Project Life, Week Nine

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OBSERVATIONS: Two words for last week's Project Life entry: text heavy.

I had lots to say and fewer pictures last week. I realize that it's not always going to work out that come Sunday afternoon I'll have tons of shots to choose from. Even though I've most definitely been taking more pictures this year, many of them have been with my cell phone.

Still, the fact that I'm keeping notes throughout the week makes it so much easier to gather the content every Sunday. It's becoming a ritual that I so look forward to. Like my own Sunday afternoon crop of one.

Aside from car drama, last week saw some pretty cool stuff for Aidan, who was invited to attend the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. She took a few photos and agreed to add her voice to the album and write up her thoughts on the event. I love having her words included this week. I'm trying to find some ways to include Cole's voice as well. Project Life can really be a family affair with just a tiny bit of encouragement.

I also decided to use another page protector style from my large variety pack. I wanted to have some vertical photo slots for this current week's info, because I have a vertical postcard I plan to include (the opening announcement for the play my kids are in that opens on Friday.)

For the most part, I am happy with the basic Design A page protectors, but it's fun to be able to mix it up.

That said, here are my pages for this week.



I'm using the Project Life page dividers in my album as well.


The weekly recap:


And some more journaling close ups:


I included "continued" cards in each of my new Tiny Text Template sets so you can continue your story across multiple pockets.


And here is Aidan's entry:


And last but not least, I grabbed one of Dan's Facebook entries. He so infrequently posts to Facebook that when he does, our entire family takes notice. He's just not that into social media, so when he shows a brief interest, I can't help but document it.


I plan to record a short video over the weekend, hopefully, to show how I do screen grabs of Facebook posts to get the best resolution. Meant to do it yesterday, but my birthday got in the way.

Have a great weekend.



Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Nine

20 Comments on “Project Life, Week Nine”

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    Judy Sanza

    Last week for us was very uneventful! So I found a sticker that said: The little things in life. I had four pictures of food, people…so I told the story and that was that. I think I should be happy for uneventful weeks!

  2. #5
    Jane Simmons

    Looking forward to the video on grabbing FB posts since that the main way I include my kids’ voices in PL. I’ve tried diference ways but they’ve been pretty labor-intensive.

  3. #6

    The more I see your project life and the more I want to start one. I love your approach!
    I am going through your previous posts and I ordered the starter kit. I hope I can keep to it.
    I am know for starting things with a bang and finishing in flames ;o)

  4. #8

    Great week such a simple idea to carry on the story on two cards! Would never thought of that!

    And many happy belated Birthday returns to you.

  5. #10

    Cathy, I’m surely not getting my lingo right, but have you make a template that essentially is a clipping mask for photos that fit into the PL pockets? But here’s what I’m after:
    I want to drop my photos into a PSE8 template (which I would happily buy from you on designer dititals) so that I can upload my photos as 4×6 prints (but the image would actually be smaller – a 3×4 within the 4×6 “frame”) so I can send them to a digital photo printer (e.g. Costco or my local drugstore) and the image in the center would be a 3×4 inch with a BIG white border (i.e. the remainder of the 4×6 photo space) that I would trim off. I’d love either a tutorial for how do do this myself on PSE8, or would gladly pay for a template. I doubt I’ve explained myself clearly, but hopefully you’ll get the gist.

  6. #11

    I sure got inspired with all your posts on Project Life. Its such a beautiful and fun way of keeping the memories. Im starting mine today. Having a great sunday so far… Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. #13

    Ali Edwards actually did a great tutorial showing how to get two 3 x 4s onto a 4 x 6 and then you can just send that file to print. This might be exactly what youre looking for!

  8. #14
    Missus Wookie

    Happy Birthday (belated) hope it was a good day. Cool about the Nobel Peace Prize Forums, got to hold the Nobel Peace Prize Quakers got after WWII once – still love seeing it on occasion. Wished I’d got photos of my kids holding it too.

    Wonderful adds to your tiny text collection I’m not doing PL this year – digitally doing a weekly page and that’s enough I figure. But will use it there.

  9. #15
    Gypsy Chaos

    Imene – Me too! My started and dropped project list is huge.
    BUT – I did an entire year of 4 x 6 and journaling card a day.
    {I wrote “4 x 6” because many days the pocket has non-photos. Some examples: part of a Wendy’s bag; paint chips; logo for that day’s food delivery place}

    NEVER thought I’d do it. But I did.

  10. #16
    Gypsy Chaos

    i just do not believe it! You chose your birthday celebration over work! You left us hanging without a critical video!
    You act as though you deserve a LIFE.

    …..And you most certainly do deserve a life, and all the best life has to offer you. May the coming year be filled with many shining memories.

  11. #19
    Katie D.

    Oh my gosh, Cathy. You have a teenager who can WRITE. I didn’t know those still existed!!!!

    I think the inclusion of Aidan’s input and Dan’s facebook post makes this one of my favorite PL layouts of yours this year.

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