Project Life, Week Eleven

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OBSERVATIONS: Project Life, Week Eleven can be summed up in one word: NARNIA!

As you know, my children were recently in a production of Narnia: The Musical, based on the much loved book by C.S. Lewis.

On Saturday, the cast did a photo shoot between their afternoon and evening performances. The great thing about this theater company is that they let the parents attend the shoot so we can take pictures right along side the pro photographer hired to do the shoot.

(Little side story: the photographer is also an actor, director and all-around theater guy, and he directed both the kids last year in The Wiz. I'd gotten to know him a bit and he remembered me not because of my charm or my talented kids, but because of my Canon L Series 24-70 mm lens. When he showed up for the shoot, I could see it in his eyes as plain as day: lens lust. So I offered it up. Why not? He traded me his Canon 85 mm 1.8 for the day and I think I got some amazing shots myself.)

Anyhoo… I knew this week would feature the best shots I could take and that it would be the focus of Project Life for the week. In all, I saw the show five times and only cried during the last two. I'm telling you, seeing Cole up there, speaking with that cockney accent, bringing the house down with laughter… seeing my daughter up there, exuding a wicked sense of evil then coming out for the final curtain bow… those are things I never ever want to forget.

That said, here are my pages for the week:


See that image of the salad? Holy Broccoli Nirvana! I have to thank Lisa Russo for the recipe. Find it here.

[age 2


Here's a close up of my weekly recap.


And last but not least, a picture of Dan on St. Paddy's Day.


(A shout out to my talented writer friend Amy Pampusch Olson who dubbed him "Bootsy O'Collins.")

I cannot stress enough how much I love this album and this project. I keep opening up the album, looking through it and thinking, "Seriously. I am in love with you, album."

And that is all she wrote for Week Eleven.


Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Eleven

25 Comments on “Project Life, Week Eleven”

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    WOW such fun photos you have from the play, love that they let you in there for photos. How sweet to trade lens with the camera guy!! I can’t believe the warm temps either, the windows are open, fans on and shorts and flip flops are out. We even had to start mowing the grass already and have slept with the windows open at night. Hoping this great weather stays around and gives us a warm spring and warm summer, not HOT just warm enough.
    I’m in love with my PL also, even going on my fourth year of this and it’s love at first sight!!
    Great picture of Dan!
    Hope your keeping busy and not still curled up in a fetal position worried about Aidan. Did she get to take a camera, that would be cool to add her photos in PL and have her write up a page about it.

  2. #3
    Katie J.

    Cathy, how can you live in MN and never have had the famous broccoli salad?! I think it’s been present at every pot luck or picnic I’ve attended. Mmmmm…so good!

    Am loving your album…between you and Ali, each week you motivate me to keep up with mine and not fall behind. 🙂

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    michele skinner

    i’m assuming that is your son in the creeper head? too funny … that’s *exactly* what henry wanted to do for halloween this year, then he got lazy. but i still have all the paint chips and plan to make a creeper “art piece” for his room. are all 12-year-old boys alike?! lol

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    I was in one musical in highschool, Sweeney Todd, and it was the best time I ever had in school. I am looking forward to seeing what my girls decide to do in high school. I know that whatever it is, I will cry every time I see them do it. I am a sap like that.

    Love all of your PL album shares! I am three weeks behind but have my mind set that I will get caught up before the weekend.


  5. #8

    Love checking in for your PL updates every Thursday. Thanks for including the broccoli salad recipe, I was going to ask as soon as I saw the picture!

  6. #9
    Teresa Lynn Cotterman

    Love that broccoli salad…….us Lutherans here in Ohio call it “Funeral Salad” because it shows up at every funeral dinner. I like to trade out Craisins and red onion when I have it 😉

  7. #11

    I got to play the little girl who went with her daddy to get his haircut and Sweeney Todd lets him live. My twin sister was the lead, Joanna (Johanna?). She studied musical theater in college at Syracuse and is an amazing performer. Still does it on the side. Sounds like Aidan really enjoys performing! So fantastic! I can’t wait to see more of what your kids do. Makes me look forward to that stage, but I am in no rush. 🙂 Oh and I am totally trying out that broccoli salad recipe.

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    cathy cathy! what am i doing wrong to group more than one quote on a page for printing?? i am following your tutorial on week one and every time i move a quote card over to the blank page it fills the page. so then i gave up and went to print them and putting a border like you said (individually) and they had no border! stumped!

  9. #14

    What is the resolution of your blank page document? Is it 300? (It should be). Also, i think you might have accidentally changed the resolution of your card.

    Open your card and see what the resolution is. Remember, when you change the size of that card, you have to UNCHECK resample image first, or it could change the resolution of the doc. I know it seems like it should be easier, but just one misstep can change how it turns out.

    Check your card and see if its somehow larger than 300 resolution.

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    Judy Sanza

    Yep, I keep looking at mine too. I’m behind a few, but I have the pictures and the journaling….just not put together. So I don’t feel behind. I love it and thank you for giving me the hutzpa to begin! Oh, and the inspiration to keep going….thanks!

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    Hey Cathy

    Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I heard you talking on the Paperclipping Roundtable about Lose It and since the middle of January my husband and I have lost a combined 50 lbs! Thanks for the encouragement to stop making excuses and for pointing me to a tool which helps make this seems manageable.

  12. #18

    So awesome that the parents were allowed to take photos too. I’m missing much of the action shots for my son as cameras aren’t allowed here at swimming/kindy/gym/etc.

    You must be so proud! Good job for keeping your tears to the last two performances. I think I would have started at the opening!

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    Susan Bowers

    i love the Narnia collections; so good; I read them all at the dinner table one year when my girls still lived at home and my boys were so much smaller (8th grade now). so fun yours have the opportunities of theatre. hey, idea for the broccoli salad – cranraisins instead of raisins; so good and festive.

  14. #21

    I keep telling myself I don’t have time to do Project Life (even though I already bought it), but you make it look so easy. You’re definitely inspiring me to give it a go. I love seeing your pages each week!

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    Gypsy Chaos

    LOVE this week… then again, I adore anything from CS Lewis, and most things theater so of course I love the performance shots.

    You spelled it St. Paddy’s Day! Way to go! So many people use St. Patty’s Day – boo hiss.

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