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My better half is halfway across the globe for 11 days, visiting his life-long friend, Christopher, who currently resides in Ljubjlana, Slovenia. Christopher works for the State Department and and we decided that it was time one of us finally took advantage of having a friend living abroad. We also realized that a) Dan really needed a vacation, b) it was logistically easier and cheaper to send just one of us, and c) Dan really needed a vacation.

I found this old photo (top, left) from the week I met Dan Zielske, back in Grapevine, Texas in 1989. He and Christopher had driven down from Minneapolis to help our mutual friend pack her stuff and move back home to the Twin Cities from whence she came.

Needless to say that when I met him, I found that I really liked Dan a lot. As in a lot.

I love that after 23 years, Christopher is still a fan of hats; Dan of sunglasses. And I love that friendship endures.

I also love how time apart from your spouse can really crystallize how much you truly love and cherish them.

So baby, get home soon. I got some lovin' and cherishin' to do.

Cathy ZielskeOld Friends

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    right there with ya’, Cathy. My better half is away from home, too, and it sure does make the heart grown fonder. Or at least, make you wish you had another 6 hands and could teleport kids to and fro. That still counts, right?

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    elizabeth rosemond

    I love this. My husband travels frequently and I find myself really appreciating him when he returns! I love both of these photos – they totally look like shots from a movie 😉

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    I hope Dan likes Ljubljana, my hometown 🙂 We have great summer-like weather at the moment and downtown is easy-going since everybody took a few days off for the holidays around May 1st.

    11 days is just enough to travel around Slovenia a bit (yes, the country is so small) and also almost too much for you to have some quality alone time… but like you said, it will make the coming home even sweeter 🙂

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    How cool to have a Slovenian comment! : ) He has said there arent enough adjectives to describe your country. He is smitten. : )

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    Karman Barner

    I loved that you mentioned Grapevine, Tx. I live in Ft. Worth and work in Southlake. Small world. Love love love every post.

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    Love the photos, my grandparents came from there, would love to visit someday. I heard it was beautiful!

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