Project Life, Week Thirteen + a short video tutorial

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OBSERVATIONS: Hello Week Thirteen! This week, I have the pleasure of once again including Aidan’s voice in the Project Life mix. Using a slightly tweaked 6 x 12 journaler, Aidan recounted her experience in El Salvador. I really love other voices in this project. I wonder what it would take to get Cole or Can involved? Hmmm. I’ll have to think on that one. Cole would simply require bribes involving copious amounts of sugar. Dan? Well… I’d rather not go there.

Moving right along, Aidan’s return from abroad and her 16th birthday were the big fence posts of the week. I found myself hand-journaling on cards this week rather than use digital card templates. You know how it is, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

Here are the pages. First, the overview that includes the 6 x 12 insert.


Now the individual pages:



These insert page protectors are so cool.


Aidan said I could post a close up of her journaling for your reading pleasure. Thanks, kid!



Aidan is seen above with Lilliana, who is her sponsored child in the village of Nahualapa where they spent most of their time.

I wanted to share with you a tip for printing a 6 x 12 photo collage at home on 8.5 x 11 photo paper. I never buy oversized photo paper. It’s really expensive and I don’t really have a place in my office to keep it. So, I create work-arounds. I have a quick video tutorial showing you how I did it.

A Trick for Printing 6×12 Collage Templates from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Here’s what the printed pieces look like before assembly. Note: before I printed the 6 x 12 journaler file onto 12 x 12 cardstock, I added an outline to the background of the digital file, then enlarged the template’s canvas size to 7 inches wide. Just to ensure the outline would show up. In this way, it provided me with a guide for trimming.


Then it was just trim and adhere the two photo pieces to the back of the journaling card.


Here’s a close up of my weekly wrap up:


And that, Project Life fans, is all she wrote.

p.s. No, I’m not exactly sure what a Glitter Dragon is, but trust me, apparently they are very, very cool.


Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to save your memories in a fun, stress-free way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life by clicking here.

Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Thirteen + a short video tutorial

31 Comments on “Project Life, Week Thirteen + a short video tutorial”

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    I love this weeks photos and the story of Aidan. How awesome for her and the experience she got to have doing this. My daughter was the same way when she went to Africa, she felt like it was home and was comfortable there right from the start. Thanks Aidan for sharing your jouraling with us. Happy 16th already, can remember last year when you said she was 15, time flies. Hooray for a new iphone, she does deserve that and will love it just like her mama.

    Love the post/story of Dan in his short shorts. My hubby thank goodness still has some short shorts but my girls tell him how funny he looks and want him to wear long ones like the boys at school do. I tell him he’s got great legs and a cute behind and to show it off while you can. My hubby plays hard bball with our son and ends up sore or hurt or ready for a nap by the time he’s done. It’s so funny watching him play with Sam, he acts likes he’s a kid again instead of almost 49. Gotta love these boys though don’t we!!!

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    Heather Crawford

    Ok got the photo part, now is there a way to print the journaler onto a 8 1/2 by 12 piece of paper in a regular size printer cause I don’t have an oversized printer unfortunately? Ahhhhhh…please reveal if so 🙂

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    That is one that I havent thought of yet. But you could probably do the same thing. Flatten the file, drag it into a 6 x 6, print the top, then drag the image up and print the bottom. Then youd have to hope the journaling split on the horizontal edge where they joined!

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    Hi Cathy… ok question for you.. slightly different but related to your post….

    Anyway my question I am an avid Project Lifer and recently started incorporating more hybrid aspects to my project life. I have discovered that means that I can’t send these “hybrid” picts to shutterfly for printing. (which is what I’ve been doing up until now). I have a lot of 4×6 sized photo paper which I’d like to use but I am having a hard time sizing the pictures to print properly. I should mention I have a 7 year old HP Photosmart (I think it’s a 7850) and it has the capacity to print borderless but then it stretches the picture and if I’ve sized digital elements too close to the edge it gets cut off. I can print with a white border and it shrinks everything to fit in the smaller space but I’d love to just be able to print exact 4×6 without the white border.

    I’ve experimented with printing from PSE (v10) and converting to a jpg and just the generic printing function from windows I haven’t been able to get either to work without stretching or shrinking my exact 4×6 sized layouts.

    I assume you print your Project Life pieces at home do you have any suggestions?

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    i think her glitter dragon is so beautiful. not sure what it is but she has beauty that girl. please tell aiden thanx for wonderful writing, she has a talent for expression there. i love her descriptions and i can tell her that when i climber a mountain, probs alot smaller, in New Mexico, it literally took my breath away too. I mean I couldn’t breath!!
    Thanx for the fab tutorial as ever Cathy and happy Easter,
    Jo xxx

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    Heres a thought: when you send your photo to print, what is the Paper Size set to in the PSE elements print window? It needs to be set to 4 x 6, and then your printer setting will also need to be set to 4 x 6. Sometimes it takes some futzing around to get it right. I do print my stuff at home. And I have noticed a little bit of stuff too close to the edges getting cut off too. But never having stuff get stretched. Not sure if this helps you. Sometimes these printers are a bit off. : (

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    Heather Crawford

    Found this on Ali’s blog (and you could use 12×12 paper cut down to 8 1/2 by 12?:

    Another great tip if you don’t have an over-sized printer – you can run larger sizes through your regular-sized photo printer. You could get 11×14 photo paper and cut it down to 8.5×14 and run it through your printer (select Legal Size paper). I used to do that when printing larger sizes of journaling to put on 12×12 layouts before I got an over-sized printer.

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    Your daughter could give you a run for the money in her writing abilities. I can’t believe she is only 16 – so eloquent!

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    Thanks to Aidan for sharing her journaling with her Mama’s groupies. 🙂 It sounds like she had a “mountain top experience” in more ways than one. Happy for her. Happy for you that she’s home where you can hug her. 🙂

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    please tell Aiden, thankyou. it takes bravery what she did, and to journal about it to….she’s mature, Cathy…you raised her well. That was beautiful.

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    Sherry G

    The mangoes are back! I remembered that you posted about them last year but could not remember when and was on the verge of doing a search of your blog so I could start looking for them around here. Only one store carried them.

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    Thanks so much Cathy… I did set it to 4x 6… ok… so yours gets cut off a little twoo ok that makes me feel better b/c I was going crazy with this… I think I’ve found the setting where it doesn’t stretch and gets cut off the least. Thanks

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    Thanks Aidan for letting us read your journalling about your trip, it sounds like it was an amazing life experience filled with lots of great memories, and you wrote about it so well, that’s a blossoming gift you have there.. 🙂

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    Helen Rosen

    I have a Photosmart 7360 and I have the exact same problem. I have Googled it to try to find a solution. I have tried everything and it’s driving me crazy!! Please tell me what setting you use. Thanks!

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    I just set it to 4 x 6 borderless for most things, or…. i print my 4 x 6 cards on an 8.5 x 11 sheet and then add crop marks to the file, and print on US Letter (no bleeds). Yes, its a waste of paper, but…. it gives me the exact size.

    Same thing if I drag my cards into a letter size doc, add a stroke to the background of each card, then send to print with the same settings. : )

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    Heather H.

    Love Aidan’s journaling. My husband spent 13 months as a volunteer at an orphanage in Honduras after college and it was one of the most defining times of his life. Our son is attending a Spanish immersion school and we are hoping he gets to have some of these same meaningful experiences.

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    Jane Simmons

    I dunno. I set photo size to Actual Size in PSE 10 and paper size to 4×6 and it still seems to cut off some. I’ve tried checking “crop to size” and then atleast it doesn’t cut off anything within the gray border but it’s still not 4X6! Sometimes I just move any digital elements in and print full bleed and crop to 4×6. Thanks for the video. I’d looked at oversized photo paper and also decided it was just too expensive. I’ve done some where I kept my journaling to a halfpage (6×6), printed a block of 6×6 photos on 8.5×11, like you suggested, then pasted the photos to the bottom of the journaling page. But your solution seems a lot more versatile, especially if you have alot of journaling.

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    Love how you used the 6×12 for documenting. I have 6×12’s but haven’t used them yet.

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