Project Life, Week 8

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OBSERVATIONS: Week 8 at Chez Zielske was one of our more exciting ones in recent memory, and not for purely positive reasons. With Aidan's adventure in the ER, we had a week with the kind of drama we're not always accustomed to. Still, even when we were in the hospital, Aidan was in agreement when I said, "Well, this will make for some interesting additions to Project Life."

On that note, I'd like to share my Week 8 pages with one caveat: Aidan has asked that I blur out the journaling on the 6 x 12 insert and not share the photos on the back side of the insert. One of my guiding principles in blogging has always been that when someone in the family says "I'd prefer it if you didn't share that," I'm always going to honor the request. Some stories are meant to stay in the family.

The week would have been busy and full without a trip to the ER. One thing I should point out is that only a few of the photos were taken with my Canon 5D (the basketball shots and the shot of Aidan and her friend doing homework and the shot of her in the lower right corner of page 2.) The rest? All taken with my iPhone. Something I realized about one of the bonuses of using Tiny Templates is that when you have grainy, crappy lit photos that still hold the memories you want to save, they're always going to look better smaller. And of course, I'm talking tiny small.

Here are my pages for the week.


This is page two, with a 6 x 12 insert in place featuring one of my Weekly Wrap Up cards.


I did tweak the template title, deleting the one that comes with the set, and adding my own title in.



Again, crappy photos + Tiny Templates = Works for me!



Another thing I've been doing more of is taking screen grabs of my text messages with people. It's such a harbinger of modern day communication, isn't it? (I have a blog post on how I do screen grabs using my iPhone here.)



And that is all she wrote for Week 8. 

So far, the good news? Week 9 is turning out to be much less exciting.

Thank God.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week 8

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    Carrie O

    Glad to hear that this week is not as exciting as last. I love the gratitude card that you used from the Check Cards No. 01 Brushes and Stamps. I’ve always thought they were so cool but couldn’t see how I would use them until today. I don’t know but it just clicked today. So I’m off to purchase them – thanks for sharing.

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    Gosh, you really make me want to start my own Project Life. But I have 4 years of my daughers life I want to get done too. And MMEW. And a Jessica Sprague class I want to tackle. Thanks for that recommendation, BTW! Gosh, I wish I had Photoshop here at work. Then again, it’s probably good that I don’t. Glad your life is back to “normal”.

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    <3 the layouts! And addicted to all the fonts you use in your cards, videos etc. Where is a good place to start to gather a good base of fonts for photoshop? I never have the ones you use and have been making do, but might as well try and start building my collection right?

    Any suggestions?

    Loving the tutorials and definitly got a hold of the sale over leap day! πŸ™‚ Im taking a photoshop class through continuing education in my area and your tutorials in 8 min are teaching me more than this teacher of 4 hours…UGHH! But love you for it! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the inspiration…we all need it sometimes to keep us being super moms – or at least the closest we can get to it right!

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    I am a lurker and almost never comment, but you have been an inspiration to me since the Simple Scrapbook days…

    I bought some of your Tiny Templates and LOVE them! Thanks for being so awesome…

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    Lisa M.

    Totally agree with you about using Tiny Templates for iPhone photos. I just used them this week for a quick school project for my son.

    Crappy photos + Tiny Templates = a mom who appears to have her act together

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    What a great week of things you have put in. Glad Aidan is feeling better, like the way you included it in your PL. Sorry to hear about Cole’s bball game, it is a bummer!! Dinner out sounded perfect, we have been doing more of that.

    I just got an iphone and can’t wait to start taking picture with it.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

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    Jenny B.

    Hi there! Here’s another tutorial request for you… How do you blur out the text and people’s faces? I’ve tried to do it in PSE with the blur tool and the smudge tool, and I just can’t get it to work quite right. Thanks!

    I love seeing your PL updates. I am really enjoying doing PL myself (though I’m *behind* and have been working on the layout for Week 5 for the past few weeks). I’m so glad Aiden is feeling better, and I don’t blame her for wanting to keep some of that stuff private! πŸ™‚

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    Jenny, I dont have an answer for you. I do it in PS using the Gaussian Blur. I use the selection tool (either rectangular or circular) and then I hit that selection with Gaussian Blur, and the number I use depends on the image. Probably not very helpful, I know!

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