Through a fog of processed carbohydrates

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Remember this before and after shot?


Ahhh. I do. I mean, I should considering I posted these lovely shots in front of my toilet for two years.

Watching yourself go down in size month after month for a year is inspiring and motivating.

I was on a roll, and not the kind that hangs over the edge of my jeans.

Okay, maybe there's still some roll. Definitely more roll today than in that upper right after shot.


This month, I've been plagued with tweaks and aches. First my calf. Then my back. Then my attitude. And you may not know this, but the latter is the worst one to go. Truly. Because when the attitude is in the crapper, Cheez-Its and Sprite don't seem so taboo afterall.

I'm just going to say it: taking care of yourself is hard.

The other day I was leaving the mall, walking past the food court, and I called Dan and said, "You know what I wish? That I still had a metabolism that let me eat at Manchu Wok or Sbarro," to which he replied, "Um honey, no you don't. That food sucks."


I'm sure once I can get back to heading out for runs I'll be in a better mental space. I swear to you, the particular sweat that comes during a 3- or 4-miler is just about the most cleansing thing I know how to do.

I took a walk the other day and it just didn't quite give me the same boost. That's reality for me.

I feel very whiney. Not at all like a fearless leader of the Move More, Eat Well workshop. But maybe that's exactly what my students need right now, to know that this is hard for me, and that I'm struggling with this process too. That sometimes, I feel like, well, whining.

I have found no magic pill for this. I keep surprising myself with the reality of realizing: Ohhhh… you mean I have to WORK for this?

And so, I carry on.

I'm sure my groove will come back around. In fact, I'd bet on it.

Sometimes, it just feels good to let my inner Debbie Downer out for a bit to play.

Just not for too long, you know?



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Cathy ZielskeThrough a fog of processed carbohydrates

95 Comments on “Through a fog of processed carbohydrates”

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    katie squires

    Big hugs…hopefully blogging makes you feel a bit better…I’m hoping you get your cleansing runs back soon…and it is HARD living a healthy lifestyle and I feel like saying FARK IT a number of times too. Hang in there Cathy πŸ™‚

  2. #3

    I always used to think that we had to ‘suppress’ those pity parties some the – just tell ourselves to suck it up and not let yourself feel that way. I think it’s healthy to let yourself experience those feelings and then let them pass. It’s human; it’s real and cleansing in its own way.

    if Debbie Downer didn’t deserve any attention, then why has she been granted the dignity of a name?

  3. #5

    Chin up Cathy. There are ups and downs and it’s hard. You know that. We all do. the fact is that you are doing something about it. You have recognised that you had reached a point where enough was enough and despite your brain and body protesting about the change you did it. That is half the battle. More than half if you ask me. You have the courage, the strength and the support to keep it up. You have seen the light and there is no turning back. There will always be off days but so what. You have made it over the biggest hurdle already. Whether you see it right this moment or not. Soon you will be back in the saddle (on the treadmill or in the pool)

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    Kendra B

    I know people who never feel like you do right now . . . and it bugs the crap out of me!!!!!!!! I think the majority of us have the ups and downs of attitude, motivation, and everything on your body working properly (I have a bad back that seems to go out every time I get super motivated lol). Hang in there!! Maybe get Leslie Sansone’s Walk Slim 4 mile walk . . . that’s a walk that’ll make you sweat!!! πŸ™‚

  5. #7

    Yep Cathy, it IS nice to know I’m not alone when I’m struggling with a particularly bad month! March was an epic fail for me in terms of healthy eating… will just have to start over in April.

  6. #8

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Time to change something up. Yep, you’re in a tough spot, being injured isn’t fun. But when is the last time you changed up your workouts, either in intensity or length? For your running, add in some fartleks (speed sections). Add in some sprints to your swimming. Do a swim workout and a run workout in the same day.

    Do you really feel better after eating cheez-its and sprite? I just read a blog post where someone who is doing WW’s asked-what do you eat when you go to the mall? And I thought, um, nothing? Dan’s right, that stuff is crap. Its the start of fabulous fruit season. Head off to Whole Foods or Byerlys and get your booty something really delicious.

    I guess what I’m saying is why not treat April like a do over? Give yourself 30 days to stick to it, up the workout intensity, try something new and see if it changes anything. What’s the worst that could happen? It all stays the same? And the best? Fabulous summer body? What’s 30 days?

  7. #9

    Have you ever tried hot yoga? I run 3-4 miles as well, used to be 5 days a week, now 2 or 3 as I have blended in hot yoga on the other days. It is amazing how those aches and pains tend to subside with stretching and I sweat WAY more than I do running. It is a great workout (power vinyasa) and great for your body!

  8. #11

    Cathy! We’re all in this together and I’m am REALLY loving the class and the documentation that holds me together. I love the reality of your posts. Always have. I’ve been in a funk this month too. Hormones BIG time. My whole body is very uptight. I’m crabby. But you know, when I push myself and get out there, I feel. so. much. better. I sure hope your aches and pain subside quickly…can you focus on core and arms or something like that? I know I’m a perfectionist and not doing the whole Jillian workout feels like I’m cheating, BUT, a big BUT…I have not had physical issues to take into consideration…and swimming? Does that still work with your aches/pains?
    Just know we don’t expect you to be perfect to teach us this class, the healthy doses of reality are very good to read and I so enjoy that about yours and several others scrap-booking leaders whose blogs I read (Ali for example).
    My mind seems to be my own worst enemy. When I can trick it and get a good workout in, it makes a HUGE difference.

  9. #12

    Amen sister! 2 1/2 years in to this journey and it’s still this big “ah-ha” when I tell myself … “you have to work for this honey”.

    And it’s hard.

    And Dan? Ugh. He’s right. As much as I’d just love to stop & grab a piece of pizza the size of my head … that stuff … it’s crap. LOL!!

  10. #13

    Thanks Katie. I know you know. : ) Heading to the pool shortly. Yesterday was a sugar blur. April 1, believe me you, is my new cleansing day. (I have a trip to see the Hunger Games tomorrow afternoon, so I know that popcorn and a big blue raspberry ICEE will be on tap!) Then, its all about getting off the sugar. Again.

  11. #17

    Im looking at April 1 as a restart. I know it should be today, but Im going to the Hunger Games tomorrow so popcorn is in my future. And a giant blue raspberry ICEE. Sunday it is!

  12. #18

    Oh yes, April is a restart for sure. And I KNOW what to do. Im also trying to figure out if I can afford a few personal training sessions. It is LONG past the time of getting more use out of my gym. Im never going to expect a fabulous summer body any time of the year. I just want to be even with nutrition and steady in moving. Then well see what shakes out, right? Off to the pool shortly! Thanks for your comment.

  13. #20

    Swimming is a great workout for me. Nothing hurts. Very good for the current tweaks. In fact, Im heading there shortly. Swimming is now my M,W,F cardio exercise. My mind can be my enemy too. Working to get back on track here.

  14. #21


    Have you ever considered doing heated yoga. I know “yoga” sounds scary, but this type will make you sweat like a pygmy living in the bush of Australia. Heated yoga is a 90 minute class in 100-104 degree’s – a total of 26 poses that never change and 2 breathing exercises.

    I did this shortly after giving birth to my 3rd daughter and I will say it saved my brain, body, and spirit.

    It is doable.. I think you need to switch it up a bit and nothing like stretching in heat.

  15. #22
    Ellie A.

    OH yes.. I’ve been feeling the blues myself.. I actually went in for a physical where I was told my cholesterol is high & gained 10 pounds from the 40 I’ve lost & even though I signed up to the gym almost a mth ago have not gone.. I needed a kick in the bum & yesterday I actually went to orientation at the gym and Monday starts my journey once again…

  16. #24
    Lois H.

    I started 2012 off with a bang and a 2 mile hike and thought I could conquer the world. Then cold/flu season hit and work got nuts and my best-laid plans got set aside for survival and reality. I started to beat myself up about it and then I thought, well, you either do it or you don’t. And so I do on the days I can, and I don’t on the days I can’t (whether that is physically, mentally or time-wise) and I don’t beat myself up about it. I figure SOME exercise is better than NONE. πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad you share your reality with us – that it is not always easy and that you don’t always eat right, run for miles and do it all with a Leave It To Beaver smile on your face. That reality makes it easier for the rest of us to do the best we can, too. Because we know we’re not the only ones.
    So, cheers to you – and remember you’re not alone either! πŸ™‚
    I guess that means I need to do my MMEW pages for March, huh? I’ve been hiding from them for the past 3 weeks!

  17. #25

    ((HUGS)). Injuries are NO fun at all. When I had that foot fracture two years ago, I was afraid if I stopped running, I would never get back to it. But after four stinking months of recuperating I did. I KNOW you won’t let this little bump in the road keep you down. Running is a disease you just can’t get rid of once you get the bug. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you put things out there like they really are. We are all right there with you! Injuries are bound to occur. Attitudes are bound to get out of control. And mental space will always get a bit crowded now and again. It’s the ability to keep on (when you really don’t want to) that makes you strong. Running sucks. But it’s more than worth it!

  18. #26

    I know where you’re at… I go there more often than I’d like. This journey of health IS work and sometimes you just need to take a break. Is that wrong? I don’t know, but it’s human and, I think, good for you in the long run. So, enjoy your movie treats with Katniss and know you’ll be going back to work on April 1.

    I will echo a few of the commenters and say yoga is cathartic, just like running. I don’t do hot yoga, but classes titled Power Yoga will get your heart rate up and make you sweat as much as a 4-miler. If you haven’t taken a class before, you will feel awkward in the beginning. But stick with it, because it is a great alternative to running. Maybe get someone to go with you (husband, kids?) A person to emulate or a person to roll your eyes with πŸ™‚

  19. #27

    I’m just going to say it: taking care of yourself is hard.β€”Cathy Z (How true.)

    “You know what I wish? That I still had a metabolism that let me eat at Manchu Wok or Sbarro,” to which he replied, “Um honey, no you don’t. That food sucks.” — Cathy Z (Reality bites.)

    I loved these 2 quotes, I’m going to put them in my PL.

    That’s how I feel sometimes but you’re right we’ll find the groove and get back on track. Thanks for making my day and letting us know we are not alone with this challenge!

  20. #28

    1 year, 16 days with a couple of crippling herniated disks, on top of 10 years, 2 months, 18 days with wretched feet injuries. I’m *still* telling myself it’s temporary and I’ll be able to truly work out and love it again. At some point you’d think I’d get a clue, but nope. It’s temporary. That’s the only way I can deal with it.

    This, too, shall pass.

    Yup. It will πŸ™‚

  21. #29

    Er. So my point? You WILl be able to work your tail off on the running trail & treadmill again. This is a minor thing for you πŸ™‚ You can handle this, kiddo. No sweat! Just keep on keeping on. I have faith that you will figure out how to forgive yourself for this speedbump. You deserve that.

  22. #30

    I keep whinning to my hubby that “they don’t work out in Europe”…I think he’s ready to buy me a one-way ticket…lmao
    Right now I’m going through menopause and I’m a real “suck-monster” so I totally appreciate you letting your Debbie Downer out…it’s just too toxic to keep them inside all the time ;}
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. #31

    It is VERY hard …. and you are doing GREAT! Falling off the wagon doesn’t mean that you should burn it!

  24. #32

    last week I quit. Just gave up. Decided it was too hard, and I couldn’t go on pretending that this was a fight I could win. I wallowed in self pity for about 10 days. Read your post. Took a deep breath and signed up for a new Yoga class and decided to try again. I hate to say it, but I’m so glad your a mess too. Makes me feel so much better

  25. #33

    You still amaze me and motivate me. You’re the voice in my head reminding me to move more and eat better. And you’re real. I thank you for that most of all.

  26. #34
    jen kinkade

    I think we can ALL relate…it IS hard–running, eating well, etc.
    But Dan IS right…that food does SUCK!!
    Knowing now that eating that crap does me no favors now or in the future helps.
    At least a little πŸ˜‰
    Hang in there!!

  27. #35
    Carin Schaab

    Cathy, I’ve followed you for years as you’ve been my scrapbook guru. πŸ™‚ I think it’s amazing your commitment to your health. As I tell everyone I work with, getting and staying is hard work, but like motherhood, it has the BEST rewards. It’s always great to see everyone is only human, but it’s even greater when one recognizes a good attitude gets them through everything. I know when I miss a few days of runs, I get cranky and down too. Hang in there, and you’ll get back on track in no time!

  28. #36
    Stacy Milford

    Thanks for the REALITY check post today Cathy! My March hasn’t went exactly as planned…life got crazy, my neck decided it was going to need several chiropractic visits to get straightened out, etc, etc. We all have times when it doesn’t go our way. I’ve gotten back to excercise, so the MOVE MORE is in place…just gotta get back to the EATING WELL πŸ™‚ Hang in there girl – we are pulling for you!

  29. #38

    Oh, Cathy. I’m so with you. I was doing so good running 4 times a week and I felt so good. Then I got a bad cold which in turn flared my asthma. When I finally got better, life took off at a hellish pace and I made the choice night after night not to get on the treadmill. Then stomach flu hit the family. I didn’t get sick, but was too busy caring for everyone else to take care of myself. Now I haven’t run in almost 2 months. My eating has been ok until this last week. Really, no one needs that much ice cream. Today I start crawling back into the saddle. I’ve planned my food for the day. I have to admit that I’m afraid to get back on the treadmill. But I’ll do it.

  30. #39

    So much of what you write about is inspiring, beyond your crafty awesomeness. As I train for another half marathon, having just recovered from a large bout of burnout, please know that you are most definitely not alone. Huge hugs!!

  31. #40

    I love that you are willing to POST being Debbie Downer…that you are realistic…that everything is not always perfect…that is, indeed, how trying to stay healthy is. I have had a crazy March. I learned that being physically sick makes me binge on anything and everything until I find the thing that makes me feel better. Yep, you guessed it… NOTHING helps. But I keep eating. And I do not exercise, as, when I try to work through it, I get physically worse instead of better. So, I feel ya. Your honesty is greatly appreciated!

  32. #41

    Honestly, Melissa… it doesnt necessarily speak to me. I am not a fan of heat or humidity. ha! Dont get me wrong, I will go for a run in this sort of weather if its early in the day, but purposely putting myself into a hot room? I dont know. But you know, never ever say never!

  33. #44

    Lois, the truth? I didnt do my March pages. I plan to make up for this in April! But i like the attitude of not beating yourself up, but just being factual: youre going to do it, or not. Make up your mind. : )

  34. #46
    kim-todays creative blog

    Ah……I love your post! Taking care of ourselves IS hard. I am now 50, menopause has taken over, and although I am still teaching step, water and a wt class, I am the chubbiest one in the class. Talk about HARD! But I keep going, my class seem to like the “real” me, but damn it’s hard.

  35. #48

    Cyn, I know my hubby would like yoga. At least I think he would. Hed be good at it too. Hes not a member of my gym. Were only paying for a single membership, but I think I am going to look at the class schedule to see about going to one class or two, to see what its all about.

  36. #49

    Cathy, you have inspired me with your design, scrapbooking, and photography for years. More recently you have inspired me with your healthy choices, and fitness routines. I even decided to try running because of you. I signed up for a 10K this May in Fargo. Now, you should know I was the girl in Phy. Ed. wanting to puke at the end of the mile and a half we had to run each year. I am the farthest thing from a runner. So thank you for putting that spark in my head that I could actually do this. I kind of took a month off in March with running, but am getting back on track training for my 10K. You will get back on track.

  37. #52

    Ha! I knew me being a mess would help someone! : ) It is hard. You know it. I know it. And feeling sorry for yourself, as I have learned through therapy, for me, is something that actually gives me a kickβ€”a bump almost. To feel like a victim of the world and of my desires and so on, and then to wallow in it… well, my therapies has said, you LOVE being a victim. It puts you at the center of everything. Im keeping this in mind today, as I move up and out of the bad attitude. : )

  38. #58

    JoLynn, i do the SAME thing if im under the weather (unless its flu). I just want to eat and eat and eat. Sigh. I dont really have that excuse this month, however. I was just blue and decided to do the same thing.

  39. #59
    Marilyn S

    I think it was you who turned me on to the “Dishing Up Nutrition” podcast and I thank you for that. I’ve since adopted a grain-free and sugar-free diet with nothing but real whole food. I never thought I could give up my nightly popcorn and diet coke, but I don’t really miss it at all anymore. I feel great and sleep like a rock. I do need to move my body and get active, but it’s all a work-in-progress. Thanks for keeping it real.

  40. #60

    Kim, thats so awesome that youre out there, teaching classes! And I be they DO love you. Its so hard to always take classes from little tiny people (no offense to little tiny people, but, you know…)

  41. #62

    I am telling you: those women are so amazing! And thats what is so maddening to me! When I follow their way of eating, Im golden. I dont crave junk. I feel better. All that stuff. So glad you listen to their show!

  42. #63

    I’m so confident in you that you WILL get your groove back that I think when you do get it back you should take on the nickname Stella. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce. You have Stella. ;D You’re an inspiration in the up times and in these tough times. Rock on momma!

  43. #64

    Well as long as you’re not being a “Little Debbie” Downer… that kind of “food” sucks too!

  44. #66
    Linda Nguyen

    Cathy, I have so missed these posts. I love your week in review posts, but it only serves as a guilty reminder that i haven’t done my project life…and i’m now 4 months behind. I really do come here and read about your struggles with weight, about consistently exercising, and making those ‘right’ food choices. I’m almost in the mindset of your husband – if it’s not dang goooooood food, then i don’t want to waste my splurge on it. if i’m in a 5star restaurant, I am NOT going to be ordering that salad, you know? I’ve tried to balance myself out – eat ‘skinnier’ when i don’t care about the meal, but eat like the normal people with fast metabolisms when I’m with a crowd, or eating thai food. Somehting about that Phad Thai that i cannot resist. Please post more like this. even debbie downers. miss you!

  45. #68

    The fact that you have kept up with running is awesome! I can talk myself out of it so easy and then weeks go by and I am back to starting the couch to 5k program all over.

    I think we are similiar in age, those lovely 40s where nothing you eat comes off….. have you looked into your hormones? You may be estrogen dominant and to balance that out with other hormones.

  46. #69

    I agree with Cathy….when I was newly out of college and trying to get fit, the lady who taught my aerobics class was a short, chubby, middle aged lady and I thought she ROCKED!! So inspiring to see her and understand that fitness is about so much more than our weight!

    Cathy: keep on keepin’ on; that’s the definition of success!

  47. #70

    Hi Cathy. Your honesty, including happy victory times and down times, is why I love you and joined Move More Eat Well. I feel like I struggle most of the time but I always remind myself that everyday is a chance to begin again. I am in it for the journey, not the weekend vacation. πŸ˜‰ BTW, have you tried CrossFit? It is the most intense and amazing exercise experience ever and cool people are usually involved (yahoo). And if you like to sweat, get ready to sweat like never before. I love it and it is making a huge difference in my attitude and overall quality of life. XO

  48. #71

    Wow you look great! I wish I had something more profound to say, but that’s all I can think of when I saw your photos.

    I didn’t find you until late last year, so I always thought you looked pretty fit! Love to see your starting point and admire how far you’ve gone. Keep up the great work!

    P.S., I’ve been working out more after hearing you talking about move more and eat less on Lain’s layout a day podcast. Although I don’t have a weight issue, I’ve always been a regular gym goer until I had my son. I stopped going to the gym for over a year and felt lethargic. Even though you can’t tell from my appearance, I feel so tired and old inside. I’ve been better at exercising thanks to you!

  49. #73
    nicole prather

    even with your Debbie Downer I think you are a big motivator !! You look wonderful and keep me going πŸ™‚ Thank for your inspiration getting me back into scrapbooking and documenting my childrens lifes !! And for being a realist.

  50. #74
    Trophy Wife

    Cathy, I’ve been following your blog for YEARS and I look forward to each new post! You and I are very close in age…and I feel your pain – literally and figuratively! My dear hubby is a chiropractor and I just want to let you know that if you are not seeing a chiropractor, I’d love for you to think about it. We live and experience our whole life through our nerve system. If there is an interruption in nerve flow, it will diminish our life experience…whether it’s back pain, calf pain, etc. If you are at all interested, please let me know and I will find the absolute best person as close to you as possible! And if it’s not your bag, no worries, I will still look forward with each and every new post, class, designer digital release!!!

    Shawn Koca

  51. #75

    And you know what? That is precisely why you are an amazing leader of MMEW. You are REAL! “So that happened” and move on! Hoping that you get the mojo back soon and steer clear of the junky carbs. Take care and keep on keeping it real!!

  52. #76

    ….. maybe you need new running shoes. If you have used them…… the support might not be up to snuff. they say every 6 months

  53. #77

    You are awesome…inspiring… and REAL which makes it all worth the read. I’m so with you this week in the attitude department. Glad to know I’m not alone… Sending you positive vibes because if anyone deserves them it’s you! hugs.

  54. #78

    I still think you look fantastic! Thanks for being so real and honest. I’ve just started this journey and your MMEW class is a great motivator. Thank you!

  55. #79
    Debbie S.

    Yay Dan! Sbarro does suck, and I have eaten there soooo many times! BTW, you look great. Don’t be afraid that giving yourself a break means that you can’t hold on to your weight loss. You are a lean mean awesome woman and teacher! Go Cathy! (BTW, a little whiney is entertaining. πŸ˜‰ )

  56. #80

    Oh Cathy, I’m right next to you in this boat… and hoping it doesn’t sink. I was on a roll eating right, moving more and lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks. I felt awesome!! And excited I found the right diet that worked for me. Then all sorts of shit hit the fan personally and physically. Almost as if the devil was uber jealous of me (and I’m quite certain he was!), and found ways to beat me down. He won. Damnit. I keep trying to get back but it’s so hard. Today I went to lunch with my mom and had cheese ravioli, and then my 4 year old was good shopping at Kohls’ so I got him a Shamrock shake (another product thought up by the devil himself!)… and one for me! My mom asked, so when are you going back to your eating healthy thing? I gave her “the look” and she patted my arm and said she had chocolate chip cookies at home. I beelined it there. Damn, the cookie was good. Really good. But we’ll get out of this boat soon. Promise! Thanks for sharing. You just might be the spark to get me to drop the processed crap again.

  57. #81

    Yeah, my boat is sure weighed down right now. Especially on that dang scale. But you know what? Time to dust it all off and reset. Thats my goal. Starting tomorrow, of course. Im going to the Hunger Games today and popcorn will be on my lap.

  58. #82
    Heather H.

    I feel the same way about the sweat from running. It’s hard earned and that’s something to feel good about. I ran my whole run this morning (4 miles) without the usual walk song in the middle and toward the end I almost had to stop and cry I was so proud of myself. It has taken a lot for me to let go of the number on the scale and focus on my health and fitness rather than the damn numbers. And even though I still get on the scale too many times a week I’m not letting it get my down and out.

  59. #83

    I appreciate your honesty … I’m back to WW at work on Monday and right now my attitude is feeling good even though the body aches are limiting exercise … one foot in front of the other.

  60. #86
    Pilbara Pink

    Hi Cathy I agree it is a pain to keep realising that you are never done and you do have to keep working at it if you are going to continue/maintain fitness and/or weight loss. In June it will be 5 years since I hit my weight loss goal of losing more than 135lb – half my body weight. In that five years I have gone up around 35lbs and gone down 11lbs from my original target. I am currently maintaining within 5 pounds of that 2007 target and feel comfortable here. However, it truly is a daily commitment and no, I don’t always do what I should BUT I do more often than I don’t. I am often asked what I did/do and mostly I find people really don’t want to hear what I have to say because it is about moving more, eating less, repeat daily – not some magic pill or formula. It totally depends on where you are mentally and if that is off it is a struggle. If you are mentally engaged then it is really quite simple. When I gained those 35lbs I one day realised I was headed back where I came from if I continued. I stopped myself from the slack habits I had slipped back into – you know, it wasn’t like I totally abandoned my new eating habits but I had added a few extras every now and then a little here, a little there and my portion sizes had crept up too. It wasn’t easy reining myself in but sure was better than ending up battling 100+ pounds again. Now I know I can get back on track and I am not condemned to being back where I started if I stray from my plan.

  61. #88
    Courtney Walsh


    It’s so easy to do it when the scale moves like you want it to…quickly and in the right direction…I think it’s inspiring that you still think about Sbarro (like I do…) that while I’ve given up sugar and carbs (again) and want to throw in the towel I know more than anything this food will make me feel horrible. What I’ve discovered is, just eating well for the sake of how I feel isn’t enough. It’s like, I have to be working toward a weight loss goal to motivate myself. What’s up with that??

    Anyway, every time I read your blog, I’m more inspired than ever…so thank you for putting it out there. And Dan’s right. That food IS terrible. Here’s to hoping we can both lose the desire for it once and for all!


  62. #89


    I saw your post above about yoga. When I visited in January my sister took me to a yoga class at the Shoreview Community Center. If you would like I could see if she could take you as a guest to see if you like it. I think she goes on Thursdays at 1 or so. It has really helped her with her back.

  63. #90

    Thanks, Robyn! They do offer yoga at my gym so I think Im going to give it a go this week! : ) Thanks for thinking of me. : )

  64. #91
    Katie Scott

    Hey Cathy –

    I’ve been on a bit off the wagon this year and have been planning for April to be my re-boot time too.

    On the Bikram (HOT) Yoga thing: My friend Jaime the chiropractor knew I was trying to lose weight. She lost something like 40 pounds and looks amazing, she went from about a size 10 to I don’t know what, but she’s got serious muscle definition in her arms and legs. I was doing the stepper and seeing some results, I was down 20-30 pounds, but not her level of results. She kept asking me to come to Bikram Yoga.

    I didn’t think it was a good idea since we already live in Florida where it is hot all the time and it just seemed sort of stupid and unnecessary to add heat to exercise. Plus I didn’t really think yoga would do much of anything.

    But then one day I saw her at lunch and she was like “are you coming? its tonight at 6. come on, no excuses.” She was so persistent and I was so reluctant.

    I tried it that night and it was like nothing else I’d ever done. It was intense and I fought feeling like I was going to vomit or faint or both. But afterwards, I felt amazing and had a strong desire to do it again. I was going several times a week for about a year and was getting the muscle definition and the pain in my lower back went completely away. I’ve been “off” the Bikram wagon lately and put on some pounds and don’t see the definition and my lower back hurts a little bit. I’m planning to get back in to yoga.

    Bottom line is – I get that you don’t get it – I was so there. Just try it once or maybe for one week – go 3 times. It is awesome. Really. Just do it then people like me will stop bugging you about it; which is why I went in the first place – go get my friend to stop pestering me about it – now I’m glad she did.

    πŸ™‚ Katie.

  65. #92
    Katie Scott

    Plus, when I was doing Bikram consistently, I could eat pretty much what ever I wanted (just not a few hours before class).

    It burns 1,000 calories in 90 minutes.

  66. #93
    Katie Scott

    Ok, actually one more thing:

    I’m not all that coordinated – “step” classes and that sort of thing get me all confused.

    But Bikram yoga is slow and you stay in the pose for a minute or so – which means you don’t have all that coordination confusion thing. And after a few classes, you pretty much know the routine.

    And ok, one more thing:

    It is mental cleansing. Like running but better (I used to run but can’t now b/cs of an injury). So I know what you mean with the mental thing when you are running, and that can’t be replicated with the stepper.

    But Bikram yoga forces you to relax your brain too. In the beginning that was the hardest part of it for me but once you learn how to turn your brain off for a bit, it is amazing.

    Ok, thats really all!

  67. #95
    Donna Tullis

    I hear ya sister! It is hard work trying to make the right food decisions…EVERYDAY…day in day out, it is insanely frustrating when we think we have it, then boom, no you don’t sucker! But I am determined just as you are to keep at it, honestly even with bad days, or weeks, its still better than before! And by the by…I absolutely love the last picture of you…you look beautiful, and it just oozes strength.

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