Layout Share: Select Scenes of Summer

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Ahhh, summer.

Ahhh, alliteration.

I decided to create a simple, one-page, photo-centric layout with a few images taken thus far into the early Minnesota summer months. Lawn mowing, post-game Dairy Queen runs, dips in our backyard pool… oh, and red wine, too. Just a few shots that remind me of my family's life in summer.

This is a fully digital page, and I will send it to print on my Photosmart 8750 and pop it into my All About Us family album.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This page was created using Photoshop CS5.

DESIGN NOTES: This design features a strong sense of unity, as all of the elements are connected in the space. There is repetition of photo sizes within the grid of images and there is an equal amount of white space in and around the images. The yellow is also repeated across the layout, another design convention that creates a sense of unity in the design. Type contrast is seen in the title. Pairing a big word with a small lead in creates a nice visual tension.


Cathy ZielskeLayout Share: Select Scenes of Summer

15 Comments on “Layout Share: Select Scenes of Summer”

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    How cute this is, love all the photos. How fun to see you dipping your toes in a little pool, anything to stay cool on those HOT days. Cute one of you with Dan, you look GREAT!! Wishing you a happy, fun, not to hot, not so fast kinda summer!!

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    Bought the template over the wkend, knowing (hoping) you’d share a layout :). Thanks!
    It always makes it more fun for me when I can steal (whoops) scrap lift your ideas.

    ps… red wine is NOT just for summer sipping 🙂
    pps… how’s the running ‘slump’ & nagging little ‘injuries’ coming along? I know you hate speed work but you might consider finding a flat path/trail (not a track) and just running like ‘you were a thief & stole something’ for very short distances (10-15 sec) or between telephone poles. Catch your breath, walking or slow jog, and do it again and again, etc. maybe 10? Or whatever, jog a bit, stretch & call it good. Try once a week to mix this into your weekly schedule. You don’t have to slog out miles of jogging/running to get fit. My 2cents (& contrary to popular crazed runner’s beliefs). Sorry, I just hate to see newbie & other runners beat themselves up slogging out mile after mile with bad form/technique because they bought into this marathon craze surrounding the running community.

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    Thanks, Rita. : ) I only ran one day last week (and it felt great, actually) and I walked instead on my other run days. I know that the speed work isnt a bad idea. I guess Im in a bit of a slump, but honestly, Im not down about it right now. Just observing it, realizing that I have a core of fitness built up, even if Im not some little size 8 body to back up the claim. : ) Always a work in progress!

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    So … when you print out that page, do you use one big sheet of photo paper (shiny finish?) or do you print it on white cardstock? This is one part of digital scrapbook creation I always wondered about.

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    Cathy – what font did you use for the word “summer” in this layout? I think it would be great to create a layout for each season and would like to use the same font for each one. Thanks!

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    Hey Shawn, I used a font called Archer. : ) Unfortunately, its not a well priced font. Its part of a package and its around $150 I believe.
    But you could Google free slab serif fonts and find similar looking fonts. : )

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    Ah, Archer. I remember you mentioning that font before – one of your faves I believe. I’ll see what I can find on Google, since $150 is out of my price range. Thanks again!

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