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Photo taken with my new Canon 50mm Compact Macro lens.

You know how every now and then photo-lovin' women get the itch for something new?

Or maybe how it happens more often than every now and then?

When I was in Seattle last week, I got to spend some time with the beautiful and talented Tracey Clark who introduced me to two cool lenses that I decided on the spot I really needed to have. Needs? Wants? What the hell! Mama likes them write offs!

I bought one of these:


I took it up north over Memorial Day weekend and started to get to know it. I've never had any macro capabilities, and am really looking forward to exploring what it can do. Here are a few images I shot with it.


I call this one Extreme Bark.


And this one? Extreme moss.


This one is of a clematis in my back yard.

The second toy lens Tracey showed me was the Olloclip.


This nifty little guy goes right over your iPhone 4 or 4s camera. Like this:


The previous two Olloclip photos were taken with my new 50mm Compact Macro. I call that Blog Post Lensception.

It offers you three options: wide angle, fish eye and macro (and let me tell you, it is an extreme macro.)

Macro example:

Photo May 23, 4 44 08 PM

YIKES! What IS that? (The same clematis blossom as seen above.)

Photo May 25, 8 16 57 AM

And that? My patio table.

I realize that this extreme need for close up might be overkill, but here's a nice image from my weekend up North using the Wide Angle lens. I call it: Cabin Juice.

Photo May 25, 10 20 40 PM

What's so fun about the Olloclip is that you can use it with your favorite iPhone photo applications. For me, that means mostly Instagram.

I'm guessing I'll get a lot more use out of the 50mm lens than the Olloclip, but hey, sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet.

And by all means, save your receipts for the tax man.



Cathy ZielskeThe Scrapbooker’s New Toys

30 Comments on “The Scrapbooker’s New Toys”

  1. #1

    Hooray for new toys, of course we need them and want them. Who could resist something new to make our photos even better. Have fun playing with them. Great first photos you took!!

  2. #2

    Cool photos. I think I need a macro too. I’d have to get a phone before the other one was much use πŸ™‚

  3. #5

    I need to have both. Love taking texture pics. The phone lense needs to be available for droids. I do a lot of phone pics that end up in albums.

  4. #6
    banu h

    Hi Cathy, Awesome new acquisitions. Loving them. Was it a pain to remove the case and then put on the Olloclip for Shots with iPhone? I have a pretty sturdy case on mine as well. So was curious.

  5. #7

    Wow! What else are they going to come up with for the iPhone, had to idea that lens was available and now I want one!!

    Cathy, when did you switch from Nikon to Canon? Did I miss that post?!! I thought you were I Nikon girl. LOL. ;>

  6. #9

    You know, I have a Speck Hard Candy Shell case, and yes, its a bit of a pain. But, I take my case off to go running, and to play music on my stereo (the jack wont fit with the case on) so Im getting used to it.

  7. #10

    I think my reply should hit to both of you, but if not, it is kind of a pain. I have a Speck case that does not separate. You just have to wedge it off, but Im getting it down to a science. ; )

  8. #11

    Hi Cathy,
    I have taken classes from Tracey and she always recommends this 50 mm compact macro. My question is, does it take regular 50 mm photos too, in addition to the macro?

  9. #15

    Wow – that is one cool lens for the iPHone. Who knew visiting your blog could cost me so much ching!

    Funny thing – I have a beautiful 17-55 lens for my Canon and it takes awesome pics, but I have seriously been considering selling it all and buying a super zoom bridge instead. I just hate lugging the mammoth with me and find I don’t use it as much because of it’s girth…I also have an 85mm that I love, but again, could get that bokeh and the portraits I want with the iPhone 4S or the bridge. If I recall, you bought a 5D not long ago. What are your thoughts? Do you ever think about this?

  10. #16

    Mary, I love my 5D. I wish I had an 85 sometimes, but I love my 24-70 so much. Its such a versatile (albeit very heavy) lens. I told myself if I coughed up the cash for it, I needed to be okay with not having many more lenses, and yet, here I went and bought a new one! LOL! Im hoping this new lens takes up some of the missing areas for me (namely, Macro.) : )

  11. #18

    Okay, first things first..those pictures are WICKED COOL! Love them all! Secondly, dare I ask the price of those lenses and where you purchased them? Oh wait, I first have to get the iphone 4 – gotta wait a year for the ol’ contract renewal. UGH! I am TRYING to wait for that and not get a point and shoot..grrr. As far as the Canon likey but I’m scared to ask the price. Can you link where you got both please??

  12. #19

    I’ve been eyeing that Olloclip lately. All my photos these days are iPhone photos (I really can’t justify a DSLR in my budget), and I love macro photos.

  13. #20

    All the links are in the body of the post! : ) Just click on the green text you see. : ) The canon lens was 259, I believe. : ) The Olloclip was about $70.

  14. #21
    christine the nerd (and lovin it)

    Love it. I bought my two new toys last fall….the Nikkor Micro AF-S DX 40mm f/2.8 is very similar for your Nikon readers πŸ™‚ one step slower than the Canon but the minimum focal distance on the NIKKOR is a little closer…6.5″ vs. 9″… but as ya’ll can see….that’s close ENOUGH for those extreme shots!!
    Lover yer blog too. πŸ™‚

  15. #22
    laurie in Maple Grove

    Have you tried the fish-eye function on the Olloclip? It was wicked cool fun at Disney World (especially the Rock n Roll roller coaster).

  16. #24
    Heather H.

    Macro is my favorite type of photography. I have a 90mm that I adore and it does double duty as a portrait lens. So funny that you posted about the olloclip. Photojojo just sent an e-mail about it and I was wondering if it was cool. It appears to be so!

  17. #25

    Cathy, I can’t WAIT to see what you do with these new toys. I just love reading your blog. You’ve got an amazing eye and I’m sure we’ll see lots of wonderful images in the future on those beautiful pages you create. Macro is my favorite form of photography, next to tilt-shift and bokeh. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!!

  18. #27
    Peggy M

    I totally “get this” new toy thing πŸ™‚ so much so that I did a new dSLR yesterday….

  19. #30
    playmobil police

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