Project Life, Week Ten + a video tutorial

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OBSERVATIONS: Another week of Project Life is done, and last week I swapped out a page protector style for one reason and one reason only: I had a vertical postcard that I had to use.

Last weekend, Narnia, The Musical opened at the Wellstone Center in St. Paul, starring none other than Aidan Zielske as the White Witch, and Coleman Zielske as Mr. Beaver. They’ve been in rehearsals for the past 7 weeks and opening night was a pretty big deal. And I know they’re my kids and what not, but holy crap, they were GOOD. The anticipation was so great that it more or less eclipsed the fact that last week was also the Dan and Cathy birthday show. Here are my pages from Week 10.



I used one my my 4 x 6 journaling cards to work in the page protector, while still maintaining the look I’m going for in March. I also included some of my new Tiny Text Templates to tell the story of opening night.

I have to stress how much keeping notes throughout the week is helping me to compile my journaling at week’s end. I’m using the Day One app on my computer and phone. Every Sunday afternoon, I just open it up and there’s my weekly recap ready to go right onto my journaling card with just a bit of editing.


Yes, that’s right. I was in a pissy mood on my birthday. Sometimes, it just happens. But I managed to shake it off and move right back into AdultVille, where I’m trying to live these days.

Here are the journaling cards sharing the story from opening night.


And here’s Cole and Mrs. Beaver. (Seriously, I could have watched them all night long. They bicker throughout the show, all in cockney accents. So much fun!)


And last but not least, in last week’s Project Life post, I shared a card where I featured one of Dan’s Facebook status updates and I promised I would show you how I capture those for my album. Here’s a short video showing you how I do it.


Facebook Grabs for Project Life from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Here’s the link to the post that contains my handy Fraction Conversion Chart.

For you tech nerds, here’s a link explaining the difference between Resize and Resample.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!



Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.
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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Ten + a video tutorial

49 Comments on “Project Life, Week Ten + a video tutorial”

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    Great week of pictures and events for your family. I can’t believe it’s been 7weeks already. How awesome to hav them both in the play, so glad it worked out that way. Sorry to hear your bday wasn’t the best, that does happen and we just have to move on. So glad your still enjoying PL and sharing it with us.

  2. #2

    Thanks again for sharing Cathy. I love your little vids about PSE. I always learn something. Funnily it’s usually not your main demonstrated point but some other tid-bit that you mention as you go along. A short cut key or whatever….
    Great layout once again. I can only hope one day mine start coming together and looking as polished as yours do 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  3. #3
    Jessica C

    ADORE, ADORE, ADORE – I LOVE your project life.. SO BEAUTIFUL & classy each & every week! I have a question with the photos of the text opening night etc.. is that the Amelie font you linked below? I noticed it didn’t have the end swirls on the letters like the preview of the font?
    Thanks Ms CZ!


  4. #4

    I am so looking forward to watching the vid (i’ll be coming back later for that). I inserted a Facebook capture on my Week 10 spread too and didn’t like how it looked weird no matter how many times I tried it. Hoping your tutorial sheds light on that. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. #5
    Annet M

    Wow, I learned a bunch of stuff from that, totally didn’t know about the resize/resample, nor about double clicking to commit – I always have to go up top to the check box. Love learning short cuts, so thanks! Off to be a tech nerd and read the link!
    And BTW, stop trying to appease the PC users 😉 They are on the dark side and should just come over to the real side (uh, fail on the star wars reference). The force is strong with us Mac users.

  6. #9

    Thank you for sharing your Project Life with us! The videos are amazing and I learn so much. I’m a PC girl though and went looking for instructions on how to do what you did in the video. Instead of Command + it’s Control + /- to make the image larger or smaller. I also found this neat little tutorial on clipping in windows.

    Hope that helps somebody else.

  7. #11

    So helpful Cathy! Thank you! Is the Grab App different from using Command+Shift+4, and if so, does it work better? When I use that approach, crosshairs appear on the screen and I click an drag whatever I want to grab, and then it automatically puts the screenshot on my desktop.

  8. #12

    Its pretty much the same thing, actually! I always forget the Command + Shift + 4. I have to try that. I totally forgot the combos!

  9. #13
    Diane Knott

    When I grow up I want to learn how to do all the cool stuff you do…until then I’ll just enjoy admiring your cool stuff. You are such an inspiration!

  10. #14
    Nicole L.

    Hi Cathy!
    Awesome video as usual. I love your project life!
    What was the app that you used to get the screen grab?
    I did a search and the only one I saw was Grabit…

  11. #15

    Thats the one I used. Of course, someone in comments reminded me you can also just do a Command + Shift + 4 and you will get a cross hair cursor that also allows you to click and drag around whatever you want to capture. Then it places the file on your desktop!

  12. #16
    Julie Kelley

    Oh my gosh! I was totally in Narnia the Musical as Lucy (years ago)! How funny! How happy! Now I’ll be singing all day: “Deep Magic…Dee-eep magic!”

  13. #18

    Thanks for the link Cathy. I’m the one who asked why we uncheck that box a couple of weeks ago. I was willing to do it just coz you said so (what power!) but I’m also happy to know the difference between the two things. I really appreciate the templates you’ve been designing for us over at DD, especially the tiny templates and Week in Review.

  14. #19
    Beth H

    Thanks for this — especially the link to the info on the diff between resampling and resizing. It has great info and funny delivery — just like your videos.

  15. #20

    Don’t be alarmed,…………… but my girl crush on you is growing…LOL!
    I love the shift, cmd, >…. tip. I will use that every day!

    Now, off to find the GRAB dohickey…..


  16. #21
    Melissa Cummings

    This could be a totally obvious or stupid question, but when you switched the page protector for the left side of the week, did you change the right side on the week before (the one that would be back to back with it)? Or do you just have nothing on the other side of that page protector? Wondering because I’ve thought of doing it but didn’t want to change the week before. Thanks!

  17. #22

    Hi Cathy, Thanks so much for this! I’m using Photo Shop and when I transfer the image to a new document, I can’t resize it. (There aren’t the handles to resize.) What am I doing wrong? Thanks again! I wouldn’t have thought to change the resolution on my own.

  18. #24

    Up in the top tool bar, see if Show Transform Controls is checked (this is in full Photoshop, not Elements, in Elements its called something different.) And then, change your view of the document (View Zoom Out) so you can see the edges of the image. See if that helps!

  19. #25

    Ok..i always thought it was weird when people asked bloggers when they found certain things featured on said blog…but where did you get those cute chevron plates? are they china? plastic? inquiring minds need to know…hahah

  20. #26
    toni from

    What a fun week. You must have had so much fun watching them perform and what great characters. They are my favorites, especially the beavers. I always loved them. I hope you got lots of great photos during dress rehearsal and a great video to boot. What a wonderful memory for your entire family. Congrats!

  21. #27

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that tutorial. After I saw your FB post card for Project Life, I wanted to do this and was running into the low res problem. This was exactly what I needed!

  22. #28

    Hm… well, I tried it just like you demonstrated. But it’s not quite working out for me. See for you, when you grabbed your image and changed it to 300 pixels/inch, the resulting image is greater than your final card size. So, when you scale it down, you don’t lose anything. But for me, my screen grab after changing it to 300 pixels/inch is approx. 1 in. x 4 in. If I am putting this on a 4×6 card, I need to increase the image a little bit and then that results in it looking low res and not crisp. Any ideas?

  23. #30
    Helen Rosen

    I love your tutorials and have learned how to do so much in PS thanks to you! I do have a question though…when I uncheck the resample box and resize the image, it changes the resolution. Am I doing something wrong?

  24. #32

    Well, you could try making the image even bigger before you grab it on your screen. But, you can then increase the size a bit through Image Size again, its tricky to get something that isnt meant to be 300 to go bigger, if that makes sense!
    : )

  25. #33

    When you first uncheck Resample Image, you should only be changing the resolution from 72 to 300. Then your next step has to be Rechecking the Resample Image box. You dont resize the image unless that is checked. Make sense?

  26. #35

    I forget it too. In my house, I am always yelling to my son, “what do I type again to do a screen capture?” He always knows, and he doesn’t even have a Mac. And he’s 10, so why would he know?

  27. #36

    Hi Cathy, I am new to your blog. When you said “this is PSE 8…” I looked across my desk at the box with PSE 10 still in it while I continue to use 8. Then when you said you got 10 in the mail but have yet to install it, I knew I was ging to enjoy your blog!

  28. #39

    Thank you Cathy- I’m on firefox but notice on Vimeo I have to hit couch mode to see something as well, I can tell I’ve got something wonky!

    Anyways, I have been a photoshop girl for years yet honestly learned a few new things so you rock 🙂

  29. #42

    Cathy, when I resized to 300 dpi the size went to 2.7 x 1.5 in. Will these change depending on the original image size (now that i type that it seems obvious lol). If not help…ta x

  30. #44

    Diane, i think youre going to have to start over, completely. Its so hard to tell you exactly what is the issue. I would start over and watch the video post that shows the steps. You need to start with the card first, then do the sizing exactly as it said in the post about it, then drag those over. Then apply the stroke.

    Sorry to not be able to trouble shoot it from where you are at in the process!

    Your cards should already be at 300 when you open the templates. That is how they are set up. I meant to make sure the new document you are dragging them into is 300 as well (which Im betting it is too!)

    Try again from the start. : )

  31. #45

    Thanks for the tutorial, Cathy. I was having issues trying to capture a photo and comments from Facebook, and now I can do it! 🙂

  32. #49

    Is this command-shift-4 the same as PC print screen? We have a button with prt scn and needs to be pasted to paint and then saved.. I like the snipping tool mentioned above tho! Never knew about drawing the box ahead of time I always just print screened the whole page, pasted in paint and then cropped!

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