Project Life, Week Fifteen + a free download for you

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OBSERVATIONS: I have to tell you something that I’ve been doing and it’s something I haven’t done very often during the past few years: I sit with my album (my Project Life album, specifically) and I page through it every few weeks and just smile and think, “Damn. I’m so glad I’m going this.”

It’s such a cool vehicle to chronicle every day life. The fact that I’ve never done a Project 365 or something of this ilk with any consistency makes me really happy that I’m sticking to this. Indeed.

This week was pretty mellow, in short, as the card says: nothing too crazy. I like those weeks. I like them an awful lot, actually. Here are my pages for Week 15:



This week was purposefully kept stripped down. I opted out on using stickers on my photos and instead just dropped some text onto a select few. Because I print all of my photos for Project Life at home, it’s simple for me to drop some text onto the photos.

And if you’re wondering how I set everything up to print at home, it’s simple. I have stocked up both on photo paper and ink and honestly, I feel like it balances out financially. Yes, it would be cheaper to send out my photos to Shutterfly, but the thing I like and need in this project is immediacy. Sunday is my day to print photos, write out my weekly card and assemble everything. Speaking of the weekly report…


I’ve been using this card for weeks now and it comes from this set, Frame Journalers 1. The set contains a series of cards, and I had a request from a blog reader to create an extra card that said, “month in review” and I figured, why not make that a freebie download today? The frame titles are created and then rasterized into uneditable art. The reason I have to do it that way is to be able to use my favorite font and have it read on all of your computers. So, if you’d like a free “month in review” frame journaler, click on the link below to download the zipped file. Note: this file will only read in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Download CZ_MonthInReview


Now where was I?



And another week is on the books!




Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.


CZ_TinyTemplates1 CZ_LayeredTNo88PREV

CZ_LayeredTNo99PREV CZ_LayeredTNo101PREV

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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Fifteen + a free download for you

32 Comments on “Project Life, Week Fifteen + a free download for you”

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    Cathy, your PL makes me soooo happy every week. SO glad you jumped on board this year and proud of how well your keeping up on it. You will want to keep doing this every year, it’s a way of life now and now turning back, lol

    I love your simple week, looks great. Thank you thank you so much for the download that is my favorite thing each week in your album. Great pictures of all of you this week.

    Sunday is the day I sit and do mine also and every week it feels my heart with more joy and I get excited to see all these little memories in one album. So simple and small yet soooo BIG and AWESOME!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Another great looking week Cathy. I must say I am 100% with you on printing at home and the instant nature of it is far and above the best thing about it and I love, love, love it. I can get a weeks layout done from scratch right there and then. Booyah!
    hehe…. seriously I get so excited seeing your next layout. Like a little gift of inspiration each week and for that I sincerely thank you. 🙂

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    jacquie d

    I have yet to get as organized as the weekly Project Lifers, so when I saw your free download today for the ‘month in review’, I was ecstatic! Thankyou, thankyou Cathy. I look so forward to your Week in Review. Your pages never cease to amaze me!

  4. #4
    Heather Crawford

    I agree about the feeling of sticking with something..I’ve never really stuck with anything like this…until now..and I find myself going back and flipping through too and thinking the same thing as you…it’s going to be so awesome to have this at the end of the year..all those everyday type photos that never would have made it off the computer…memories all captured in one neat little place 🙂

    I print at home too…I’m an instant gratification girl..

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    Awesome PL week – love your layouts always. Especially love that “nothing too crazy” card!!! (hint hint) Can I buy it somewhere?

  6. #6
    Robin G

    Thank you very much for the free download! I love looking at your PL progress every week. It gives me inspiration to keep going with mine. I, too, sit down every couple of weeks and look through my album. My girls do also which makes it all the more rewarding!

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    Help!!! Hi Cathy, I am currently doing Project Life without the stuff…binder, journaling cards, page protectors etc. as it is back ordered here in Canada. ETA was May and I have just been informed it is now looking like June…yikes. (I have all my photos printed to date and am journaling in a notebook as I wait for my order…the thought of handwriting 6 months worth of journaling is not terribly appealing!!)

    I love the way you are putting together your version of PL. Here is my question, do you have to be ‘techy’ to do your version? I am also a Mac girl, if that makes any difference. Also, if you think it isn’t too complicated which bits do I need to purchase to get started?

  8. #14

    Hey Lara, well… I suppose you have to know how to use Photoshop Elements to use the products that Im using from my collection, but if you look back in my PL post archives, I do video instruction for almost everything that Im using. It doesnt require an in-depth knowledge of PSE. I would say, start simple: layered journaling cards. The ones I use for my Weekly Recaps? A great way to introduce yourself to layered templates.

    That video shows you how they work. And here is the set:

  9. #15

    Thanks for unwittingly answering a question I have…. When I put a frame border about 1/4″ in from the edge and it looks good and lovely, I think to myself… “thank you Cathy for teaching me the ways of the border – this looks awesome”

    And then I go to my printing place …. and I’m so disappointed… even though I select *do not crop* on those machines, it still does something that means it crops or resizes. (I’ve already done the whole resizing to 6×4 on photoshop so it isn’t that the aspect ratio is out).

    ………I was beginning to wonder how you always managed to have your borders beautifully even ….and I’m thinking it must be because you print at home!

  10. #17

    I am so happy
    #1 that I bought your journalers previously and have used them every week
    #2 thank you for the freebie…fits in with my version of PL
    #3 I LOVE seeing your son in a FLYERS jersey….especially after last night debacle. LOL

  11. #18

    Thanks so much for the freebie. I have admired your week in review journallers, but never really wanted to use them; only because my brain just can’t handle a ‘week by week’ recap. For some reason, my brain just always wants to do things month by month. So your ‘month in review’ is just wonderful for me – thank you!!

  12. #20
    Debbie D

    Thank you for the freebie! I was wondering if you would do a post on how you like Photoshop Elements 10 and whether you thought upgrading from 8 was worth it?

  13. #21

    I’ve never done PL but after seeing your album, I really want to join in. Thank you for the journal card!

  14. #22

    I can answer that question: I havent used it enough to know! Honestly, Ive used it once or twice (I mostly work in Photoshop CS5.5) and it looks to be very similar! I always like to keep current however, just so I dont fall too many releases behind! : )

  15. #23

    Thanks Cathy! I love this freebee as I don’t do enough for weekly PL but maybe a monthly spread would work. As of today I have only taken 22 photos for all of april. March was just as bad!!

  16. #25

    Hi Cathy, thanks so much for your reply…I think I might just jump in. My work schedule will allow me to spend some time figuring it out.

  17. #26

    love your ultra simple take on PL Cathy and thanks for the freebie download! I just downloaded it as I do a monthly ‘project life’ double spread rather than a weekly one! ta!

  18. #27

    i am still trying to understand how to and what is QR code. i am seen them used on project life. could you please give us a video on how to do this…… please…. oh did i tell you that i just love your videos, have learnt alot

  19. #28

    Hello Shirley, what is a QR code? Did you ask this on a previous post? I too do no know what one is. Can you describe the instance in which you have seen this?

  20. #29
    Karen M.

    Just as I was reading and thinking I wish she would do a “Month in Review” there it was – yeah you. I am doing PL by the month – fits my schedule and don’t have kids at home, so don’t have a lot of activity to report on a weekly basis. But am loving being able to look back and see the little things of daily life that do make up the fabric of our lives.
    Thanks Cathy!!

  21. #30

    i just found this on you tube. and i thought this was so cool. this is an example of QR code.
    watch the following video!


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