My girl wants to party all the time

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Aidan turned 16 on March 29th and we hosted her Sweet 16 Party last weekend.

Before you have any images of "My Sweet 16" and gold-plated Mercedes convertibles or Apple stock options or diamond-encrusted tiaras (I have never seen that show, so I'm totally stabbing in the dark here), you need to keep in mind that Aidan Zielske is of the practical, creative kind. All she wants to do? Host a theme party of her choosing, year in and year out.

This year's theme? Come As Your Favorite Decade.


I present the Zielske family, in all their decaded glory. First up, Coleman Zielske in the 1940s.


Cole was off school the day of the party, so he pleaded with me for a trip to Goodwill and AxMan Surplus. For under $25, we scored the hat, the jacket (and the pants you don't see.) He even went so far as to request a haircut for added authenticity. He is nothing, if not authentic.

Next up, Dan Zielske, coming to you directly from the early 1960s.


The funny thing about this shot? This could be Dan heading to church on any given Sunday. This isn't some ancient sweater that never gets used. I truly believe my husband is living in the wrong decade from a fashion standpoint.

Next up, me, which you've seen in the shot above and as if there were any question as to what decade I would choose. Duh. I was so goth in 1984 for roughly 3 months.


As I was questioning the grey hair and the goth culture and the potential incongruency, Dan told me that grey hair would only make me more goth. TouchΓ©.

And last up, the winner of the night, Aidan Zielske, party planner extraordinaire and 60s tartlet, courtesy of web tips for creating sixties-styled hair and the Lula vintage store.


I mean, seriously. Get out, you little Barbarella you.


Be still my heart.

And come hell or high water, this will be our Christmas card photo for 2012:


And yes, I created a digital layout to commemorate this special night in the Zielske family history, because it truly was one of the Best Days Ever.

CZ_LayeredTNo102 copy


Cathy ZielskeMy girl wants to party all the time

79 Comments on “My girl wants to party all the time”

  1. #1

    WOW how super cool this theme is!! It’s so fun to read about your kids and their amazing ideas, hhmmm where do they get that from.

    LOVE LOVE all the photos and how well they fit each of you!!

    Would love to see or hear about the other kids outfits.

    I’m sure one day her kids will make her as happy as she makes you.

  2. #9

    Aiden looks like she could easily fit in on the set of Mad Men. And Cole’s 1940’s soldier look is spot on. It is so much fun to dress up but we always have at least one who won’t participate.

  3. #11
    Jenny in Wellington, New Zealand

    Ok: how’d she get her hair like that, is she truly as tall as Dan or was she wearing heels (wanna see the shoes!!!!), and how dang cute can the Zielske family BE in one go? Dang, girl…..

  4. #13
    Toni from

    It’s decided. I’M. MOVING. IN. Coolest family ever! You really need to do a post later in the year of all of your 2012 ” Christmas cards.”

  5. #14
    Becky T.

    I totally LOVE it!! I think I would have had to do the Brady Bunch 1970’s look even though I’m really a 1980’s girl. How fun!!! πŸ™‚

  6. #15
    Marsaille Knight

    I want my kids to hang with yours. They are little, we could call it babysitting and I would pay them handsomely. Seriously, I want cool, well-adjusted, creative, intelligent, conscientious kids. Our family is taking up the whole talent pool around here, we are moving to MN.

  7. #17

    Today is a sad day for me. It’s finally become official. Your family is TOO COOL for me. You’re so far out of my league, I can’t even see the bleachers…

    Seriously, I hear reality show beckoning on the horizon.

    And yep. Dan’s right. The grey hair “made” your outfit.


  8. #20

    Seriously love this post. And I’m snagging this idea for my 30th b-day party bash in August. Happy 16th, Aidan!

  9. #21

    omg, this is awesome! you guys rock! Would love to see more decades photos of the guests, without compromising their privacy.

  10. #22

    You all look fantastic and the birthday girl is completely gorgeous! Such a beautiful family! Love it all! Happy Sweet 16, Aiden! Hope it’s entirely too sweet for you!

  11. #27

    Where did you get the black “speech bubble” – or did someone in your dang family make it?

    Awesome party idea – hope my daughter likes it, so I can gently suggest that she try this theme…

  12. #29

    You are an EXTREMELY cool family!
    In his pic Cole looks like he’s old enough for college.
    Aidan looks beautiful – and has an echo of Annette Funicello about her.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your family and your life with us.
    – Lee

  13. #31

    Much to my chagrin, I HAVE seen (several) episodes of My Super Sweet 16 and the parties. Aidan’s was better. WAY better.

    Kudos on such a cool and creative idea, Aidan. I hope you know scores of CZ blog-reading mamas are now planning decade-themed parties for their kids…

  14. #32

    What an awesome theme for a sweet 16 party! You all looked fantastic, and I can’t believe how grown up (and gorgeous) Aidan is! It happens all too fast, my own daughter is 16 in August and I am still in shock as to how quickly the years have flown by.
    I remember seeing your kiddo’s in layouts in the early scrapbooking magazines when they were only little, and it has been wonderful watching them grow through your layouts and your blog entries. You and Dan must be so proud of the young adults you have raised, they both seem to be such great people.

  15. #34

    Happy Birthday Aiden. You would look great no matter what era you were from!!! And the family photo should definitely be the Christmas Card shot this year. LOVE IT!

  16. #38

    Great idea! Cute family photo! And your daughter gets more beautiful each year! I mean seriously, if she keeps aging better and better, she’s going to have every man in the universe wrapped around her finger when she’s 60. πŸ™‚

  17. #41
    Pam Lowe

    The three of them remind me of a “Mad Men” commercial! Great idea for a party, and my baby girl will 20 this year, we may try this!

  18. #44

    What an awesome theme! We had a birthday party “Turning Seven 70’s Style” for my shall we say “quirky” daughter who LOVES the Brady Bunch. We actually had to show an episode to her friends who had NO IDEA. We did everything Brady. Super fun! I can totally see this as a great theme when she gets older. Awesome photos!

  19. #48

    I love a good, home-crafted theme party.
    You all look terrific. Love the Christmas card photo.

  20. #50

    Awesome and very creative family!!! Absolutely HAS to be your card this year. Now can you (safely) share the other outfits????

  21. #52

    I seriously want to come and live with your family. Really. I apparently need some Zielske in my life. Desperately…

  22. #54
    Leslie B

    Looks like a blast and I love the layout. The only problem is now I can’t get Eddie Murphy’s song out of my head!

  23. #55

    Superb layout, with lovely people – and Cole looks as if he could have stepped out of a scene from one of our most loved BBC comedy shows “Dad’s Army” … I can’t believe Aidan is so grown-up!

  24. #56

    Dan’s pose face is fierce. As a Brit, I have never used this word for this meaning before! Your girlie looks like the Avon lady from Edward Scissor hands, really super! You all look fab, hope I can be such a fun Mum to my kids in the future!

  25. #58
    jacquie d

    Aidan is a total knockout, very likely in any era! Your blog totally cements my idea of a beautiful family. Thankyou for sharing.

  26. #59

    Very, very cool. Might have to do that next year when our kids are 30,18 and 13. All big biscuit years. Also if you are watching American Idol tonight one of the songs is GOTYE – Somebody I used to know.

  27. #60

    ROFL!!!!! oh. my. god….. this post was HILARIOUS!! And using the photo as your Christmas card is absolutely priceless. Seriously – I am STILL laughing!!

  28. #62

    just ordered my own photo bubble for my 10th annual girls’ trip…this could get interesting! πŸ™‚

  29. #63

    How absolutely FUN. – and I agree, that has to be your Christmas card photo.

  30. #64
    Susan C

    Now that looks like fun, thanks for sharing. Aidan reminds me of a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. I am sure a good time was had by all.

  31. #66
    Heather H.

    What an awesome party idea! You all look smashing! And I’m pretty sure I have Dan’s sweater in blue, which was my grandfather’s and is probably from the 60’s. It reminds me of him and Mr. Rogers.

  32. #69
    louise fortune

    Looks like it was an amazing day – you guys ALL looked great . I love theme parties but haven’t been to one in absolutely years – got a major birthday coming up in 2 years 364 days so I may have to pinch the “come as a decade idea”

    Thanks for Sharing.

  33. #70

    Completely fabulous…and I would definately go with the christmas card photo for 2012….quirky and very Zielske!!!! The birthday girl looks gorgeous!!!! Happy Sweet 16… Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  34. #72

    Robyn, I saw that tonight. Part of me cringed a bit, because I think they really missed the nuance of the song. But there I go, sounding like an old fogey again! LOL!

  35. #75
    Regina White

    OMGosh I totally love this. I want to do this for my 40th birthday this summer. I love it all. Your family is super cute. Aiden is super beautiful your truly blessed Chica!

  36. #76
    Lyn Meeker

    Awesome theme… and Aidan ..looks like a young Annette Funicello! When they do a movie of the actresses life… Aidan should audition!

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