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My lovely daughter was in a play over the weekend, her school's first ever musical production. The show? Bye Bye Birdie. Aidan's role? Rosie Alvarez, and oh man, did she play it.


I love this show. It's cheeky and fun. Aidan played opposite one of her best friends in the role of Albert and it was really cool to see Aidan and so many of her friends up there on stage.


And if you're familiar with the show, for some reason, I'd forgotten about the Shriner's scene, where Rosie, fed up with Albert, decides to go out and drink and find some men.

And oh my LORD… I was not prepared for a) seeing my daughter attempting to seduce a table full of Shriner's Club members and b) how convincingly she played the part.

I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. It was so well choreographed and there  were so many sight gags that worked beautifully. They made it look like she pulled each and everyone of them underneath a skirted table they were all sitting at, each one of them with a panicked look as they went under.


And the dance number concluded with Aidan leaping off of the table into the arms of all of the Shriner's.


I just wanted to share a few photos with you from the show, and now if you'll excuse me, I am adding an extra deadbolt to her bedroom door and reading up on how to Home College Your Child.



Cathy ZielskeSpanish Rose

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    WOW!!WOW!!WOW!!! I so applaude her with all that talent and just courage to perform on stage!! But most to LOVE what she’s doing…it totally shows!! And holy moly!! Does she look like you Cathy!! πŸ™‚ STUNNING young lady!! πŸ™‚

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    That is amazing! Tell your daughter that she is so very talented and that she has the most gorgeous ears! Loving these photos of her. Beautiful.

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    Kinda scary when your little girl reveals her way-too-grown-up side, isn’t it? I have three of them (daughters) and each time I had a moment like this, it caught me off guard and made me hold my breath. Aidan is gorgeous!

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    Sandi D

    I looked at the pictures and thought, “wow, she is growing up fast…and looks
    a lot like her mother.”

    It looks like she had a great time.

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    Triple LOL!!! Ahem, I’m either crazy or spot on that she looks just a LITTLE like her Mom? Sooooo fun!

    Our daughter, Grace, is the lead in her play starting on Thursday. Could you send on your Kleenex supply and forward me your cell number? I’m sure I”ll be calling for support!

    When did all of this growing up happen?!?!

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    Dorothy F

    You have one talented daughter. She can play any part and do it well. Boy does she look like a “young” Cathy in that last picture. Congrats, Mom.

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    Excellent! Gorgeous photos of a beautiful girl who is a star performer. We need to hear her sing though! Can you put something up on Vimeo???

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    Ooh – forgot to say that the blonde lad in the second photo (is that the Albert character?) reminds me of the boy who played Eragon….

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    That’s awesome! I love that movie. It was on TMC a few months ago and I DVRed it!!!! She is beautiful – definitely get the locks!

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    what lovely photos and writing you have shared. laughing hard at your last images and can just picture you there in the audience laughing and surprised at your daughter. How awesome to have this experience in her life, loved reading it.

    Is Dan up to HOME COLLEGE also?? You are too cute Cathy!!
    She’s gorgeous by the way!

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    Just want to wish you good luck with that bolt thing. . . Uhm . . .you remember the sleepless nights the first week she arrived? Well hang on.

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    We cant record any of it. Copyright issues. : ) They really teach the kids to respect the arts so weve never recorded any of it.

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    Kathleen S.

    Wow does she look like you! Channeling the inner runner, no doubt. You can tell she’s into the role, and having a great time. Thanks for sharing those photos!

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    Jody Ferlaak

    She has talent through and through as you can see her absolutely in character and the intensity shines in these photos. I hope she had as much fun practicing and performing as you did watching and sharing. I think she is very smart too. So likely she will survive and thrive in college and beyond as she goes out into the big world. I just love the way the performing arts seem to be making a ‘comeback’ in the schools. LOVE that and hopefully it is a trend that will only grow!

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    I feel your pain! My daughter is the same age as Aidan, their birthdays are just a couple weeks apart. I watched my daughter’s dance class last night and discovered they added a new dance for recital coming up in a few weeks—a very sexy, burlesque dance. Yikes! If you find any info on Home College let me know!

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    As someone who’s followed your work for years and seen your kiddos chronicled I have to say I am struck at how beautiful your daughter is– she’s grown into a lovely young woman (looks like Mom of course LOL)

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    Yay Aidan!!! So fantastic!!! And I completely agree with Malia. I am new this year to your blog and it was one of the first things that really struck me. Her beauty and that she most definitely got it from you. πŸ™‚

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    I saw a high school production of Bye Bye Birdie about 30 years ago that knocked my socks off — with Rose played by the very talented daughter of a woman in my weekly discussion group. I’ll bet your daughter was equally fabulous as Rose — she sure looks the part in these photos!

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    Barb in AK

    Love that musical! And what a fabulous part for Aidan πŸ™‚
    Congratulations to her for the successful performance.
    LOL!!!—Home-schooling for College! I love it! I’m sure there are plenty of moms out there that would like to see it happen πŸ˜€

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    Thank you, thank you for the first laugh of my day! Home College your child. Ha! That’s funny. And scary at the same time.
    Time marches on…all over a mams’s heart.

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    Wow! Aiden is stunning and looks alot like her mom. Congratulations to her on doing so many wonderful things in her young life. The way she is going and growing she won’t have many regrets or I should have done this or that. How blessed you both are! Thanks for sharing.

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    Awesome pictures…I was Rosie myself in a Bye Bye Birdie production a VERY (ahem…very, very, VERY) long time ago. I remember that shriner’s dance as a very fun part of the show. Of course, most people only remember “Put on a happy face.” I bet Aidan was a SUPERB Rosie!!!

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    madeline St onge

    LOL Cathy she looks more and more like you everyday. Love that play, we did it in high school too, many, many moons ago

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    She looks stunning…and A LOT like her momma. Theatre is SO good for kids building confidence, and it looks like she’s a confident young woman already. Congratulations!

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    Oh Cathy! I love your account of this! It sounds like Aiden was amazing and I can hear the pride you feel! Well done Aiden and well done you!

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    OMG, you must be bursting with pride in that gorgeous girl of yours! Such talent, it really shines even in still pictures how she acted the part!

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    umm..mothers daughter πŸ™‚ think of yourself at the same age. Betcha that will be getting that lock installed a bit quicker.

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    She is stunning and looks so confident on stage! Better bolt the windows too as I am predicting she will be having a few boys knocking on her window.

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    Nicole Hoffman

    Great pictures. I was in that same musical in high school and I know our production was not nearly as good as you described your daugter’s. I don’t even remember the whole Shriner’s thing- but I probably didn’t know what they were back then.

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    LOL Cathy she’s a stunner – I’d forget about the extra deadbolt and go straight to padlock and chain!

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    Wow! I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was saying “wow” over your Blink layout. The one where she was a baby and then a little girl. No, not the one recently, I mean the very FIRST one. On your first blog. Or was it your first book?

    She is so beautiful, just like her Mom. And she looks so happy and full of life, just like her Mom. And what really strikes me is the confidence that she has. Just like her Mom. I hope my girls have those qualities when they reach her age.

    Right now I am blinking and can’t believe that my “toddler” is almost 10. lol!

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