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The last 30 days have seen my efforts to Move More and Eat Well fall somewhat flat. And by "flat" I mean the Eating Well part has included copious amounts of sugar and other white foods, and the Move More part has been plagued with ticky tack little injuries. Back pain here, calf pain there…you know how it goes. Yo! I'm 46 y'all. No one said it would all be smooth sailing.

I guess you can't do NOTHING physical and just smoke for 25  years and expect your body to happily reward you.

That said, I realized the other day whilst pounding it out on the dreadmill that I'm sure grateful for music while I try to get my Moving More back on track. I thought I'd share some of the songs that for whatever reason, when they magically appear in my shuffle mix, I magically believe I can run another mile. Or two.


I know it's old, and maybe a bit dated, but there is a driving baseline that just propels me forward. Chris Robinson rocks it out. And I will admit to you something I'm really embarrassed that I never knew: this is a cover of an Otis Redding song. What?


Another song that I love to run to is "Too Funky". I love George Michael. I did then. I do now. I used to imagine, back in 1984, that he could be my boyfriend. Ah, the folly of my youth. George, you will always be Whamtastic to me.


I realize at first glance, you might think, "What? How is this a song that gets you going?" But you're going to have to stick it on a mix and see for yourself. Granted, this version is a bit stripped down, but the song itself makes me instantly feel about 32 pounds lighter. And I love the idea that I'm doing something "fantastic" like, well, running. Plus, I have always had an insane crush on Ed. His guitar playing is sublime. I'm sad that Ed and Steven are no longer together in the group.


You cannot stop running if this comes on. You just can't. Not possible. Nope. Not happening. Plus, when I hear Dave Grohl's little breathy voice, I melt. It's true. I would hump his leg. (NOTE: That line is not for the children.)


I realize my cool factor just dropped a few notches in the eyes of some, but for some reason, if this song comes on at the end of the run, it gives me a boost. Plus, I like to sing as I go… come out, come out, come out, Virginia don't make me wait…

So now it's your turn: what song will get you up off the couch and moving, or if you're already out there, what song powers you through?

Don't worry, it can't be as embarrassing as Billy Joel.



Cathy ZielskeWhen you need a little pick me up

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    Courtney Walsh

    Oh gosh. Nothing gets me going like great music! For me, equally embarrassing, I’m sure… Black Eyed Peas (I Got a Feeling AND Let’s Get it Started) and “Lady Marmalade” (the new version)

    And a gospel song called “The Presence of the Lord” which makes me half hoof it and half bawl…it’s a strange thing that happens to me when I hear that song. lol

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    Oh you are forever a fan of mine. I thought I was the only one that was in love and still in love with GM. I swoon over him still — gay and all. My chances are slim but who cares. 🙂

    Be gentle with yourself, even a slow moving Cathy is better than a Cathy that smokes like a chimney. Your doing good kid.

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    dawny dee

    i have a friend who let me in on the dirty little secret that her macho husband sometimes worked out on the elliptical in their basement while listening to … wait for it … Barry Manilow. Still makes me gigle to try to picture it.

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    I love Billy Joel! Does this mean I’m not cool? What about Elton John?
    One of my favorites for running etc is Footloose by Kenny Loggins. Gotta move when you hear that one!
    The Barenaked Ladies have many good songs for moving – plus they frequently have laugh out loud lyrics such as the million dollar song, and the bank robbery song.

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    Terri Torrez

    I’ve got Billy Joel on my playlist too. Along with a heavy dose of girl rock – Pat Benetar, Patty Smythe and Gloria Gaynor. And, of course, in the realm of totally cheesy – Eye of the Tiger.

    These days I mostly listen to PRT but I wonder if I should go back to music to regain my momentum.

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    I hear ya on all accounts. I feel like I’ve totally flatlined on any progress, even though I’m doing more moving this last month than I have the previous three. I’ve just told myself that I have to keep moving and the progress will come. Right??

    As far as music goes, try putting Foo Fighters’ Everlong at the beginning of your of your running playlist. Even if I start off walking, once everything kicks in, I can’t stop myself from running. It’s the perfect warm up song. And I’ll stick it in the middle of my half-marathon playlist to get me going again.

    Other power songs for me are Supermassive Black Hole–Muse, The Rockafeller Skank–Fat Boy Slim, Like a G6–Far East Movement, and Enter Sandman–Metallica.

    I’m an alternative girl all the way the rest of the hours of the day, but I have a very eclectic running playlist that seems to work for me! 😉

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    When the going gets tough Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s song Carry On-gets me up those hills-it is 4 minutes and wow I really crank the volume up.

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    Definitely Black Eyed Peas “I Got A Feeling”…
    Jack & White “Double Trouble”
    Lady GaGa “Born This Way”
    Kelly Clarkson “Stronger”
    The Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men”
    Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” (From Top Gun)
    The Surfaris “Wipeout” (nothing like a great drum solo to get you going!)
    Train “Drive By”
    Michael Jackson “Thriller”
    Belinda Carlisle “We Got the Beat”
    The Partridge Family “I Think I Love You” (just because it brings back such fond memories of my teenage years!)

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    I just did my lunch time run to Green Day’s “International Superhits” and wonder why I never did that before, I was totally flying!

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    I, too, would hump DG’s leg. And, if it’s okay, I plan on adding the phrase “I would hump ______’s leg” into my rotation. Awesome.

    On a more serious note, I have been taking a class from my PT and a running coach that is intended to improve my running form. Among other things. In any case, last night I asked whether I would ever stop needing to do these exercises and be so damn focused on what my body was doing while I am running. The answer is a resounding no. It will never stop being a work in progress. What we’re working on may change from one week to the next, but there’s always work to be done.

    I find this both helpful and depressing. Helpful because it’s a relief that it’s not just ME that needs constant reinforcement of behavior and habit. But similarly depressing in that this exercise thing is a bit like re-learning to read every time you open a book. And some days that makes me tired.

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    Luba Dobrianskyj

    Alive and Kicking – simple minds, always a good one to start too, Shania Twain’s – Man i feel like a woman, Coldplay and Nickelback.

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    Ann Kearns

    Bamboo Banga, by MIA

    “Road runner, Road runner,
    Going hundred mile per hour
    With your radio onnnn
    With your radio onnnn”

    Every runner ~must~ have this one on their iPod.

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    OK, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I have several songs from Ricky Martin on my running play list and whenever I feel like I’ve totally had it, I skip to them. I think it’s the Latin rhythm and drums that get my pace going again. Whatever it is, it works.

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    Lois H.

    It’s not music for me … it’s a book. If I listen to an audio book I will walk longer/farther/faster just to get to the next part of the story. I get so engrossed I lose track of how long I’ve walked and how far. Thank goodness for Audible!

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    YES! I should have mentioned…. LOTS of Green Day on my mixes. I love Walking Contradiction. That is a song that always kicks me in the butt and makes me go!

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    “Can’t be as embarrassing as Billy Joel”… are you kidding???? I walk (not run) so not sure if the tempo would be right for you, but the top three on my playlist guaranteed to make me MOVE….

    Tom Jones “She’s a Lady”
    Commodores “Brick House”
    Nick Gilder “Hot Child in the City”

    and if those songs don’t totally date me, nothing will. For more recent fare, I kinda like Cee Lo Green’s “F You” (the explicit version) which means better be using earbuds!

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    My playlist includes “Low” by Flo Rida AND “Emotion” by Helen Reddy!!??
    Whatever gets you going….

    Thanks for your blog, Cathy. It always makes me smile 🙂

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    Walkin’ on Sunshine – Katrina and Waves
    C’Mon Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
    Mr. Blue Sky – ELO
    Pour Some Sugar on Me – Bon Jovi
    Missionary Man – Eurythmics
    Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
    Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
    Tainted Love – Soft Cell
    Raining Men – Weather Girls

    I’ll stop now. 🙂

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    Sooo agree with you on the Foo Fighters. That disc has powered me thru many an hour on the eliptical!

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    Aw, I KNEW there was a reason I liked you. In Maine in like 1992 or 93, Dan and I were on vacation and we swore to GOD they played Billy Joel like every 30 minutes, as if it were written into every radio stations contract. We simply referred to it as: The Genius that Is Joel. xo.

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    I have an insanely high opinion of you, your scrapbooking, your design principles, and your humour. Imagine, then, that you just added a love of Ed Robertson to this? You are my idol Cathy! Of course, I “knew” Ed before you did (as a university Indie BNL fan back in the late 80’s), but I won’t fight you over him. I’m generous like that.
    OK…my running songs…Travelling Wilburys “it’s all right” and “coming to the end of the line”, Christine Aguilera “Fighter”, and I always imagine that Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life would suck without you” is about my relationship with running. Love/hate!

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    Tammy B

    Anything Foo, Anti-Pop by Matthew Good, Satellite Mind or Gold Guns Girls by Metric, Baby Don’t Dance by Mother Mother, Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback, Hit That by The Offspring, U & UR Hand by Pink, Savior by Rise Against, The Good Life by Three Days Grace, and so many others. I always listen to music when I workout. I can’t run but these are good songs to get your heart pumping on the bike, too!

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    Love it! I’ve just started running, and when I was doing a lap around Lake Calhoun, I was almost ready to slow it down to a walk…until Gaga’s “Highway Unicorn” came on. “Run run with her top down, baby, she flies | Run run with the fury of a saint in her eyes. | Run run ha cha cha cha baby she goes | With blonde hair and a gun smokin’ under her toes”

    So I ran. 🙂

    Also on my list is Mika. “Lollipop” makes me smile even when my feet start to drag.

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    Debbie in AZ

    Brick House by The Commodores .. “she’s mighty, mighty, letting’ it all hang out!”

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    I had forgotten about Bare Naked Ladies. I saw them years ago as support for The Beautiful South and they were brilliant. I think the one and only time I have enjoyed an unknown support :0)

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    Cathy Z uncool? Surely you jest! Two songs get me off the couch every single time: “Papi” by Jennifer Lopez and “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves. And I totally identify your “Billy Joel Joy”. I have worshiped at the alter of Billy Joel since Glass Houses was released. Saw him in concert in the early 90’s. It was fabulous!

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    Kate Ware

    Okay, so have a fun time searching all these and adding to my ITunes! LOL! Am sort of embarrassed to add my favorites here, because I’m mostly either 80s or country! Some go to faves:

    Ballroom Blitz — Desolation Boulevard
    Cowboy Casanova — Carrie Underwood
    Dead Many’s Party — Oingo Boingo
    Footloose — Kenny Loggins
    Get Crazy — LMFAO
    Hey Mickey — The Riplets
    Honky Tonk Badonkadonk — Trace Adkins
    One Way or Another — Blondie

    And absolutely, if you haven’t heard of “The Mummies” you HAVE to check them out on YouTube. “Funky Little Baby” and the cow belt are hysterical, but have a great beat. 🙂 Thanks for letting me share!

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    This was a fun post and with an added bonus of reading the comments! I am still laughing, okay this may top the Billy Joel embarrassment factor, although Manilow is pretty good…my fav is Disco Inferno the new remix! LOL! Gotta love that downbeat. A new favorite of mine is by Bruno Mars, Runaway Baby, besides he is super cute and a good fantasy to treadmill chase, a girl can dream can’t she? BTW, I started WW PointsPlus program last week for the first time ever. Not bad and I love keeping track of the data and all the cool graphs are interesting. But I think I’ve realized that this weight/workout thing is going to be like any relationship worth having for me, ups and downs, happy highs and other times of wanting to end it. I’m pretty much an average weight/shape person but I think I don’t look as heavy as the scale reveals because I’m a bit tall and dress to disguise. 🙂 So it’s irritating when no one “gets it” meaning my desire to look and feel better. I usually get eye rolls like “get over yourself.” Which is another reason I love you Cathy, you “get it” and are always keepin’ it real. With that in mind I am going to take this tired, 52 1/2 year old body to the treadmill to run, followed by a personal sit-up challenge and then ending it with a timed plank. I’m dedicating this evening’s workout to all the cool chicks like you and your blog readers who “get it”, “get tired of it” and yet never give up. XO

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    “Hot Child in the City” – wow, that brings back memories of dancing at Uncle Sam’s Disco where First Avenue is now!

    Anyway . . . anything Springsteen works for me. I also love Christine Aguilera’s “Fighter” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Since you’ve been gone”. I always start my walk with “Haven’t met you yet” by Michael Buble just because it puts me in a good mood!

    Fun topic – always good to get ideas from others. I made a list of songs to add to my playlist!

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    love it when linkin park’s bleed it out comes on my ipod! Good Charolette’s the anthem…..or any of the beastie boys

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    Carmen King

    I have THREE HOURS of music on my “workout” playlist. I will NEVER spend three hours walking, running, or working out in any other form, but I like to mix it up a bit. It’s a bit odd to me, having grown up in a house where my mom was listening to Rod Stewart and Donna Summer and my dad was still loving ABBA, but I listen to (and really like) the same music as my teenagers and they aren’t into ’80s music. I do have a Personal Jesus moment each time I go out, love P!ink, really am into LAMFO (it took me months to realize what their name stood for), but pretty much listen to the Top 40. One Thing, Tonight Tonight, Stronger, We are Young, Somebody That I Used to Know, Drive By, and Teenage Dream by Miss Katy Perry are my most recent purchases.

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    Rita Legge

    My song is “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz and “Caroline” by the group that also sings “Hey Ya!”…..shake it like a polaroid picture……I can’t remember their name, but they won the Grammy for “Hey Ya”. Anyway, when I could run (pre-IT band injuries) those were my songs that got me moving at the end of my run.

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    Annie Taguada

    Just heard Burn Your Name by Powderfinger on the radio and it made me want to GO for a run. Makes me feel happy and light as a feather. Should make it my powersong. Some great moving tunes in the comments too.

  34. #49
    Marsaille Knight

    Here’s a weird one…or two.
    Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider (if you see the movie Vision Quest, it helps you channel the kid)
    Legs by ZZ Top.

  35. #50

    The hubby and I went on a cruise sponsored by Barenaked Ladies a few years ago. The highlight was the naked photo – yup, 900 people all lined up and dropped our robes. The best part was seeing Ed Robertson naked. He was not too far from me and I saw it all.

    I have many Barenaked Ladies songs on my playlist. Also a few from Guster and The Boxer by Carbon Leaf is my all time favorite.

  36. #51
    Ann G.

    I love the old school stuff, Foreigner, Bad Co. (love the album 10 from 6), 38 Special, anyone remember Duke Jupiter? And my fave Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz. 🙂

  37. #56

    I love Kelly Clarkson so much! I love that song. Its on my iPod! I used to crank it and remember that hey, I quit smoking. Since you been gone, I can breathe for the first time!

  38. #57
    Gina Crowley

    Boy…do I feel cheesy. Some of my faves are:

    Dontcha by the Pussycat Dolls
    Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
    Pour Some Sugar on Me Def Leppard
    A Million Miles Away by the Plimsouls
    Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback
    Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones

    Okay…I’m cheesed out. And what happened to BNL? Who left? What did I miss?

  39. #60
    Kim Brown

    Fall Out Boys- Sugar we’re going down (great to warm-up/cool down to)
    Beyonce- Diva
    BuckCherry- Crazy Bitch
    Britney- Toxic
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- Summertime
    House of Pain-Jump Around (how appropriate)
    Justin Timberlake-Sexy Back
    Lil’ Troy- Wanna be a baller
    LL Cool J- Headsprung
    Missy Elliott-Work It
    THe Notorious BIG- Hypnotize
    Savage & soulja boy- swing
    Soulja boy – turn my swag on
    Wiz Khalifia -black & yellow
    311- down

    Tons more, but these I can think off the top of my head. Definitely a more modern playlist.

  40. #61

    Oh no? I am not ashamed to say it, my playlist contains “Mmmbop”. Hansen. There you go.

    (I like to be happy when I exercise and it makes me want to sing!)

  41. #63

    Thanks for the Ed & Steven fix … always a treat. Most played on my workout list includes:

    Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) – Eels
    Flagpole Sitta – Harvey Danger
    Lisztomania – Phoenix
    1, 2, 3, 4 – Plain White T’s
    Dare to Dream – Jo Dee Messina
    and yes … some Billy Joel (Only the Good Die Young)

  42. #65
    Diane Herman

    oh add to the list of sugar, white food, niggling aches… BLOODY 46 year old woman’s hormonal friggin issues !!!!
    My waist (and the poor kids) are paying big time for it!!!!

    Funny, I just plugged my shuffle in to get me some new motivating songs…will check out your list.
    That photo is so me today!!!

  43. #66

    I guess I’m your token metal head reader. My list is more of the Judas Priest, Linkin Park variety. But I do have Pink, Nikki Minaj, and even some 80’s stuff thrown in there. Whatever keeps ya movin’. 🙂

  44. #68

    Thank god for personal music players, cause I’ve got some songs on mine that I’d deny ever listening to (except here).
    “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix A Lot
    “Dancing Queen” – ABBA
    And that song that Napoleon Dynamite danced to at the end of the movie
    Shhhh… don’t tell anyone.

  45. #69
    Dixie Lee

    Great post. And lots of good music to go find for my i-pod. I’ve only taken the running plunge recently, but these are ones I love for eliptical.

    “Bowling Ball” by Superchick. “you’ve got to much to give to live to waste your time on him.” What a GIRL POWER song!!!

    I also like their “Rock What You Got”.

    But the one that gives me away (at age 45) is Rod Stewart’s “Stay With Me”…which is an odd juxtaposition in theme to the two Superchick songs, but oh how I love his music!!

    Is there any shame in Rod Stewart? : )

  46. #71

    I am lovin’ reading everyone’s song choices! I have written down a few to download as I need to mix it up when running, especially on the dreadmill.

    Fly – Sugar Ray
    Never Been Any Reason – Head East
    Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
    Tempted – Squeeze
    Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow
    Firework – Katy Perry
    Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie

    Ok, I am kinda of an ’80s rock girl myself so pretty much any rocking tune from that era will pump me up. My embarrassing song is Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus. Can’t help it, when I hear that song I just want to run longer while pumping my arms in the air!

  47. #72
    Pamela Joy K

    I don’t run. I should, but I don’t. I have in the past — even up to 5 miles (for me that is a lot.) But I just can’t get motivated. Sigh.

    However, favorite work out songs include:
    We’ve got it goin on — Bon Jovi
    Take on Me — A-ha
    Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) — Backstreet Boys
    Gonna Make You Sweat — C+C Music Factory
    Push It to the Limit — Corbin Bleu
    I Would Die for You — Prince and the Revolution
    Baby I’m a Star — Prince and the Revolution
    Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
    Panama — Van Halen
    Hot Stuff — Donna Summer
    Queen of the Night — Whitney Houston
    Burning Down the House — Talking Heads

    Wow — that’s an embarassing mix, isn’t it?

  48. #73

    oh my heart that Barenaked Ladies song…love love love love. Um, I think we have the same taste in music. I love Billy Joel, when they did Billy’s songs on Idol a few weeks back, I turned it up and sang along. Had all his CDs 🙂 Nerd piano-man love it’s true.

  49. #75

    I love to use http://www.jogfm to make my playlist – it lets you match the beat of your songs to your pace. The songs that kick me into gear on my playlist are Maniac from Flashdance (Michael Sembello), Have a Nice Day by Bon Jovi (I would hump his leg), Girls on Film by Duran Duran. I have everyone from Gloria Gaynor to Black Eyed Peas to Coldplay. Whatever keeps you moving.

  50. #76

    I must be the only person out there that prefers to listen to the radio when running. I don’t listen to music for motivation, but to stave off the boredom. I don’t mind when the disc jockeys are doing their morning show or just talking as it give me something else to think about then my aches and pains. But I may have to give this up soon as my 15+ year old walkman has been dropped one too many times and is on its last legs.

    p.s. following your journalling advice I have been trying to break the habit of using two spaces after the period. Its harder then you’d think (most times I have to back space to get rid of it)

  51. #77

    ohhh… such fun, I LOVE finding new music. But will probably get booted off Cathy’s site for saying that I REALLY dislike Billy Joel’s music … can’t explain it-even my DH knows to switch the radio station if one of his songs comes on.

    too funny… last night we were at friends for dinner & they had the Golden Oldies song station on TV & The Dave Clark Five’s “Glad All Over” came on. We all started singing & dancing like fools!! Now, that’s really dating myself – early 1960’s. Just downloaded it & will put it on my run-playlist.

    Some others on list… Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen, Little Bird – Annie Lennox, Rehab – Amy Winehouse, Freeway of Love – Aretha Franklin, any version of Mustang Sally (I’m partial to Buddy Guy’s version), Jessica – Allman Brothers (great ‘fartlek’ song), Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna, Moves Like Jagger – Maroon Five.

    Re-Barefoot Running (my 2cents)… please be very careful when starting this if you have been in cushiony running shoes. I would start with barefoot walking, feet exercises, running on grass in ‘racing flats’ long before any barefoot running. Minimalist shoes will definitely improve your ability to stride better/more naturally but I’d be hesitant to do long runs in them. Shorter/faster (intervals) training runs would be a good start.

  52. #78

    ps… I’ve started listening to podcasts while working out ~ running, biking, taking the dog for a walk :). It’s making the time go by much faster for some reason. Maybe it’s just a change.

  53. #80

    Oh Janna, why do you think I eat chia seeds now? LOL! Yes. I loved that book. Loved. Did you know that Micah True was recently found dead? He was out for a 12 miler and he died, doing what he loved. Great read though. For sure!

  54. #85

    Rita, when I walk, I always do podcasts (specifically, Dishing Up Nutrition, which is my favorite!).
    No worries about not loving Joel. there are a few bands I cannot stand, but cant mention them at this time. Ha!

  55. #86

    This may be perhaps, embarassing and cliche but when I hear the song “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky I can’t help but want to run!

  56. #87

    This is for my outside running…which I find really difficult.

    Indeed Green Day! Assorted Michael Jackson and Madonna, and Lady Gaga.
    I LOVE ‘I’ve got the moves like jagger’…played on repeat on some runs. (Maroon 5)
    I love Cher’s – “Believe” -(do you believe in love afteralll……)
    and ‘don’t stop me now’ – Queen.

    For my inside running/elliptical – I listen to the daily digi and Paperclipping round table.

  57. #88
    jacquie d

    I am out of commission for MMEW for a bit after surgery yesterday, but Dave Matthews Band and Peter Gabriel get me going. I would also have to add that I pretended to be a young teens Mom at a Justin Timberlake concert. Trust me Cathy, you did not loose any points on the cool scale when it comes to Billy Joel!

  58. #89
    Carmen King

    I have a bunch of friends who are either barefoot or minimalist runners and they think it is the best thing ever. One friend has been (seriously) running for years – tris, marathons all over the country – and she was having all kinds of pain and switched. You guessed it, no more pain. Her husband cycles about 120 miles per week and runs on the “off” days huge distances and he goes completely barefoot too. I want a little more protection, so I use minimalist shoes and I think it’s fabulous as well. That book was amazing (borrowed it from the guy above) and was sad to hear about Micah True. They don’t believe the race he founded will continue because no one else can get the participants out of the canyons. Such a shame.

  59. #91
    ana roat

    I’m all about Brick House and Little Red Corvet. And that hot salsa music at Zumba class stays in my head for days. But one of my very favorite is Emily’s Reel by Mark O’Conner and YoYo Ma. I love to flatfoot dance and there’s nothing like a good reel to kick up some dirt.

    Born a city mouse but hillbilly by heart!

  60. #93

    Oh Cathy, while my music tastes are quite diverse, I fear that you might think…What the he** when you hear some of my favorites because frankly, some of them are a little hard rock. But you know what? LOVE them to get my juices pumped. Here are just a FEW..check them out:

    A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat (LOVE this one!!)
    Stupid Girl by Garbage
    Sick by Adelitas Way (great one when you are in a pissed off mood at someone..LOL!)
    Shake That…by Eminem 🙂
    Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine (they have lots of great songs for runnin!)
    Hysteria by Muse
    The Hand That Feed by Nine Inch Nails
    Face to the Floor by Chevelle
    Dragula by Rob Zombie
    Dark Horses by Switchfoot (this was theme song for St.Louis Cardinals..GO CARDS!)
    Country Song by Seether
    Blood on My Hands by The Used
    Battleflag (radio edit) by Lo Fidelity Allstars

    that’s more than a FEW…LOL!! I always love finding new tunes to workout too!! Check them out and let me know what you think!!

  61. #94

    I’m laughing because just this week I sat down to download some more workout music and one of the songs I got was Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes. I have a couple of songs that get me going when they come on and they are from a mix of genres: Legs by ZZ Top; Kerosine by Miranda Lambert; You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC; Testify to Love by Avalon (This came on about mile 10 of the half marathon I did and I thought I can do this. I can run the rest of the way without walking. I did finish, but I didn’t run the rest of the way without walking ;0)

  62. #97

    I love looking at everyone’s playlist ideas. Actually, the more “embarrassing, the better. I’m always on the lookout for something that will motivate me to pick up the pace for more than a minute.
    My oldie playlists consist of:
    Jeff Lynne (ELO)-Tom Petty – Bob Seger
    CCR-Steve Miller
    ABBA-Ace of Base

    My hipper playlists contain:
    OK Go
    Paramore (“Misery Business” rocks!)
    The Shins
    Maybe I’m not that hip.

    Most embarrassing winners?
    Andy Kim’s Rock Me Gently
    Suzi Quatro’s Stumblin’ In (for cool down)
    and the grand prize? Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz!

  63. #98
    Karen Thomas

    I have a confession, when I’m working and studying I listen to Mozart. That said if I want to pump it up I love:

    We will Rock you – Queen, Thunderstruck – AC/DC (yes I was a total headbanger in my youth!)

    Anything by the Brand New Heavies gets me moving. (Acid Jazz if you want to know)

    Now Cathy a question, how are you coping being 46? I just turned 47 and suddenly I’m panicking that my life is over. I want to be an artist and move my career away from what I’ve been doing and all that’s going through my head is ‘what’s the point your life is over anyway’. I’m interested if anyone else has this issue.

    Love George Michael to, especially Faith.


  64. #99

    I run best when I run to the beat of a song. On my “fast” playlist:

    Runaway by Bruno Mars
    Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty
    Heart’s a Stereo by Gym Class Heroes
    I Can Talk by Two Door Cinema Club (one of my faves)
    Amber by 311 (run double time)
    Golddigger by Kanye West
    Shake Ya Tailfeather by Nelly and P Diddy
    A-Punk by Vampire Weekend
    Blame it on the Alcohol by Jamie Foxx
    Wake-up Call by Maroon 5

    I highly recommend Two Door Cinema Club and Vampire Weekend for “get you going” running playlists.

  65. #100

    Kim, I love running to Down by 311. I also love that Missy Elliott song…gonna add it to my playlist tonight. So glad people are posting their lists!

  66. #101
    Pilbara Pink

    Oh, the Partridge Family – just reading that bought a smile to my face and memories flooding back 🙂

  67. #102
    healthy cities

    Tune into feelings and hunger and make a conscious decision to eat or not to eat in response to emotional issues. Remember, when eating to calm or soothe, eat with the full intention of nurturing with food.

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