Project Life, Week Fourteen

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OBSERVATIONS: Ah, I love a week with prime photo ops, don't you? With all of the shots from Aidan's birthday party, it could have just been All Party Shots, All the Time. As it stands, one full page of my album this week is dedicated to just that.

Here I am documenting Week 14, and it's funny that sometimes, midweek, I'll be thinking, "I don't have any photos for my album this week!" and yet it always turns out that by the week's end I do. I believe having a camera phone has contributed greatly to making sure I end the week with photos. I've become such a fan of my iPhone shots, truly. Even if they aren't from the new higher quality 4s version. (I know, such a first world problem!)

Here are my pages for the week:


Inside the card with the "CZ" on it is a story that felt too personal (and whiney) to share on the blog, and hey, that's going to happen every now and then. Thank you, Becky Higgins, for the fold over card designs! Now you don't have to read about how my attitude was completely in the crapper for two whole days! Ahem, moving right along…


Here's a close up of the weekly recap:


And I documented my blog post from earlier in the week in a much tinier format.


Oh Tiny Templates, I do so enjoy you.


And yes, I did bust out my Uni-Ball Signo and actually write on my photos. Who do I think I am? Ali Edwards?

And that is all she wrote for Week 14.



Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Fourteen

19 Comments on “Project Life, Week Fourteen”

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    Love the layouts and photos. Once again lovely crisp and clear photos and great stories. I also have had weeks where you think there are not going to be enough photos but I end up with plenty !! Enjoying sharing in your project life journey :). Beth

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    Vicki A

    Love the party theme!!!
    Question for you, where do you store your iphone photos? I know they go on “the cloud”, but do you also store them somewhere else? Don’t know if you can answer this one, but also wondering if you delete a photo from your phone, is it still on the cloud?
    Your biggest fan!!

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    Can I say how incredibly cool it is that you’ve documented your life? I wish I’d started earlier – and yet, I’m not ready to give up hope.

    It is incredible to see the changes that go on in the Zielske family and I’m not even a member! Your family is SO fortunate to have your creative, committed presence!

    Have a great weekend – and don’t stress on the shopping front. I was just there this week, too, and came away empty handed and discouraged. I’m not willing to let it take over my life – I’m looking outward to capture the people / moments that bring me joy!

    Ok – so maybe I’ll start Project Life mid year? Can you do that or is that a scrapbooking faux pas?

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    I keep them on my phone, and then they are in my Project Life weekly photo folders. I do plan to import them into iPhoto however, into a folder I have set up called Instagram + Phone Photos.

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    Oh, Mary… you can totally start midyear. I did last year. Although I didnt stay committed to it, but yes! Life is life. It doesnt really begin or end on a predictable calendar! : )

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    I have a question for you. I use iphone photos often and you say you do as well. I have them printed at the smaller size (4 x 5.33 or something like that) because otherwise, at times, people’s heads get chopped off. Not an attractive look! Anyway, it appears that you use the true 4×6 size. Is that right? How do you do that with iphone photos and still have the photo look right? Do you do a lot of pre-printing work on your photos to ensure that they print correctly at 4×6?

    Love your blog, as always!

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    Laurie, yes. I upload my photos from my iPhone, using an app called Drop Box, which goes directly to my computer. Then, I use the crop tool in Photoshop, set it to 4 x 6 or 6 x 4, and crop the photo and voila, a 300 resolution 4 x 6. I have found for some reason, by using Drop Box, the iPhone shots come into my computer larger, in 72 resolution. But it works great for me! Yes, some of the image in the photos have to get cropped out, but otherwise, its great. I did a video about this little app:

    (its also about doing screen grabs, but it shows you how I use Drop Box.

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    Cheryl T.

    Cathy,your family looks like so much fun! They are willing to take all these photos. What good sports and I love how your Project Life album looks! Thanks for always inspiring me.

  9. #12

    Genius! I can’t believe that’s been there the whole time and I never noticed it. 🙂 Thanks for asking, Maureen. I will definitely use that.

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    Janet S

    Last week I finished my monthly highlights of 2011 and I used some of your templates and modified the PL pages to 10 x 8. Printed it at My Publisher and it came in less than a week. I LOVE it!

    Here is the link to the pages – Jan – June and the 2nd post has July – Dec. I created 2010 with your templates and printed them separately but I think I’m going to put them in a book too. The books are so neat and tidy. Those layouts are on this blog too.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    stacey k

    You crack me up! “who do I think I am? Ali Edwards!” Needed that laugh to get me out of the Friday 13th blues I was in.

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    Susan Anderson

    Every week I think the same thing; I don’t have enough photos and every week I end up with enough. Love knowing I’m not the only ones.

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    Wow, I love this sort of thing. I have wanted to do this sort of photo layout of my life for the past year or more but have never known quite how to go about it.

    You´ve given my such an inspration, just when I needed it too. Many thanks for the motivation.

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    Love your week, love the birthday page, love your white pen like Miss Ali, too cute, love your whiny no show journal card you always keep it real, love another great week by the Zielske family!!

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    Thanks, Cathy. I have Drop Box and PSE so I will give this a try. I was hoping there was some easy, non-PSE thing I could try, like maybe a magical app that would magically transform the photos into 4 x 6 but it’s not to be, I guess.

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