hear a shutter release sound. Then it will be in your Photos!

  54. #85

    So funny. We are a quotey family as well. My 18 yr old daughter worries that she will never find anyone in the world who will appreciate her love of quoting movie lines and song. I can see there are quite a few of you out there…..

  55. #86
    Aliza Deutsch

    Oh, what a fun post and idea. Let’s see, Simpsons of course: “Me so hung-y,” and “I’m kidding. When you make that noise it means I’m kidding.” Airplane-Shirley of course. South Park is always good. And there’s a line in The Big Lebowski that is awesome if you were, say, an Orthodox, Sabbbath-observant Jew, like myself: “I’m Shomer f-in shabbos!” Here’s a link for some explanation:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118715/quotes

  56. #87

    Oh my gosh. I just LOVE you. Could we be related?
    My brother, sister and I do this often. Frequently, stupid stuff like “these are not the droids you’re looking for.” but occasionally somebody pulls out something great. At Thanksgiving, my brother was quoting Buffalo Bill(SOTL) in Jimmy Stewart’s voice. Kinda sick. Hahaha! I unfortunately, don’t have the pleasure of being married to someone who shares our family love of cinema. (sniff sniff) BUT, when the sibs get together, the husbands and wives just stare with confused looks, and Dad looks all proud.

  57. #88

    For the love of all that is holy Cathy! You made me burn my empanadas! I couldn’t stop reading, and laughing….and I burnt the empanadas. 🙂

  58. #89
    Becky K.

    Never really thought we did this, but shortly after reading your blog post, my husband responded to one of my text with “Welcome to the party, pal”, from Die Hard. It cracked me up

  59. #90

    At work, when we are getting ready for major trade shows, someone will innocently ask “did you order badges?”

    At which point we all yell out in unison “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.”

  60. #91

    We quote Friends, Top Gun, and SOTL alot…but nothing gets quoted in our family more than Steel Magnolias…guess it has something to do with being the only daughter of my mom & her 3 friends…and the fact that mom was a hairdresser…and we live in south Georgia. In fact, my brother calls me Shelby at least once a week!

    Some faves:
    “looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket”

    “if you can’t say something nice, come & sit by me”

    and just this week from my brother “laughter thru tears is my favorite emotion”…when he made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my face!

  61. #92

    I am off to go give that a try! This goes in the “you learn something new every day category.” Thanks a ton!


  62. #94

    Love it! We’re always quoting “something” around here. Be it TV or movies. In fact, my husband proposed to me using a quote from Jerry Maguire. He said, “What if we got married?”. I thought he was just quoting the movie so I replied with the next line, “if I said that, would you stay?”. He was like… no, no, no… I’m really asking. LOL

  63. #96

    I took a picture of my daughter, Gracie, in the laundry basket and posted it to facebook with this status update: “it puts the Gracie in the basket”.

    We do the quoting this A LOT in this house. My husband is an audio guy and used to work in radio. He breaks into song most of the time based of something I said or something the girls say or do. Do you find yourself doing that too?

  64. #99
    Gina Crowley

    Love this thread.
    Most of my quotes are from eighties movies, and my husband has a excellent memory for quotes..but my 5 year old kicks our buts. He remembers whole scenes. One of his faves is to come up to you and whisper “I like to whisper too!”


    What’s a blog thread? I want one!

  65. #101
    Karen Thomas

    You’re funny Muriel! (Muriel’s Wedding).

    Had to share that my 6 year old while not yet quoting star wars, does walk around as Emperor Palpatine most of the time.

  66. #102
    Jane Simmons

    Love reading everyone’s favorite quotes–our family’s favs are from the same movies but different quotes. Both our kids memorized all the dialogue from Monthy Python and the Holy Grail,Airplane, the original Clash of the Titans and Poltergeist before they were allowed into teenhood. SOFTL, Breakfast Club, and Fight Club all came later. So here’s a sample of our house favorites:

    “They’re heeere!” and “Run to the light, Carol Ann” from Poltergeist

    “Now let’s see. I stay in the room and you leave. Or i leave and you stay in the room…” “I like a shrubbery.” One year DH and I got tee-shirts from the kids with MP quotes (“Your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries”)–wore them out.

    From SOFTL “Put the lotion in the basket”

    And our favorite obscure quote? From a ’60s era BBC interview with the Beatles (“the Beatles at the Beeb”),Paul McCartney saying “I like a bus.” (Ya gotta hear the way he says “bus” to understand why it’s quotable.”

  67. #103

    Mike Myers is responsible for so many quotes in our house but also Seinfeld “you’ve got to see the baby”

  68. #104

    Yep we do, it usually surrounds Alan Partridge and the Inbetweeners, I THINK these are just UK programmes, not sure if you guys have them. All our friends regularly quote them so if we are out and about and folk haven’t seen these programmes, we just sound like a load of nutjobs.

  69. #105

    Ooh..and of course…Elf is a favourite to quote from. I occasionaly answer my mobile to the tune of “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?” – obviously not if it is my boss who is calling!

  70. #112

    What I especially love about ‘that’s what she said’ is it was a very ‘in’ joke back when I was in school (15ish years ago!). It did the rounds for ages. So I loved when it became Steve/Michael’s ‘new joke’ in the office. He rocks. Our ‘pillow talk’ last night was writing the perfect screenplay for our favourite comedy actors. It’s good to laugh. I must document this somewhere. Thanks Cathy!

  71. #113
    Chris H.

    We had no fewer than 3 references to Back to the Future the other day…our movie quotes are totally random.

  72. #116

    ‘That John Denver’s full of ****’ inevitably comes up whenever we hear him on the radio. ‘I got worms’
    ‘Let’s put another shrimp on the Barbie’ and ‘so you’re telling me there’s a chance?’ and of course ‘Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Samsonite – I was way off’- all favourites from our most quoted Dumb and Dumber.
    and some cringy ones (that people don’t always get…which makes them ever more random) are
    ‘Put the Bunny Back in the Box’ and ‘Welcome to the Rock’. No, I am not a Nicolas Cage closet fan!

    You’ve also prompted me to look up ‘Are you ready to Rock and Roll?’ which is what my hubby asks me every evening (careful now – sorry that’s a Fr. Ted joke – Irish/UK…and I didn’t even know I was using it!) when he comes to collect me from work.

    Too frickin funny Cathy – just a pity we can’t hear the accents people are putting on as they read through! Also I think I must see this thing you call ‘the princess bride’.

  73. #119

    Oh scary policemen in your garden trying to catch a guy but you know what…..

    ‘It won’t make any difference. They mostly come at night. Mostly.’

  74. #121

    My husband’s and my favorite movie to quote is Sixteen Candles. Especially “I never been so happy in all my life” and “the donger need food”. We also quote Finding Nemo a lot. “That’s where I’d play” and “Just keep swimming”. Great topic!

  75. #122

    I read your blog nearly every day. I missed it for a few days, getting ready to run in my first ever half marathon on Super Bowl Sunday (this is germaine to my comment, I promise).

    The day before the race, my brother posted that same exact Airplane clip on my Facebook page (the movie is big in our family). So imagine my surprise when I saw it here, on your blog. Because you led me to the book Run Like a Mother, which led me to their blog, and their Facebook page, and got my butt in gear to run a half marathon.

    Small world, huh?

    (oh, and in my little family, we extensively quote Star Wars, Dodgeball and 50 First Dates. “I sure do like pumpkins, Cotton.” “I feel shocked!” “I have a bad feeling about this.” and, in honor of half marathons, “KEEP RUNNING!!!”)

  76. #124

    My husband and I could go days speaking only in movie quotes. Our big ones are the Big Lebowski, Tombstone, Breakfast Club, Mall Rats, okay we have a big list and even your 9 & 6 year old sons quote Ferris Beller at least once a week. No one can say the number 9 without the whole… “9 times, I don’t remember him being absent 9 times…..” This is a whole 2 minute monologue in our house. with praise and applause.

  77. #125
    Theresa W

    In our family we say ‘Movie Quote’ and then the quote… and everyone has to guess what it’s from. It’s soooo funny as our youngest (age 4) is starting to do this randomly. She does the SAME quote EVERY time – from Mr Poppers Penguins 😉

  78. #127

    Haha! We use movie quotes all the time. We think we’re hilarious & people don’t know what we’re talking about usually.

  79. #128


    (hope that link works!)

    We quote heaps of things – Monty Python (“speak up!!” “it was the salmon moose”), Stargate (“sik sikar soy” – translates to “I shall take the bomb myself”). The more random the better.

    But the above advert spawned a LOT of “NOT HAPPY JAN” outbursts here in Australia. Watch it a few times & I’m sure you’ll find it working its way into your quotology. 🙂

  80. #130

    My dh and I do this too! In fact, one of the more recent quotes/paraphrases is Cole’s low T jab!

  81. #131
    Pilbara Pink

    Our family constantly quotes from the Australian movie The Castle. I’m not sure it would amuse those in the USA – our humour sometimes seems to miss that mark for you guys but please give it a go if you can find it. I recently started working in a new office and as someone walked past my door the made a comment to someone (how much does he want for it?) which I followed with `tell him he’s dreaming’. Of course if you haven’t seen the movie that makes no sense but for us it was a moment of instant connection and a great ice-breaker in a new work environment 🙂

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