Project Life, Week Seventeen

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OBSERVATIONS: I love it when there's lots of stuff to take pictures of in a week. Granted, this doesn't happen every time, and it's always surprising to me how many shots I have to choose from even on the seemingly uneventful weeks.

But last week? We had The Theatre, people. And when you have The Theatre (said with a haughty, dramatic, vaguely British accent), you've got photographic gold, baby.

I received an inexpensive, refurbished Canon 70-300 zoom lens last Christmas and I was not expecting it to be as great as it has been for shooting in such low light and at such high resolution, but I'll be damned if it isn't pretty dag nab good. (You remember the Theatre post from the other day, yes?)

Here are my pages for the week:


If you see the dark, grainy photo of Dan Zielske, that's from our first FaceTime video chat after his arrival in Slovenia. I took a simple screen shot to save the image. Oh, technology. You are amazing.


More photographic gold from The Theatre indeed. Also last week, I attended a house party here in St. Paul to celebrate the release of "Train Like a Mother" written by the amazing duo of Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell. I am just tucking into the book now, and it has the same cheeky, hilarious tone as their first book. If you are a runner, or if you know a runner, and you or she is female, I highly recommend checking these books out.

Here's my weekly recap:


And a few other close ups:


Yes, I did have to save that story. That kid makes my inner 6th grade boy laugh out loud.



And that is all she wrote for Week 17.




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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Seventeen

23 Comments on “Project Life, Week Seventeen”

  1. #1

    ROFL “pooping in the sink”…
    Great week Cathy! Always love to see your project life week – thanks a lot for sharing it each week!!

  2. #2
    Kendra B

    Great week! Love Cole’s comment … love that you have an inner 6th grade boy (me too!) πŸ™‚

  3. #5

    Oh that is soooo funny! Pooping in the sink. What a boy thing to say. Love that you documented it! πŸ™‚

  4. #6
    Amy G

    Cath, you are sooooooo lucky- my child’s theater group has a zero tolerance, absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY at rehearsals or during shows policy. Unless you’re their house-approved royalty-paying photog who charges $10 for a single 4×6 of her candids.

  5. #7

    Great week! I am so excited, I got a day of scrapbooking for Mothers Day and so Friday I have from 7:30am to 9pm by myself catching up!! Cant wait!
    I am assuming that you use the Nike+ app for running with your IPhone? I just bought an IPhone armband and some new kicks to get back into running after having my second…what do you think of the app? Is there anything else you use to help? Im gonna look into that book you recommend also

  6. #9

    Yes, the app is totally awesome! Buy it! You have to set up an account at, but its free. Very fun to use! Or maybe you dont need to set up an account there. Either way, totally great!

  7. #10

    You drag a box using the text tool, about the length and width of the journaling lines, then you can type your text, then adjust the Leading, the space between the lines, until they fit on the lines. You can drag your box until the first line lines up nicely on the first line then increase your leading until they all line up. I should do a video on it, huh?

    I believe you control the leading up in the control bar at the top, when your text is highlighted, then you can change the leading. Going to try and record a video to post! stay tuned!

  8. #11

    Oh, Cathy – just kudos to you on raising such hilarious and talented kids. I’m not even gonna be ashamed of how much I laughed at the “pooping in the sink” comment. It literally makes my heart swell every time you post a Project Life article. You’re just my hero, that’s all. πŸ™‚

  9. #13

    I loved your line about shopping at Target, where you said, “it feels good to say ‘yes’ to things…” I know the feeling, is all.

  10. #14

    Hi Cathy
    I always look forward to your project life pages, thanks for showing us. I finally got the hang of QR code.
    also thanks for the quick tutorial you posted re
    text writing. have learnt heeps from your tutorials.


  11. #15

    Cathy, round here black caps are usually worn by skinny young-ish women, in black northface outfits, with the blond ponytail pulled through the cap. Perfect makeup also I might note. It sends the message that I am a SAHM who has loads of time to browse the stores during the day. More Anthro than Target.

  12. #17
    Stacey K

    I smile looking at your pages! Love the candid moments you capture, stuff like that is the stuff that will be forgotten. I am in a funk with my PL, up to date. but minimal journaling cos I am in a funk in my own head-space, will remember to capture the candid things my 3 girls do, even if there isn’t a photo to go with it.

  13. #18

    LOVE your week and esp. the theater photos with Aidan. So happy again that your doing PL this year and sharing it with us!!

  14. #20

    I size them into a 3 x 4 template, and print multiple on one sheet of photo paper. You can open a new doc in PSE, make it 3 x 4. Next, open the photo you want to use and copy it, then paste it into the new 3 x 4 doc. Then you can move it around to be be the crop you want. Then you can flatten that file (Simplify under Layers Menu). Then copy or drag it into an 8.5 x 11 doc and repeat. Print that onto photo paper. Or, drag onto a new 4 x 6 and print on 4 x 6 photo paper. Hope that helps. I never do anything by eye!

  15. #21
    Donna Rothchild

    Thanks! I was hoping you weren’t going to say that! I’ve just started using PSE and after watching tutorials, reading books and fiddling around myself, I still haven’t gotten the hang of it!

  16. #22

    I’m laughing at the poop story…
    One of my favorite stories from my job was when I was doing detention duty and a kid ran in to tell me another kid pooped in the urinal…
    I had to call the office to report it but couldn’t do it without laughing hysterically. πŸ˜‰

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