All hail Narnia

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My children just wrapped on a production of Narnia: The Musical. And I know I'm biased and what not, you know, not exactly the most objective of reporters, but they were awesome.


Aidan played the role of the White Witch and Cole played the role of Mr. Beaver. This is the first show in which they both played leading roles, and man did they play them to the hilt.


I realize some of you who read this blog might think, "Sure, why wouldn't kids of yours be in theater?" but the thing is, I would never have dreamed of doing something like that when I was growing up. I'm far too much of an introvert to put it all out there the way they do. I think this is why I'm always in awe when I see them on stage.

Because I can't imagine doing it myself.

And then I remember: oh yeah, this has nothing to do with me.


I love the opportunity these two give to both me and Dan to experience something new and fresh and so full of life.

Thanks, Aidan and Cole. You two are truly amazing.

Cathy ZielskeAll hail Narnia

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    Jill B

    just phenomenal!! Way to go for encouraging them, some “introverts” might even hold their children back. You do not and they see you and Dan taking risks and know they have a safe place to land whenever they need it. Keep leading them on, maybe they will be playing in a theater near me soon. Have a great day!!!

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    They are certainly their own personalities and people, but I got this sneaking little suspicion that their creative parents might have a LITTLE bit to do with it! What an awesome weekend!

    Aidan and Cole, you make ME proud!

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    cathy, all the zielskes are too cool for words! i love the world of narnia, and bet your kids were really awesome in this play. it’s amazing to see them growing through your blog – and so fast!
    thanks for sharing so much of your lives with us πŸ™‚

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    Awesome! My daughter loves to be in the spotlight, singing and acting. It’s wonderful to watch your children perform, isn’t it?! Question for you – could you post a little info on your lens and types of settings you use to get your pictures during the performances? The school musical is coming up, and I want to get some better pictures than in the past. Auditorium lighting isn’t the easiest to work with… Thanks!

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    I have the same question…these are such great photos. Did you take them Cathy? I would love to know what camera/lenses/settings you used. Your kids look great:)

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    Cindy P.

    It looks like they had a wonderful production. My Niece is a theater kid and I’m always amazed when she’s up on stage. I’m like you and could never have gone up there. LOL Congrats on a job well done.

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    Just told Pattie this:Pattie, I actually shot not with my usual lens (a 24-70 Canon L Series 2.8). Why? Because the photog they hired to do the cast shoot was drooling over it and asked if he could borrow it. I said, Why not? So he gave me his Canon 85 USM 1.8 to shoot with. So I probably shot most of the photos at 2.8 aperture, and roughly 800 to 1000 ISO, no flash of course. My camera doesnt have a flash anyway. : )

    But what is great is that they let parents come to the official show shoot, which doesnt happen during a show, but rather, right after the show. So the kids work to pose in all of their scenes, and we get amazing close up access to shoot them. Kind of cool. This theater company always does this for every production.

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    Be amazed Mama.

    But seriously, you may be an introvert but your videos show a real stage presence…the dramatic pause for coffee?? the total ability to make us laugh and cry with you? You got it too, hon!

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    Thank you for sharing! Love the pictures and I love how you share your family with us. Very heartwarming and inspirational.

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    Your kids are amazing (and the apples don’t fall far from the tree). I love seeing your photos of them on stage. They look great!

    My kids and my husband do local theater productions (although one of my daughters is usually behind the scenes doing the lighting) together. I am so jealous of your awesome photos because we aren’t’ allowed to take a single shot of the actors on stage. The theater hires the same people every time to take photos (most of which I care nothing about since it’s not my family members) and they sell a CD of them to us for an exorbitant price. If those people see you with a camera in your hand near the stage, they run up and berate you. This is all very disappointing to a paparazzi mom like me.

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    Yes, its really amazing that they stage a photo shoot for their records (they hire a photog) and they let the parents attend who want to take photos too. Of course, we cannot video tape any of the live performances. Copyright violations would ensue. But, for photos, there is nothing nicer than standing at the foot of the stage and being able to shoot!

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    I played Mrs Beaver in a non musical production 30 years ago. My children have ZERO interest in performing. So there ya go. Loved seeing your production.

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