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I'm getting on a plane tonight for the first time since the fall of 2008. I don't really go anywhere very often via large metal flying machine. I used to, back in the glory days of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, when I'd fly to beautiful Salt Lake City (read: Draper) for editorial meetings every 8 weeks.

Even though I got good at packing light, carrying my bag on, keeping my liquids in their tiny plastic 3-oz containers, I never really loved the traveling.

I remember thinking back then, "How did this get to be part of my job as a graphic designer?" Graphic designers sit alone in darkened rooms very much engaged with terra firma. Flying places for work was something my Dad did when I was growing up. Was I really that grown up?

I made this page in 2008 to document the fact that I'd become a fly girl.


It's funny. I still carry the same purse (although my present one is in black) and I still bring as much in-flight entertainment as possible (my iPad is loaded up with three flicks). Hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing all the way to good old Seattle, Washington, the city of my birth.

One thing that hasn't changed for me as a traveler is that even though there is always a bit of excitement or nervousness on fly day, there is also the part of me that truly wishes her feet wouldn't be leaving the ground at all.

Up, up and away, as they say.

Cathy ZielskeFrom the vault: Fly Girl

31 Comments on “From the vault: Fly Girl”

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    I just booked a flight yesterday to Seattle for visit with my son in July. It’s a nice flight from Minneapolis. Wishing you clear skies and a view of Ranier as you approach SeaTac

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    Sarah F in VA

    Cute Purse? Do you have a link?

    You’re a Catherine! One of my favorite names! That explains everything!

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    Sarah F in VA

    and here I go again! The link is in the blog.
    Initially I was reading the post from my email.
    Gosh I feel like a real dork!

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    Marcie L

    I just flew 2 weeks ago also for the first time since 2008. We have been driving to Fl instead of flying in the summers because flying 4 people has become way too expensive. I totally get your nervousness..I have found the older I get (48) the more uncomfortable I am with flying for some reason. Being with my kids makes it easier though, I put on a good front for them!
    Have a great trip!

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    I flew for the first time in 23 years last January. It was nothing as I remembered. πŸ™ The part was that my 20 year old daughter came with me…her first time on an airplane! Now that she’s going out of state to college, it looks like we’ll be visiting the terminal alot more. Safe travels, Cathy!

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    Karen Moore

    Wishing you clear skies and smooth sailing!!! I love Seattle and haven’t been there in 33 years. πŸ™ Hope you have a wonderful time.

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    Have a safe flight. I do some travel for work and typically do not enjoy it. The stress of hoping that there is no natural disaster that will make me late for a flight I’ve already left 3 hours in advance of is a bit stressful and I can never seem to sleep. I think due to budget cuts more than anything else, I don’t have to do it as much but I do feel your pain. However, this note to you is about your Lug bag. Love all things lug at this point. I discovered the slouch tote during a visit to an art store and got my first one, but is certainly not my last. Safe travels and readers, check out Lug bags–there are many different varieties and colors, so there is bound to be one for you!!

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    I live in Seattle and we are having beautiful weather right now…the mountain is out, as they say (meaning Mt. Rainier)! Enjoy!

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    I echo so many others and share your sentiment of the love/hate thing when it comes to flight. I definitely think my age has changed things in that arena.

    All that to say, I’ve been to all 50 states (you know, those darn road trips as a kid where we almost killed one another in the name of “fun family vacations”) EXCEPT Washington state. I am dying to go!

    Have a great time – guess it’s Dan’s turn to hold down the fort?!

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    Well, welcome back to the Pacific NW!!! Everything is so green and lush right now – absolutely beautiful. Grab a cup of coffee and ENJOY…

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    Welcome back to the Seattle area – lets hope our GORGEOUS weather holds out a little longer while you are here! Safe travels!

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    Safe and happy traveling Cathy.
    I noticed this page is in 8.5×11. I have been looking everywhere for this size album in Australia and New Zealand, but just can’t find them. They even seem pretty thin on the ground in the States. Are they out of fashion or something? I have a whole lot of 8.5 x 11 layouts that need a home and nothing to put them in.

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    Seattle is at its best this week weather wise – perhaps you will get to go for a run on one of our lovely trails! Would have been fun to do a move more meet up. Enjoy your trip.

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    Hi Cathy,
    Welcome home! Yes the weather has been fab. Enjoy your stay and come back more often.

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    Thanks Cathy. Yeah, the postage from the States does make me pale a bit.That size album used to be everywhere when I was doing 12 x 12. Murphy’s law I guess.

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    Ahh, I remember that layout from Simple Scrapbooks. I dog-earred the page and scraplifted it soon afterwards. It’s one of my favourite layouts.

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