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    Barb in AK

    I assume Adain is home now— just in time for her celebration— and I’m sure it will be quite a celebration! Enjoy! and Congrats, Aidan πŸ™‚

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    Gypsy Chaos

    Love this post. The first birthday + this birthday = awesomeness.

    I like how Aidan is looking up – she will go ‘high’ in her life.

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    HAPPY SWEET 16TH! The way those pics are colored it looks like the top one was taken and then the second one. Like there was no time between the two. So precious!

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    Happy Birthday, Aiden. From your mom’s descriptions of you, I can say that I would be pleased if my daughter turns out to be like you!

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    Bea Medwecky

    Happy Birthday, Aiden. What a great way to celebrate being 16, just coming home from a mission trip. Congrats.

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    My Cheyenne turned 16 this year ….sooooo bittersweet. Teenage girls are such a blessing. I have 2 :). She is my biggest critic and my biggest fan. Happy celebrating!!!

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    Sara Mangan

    Happy Birthday, Aiden!!!
    These pictures remind me of your layout titled, “Blink”. I remember first seeing it in your CKU-Minneapolis class. The journaling for that layout still makes me tear up.

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