Project Life, Week Twelve

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OBSERVATIONS: Spring truly has been in the air around these parts. Oh who am I kidding? When it was pushing 80 degrees last week, let's call it what it was: summer. Still, Project Life moves full steam ahead, even in a week where my lovely Aidan wasn't fully around to be photographed and documented. Sigh. (She returns tonight at 10:10, just in time for her 16th birthday, which is tomorrow, which is why I'm posting about Project Life today, instead of my usual day, tomorrow. Clear as mud?)

And even though Aidan was gone for half of the week, I sure did write a lot about it. Milking that one, for sure. I even included a screen grab from Facebook as well. (Want to learn how I do screen grabs from Facebook and get them into a print-ready format? Watch this video.)

Here are my pages for the week:



And no, I can't really explain that photo of Dan in the see-through shirt. Just know, when the Zielskes have a party, all bets are off.

When one of the parents sent me some Instagrams of Aidan in El Salvador, I immediately plugged them into a Tiny Template for my album.


I cannot tell you how much peace of mind a simple post on my Facebook page brought me in regards to my globe-trotting girl.

Last week also saw an unplanned reunion with a handful of my girlfriends who all used to work together back in the 90s at the illustrious American Collectors Association (yes, it was a trade association serving the debt collection industry, and come hell or high water, we made sure everything we did for those agencies looked and sounded terrifc!) I decided to use one of my Story Savers cards and I dropped the type right into the PNG file. (To learn how to work with these cards, watch this video.)


And here is my weekly recap:


I am so looking forward to including Aidan's voice and photos in next week's pages.

And that's a wrap for Project Life, Week Twelve.



Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Twelve

11 Comments on “Project Life, Week Twelve”

  1. #1

    LOVE LOVE your pages, you totally ROCK at Project Life!! SOOOO happy your doing this and sharing it with us each week.

    How sweet that note is to Cole from Aidan, love when my kids do this too.

    You captured a great week of pictures and storytelling.

    Hooray for your baby girl coming home tonight, I bet you won’t quit smiling for days and you will sit by her and watch her sleep happy she’s home with you again. Happy early birthday to you as a mama and to your WOW WOW she’s going to be 16 beautiful daughter.

    HUGS AND PRAYERS for your family.

  2. #5
    Donna Tullis

    As I was laying down to bed last night I thought of you and how excited you must be to get the girl back home! Hope you have a wonderful day listening and basking!!

  3. #7
    Angela NJ

    Loved your words as you shared your thoughts about your daughter, loved that you shared your words with us, love just about every single thing I read her on your blog, and love that your daughter returns home tonight.

    My soon-to-be 9 year old took her first bus field trip without me today, and I was restless every minute of the 3 hours and 45 minutes that she was gone. I can only imagine your joy when Aidan returns. Wishing you a beautiful reunion and wishing her a very happy 16th birthday!

  4. #8
    Lorraine Reynolds

    Cathy – please come back!
    Hoping that doing the indesign course at Big Picture will help you return to us!

  5. #9

    AWESOME video! You motivated me to learn to use the Snipping Tool in Windows. Love this and love your pages!

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